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1. [SFHG] Recent Death Notice - stray - nee VAUGHAN [1]
abreviated from - Death Notice in The Standard newspaper St. Catharines Ontario Canada - January 24, 2008 BEREZOWSKI, Steven - 88, of Adelaide Street, Truro, Nova Scotia, Canada passed away at home on January 22, 2008 - his wife April VAUGHAN by his side. Steve was born in Meath Park, Saskatchewan, Canada and moved to St. Catharines in 1938 to work at General Motors. He enlisted in the army in 1940, arriving in England 1941. He served in North Africa, Cicely, Italy, throughout Europe and injured in Germany
2. Re: [SFHG] Can anyone help me? [1]
Terry, Page 123 is part of an item submitted by Michael J Burchall, and the other item was written by Jenny McKechnie, I fear that there is little to interest you in either article though. Michael refers to a chap who died in 1236 and Jenny refers to a lady who emigrated in 1836. Best of luck, Graham -----Original Message----- From: []On Behalf Of Terry Britt Sent: 30 January 2008 10:31 To: sfhg@rootswe
3. Re: [SFHG] Census Lookup 1861 - LeBeau [1]
I believe there is still a College of Theology in Chichester, at Westgate, near the Records Office. Tony 9967 On 26/01/2008, Lewry One Name Study wrote: > > Hi Diane > > He is a boarder at a Training College in Chichester. His place of birth > is > given as Stepney, Middlesex and his age is 19. The word Theologi--e has > been written under the place name Training College. A College of > Theology? > Someone with more knowledge will no doubt be along soon. > > regards > Denise > > ---
4. Re: [SFHG] Higgler [1]
IF you put 'higgler' into google or similar you shoudl get soem good descriptions - here is the link to one I found: "Higgler's Licences July 1758 - April 1772 This is an index of 289 licences registered at the West Kent Quarter Sessions. The last licence was in April 1772. Most say that the higgler "qualified for a common badger, lader, kidder, carrier, buyer and seller of fowls, butter, cheese, eggs, fish and other dead victuals (except game
5. Re: [SFHG] Christian names [1]
And I know someone whose surname is FULLALOVE! -----Original Message----- From: [] On Behalf Of Graham Noyce Sent: 03 January 2008 20:54 To: PMR; SFHG Mailing List; Richard Crittenden Subject: Re: [SFHG] Christian names Pam, There are a number of Gotobed families around the Fens. When I worked with the local constabulary I went to one family who had just changed their surname. Apparently the girls had been teased at school, so father said "Right,
6. [SFHG] William Burrell [1]
To the SFHG List: I would be grateful for help with the following. Early research showed that my 7Ggrandfather William Burrell was born in 1628 in Cuckfield and that he married Anne Fairehall in Cuckfield on 14 April 1655. However, now I see that the Sussex Marriage Index also shows a marriage between William Burrell Cuckfield hus and Ann Fayrehall otsp at Lindfield on 7 January 1655. I would be grateful for an explanation. I am also stumped over his mother! Everywhere I look I find his father shown as Wi
7. Re: [SFHG] Fw: noakes' of udimore 1800s [1]
re NOAKES in the Udimore/Hastings area - one does have to remember that there were good number of people with the surname Noakes in the area during this period, so do not assume all must be close relatives (they may well be distant relatives of course!) One of my great-great grandmothers was born Sarah Noakes, baptised 12th December 1832 in Hastings, daughter of Sarah and Edward Noakes. She was the 1st daughter of Edward's 2nd marriage. He married Elizabeth Hide 3/11/1823, Sarah Hide 15/7/1832, Elizabet
8. [SFHG] Hounsells in Battle [1]
Dear Listers Is anyone able to help me with my brick wall. I have a MARY ANN HOUNSELL born in Battle, East Sussex around 1817. Her marriage in Lewes on 30.9.1850 to THOMAS BERKSHIRE states her father was JAMES HOUNSELL foreman at the Powder Mill, Crowhurst (nr Battle). I have not been able to find any record of Mary Ann's baptism in Battle. Does anyone have any record of either James or Mary Ann, who James wife was, and did he have any other children. Is there anything in the census, o
