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1. Re: Deja Vu Ulster 1642 [1]
and I lost it. !****!~#. Edward, is this a bad word you shouldn't be using?
2. Re: Scottish Left-Handedness [1]
In response to Ella -- not certain about the SI population, but world-wide it appears that about 1 in 10 are left-handed. More boys than girls (having so said, I'm a female lefty !). Many hypotheses, including a genetic predisposition (the Kerr's, for example), but not enough solid anything to make a case. One in three US Presidents and one in four US astronauts have been left-handed. Perhaps someone knows how many have a SI heritage? In the same line of thought, Juanita College in Darby, PA offers
3. RE: Surname lookups please [1]
My ribs hurt from the laughing. I think I'll try that on a couple of other lists...but few people on them are looking for the meanings or origins of the names. Maybe they should since they're discussing the Buchanan's on the Pennsylvania Dutch list. Connie of the RG>My god girl, where do you live?? RG>Don't large libraries have those little RG>dinger/ringer systems as you walk out? RG>And our small library has a built in RG>guilt and tar and feather system. RG>Could some kind soul please look up the ori
4. Maryland's Potato Famine [1]
And the Governor of Maryland is Parris GLENDENNING...think he may be Scotch/Irish?? Connie SO>Bettie instead of talking about the KKK rally you should be SO>sharing the news theta the Maryland Legislation has mandated that SO>the Irish Potato Famine WILL be included as part of the history curriculum SO>The point being there are more positive things to share than the issues of SO>the KKK and all SO>Steve SO>---------- SO>> From: SO>> To:
5. Yes, they are killing Kurds [1]
How true it is. Evil has taken over. Connie Beachy Garrett County MD. DA>Yes, they are allowing everyone to die, including Kurds. The Kurds don't DA>interfere with their precious oil pipe line--so everyone else, and everythin DA>else, to the US government, is expendable. That includes us!! Believe it. DA>David A. M. Grierson DA>Charlotte Hall, MD USA
6. Re: Malcolm & Mary [1]
OK, I'll ask one... Does anyone who lives in Scotland know if there is still a South Church in Dundee? And if so, would you venture to give me an address??? JO>Just remember though, it takes a lot of maturity to JO>ask dumb questions and they often need to be asked, JO>because for everyone who asks one, there are 10 other JO>people who want the same answer but don't have the JO>nerve to ask. Connie JO>---Lois/Gene wrote: JO>> JO>> > Get the facts and no "shooting from the hip". JO>> JO>> Well said, mat
7. Re: McCRYSTLE & Medical Education 1850s [1]
The sordid details weren't boring, just the other stuff. Connie MA>children. He practised Medicine in Freemantle, just south of Perth. MA>Their saga continued, but I won't bore you all with the sordid MA>details this time... MA>Regards MA>Margaret Taylor
8. Re: Ambidextrous [1]
I took the test and found the same results...saw two fingers with both eyes, off to left and right with one or other eye closed. Does this mean we're related?? Connie JR><< Point at something across the room. JR> JR> Close your left eye. Does your finger still line up with the object? If JR> so, your right eye is dominant. JR> JR> If not, open your left eye and close the right one. Does your finger now JR> line up with the object? If so, your left eye is dominant. >>
9. Currency Value [1]
Don't know about 1951, but in 1961 it took $2.80 to buy a pound in England. So that would be $131.60, I think. Math is my weak side. Connie TO>Does anyone know of a web site that I can find out how much 47 pounds in TO>was worth in US dollars in 1951. I need this information to include in TO>my family history. TO>Thanks for your help. to: cc:
10. Re: re Second Sight [1]
I keep wishing one of these ancestors would come haunt me and fill in some details. I would especially like to meet the GGrandfather who had the 26 kids. He must have had some kind of sight..hind or otherwise. Connie ME>My sister has had ancestors appear in dreams and tell her to go to ME>certain courthouses to get records. And in one dream, a great uncle ME>(whom we had never met) argued with the grandmother urging the ME>search. Turned out that great uncle had defrauded the grannie of some ME>land -- a
11. Re: More On Riding The Goat [1]
Hey, that fellow in the white house is probably of Scottish descent. His real name was Blye or Blythe. He's somehow connected to the Hamiltons...but not my Hamiltons. Connie JO>However he does exhibit a number of goatish qualities JO>himself, as did both of his parents. But goats are JO>sturdy people. We need 'em, though not necessarily JO>in the White House. JO> wrote: JO>> JO>> Yep. But I don't think that was a goat he was JO>riding. JO>> JO>> ES>Was that Clinton feller a roades
12. Irish records [1]
Since I haven't found any Irish or even S/I in my family tree, I've been remiss in learning anything from the helpful messages concerning research in North Ireland. Now I've been trying to help my sister in law. What she wants to know is: How does one find records on ancestors born ca. 179-1822? She knows about the destruction of the old official records but wonders if the Parish records are available, if she needs to know the parish and are these records available at the LDS FHC. Thanks, friends, Conni
13. Re: Sordid details and sour pusses [1]
Very interesting and probably so. Sometimes on this list I smile all evening. Thanks, Connie SJ>> SJ>> Is there a reason why no one smiled on the old pictures? Wm. A. Hamilton SJ>> had 26 known children, was known as a Ladies Man, and was just married SJ>> to his third wife who was 16 years his junior, when the tintype was taken. SJ>> You'd think he'd be all smiles but looks very dour, (I think that's the wo SJ>> The new wife looks none too happy either. SJ> SJ>I can understand *her* not looking too happy!
