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1. [SALEM-WITCH-L] John Gibson - accused Mary Holman [1]
While perusing for information on a branch of my family I only recently gained information about, I found this intriguing snippet of information, and was wondering if anyone out there might know more about it... Database: Cambridge, Massachusetts History, Supplement Combined Matches: 1 HISTORY of CAMBRIDGE, MASSACHUSETTS 1630-1877 PREFACE page 394 Holman, Mary (Wm.) b. Eng. 1630, after Father's death accused of witchcraft by John Gibson, warrant for arrest, suspicious actions recounted, public
2. [SALEM-WITCH-L] Caporael on ergotism in Salem [1]
Hello all! What with PBS doing their thing with fanning the flames about the ergot theory of Salem, I thought it might be a good idea to post exactly what Caporael wrote in 1976 to kick off this whole theory, and then my next posting will be the Spanos & Gottlieb article which refuted it. Unfortunately, the book where I found both articles reprinted from Science magazine, where they originally appeared, does not include the footnotes... I think I have caught all the errors that my OCR program may
3. [SALEM-WITCH-L] PBS Salem Witch Trials Program [1]
Last night, PBS ran a program on the Salem witch trials. I missed the program, but it will be repeated on June 30 in my area. Here is the information about it: You can check your own local PBS schedule if interested. Grace Smith 7th great-granddaughter of Samuel Wardwell
4. [SALEM-WITCH-L] Cemetery Transcripts or Books?? [1]
Does anyone know of a resource for any or all of the cemeteries in Salem, or anyone who may have done a book on those buried in Salem? Any help or suggestions greatly appreciated. Thanks Melissa ___________________________________________________ The ALL NEW CS2000 from CompuServe Better! Faster! More Powerful! 250 FREE hours! Sign-on Now!
5. [SALEM-WITCH-L] Spanos & Gottlieb on ergotism in Salem [1]
---------------------------------------------------------------- Marc Mappen, ed. "Witches & Historians: Interpretations of Salem," 2nd edition. Krieger Publishing Co. Malabar, FL, 1996. pp. 72-82. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Two psychologists at Carleton University, NICHOLAS P. SPANOS (b. 1942) and JACK GOTTLIEB (b. 1951), have challenged Linnda Caporael's thesis that ergot Poisoning lay at the basis of the witchcraft outbreak. In an article published in Science ma
6. Re: [SALEM-WITCH-L] Elizabeth Jackson [1]
Hello -- Incidentally, I do have the book that Jeanne mentioned below "Elizabeth Jackson How, Tragic Victim of Salem Witchcraft Lunacy"..... Also have "Elizabeth Jackson of Rowley" by Rev. Philip Greystone; 1993; which I got from the Ipswich historical society.....the copy I got was the last one as there are no more. Cynthia ----- Original Message ----- From: "Jeanne Newstrom" > I'm sure Cynthia will appreciate the book I read at the Ipswich > Public Library: Loevinger, R
7. [SALEM-WITCH-L] A Towne obit from 1906 [1]
Hi all, For anyone researching the Towne family, I am sending an obit that was listed on the Monroe County, NY mailing list...from the description, this woman was a descendant of one of the brothers of Rebecca, Mary and Sarah Towne. Thought someone out there might be intersted!!!! Joan Rochester, Monroe, NY Democrat & Chronicle July 5, 1906 TWO ANCESTORS WERE HANGED Death in Rose of Woman Whose Family Goes Back to Witchcraft Days Rose, July 4 - The death of Mrs. Mary TOWNE, wife of Joel LEE, one
8. [SALEM-WITCH-L] Elizabeth Jackson [1]
I'm sure Cynthia will appreciate the book I read at the Ipswich Public Library: Loevinger, Ruth Howe. 1994. Elizabeth Jackson How, Tragic Victim of Salem Witchcraft Lunacy. Chevy Chase MD 20815. I have not checked its availability elsewhere. I liked the author's discussion of power plays, such as the pressure tactic of attacking vulnerable relatives rather than directly charging an adversary. She also referred to a court case in the 1680s when John Howe (brother-in-law of Elizabeth) testified aga
9. [SALEM-WITCH-L] Elizabeth Jackson [1]
Is anyone descended from ELIZABETH JACKSON HOW/E who was hanged 19 July 1692 ? Cynthia
I saw recently that a Thomas OLIVER was the 2nd husband of Bridget BISHOP a hanged witch. Does anyone know who his parents were? james wall
11. [SALEM-WITCH-L] Samuel Wardwell [1]
Anyone on the list a desc. of Samuel Wardwell? His granddaughter, Hannah Wardwell, married William Buxton. Hannah and William Buxton are my 5th great-grandparents. Samuel is my 7th great-grandfather. I'm looking for the names of Hannah's siblings and any connection to the Buxton family as I also don't know my William's birthday or his parents' names. Hannah was born in 1721 in Andover, Esssex. They were married in 1743. Grace Elizabeth Bliss Smith North American Hon. Secretary, Bliss Family Hist
12. [SALEM-WITCH-L] Salem Books [1]
If you're like me, you like books but watch your spending. You can get a number of titles for cheap on Just FYI. Patsy Q
13. [SALEM-WITCH-L] Article in Modesto Bee [1]
There appeared an article in the May 29, 2001 issue of, "The Modesto Bee" which is published in Modesto, CA, titled, "Legacy of witch trials haunting Salem". This concerns the exoneration for those who died 1692. I tried to find a link to this particular page but couldn't find one. The page was sent as an attachment from my brother. The article is by Steve LeBlanc of the Associated Press. Maybe one of you can have better luck in finding the story. It was on, "The Back Page", page A-14. Website addres
14. [SALEM-WITCH-L] PBS special [1]