9. Re: [SFHG] Christian names [1]
We have Dorcas Munday at Wellingborough. She has been disabled from birth, and types with a pencil type thingummy in her mouth, has written several books, and runs the local PHAB club (Physically Handicapped and Able Bodied group). Diane 10813
10. [SFHG] John Moon'sDeathSentence [1]
Hello. I have a JOHN MOON sentenced to death at Lewes Assizes in 1829 for the theft of 18 sheep; the sentence was commuted to life imprisonment and transportation. I would like to know John's age; I believe that he was born after 1786. I would also like to know where he came from and as much else as possible about him. It is possible that he was the son of JOHN and HANNAH MOON who I am told were married 1787/8 although I cannot find any evidence of this marriage; it is not in the SMI. Any help or sug
11. Re: [SFHG] Property called Fogdens Barn in Bury,Sussex [1]
Have you tried the tithe maps at all? They are likely to be earlier but if the name is the same and you can link it to the Apportionments and find the owners and/or tenants, that may help. The maps will be at West Sussex Record Office I would think and also at Kew. I think WSRO are working on getting the maps digitized but I don't know that for certain. I am sure someone else on the list will know more. perhaps a search of directories might help too - you can search some on-line at: http://www.historica
12. Re: [SFHG] Britt Family [1]
Graham, Thank you for that, I am still not fully convinced that this is the actual person I am looking for as up until now I have never seen any records for my Albert Britt having a second name of Henry so until I have proved this is the same fellow I am a bit reluctant to send to the Coldstream Guards for his records as they charge #30 which is a lot of money if it is the wrong person. Regards, Terry -----Original Message----- From: Graham Noyce [] Sent: 13 January 2008
13. Re: [SFHG] Fw: JAMES [1]
Heather, Following on from Jackie's previous e-mail, I think the death must be your Robert. There is a marriage in BMD in 1860 for Midhurst for another Robert James, but he seems to have been born in Linchmere and appears in both the 1851 and 1861 Census. Unless you have other information I think this will probably close this line of enquiry. Regards, Brian Denn -----Original Message----- From: [] On Behalf Of Heather Sent: 03 January 200
14. Re: [SFHG] William Burrell [1]
Jill, I'm afraid the Burrells disappear from my tree after 1696, so I cannot help you! Gordon Smith ----- Original Message ----- From: "jill weller" To: "SFHG, SFHG" Sent: Tuesday, January 29, 2008 7:31 PM Subject: [SFHG] William Burrell > > Hi, > I, too, have a Burrell in my tree - Emily born 1822 in Bocking, Essex. Her > father was William Durrant Burrell. According to distant members of the > family, there is supposed to be a connection with the Su
15. Re: [SFHG] Sussex Tithe Maps at WRSO [1]
On Sat, 19 Jan 2008 19:28:31 +0000 "Tony Holkham" wrote: Hello Tony, > I've emailed Gillian Edom asking whether it would be possible. If > other Mac users do the same, it might add some weight. I too have emailed the RO. I find it worrying that they say the JPEG version of the maps is also not viewable on a Mac. By extension, that would mean it's also not viewable with Linux, or any other OS. Frankly, that's preposterous. Assuming, that is, that the file really is a JPEG, and not s
16. [SFHG] Burgess NOAKES 1885 Rye- 1975 Rye [1]
Hello! I stumbled upon the following and thought it might help someone on this list. Burgess NOAKES was the son of Charles NOAKES (b 1846 Peasmarsh) and Sarah MILGATE (b 1847 Peasmarsh). Lamb House is located in Rye and was the home of the Author Henry JAMES from 1898 until his death in 1916. Later, the Authoress Rumer GODDEN lived there. HTHs, Joanne The (London) Times, Oct 25 1975; pg 14' Issue 59536; Col G "MR BURGESS NOAKES ARV writes: Mr Burgess NOAKES, who was Henry JAMES' devoted mans
