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1. Desertion/divorce/ [1]
I think I asked this before but I am darned if I can find where or when! Bear with me? In England up to Divorce Act 1857, if a man deserted his wife and had no further contact with her and simply disappeared, he was considered to be dead after 7 years and she could then remarry.It was one way, a cheap way too of ending a rotten marriage at a time when divorce was almost impossible. Did this apply anywhere in South Africa? 19thC/20thC? thanks Pat
2. Fw: School photo [1]
Please ignore my previous e-mail...I should have checked it out before forwarding's a complete hoax/joke played by a friend I am going to deal with off list! Please accept my sincere apologies...I did think it seemed too good to be right I was! Groete, Tombi Peck ----- Original Message ----- From: Tombi Peck To: Cc: Tony Warren ; Shirley Willis ; Grice Stella ; Linda Thacker ; Nicky Fuller ; Jane Langham ; Janet McCreedy ; Addie Clarkson ; Dot
3. Sunday Tribune, Durban, 31 July 2005. [1]
BIRTHS: CRAWLEY-CINNOTT Darrylin & Joe 'n seun Tyr Baylon *22/07/2005 in Middlesex England, kleinseun vir Robbie en Michelle. HILL Chris & Debbie 'n dogter Erin Leigh *26/07/2005 in Uhmlanga. LAUNSPACH Trevor & Nicola 'n seun Nathan Ferdinand *28/07/2005 broer vir Dylan Patrick. PATERSON Michael & Shirley se 1st kleinkind, Gregory Scott*29/07/2005, mamma *ROETS, in Westville Hospitaal. RALFE/SLADE Jimmy & Sally 'n dogter Cara Lyn * 18/7/2005 in St Annes in PMB, suster vir Tayla Anne. SHELLEY Brett &
4. Re: [ZA-EC] Cumberland HILL and his descendants [1]
Oh dear. Trying to assist you and not making any significant impact must be so frustrating. Have you retrieved these documents from the Archives yet? Maybe a brother, son, cousin, nephew or father? DEPOT TAB SOURCE MHG TYPE LEER VOLUME_NO 0 SYSTEM 01 REFERENCE O/11140 PART 1 DESCRIPTION HILL, DAVID ALBERT. STARTING 1895 ENDING 1895 DEPOT TAB SOURCE MHG TYPE LEER VOLUME_NO 0 SYSTEM 01 REFERENCE 35084 PART 1 DESCRIPTION HILL, DAVID. STARTING 191
5. Fw: Wills [1]
Hi Everyone, I passed the very helpful sailing list websites provided by you guys on to my fellow researcher, my 5th cousin, Sukie Hunter...she responded thus... We are anxious to find exactly when my great great grandfather, Herbert Howard Browne (married Maria Susannah Wilhelmina Hart) sailed to the Cape, and on which you can see the supposition is that he travelled to the Cape in about 1840/ if anyone is reasearching their own family journeys and you happen to see the name Herbert Brown
6. Patrick and also Jeffrey [1]
Dear Viv Thanks so much for the information you provided from your archives. I was about to post a request if anyone had any information on the children of Benjamin Patrick- he seems to have been a very busy man!! Thanks so much for all this transcribing. Wow you are wonderful. Does anyone on the list have a picture of Benjamin Patrick??? (Forever hopeful.) Regards Norma Patrick
7. Re: [ZA-EC] ADMIN - Searching EC's Archives [1]
I'll have a homebrew to toast to you & all those that have taken the time to help me, it'ill be just about ready by then !!! rgds Ian Carruthers
8. Fw: Birthday wishes [1]
----- Original Message ----- From: "Marielle Ford" To: "Eastern Cape" Sent: Thursday, August 04, 2005 6:17 AM Subject: Birthday wishes > "Veels geluk liewe maatjie, omdat jy verjaar! " (Afrikaans for Happy Birthday to you!) > Well done to everyone on the EC list for friendly and continuous contributions and to our Commander in Chief for her tireless efforts! > > Regards > Marielle
9. Re: [ZA-EC] Warner [1]
