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1. Re: [RUDDLESFORT] Pix att. Description of Stephen Ruddell [1]
Linda , I need your address to the Church or yourself so I can send information and the Mug from Corinth. The address snail mail is: Ramsey Creek Baptist Church 20389 Hwy W Clarksville , Mo. 63336 I believe Bro. Hartleys first name is Lee. I know him,but call him Bro. I called him a while back to let him know I was planning to send the same info to him as i sent to ruddle's Fort. If I can get in touch with Bro. Doug McGlaughlin, will try to see if he has a pix of Stephen rather a sketch. Bro. Doug
2. [RUDDLESFORT] Salt Springs and Licks Ky (Boone) Nicholas Co. [1]
Here is the history of Salt Springs. Many of these Churches were Taboo, as the British were still burning people at the stake, as late as 1818 in New York. It took 2 adult males to just to infer your religion was the devil, and you were doomed to burning. The churches of our ancestors, beginning at Goerge Creek Church Va. to Surry Co.Swamp church all these pioneers kept secret. History of Salt springs, and bounce around and see how many of our ancestors genocide occurred! Ancestors that fought in t
3. Re: [RUDDLESFORT] Pix att. Description of Stephen Ruddell [1]
Hi, Thanks so much. I can't bring it in to focus as I'd like because of the web. a minus when it comes to enlarging. I did see Cuivre, Birkhead (Francis Marion Birkhead who md. a daughter of Wm. Overall . Susan A. Overall a sister to my g-grandmother Zeorilda nee Overall Hilton b. in Nelson & Bullitt co. Ky.) He was an early pioneer preacher who helped build up many early Lincoln Co. Baptist churches starting from New Salem near Winfield, Mo. where the Overall were very instrumental in getting it Sale
4. Re: [RUDDLESFORT] Description of Stephen Ruddell [1]
Yes it was a Baptist Association, You can download the book at Google books for free at: _ ( ("stephen+ruddell"&as_brr=1) Jim Sellars In a message dated 1/1/2008 5:59:29 P.M. Central Standard Time, writes: Anyone happen to know if this Salt River Association, was the Baptist Association.? My mother would be embarrassed as she w
5. Re: [RUDDLESFORT] Pix att. Description of Stephen Ruddell [1]
Hi June & Group -- Did you say you had a picture of Stephen Ruddell? I would like to have one for our church's anniversary this year!!!! I am so glad it is finally here. I do need addresses of any of Stephen's line to send you information about our celebration, if you are interested. I will probably post some Looking forward to 2008! Rev. Linda Hunsaker Pastor, Ursa Christian Church j g wrote: > Hi, > Thanks so much. I can't bring it in to focus as I'd like because of the > web. a mi
6. [RUDDLESFORT] Description of Stephen Ruddell [1]
Happy New Year! I'm not sure if this has ever been posted to the list or not, but I found this from a search of Google books. I don't think you could describe old Stephen in any more detail. Jim Sellars. Patrick, Wiley Jones. The History of Salt River Association, 1909. P. 22 b
7. Re: [RUDDLESFORT] Description of Stephen Ruddell [1]
Anyone happen to know if this Salt River Association, was the Baptist Association.? My mother would be embarrassed as she was a Baptist through and through while I lean strongly to the Christain Non-denominational / Independent Church. My son, gave me a book for Christmas , a novel based on the life of Tecumseh, "Panther In The Sky" by James Alexander Thom. Stephen Ruddell is mentioned in this book. Trust in The LORD with all thine heart;and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all ways
Begin forwarded message: > From: Mark Easter > Date: January 2, 2008 12:35:12 AM PST > To: > Cc: > Subject: FOUND SOME NEW GRAVES-BOB FRANCIS, MCCOONS, MULHERINS- > Researchers all in contact > To: Bob Francis > The McCoon is a DNA match to me, I've got allot of em!. Easter > Surname project kit 49995 Ephraim Easter. > Could the Mulherin be a typo for Muholland? > My Closest DNA match. > > The Riddle in your pedigree is Buried at Myers/
9. Obituary of Abraham Ruddell [1]
This originally appeared in the Batesville News, March 4, 1841. Pioneers and Makers of Arkansas. Little Rock, AR: Clearfield Press, 1908, p. 339-342. REMARKABLE LIFE OF ABRAHAM RUDDELL. Abraham Ruddell, of Independence County, had a career which the pen of J. Fennimore Cooper might have depicted as it deserved, but which my pen in the space allotted cannot adequately express. He was born as far west as white people at that time had found permanent homes. Far down on the Holstein in Virginia in a log
10. Wilson interview [1]
I have also wondered about the reference to a joe in that interview. Mrs Wilson has another reference to that currency later in the interview. "Washington. Visited Washington and got money of him. Had gotten a wagon, and gone on. Washington gave brother and Ravenscraft one-half joe a piece. was very sorry about Riddle." Mrs. Wilson's brother would have been either John or Thomas Mahan. I have assumed that it was John as he was the eldest. Both the interview with Mrs. Wilson and the one with James and
11. Re: [OLDWORDS] "Joe" a unit of currency [1]
This is interesting. Thanks a lot for looking it up. Alexandra On Sun, 14 May 2000 19:27:21 -0700 "WILLIAM POINDEXTER" writes: > From the book "What Did They Mean By That by Paul Drake, > > Dobra, double johannes, Johannes double , etc, a Portuguese coin equaling about four Pounds Sterling (3 Pounds,/185S/5pl), e.g. "There being very little currency available in the colonies, the merchants accepted the coin of many countries, including the sailors' gold dobras, often called do
12. Welcome new member [1]
Greetings to all: Please make welcome the following new member to the Ruddell & Martin Stations Historical Association Family: Betty Williamson, who hails from Aleppo, PA. She list herself as a friend of the Forts. She is much interested in the history and plans to attend Reunion 2000 on June 24, 2000. Her Email: She list on her application the following information: Descendancy: I am researching Christina Six Munger. Married Charles Munger. Their son married Simon Girt