17. Re: [SFHG] Given Name of Trayton [1]
My great x5 grandmother was apparently named Parnal (I have only come across this spelling variant for her). She was born around 1764 in Surrey. Tony Golding (11552) > -----Original Message----- > From: > [] On Behalf Of Michael J Snatt > Sent: 07 January 2008 11:28 > To: Warwick and Eleanor Dilley; > Subject: Re: [SFHG] Given Name of Trayton > > Hello All - > > Can't help on the subject of Trayton, although I seem to > recall
18. Re: [SFHG] Census Lookup 1861 - LeBeau [1]
Hi Diane He is a boarder at a Training College in Chichester. His place of birth is given as Stepney, Middlesex and his age is 19. The word Theologi--e has been written under the place name Training College. A College of Theology? Someone with more knowledge will no doubt be along soon. regards Denise ----- Original Message ----- From: "Diane Sypher" To: Sent: Saturday, January 26, 2008 8:02 PM Subject: [SFHG] Census Lookup 1861 - LeBeau I am looking f
19. Re: [SFHG] Higgler [1]
A HIGGLER A person who haggles or bargains. An itinerant peddler or dealer, similar to a cadger. Patricia go to "" for a list of trades. Lau ----------------------------------------- Email sent from Virus-checked using McAfee(R) Software and scanned for spam
20. [SFHG] Worth Mentioning!! [1]
The above title was on page 416 of the latest journal, and I thought, oh goody, this looks like one of my husband's line. His NYE's come from the Medway area of Kent. But, who is he? Yes, he is there in Worth, as described. In Tent, is the address, and it has William NYE age 46 Chimney Sweep, with wife Sarah 30 and daughter Elizabeth age 15. So next I go to the 1861 census and there is William living at Horne, Surrey and described as being born Horne and age 56 as a Chimney Sweep. But this time
21. Re: [SFHG] BONIFACE Thomas [1]
Thanks Steve for your reply. I am already involved with the Boniface one name web site. I rather hoped that someone in SFHG might be able to provide some answers for me on the question of Thomas BONIFACE born 1772 Yapton. Regards MArgaret ----- Original Message ----- From: "Stephen" To: Sent: Saturday, January 12, 2008 9:18 PM Subject: Re: [SFHG] BONIFACE Thomas > Hi Margaret, > > I suggest your contact Steve Everitt through >
22. Re: [SFHG] BUDD family name [1]
Margaret Rose, Following the Budd line, the IGI shows that William Budd's parents were Richard Budd and Charlotte Burchell, married 15 June 1802 in Oving. (I assume you have been tracing the marriages because you don't mention them.) IGI shows several candidates for Richard's birth but none in Sussex around the right time - prob about 1780. Perhaps the Richard bapt 22 Sep 1782 might be the best candidate for your ancestor because his father's name was Richard and because Meonstoke is closer to the Susse
23. Re: [SFHG] Lucas Family [1]
Michael John D Lucas Jun Q 1924 Paddington 1a page 25 Mother Hards Could not find a Peter Regards Jackie -----Original Message----- From: [] On Behalf Of Michael Lucas Sent: 23 January 2008 14:52 To: Subject: [SFHG] Lucas Family My Uncle Flg. Officer Leslie Gordon Lucas born 2nd qtr. 1896 was killed in an air accident in 1924, He was married to Ethel Florence Hands in the 2nd. Qtr of 1921 at St Georges, Hannover Square. There
24. [SFHG] Johanna moss recent enquiry [1]
Hi all Further to my recent e a friend has suggested Johanna Moss may have been born in The Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland Has any kind soul out there got website information where I can direct my searches Many thanks John Fogden 10547
25. Re: [SFHG] Christian names [1]
What makes a perfectly normal family of William, Sarah etc name a boy Prince Aaron Havilah and then revert to John Mary etc. What could have happened to give rise to this one outlandish name? Jenny

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