Hi Mike Have you seen this transcribe that was posted by Peter Kirkman ICA-EASTERN-CAPE+2005+26037122671+F << Harold White WARNER b. 13 Sep 1897 Kokstad, d. 21 Dec 1973, near Qumbu, m. 8 Apr 1925 Florence Maria JEFFERIES, b 18 Nov 1898 East London, d. 21 Dec 1973 near Qumbu. Harold White WARNER continued the family tradition of working for Native affairs, and spent his working life as a magistrate and
10. Re: [ZA-EC] Ship "Northampton" info from Brit Maritime Records.... [1]
Hi Coral, Thanks so much - we must have been on this website at the same time! I found it difficult to search but cam e up with this very same doc. I then went into PMB archives, but there is hardly anything around the dates 1848 - 1860, unless I am using the wrong search words. I tried ship, shipping, persons, lists, Northampton, e[i]mmigrants, and a few more. Not much at all, nothing relevant. I think I should visit the PMB archives - maybe there is more, just not on NAAIRS. I also found KIMBELL's
11. Re: [ZA-EC] Happy Birthday [1]
I just want to add my good wishes and thanks to you, Becky, for the personal interest you take in your list members and the extra effort you make for each individual one of us. This is such a busy and interesting list. Kind regards Bev
12. Re: [ZA-EC] Ship "Northampton" / KYMDELL [1]
Hi Kathryn, I found the Genesreunited site and tried to register but do not have a credit card - by choice, and a cheque will take too long to reach them! My curiosity is at a peak now to know whether Jan Hendryk KYMDELL has done any research. Would you be so kind as to send him my e-mail address and ask him to contact me or vice versa? Thanks for all the help and advice. Best regards, Viv. ----- Original Message ----- From: "Kathryn Bax" To:
13. Re: [ZA-IB] Photographers (was SAP;CMR) [1]
On Wed, 17 Aug 2005, Tombi Peck wrote: > The photograph was taken by Leslie W. Ford in Queenstown. (that might > be of interest to Ford researchers too)... This reminds me: I have photographs (c. 1900-1910?) taken by "C. Birkett, Cathcart". Has anyone any documentation for any BIRKETT in Cathcart? Geoff Geoffrey Chew Internet:
14. Re: [ZA-EC] BRADFIELD [1]
Another little snippet. During the Kat river Rebellion of 1851 Alexander Mcgillewie was ordered to rgo with a Fingo force and Alice commando to Fort Armstrong held by the rebels. John Bradfield's house was in flames and Alexander managed to rescue only two books. Alexander and Lydia were then living in Alice Pat ----- Original Message ----- From: "Leanne Starkey" To: Sent: Tuesday, August 23, 2005 11:00 PM Subject: Re: [ZA-EC] BRADFI
15. The Mercury, Durban, Thurs. 18 Aug 2005. [1]
QUICKQUIP: "It is our responsibilities, not ourselves, that we should take seriously." Peter USTINOV. BIRTHS: DAITZ/KAPLAN Neil & Benita 'n seun. DE BEER/SCOTT Jason & Fiona 'n seun Josh David *16/08/2005 in Parklands. Grootouers Irene & Stuart, Lynne & Ted. HATHORN/WALLACE Mark & Lynn 'n seun *15/08/2005 in Richardsbaai. HERSELMAN Theo & Tania 'n dogter Emma *9/07/2005 in Parklands. McKEOWN/WALLACE Jonathan & Jeannie 'n seun James Patrick * 14 Aug 2005 in Westville. Eerste kleinkind vir Neil
16. Re: [ZA-EC] Bottcher/Feye [1]
17. Extracts from Grahamstown Journal May - June 1851 [1]
Taken from CO53/17 National Archives, Kew, London. I have no further knowledge of people mentioned here, having merely transcribed the information from the newspapers, but these entries were photographed at Kew using a digital camera, some in better focus than others, and transcribed at home, so if you are related to someone mentioned I may be able to send you a .jpg file of the entry on the understanding that it would be for personal use and not for publication on a website, which would violate my digital
18. References to living - right of reply [1]