Tonight, on most PBS stations as first of a new series, Secrets of the Dead, a one-hour program, using the old and disputed theory of ergot poisoning as possible cause of the Salem Witchcraft trials will be shown. Have your pens and pencils ready to note any historical errors that will appear and hands poised on keyboards to flood PBS with same. I did a quick look on the website and noted two errors already: Sarah Good, described as "old" on the time-line and area physicians(actually only William Griggs i
15. [SALEM-WITCH-L] AP wire article, 5/28/01 [1]
Hello all! This is the full text of the AP wire story that was published in papers from coast to coast a couple of weeks ago (5/28 or 5/29 in most places, from what I can tell), in case you didn't catch it. I found this copy of it at the Concord (NH) Monitor website: Cheers, Margo ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Exoneration sought for 'witches' Descendants want family names cleared
16. [SALEM-WITCH-L] In Memoriam: Bridget Bishop [1]
Bridget Bishop b. Bridget Playfer, circa 1640, England m1. Samuel Wasselbe, England, 1660 m2. Thomas Oliver, Salem MA, 1666 m3. Edward Bishop, 1684 June 4, 1692, convicted of practicing witchcraft. June 10, 1692, Hanged at Salem MA -- Margo Burns, List Owner of the SALEM-WITCH List at
17. Re: [SALEM-WITCH-L] Article in Modesto Bee [1]
On 6/1/01, "Kathleen M. Gibson" wrote: >There appeared an article in the May 29, 2001 issue of, "The Modesto >Bee" which is published in Modesto, CA, titled, "Legacy of witch >trials haunting Salem". This concerns the exoneration for those who >died 1692. I tried to find a link to this particular page but >couldn't find one. The page was sent as an attachment from my >brother. The article is by Steve LeBlanc of the Associated Press. >Maybe one of you can have better luck in find
18. RE: [SALEM-WITCH-L] Elizabeth Jackson [1]
I am very interested in the story of John Gould's conviction and execution for treason as I am a desendant of another branch of the Gould family. I believe John's father was Zaccheus Gould and I am a descendant of his brother, John (an uncle of the John who was accused of treason). In the Sarah Wildes biography on the Notable Women Ancestors website there is a reference to the case as John Wildes apparently accused his brother in law, John Gould (jr), of treason. I hope I've got this right--I'm working from
19. [SALEM-WITCH-L] PBS show [1]
Here's PBS' description of the program: >Witches Curse More than 300 years after the infamous Salem Witch >trials, one woman's inspiration has led to the theory that there may >be a perfectly natural and scientific explanation for the symptoms >of those who were said to be bewitched. Behavioral psychologist >Linda Caporeal's quest for a rational explanation leads viewers on a >startling journey from wrenching convulsions and vivid deliriums to >contaminated crops, hallucinogenic drugs and an ancient
20. [SALEM-WITCH-L] Re: Ann Pudeator [1]
<< I would like to hear from anyone descending from Ann Pudeator, executed Salem witch. D. Roberts >> I'm descended from Ann Pudeator, through her daughter Ruth Greenslade/Greenslit. Lynn Colvin
21. Re: [SALEM-WITCH-L] Mary Warren's lineage [1]
From: "I'm sure this is a Much discussed topic, but as I am just starting to research her lines thought I'd start right here. Can anyone tell me if Mary Warren is related to the Pilgrim Richard Warren?" Hi Melissa: There is no known connection between Mary Warren and Richard Warren of the Mayflower. Sorry. Rick
22. [SALEM-WITCH-L] Re:AP story [1]
I missed seeing the AP story about the Salem trials by reporter Steve LeBlanc. Does anyone know how I might find it either in a back issue of a Boston, Massachussetts area newspaper or on line? Thanks. Marilynne K. Roach ________________________________________________________________ GET INTERNET ACCESS FROM JUNO! Juno offers FREE or PREMIUM Internet access for less! Join Juno today! For your FREE software, visit:
23. [SALEM-WITCH-L] Re: PBS Secrets of the Dead re-run [1]
I went to and under Search Listings by Keywords I typed in Secrets of the Dead. Poof it popped up a little gray screen with all the times and dates and Channels (in my area they switch between the two PBS stations). The Witches Curse isn't re-running here until the 8th of July and it's on the other PBS station. So if anyone missed the orig. show like I did you can perhaps see it again too. Hope this helps. _________________________________________________
24. [SALEM-WITCH-L] Salem cemetary book [1]
Melissa - One recent printed resource on Salem cemetaries -or at least the older historical burying grounds- was locally published by its author, Betty Bouchard, and sold in Salem shops (including the Trolly Depot where she works). I thought it was very nicely done and I believe an enlarged edition has recently been issued. (I just can't put my hand on my copy to tell you the exact title.) The shop's web site should reveal more. I hope this helps. Marilynne Roach ______________________
25. Re: [SALEM-WITCH-L] Query... [1]
In a message dated 6/12/01 11:40:15 AM Eastern Daylight Time, writes: > I am new to the list, and am wondering how one begins searching to find > out if any witches and/or pagans are in their lineage. Well, first of all, if you go back far enough (not so far for some, further for others) you are bound to find "pagans" somewhere in your ancestry. As far as finding one of the "Salem Witches" well, not too many people today believe that they were witches, and them that do know

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