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1. Re: [RMagic] Opening a GEDCOM [1]
It seems we may have found something new as a shortcut. It seems that Alfred is right and wrong. For most programs opening a GEDCOM is garbish when just clicking open, but it is NOT true in one case. If you right click on the GEDCOM, use:"open with" PAF, FTM or RM it asks you for a new file name and will open successfully. HOWEVER, there will be a list file of those items not found in programs other than the one it was created from with some loss of data. Confused? Don't be..This can be a shortcut on imp
2. Re: [RMagic] No backup [1]
To clarify things. I also cannot create a shareable CD. I hit the "burn now" button and the indicator light for CD-RW stays ON and can't get disk out. It stays this way forever Is it possible the disk is filling up and all the data is not yet recorded? I have a large database - over 20,000 names. If this is the case, how do I transfer the entire database? Harry Wolfe [Original Message] > From: Sam Wonders > To:
3. Re: [RMagic] Define collateral lines [1]
John, The simple way to think of "Collateral lines" is the extended in-laws. They will be the extended family of someone who married into your family at any point in time.... Examples: If I choose to include Descendants and spouses of one of *my* ancestors, my *husband* will be included (as my spouse), but not his parents, siblings, grandparents, etc. If I include Descendants and collateral lines, my husband's parents, siblings, their spouses, grandparents, their siblings, etc. will be included. If yo
4. Re: [RMagic] Users Groups [1]
I believe Barbara Salyer in Tucson could help you with this. Sue Prescott AZ ----- Original Message ----- From: Suzanne Brayer To: Sent: Thursday, January 24, 2008 2:30 PM Subject: Re: [RMagic] Users Groups Jon, Nice to hear your suggestions. I have put out feelers in the Valley (Phoenix, etc) and have 5 interested. But, as you pointed out they may and DO live miles from each other. I like your suggestion of setting a central meeting place/date an
5. Re: [RMagic] Database offer thru RootsMagic [1]
Add me to the list too. It's a totally useless service and a big waste of money. I am very, very disappointed. Chris **************Start the year off right. Easy ways to stay in shape.
6. Re: [RMagic] GEDCOM & photos [1]
Here is what I have in the note for my Grandfather, Jesse Nevel: You can see how it then appears at my World Connect site: ----- Original Message ----- From: "Be Gunelson" To: "Jesse Davis" ; Sent: Friday, January 11, 2008 12:39 PM Subject: R
7. Re: [RMagic] GEDCOM & photos [1]
> So if you are trying to archive the whole thing > or send to cousins what is the most general way to do so? > You could create a website on your computer, then backup the entire directory, and then send the backup. The recipient could then restore the directory, and use their browser to navigate the files on their own disk. You could, of course, just upload the files to your website, if you know how, and get your cousins/whoever to look it up on the internet. -- Regards Dave
8. Re: [RMagic] Searching for all given names in a line [1]
Hi Alfred - I am not able to get this to work for me...any thoughts? I have changed all to red, run search (FIND > Filed to Search = Color coding = Is red > then AND = given name = contains Kalli ) and I get "No match Found" If I leave off the "Given Name" search I still get "No match Found." I also tried using the criteria of "Sex > Equals > Male" with no luck. Ideally, I am looking for the first names of my male ancestors. Am I missing a step? Thanks - Kalli Alfred Eller wrote: > Color code yo
9. Re: [RMagic] New PC need to download Rootsmagic again [1]