Thanks to all listers who commented on my enquiry about the rights and wrongs of references to living people. Obviously different opinions and no clear answer, but, I think, a useful expression of views. Yes, I know that someone with malicious intent can readily find out details about anyone these days, but my main concern was more about the kind of information divulged. I was prompted to make the posting after reading a message telling all and sundry about another suffering from cancer and in a bad
19. Re: [ZA-EC] Ship "Northampton" / KYMDELL [1]
Hi Val, I sent you an e-mail...only just found the South Africa L site...I have photographs of Richard George Tainton (got a bit of flash on it as it was taken in a storeroom at the Amathola Museum in King, there is also one of his wife Amelia Lockington Stanger (taken same place)...he was the eldest son of Richard and Ann Tainton...he's my great great grandfather...I have photographs too of his son Richard Allen Knowden Tainton and his wife Amy Mary Rachel Lloyd (grand daughter of Henry James Lloyd and Re
20. Re: [ZA-EC] SHORT & KESTELLE [1]
I have Eliza Emma KESTELL (b1837) , daughter of John KESTELL and Jane KING, married to John SHORT. No other details known. Can someone fill in the blanks? Did they have any children? Are there any KESTELL photos around? Regards Kathryn ____________________________________________________ Do you Yahoo!? The New Yahoo! Movies: Check out the Latest Trailers, Premiere Photos and full Actor Database.
21. Re: [ZA-EC] THORNHILL [1]
Hi Sha I've been meaning to tell you that Loerie is closer to Gamtoos than Thornhill. Not sure if there is an Anglican Church in this hamlet, although there is a DRC. I know that Vic has transcribed tombstones in this area and maybe can assist your further? Vic is a subscriber of EC , but here's his contact details just in case. Hankey is more inland and oranges and nuts are mainly farmed here. There has to be a cemetery there too. I don't have any historical information on the Ferry o
22. Reference to living persons [1]
Hello all A recent posting got me wondering about the guidelines and etiquette concerning searching for (or mentioning) living persons. Im not an expert, but I have seen plenty of family trees etc being put out for public display or access, in which names are omitted, to be replaced with Living JONES or Living VAN ZYL etc. This is a common-sense approach to respecting privacy. Besides, who knows what debt- collectors, or persons harbouring grudges are out there. After all every message we post
23. Re: [ZA-EC] Morse-Jones Book look up please EVA, BARNES, PATRICK- REPLY [1]
Dear Viv re WILLIAM GRAY Regret no, this is the first I have heard about him. Perhaps Coral Ann ??? Is there any further mention of William Gray in your book? Have any other listers information on this gentleman?? > > Do you or anyone else have more info [the family pedigree would be great!] > on the William Gray mentioned below? > > Best regards, > > Viv Kymdell. > > > ----- Original Message ----- > From: "Foster, Coral A." > To:
Hi Norma Have a look at this WEDDERBURN website. One of the nicest family websites, but then maybe I am bias. Some of my family links are here. Then there is Paul's website which also has WEDDERBURN links. Hope you find your link to BARNES. Best wishes Becky ----- Original Message ----- From: "richard" To: Sent: Monday, Augus
25. Re: [ZA-EC] School photo [1]
I am so embarrassed...I could kill the person who sent it to me...he knew I would fall for it!! Becky had a laugh too, and went on to say it was a jolly good thing it wasn't a porn site!! I'd have had to go out and shoot myself!! I won't do that again... not check out the site before I send the info! I just thought it was SUCH a good idea!! I've recently been trying to see if my grandmother's old school has pictures of her and her had a gastly name Queen Ethelburgha's in Harrowgate, Yorkshire!

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