And now for today's tip... SPECIAL LDS RECORDS When people search the records of the LDS (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, known as the Mormons), they often find references to "special records" that are not on loan at Family History Centers. These records are what members of the church call temple records, and they usually involve temple work done by members for their families. Only someone who holds a temple recommend can access these records. And, no, non-members can't get a temple recommen
14. Simon Girty History [1]
Betty Williamson expressed interest in Simon Girty's life and times. I read, a couple of years ago, a book, borrowed from my friend Lorene Dodd, titled "Simon Peter and Polly, 1775 - 1825" written by Madeline Hillborn Mallott. She obtained this book directly from the author who lives at 391 Highway 18 West, Kingsville, Ontario, Canada N9Y2K3. This book described in detail Simon Girty's roll as an Indian Guide and go-between with the British and Indians during the period prior to and during the Revolutiona
15. The book order for H. Smutz' "John Ruddell of the shenandoah Valley...." [1]
Those of you who have requested to be on the "list" for this book should mail $ 30.00 before June 1st to: Robert A. Smutz 619 Hollywood Place Webster Groves, Mo. 63119 The price includes the printing on acid-free paper, binding, handling, and shipment to your home address. If you don't know about this and wish to be included, send your check and address to Mr. Smutz and he will take care of it. Patty Mulherin Tedrick reply to: if there are any questions
Please read and consider signing the petition. Lois Tonoff On Friday, March 3, General Robert E. Lee's Boyhood Home was CLOSED to the public after 30 years as a museum. The Lee-Jackson Foundation SOLD it to a multimillionaire couple as their private home, NOT open to the public.The sale was totally secret until it was a "done deal".The house was never publicly on the market, and the millionaire buyer asked the Foundation to keep the sale confidential. The purpose of this website is to spread the w
17. Check out New Privacy Threat: Genealogy? [1]
Click here: New Privacy Threat: Genealogy?,1283,36442,00.html Hello All I normally don't send articles to mail list, however, this is something that could effect all of us. At the end of the article in small print it ask if you have anything to say about the matter. I certainly did.........Lois Tonoff
18. What is a Joe? [1]
In her 1841 interview with the Rev. Shane (Draper Manuscripts 11CC276-280), Mrs. Wilson (maiden name Elizabeth Mahan, but that's another story), one of the Martin's Fort captives, tells of her times in Montreal. One remark provoked my curiosity: "The prisoners never had had a house hired for them before. They rented a very good house for us. Gave a half a Joe a month for it......" Apparently a Joe is the nickname for a unit of currency then (1780) prevalent in Montreal, probably worth several hundred
19. Re: [A-REV] "Joe" a unit of currency [1]
Kevin, thank you for this information. I didn't know the Portuguese had influence here past the 1600s. Alexandra On Sun, 14 May 2000 09:27:38 -1000 "kevin and rika" writes: > Alexandra ; While I don't know the value , it was a Portuguese coin. I believe the term came from Johannes. One of many coins used in the cash poor colonies, including the famous piece of 8 from Spain. Hope this helps , > Kevin
20. Early Families of Bourbon County, Kentucky, Project [1]
Fellow Bourbon County researchers, I am entering my final phase of collecting data for the "Early Families of Bourbon County, Kentucky, Project." After June, 2000, I will no longer ask for data on the early families who arrived in Bourbon County between 1775-1820, and will begin the actual writing stage of the project. My goal is to publish a series of books documenting the history and genealogy of these early families. Presently, I have accumulated approximately 20,000 names and, by the time I complete
This genealogy tip, as well as the one I sent the other day, come from This is an excellent site with lots of tips you can subscribe to. But in particular, the genealogy tips have been very useful. Go to the above web site, scroll down to "HOME & GARDEN" then put a check mark in the GENEALOGY box. Select any others that you may also find of interest. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, enter your email address, then select "TEXT" not HTML (that way you avoid banner ads)
22. Currency: Double joe/half joe [1]
Murray, thank you for this added information. Alexandra --------- Forwarded message ---------- From: Murray McCombs To: Date: Mon, 15 May 2000 10:58:05 -0400 Subject: [A-REV] RE: "Half a Joe" - currency Johannes, Double Johannes, Half Johanne: Portugese gold coins, bearing the bust of King Johannes V, officially "Dobra de quatro escudos," the half johannes, or "half Joe", being worth approximately 36 shillings, or 1.8 pounds sterling, while the j
23. Re: Check out Ruddles & Martin Station Historical Association [1]
Mark: We have a number of Conway Descendants out there in our association who would be glad to help you. How about it guys can anyone help Mark? Recieved the message below on the date and time: In a message dated 5/2/2000 7:45:24 AM Eastern Daylight Time, writes: << From: (Mark Massman) To: Thanks for getting back to me so soon. I am writing on the behalf of my Mom Sharon Massmann. She has traced our ancestors back to the Conw
24. Deposition of Jacob Stucker [1]
Harrison Co KY suit 4911 Daniel Barton vs William E Boswell Taken 28 and 29 July 1812 Also the deposition of Jacob Stucker of lawful age and being first duly sworn deposith and saith, that he was acquainted in the neighborhood as early as 1780. In Jany 1780 he came to Bryant's station and continued for about 4 years to reside at Bryant's and Grant's station and during which time he acted as a spy and generally ranged upon these waters and during which time he was on Clark's campaign in 80 and 82 and
25. new e-mail address [1]
I now have a new e-mail address Old e-mail address

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