10. [RMagic] Database opens but no-one there! [1]
I sent this query a couple of days ago but had no replies, so I'm resending it with a new subject and slightly reworded. Can anyone reproduce this behaviour? So as to check out a problem that someone else had reported here, I closed my default file and created a new one. After doing the check I deleted this new file, but when I then tried to open my default database it came up with the correct name, but apparently completely empty. I also tried to restore it from a backup, with the same result. However, t
11. [RMagic] Copying a report [1]
I still don't understand why a report can't be generated directly into my word processor where I can copy or edit it then paste into an email directly without having to save it!!! I rarely want the same information a second time. I find it a real hassle the steps that must be taken to get a report, especially if I want to do some editing and the I have to find it again to delete. Doing some DNA work I am now wanting a limited one line ancestor or descendant report which I haven't been able to create.
12. [RMagic] Off topic [1]
Can anyone suggest where I might find a Genealogy program 'Generation's Family Tree - Millennium edition' - It is old, but I have found it to be one of the very best & my copy is now damaged and unusuable. Thanks, Denise Parsons **************Start the year off right. Easy ways to stay in shape.
13. Re: [RMagic] Creating GEDCOM [1]
You evidently have your computers association set so that it thinks a file with a "GED" extension should be opened in PAF. If you want to import it into RootsMagic, Open RootsMagic, go to the File menu, New, to create a new, empty database. Then go again to the File menu, select Import, GEDCOM file, browse to where you saved the GEDCOM file and import it. OR, if you know what is in it and you are positive you want to import it directly into your main database, just import it there. Alfred D. Eller h
14. Re: [RMagic] Wrong Installer? [1]
Something strange then because I just loaded a complete new install and I get the same information screen. I will send you a copy of my information screen ..... It is repeatable on my machine. David -------------------------------------------------- From: "RootsMagic" Sent: Saturday, January 26, 2008 9:52 PM To: Subject: Re: [RMagic] Wrong Installer? > I followed those exact steps on a Vista machine, and still don't see > anything saying "UK editi
15. Re: [RMagic] Adding siblings [1]
Then, of course, there is the infamous NN NN Be ----- Original Message ----- From: "Pat Grady" To: Sent: Saturday, January 26, 2008 10:10 AM Subject: [RMagic] Adding siblings > Is there a way to add siblings to someone when you haven't yet discovered > their parents? > > > > =================================== > RM list Archives: >
16. [RMagic] RM tutorials [1]
I am off to Acapulco for two weeks. I HATE tutorials, but know that RM has much more to offer than I use. vacation project during hours of insomnia is to "teach an old dog new tricks". I have GETTING THE MOST OUT OF ROOTS MAGIC (the one with Family Origins on the spine:-) and I certainly will access the archives of this list. I am looking for recommendations for learning more "bells and whistles". Remember, this is an old dog. Regards, Mary McCanney Finley
17. Re: [RMagic] Database offer thru RootsMagic [1]
I think I can answer some of the questions about World Vital Records. In the beginning they got the databases from the states, but as the name implies they are world records. The initial subscription was for the databases available that they owned. Adding world records added new databases which they may or may not require an additional fee. The fee may be chargesd for those who have no need for US records. The Family Link title is the one for their family database online which you can send a GEDCOM to for
18. Re: [RMagic] Copying a report [1]
You don't have to print & scan to get it into your word processor. Create & save it as a .RTF file - when it shows up on your screen - Select All - Copy - & Paste it - into your WP new page or append at the end - insert where ever. It's very easy & simple to do. Good Luck with it Love, Lou Jo Dell Carlson wrote: I wanted to do the same thing, but it does not work. I generated the report and printed it. Then I scanned it into my computer. Now I can do whatev
19. Re: [RMagic] English, American and Spanish naming customs was how to list Spanish names? [1]

20. Re: [RMagic] Photo Descriptions [1]
You can create a description within the photo by using Irfanview. It will add space in the margin and you can then add text to that margin. This will carry along with the picture and show in the narrative. Keith Thompson wrote: > I know that photo descriptions will print under the photo in the scrapbook. > Is it possible to print the photo description under the photo in the > narrative report? > > Thanks. > > Norm Katz > > > > > **************Start the year off right. Easy ways
21. [RMagic] Collaterals [1]
In genealogy collaterals are all those descendants of your ancestor's siblings. They are related to you, but are not your "direct line." Jocelyn in Ohio
22. Re: [RMagic] Wrong Installer? [1]
I followed those exact steps on a Vista machine, and still don't see anything saying "UK edition". It isn't on the User Account Control either. - Bruce On Jan 26, 2008 9:41 PM, David wrote: > 1) I click on the RM icon to start the program. > 2) The Vista User Account Control window comes up and that is where the > message appears. > > David > > -------------------------------------------------- > From: "RootsMagic" > Sent: Saturday, January 26, 2008 9:36 PM >
23. Re: [RMagic] Using GenSmarts with RootsMagic [1]
Wayne, When I start up GenSmarts from RootsMagic it trashes RootsMagic. GenSmarts works okay by itself. I have Vista Home Edition. Jim Ronnerud ----- Original Message ----- From: "Wayne Jones" To: Sent: Sunday, January 27, 2008 11:18 AM Subject: Re: [RMagic] Using GenSmarts with RootsMagic > Over the years, I have found that the quickest, easiest and best computer > upgrade for the money is to get all the RAM you can afford (and that the > mother
24. [RMagic] O/T Bloodsucking [1]
Do you really consider $50. a year bloodsucking? Is the whole world suppose to provide free genealogical databases. I have not belong to WVR, but do belong to GenealogyBank and Ancestry. My genealogy involves history, these commercial databases provide this ole gal easy access to a large portion of our history. I suppose I could go out to dinner and a movie and spend $50., But I'll put my money on these great resources, even if they don't provide ALL the answers. Laura Scott, in the FL Panhandle (of Yanke
25. Re: [RMagic] RM tutorials [1]
Mary, May I suggest that you pick a general topic area, reports and charts, report lists, sources, place list, RMChart, or whatever topic you would like to learn more about, then read the details in GTMMOORM. Create a sandbox database to play in so you won't affect your family database, and go through each of the menus, each of the dialog boxes and the set-up buttons, and see what each does. Try running your "usual" reports, etc., with a variety of different settings to see what the results would look like.

Viewing 1-25 of 36,066 matches from 40,277,485 documents1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 | Next

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