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1. [SMITS] New Smits Data [1]
Hi all, We haven't had a lot of traffic on the Smits name lately, so I thought I would try to get some information flowing. I have had some good things happen with my Smits research. I just met a cousin Smits from the Netherlands that has some information in a database. If anyone would like me to check this database for their Smits relative please post it on this message board. In fact, let's do a roll call. Would everyone take a few minutes to post their Smits information for all to see. We have som
2. [SMITS] Smits on ships 2 [1]
Antwerp, Belgium to New York April 1, 1881 DISTRICT OF NEW YORK - PORT OF NEW YORK > I, Saml Jackson, Master of the SS Belgenland, do solemnly, sincerely and > truly swear that the following List or Manifest, subscribed by me, and now > delivered by me to the Collector of the Customs of the Collection District > of New York, is a full and perfect list of all the passengers taken on > board of the said Steamer at Antwerp from which port said Steamer has now > arrived; and that on said list is trul
3. [SMITS] SMITS on ships 3 [1]
Last installment of SMITS on ships, > > ANCHOR LINE OF TRANSATLANTIC STEAM PACKET SHIPS. > District of New-York -- Port of New-York. > I, J. J. Small, Master of the Steam-Ship Bolivia, do solemnly, sincerely, > and truly declare that the following List or Manifest, subscribed by me, > and now delivered by me to the Collector of the Customs of the Collection > District of New York, is a full and perfect list of all the passengers > taken on board of the said S.S. Bolivia at Glasgow for which port said
4. [SMITS] Found SMITS on various ships 1 [1]
5. [SMITS] Dutch immigrants [1]
Hi, I have a copy of the Smits' from the book: Dutch Immigrants in U.S. Ship Passenger Manifests, 1820-1880 by Robert P. Swierenga. Here are the Smits' listed: AJ, Adolphina Margaretha, Anna M., Areth, Cornelis, Daniel, Carolina, Jeanette, Jan, Corelius, Digenes, Galarmina, Johanna, Kaatje, Hermanus, Hendrika, JM, Geertruida, Joseph, Agnes, Dorthia, Franciscus, Sylvester, Jacob, Adriana, Frank, Evert, Jacob, Jas Teodore, Anna Nee Claus, Louise, Johan Gerard, Anna, Johanne, Klass, Adiana, Jannetje, He
6. [SMITS] Some Smits Land grants [1]
Hello fellow Smits' I recently searched the Bureau of land management site and found the following Smits Land grants. Michelle, I think you asked about Wisconsin Smits'? There seems to be a Thomas Smits in 1889 buying land in Wisconsin. You can even download a copy of the certificate or order a certified copy. Patentee Name State Issue Date Doc. Nr. Accession or Serial Nr. SMITS, KLAAS MI 04/05/1849 6714 MI2680__.191 SMITS, PAUL WA 12/01/1904 W
7. [SMITS] new [1]
Hi everybody, I'm new on the list. To present myself I would like to invite you to take a look at my homepage(s): Besides the published genealogies I have a lot of notes from other Smits-families out of the Antwerp Kempen, which I am trying order in a HAZADATA-base. I will answer all concrete requests on those families as far as I have the data at home. I'm not doing paid research in the archives. Kind Greetings
8. Re: smits [1]
Woops, I see now that you have subscribed. My Smits look like this: Descendants of Tjitte Wiebes Smits 1 Tjitte Wiebes Smits b: June 18, 1772 d: November 03, 1852 .. +Rink Siebeles De Vries b: July 05, 1781 m: May 29, 1803 d: October 30, 1837 ......... 2 Wiebe Tjittes Smits b: February 24, 1804 d: April 10, 1849 ............. +Aaf Cornelis Bouma b: July 26, 1810 m: December 21, 1837 d: February 15, 1875 .................... 3 Cornelius Wie
9. [SMITS] Re: smits [1]
Hi Sammi - I did subscribe to the list, but am afraid I really have nothing to offer! You on the other hand have a great deal about your Smits clan! I know my husbands grandfathers name and that is about it! I don't even know if he has siblings! Much less his parents names! They claim to be of Dutch descent but I do not know what they are basing that on! :) I should really start talking to his grandpa and try to pry some info out! There are lots of Smits around the Green Bay area - where my husband
10. smits [1]
Hi, I am new to the list. Don't know if I will have much to add but I am married to a Smits from WI. I would like to look in to his family but have littl to go on so far! Michelle
11. Old dog learns new tricks [1]
Hi Everyone, This dawg has decided it is time to break loose from the AOL pack and stop wasting 20 plus bucks a month. The departure, as some of you wiser DAWGs can guess, is going to result in a new email address. Effective immediately, this dawg's new address is: While forestdog@aol will be monitored for the next couple of weeks, the account will be closed during the month of July with little, or no warning. So, don't wait, delay, or postpone updating your address book........
12. [Fwd: Re: [SMITS] My Smits Line] [1]
Sorry, this was to go to the whole list! MS -------- Original Message -------- Subject: Re: [SMITS] My Smits Line Date: Wed, 01 Dec 1999 11:17:48 -0600 From: Michelle Smits Reply-To: To: References: <> Does anyone on the list know of any Smits in the Wisconsin area? That is where I am searching for my husbands family! Michelle Smits
13. [SMITS] My Smits Line [1]
Hi all, I am the listowner for the Smits surname. It has been a while since I posted, so here it is! My husband is a Smits descending from Tjitte Wiebes Smits, from the Netherlands. Specifically from the northern part called Friesland. His grandmother is still alive and speaks Friesian. I have a document from the time of Napoleon, when he insisted the Dutch select a surname. Until then, the son or daughter would use his/her fathers first name as their last name. Tjitte Wiebes (Son of Wiebes) selected
14. [SMITS] Re: Smits line, Laura [1]
Hi Laura, Nice to hear from a possible (probable cousin). Can you give me a little more information about your Garrett Smits? Who did he marry? When was he born? Anything you have will help. There are a few Garrett's in my line. If we do connect, today is your lucky day! I have done some extensive research on the Smits surname and would be happy to share. Please respond through the list so we can all converse about our Smits' Bye for now, Sammi Smits
15. [SMITS] Re: SMITS-D Digest V00 #2 [1]
My grandfather was married to Anna Federicks. She is still alive and lives with her son John(and Barb) in NY. I don't have the info about my grandfather handy. I will dig it up when I get a chnace. They lived in Patterson NJ. That is where my father, George(he had a twin, Bill who passed away last year) Dad is now in Allentown PA. I will dig up what info I have and send to you as soon as I get a chance. Laura -----Original Message----- From: To: SM
16. Fwd: Re: [SMITS] Re: Smits line, Laura [1]
--part1_84.68ca757.2678f231_boundary Content-Type: text/plain; charset="US-ASCII" Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit Laura, I don't seem to find any connection for your Garrett into the line I have researched. I will look at my other notes to be sure. I really think there should be some connection though. I'm not sure how common the Smits name was in the Netherlands as most families did not have surnames until Napoleon demanded it. I have a document where an ancestor 'declared' his last name to be Smits. So

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