14. Re: Term of Contempt [1]
And after you've read the first one, "The Outlander", let us know what your opinion was. Connie KB>...and *my* husband thinks these books are just ducky also! He considers KB>himself quite the dour Scot that he is, but admits these books bring a bit KB>of emotion to the coarse soul. ;-} So, John, try them! KB>Cheers, KB>*kathy KB>>Laura is right, John. And Oh, those steamy love scenes that occur here KB>>and there would definitely catch your interest, John. My husband is not KB>>a Wuss and he is on the
15. Rain Rain Rain [1]
I think we need to say a prayer for all those in California. God be with you. Connie DP>Rain is all it just goes on and on, not bad considering the north, I am in DP>Vislaia, a little wind not much I think it has pretty much missed us, DP>except for lots of wet wet wet stuff.. DP>Peggy
16. RE: Fight Nice [1]
I'll second that, Rob. Connie RT>Boy I was really getting worried there for a while. This whole list was sta RT>to sound like a mutual admiration society. Everyone was politely thanking RT>everyone else, telling them what good and useful work they were doing, RT>complimenting their knowledge and research. We were even exchanging RT>recipes, for Pete's sake! RT>Thank goodness (and John and Edward) for a return to the norm. I was on RT>the verge of unsubbing due to all of this har
17. Re: Parenting traits of the SI [1]
I think I see a connection here. Edward's article in the Journal about the decline in membership during periods of Labor Party dominance in goverment might just be caused by people relying more on government for the solution to their problems and less on God. Connie JC>> cc: JC>Connie, JC>Ten years ago I would have told you it was alive and well in Texas. JC>Now, I am not so certain. Wish it were so all over! JC>Nan JC> wrote: JC>> JC>> Aaron, JC>> What ma
18. Re: Scottish Left-Handedness [1]
Oh, I forgot Becky, daughter of the lefthanded son mentioned earlier. Connie
19. WHAT??? [1]
I can think of only one valued member who quit but he can be found on the all Scottish list. Not only are the members of this list super helpful but they've become good friends. And you'll never learn about the ancestors' history on another list of just names and dates. Topics come and go and we're enriched by each one...except maybe the Princess Di joke. Connie CO>I wonder if our host couldn't put up a second newsgroup/mailing list CO>that limits itself strictly to research. This one could carry on as C
20. Tour of Scotland [1]
ME>> > << Edward's church at Dalkieth, a visit with Gordon in Aberdeen, the ME>>.Get your passports, everybody. ME>> ME>> Please count me in...I have my passport ready!!! ME> I can hear Edward quaking in his shoes! Especially after the ME>story about the church full of people rolling in the aisles . ME>Linda Merle Linda, we may not have that much to laugh about if you don't go. Connie
21. Re: General Munro/David MacLea (McClay) [1]
I SECOND THAT!!!!!!! JO>Edward, John, I hope you all won't take this off the JO>list. I'm sure I'm not the only one who is learning JO>a lot from this discussion. I'm enjoying it and JO>pleased that you are both being reaonably polite. JO>Thanks for the history lessons. Let them continue.
22. Re: scotish church records contents question [1]
Edward goes into this in detail at the second website added to his signature line...his article in the church journal. Well worth reading. Connie JR> And what about chruch attendance these days relative to general JR>population? When I was in Scotland (Montrose) for six weeks in early 80s, JR>attendance was very poor and the pastor was sad about it. He said people sti JR>were nominally Christian in that they came to church for baptism, weddings a JR>funerals and sometimes on easter but not much else. Th
23. Re: Scottish Left-handedness [1]
My son, whos mother was a Hamilton, has been left handed from birth. No one ever tried to make him change. His handwriting is absolutely HORRIBLE. Connie ME>Ella said... ME>> I would be interested to ME>> know how much of this still prevails in the Scots-Irish population as comp ME>> to the "general population" (whatever that means!) Does anyone have any ME>> knowledge/insight on this? ME>Left handedness runs in our family but nuns don't. Your relative was ME>lucky to be allowed to write with his left
24. Professional Research [1]
Try Gordon who is also on the list and lives in Aberdeen. Connie DM>I need some references and addresses to hire a credentialed, qualified DM>professinal genealogist with special expertise in Scotish research in the DM>1ate 1600s to early 1700's. DM>Thanks DM>Don Maxwell to: cc:
25. Re: Stab at a notion of who our ancestors were [1]
Linda, Have you been keeping something from me about Hugh Middleton? After I spent seventy four cents to mail a letter to Wales. What else do you have on Old Hugh? And if he was the ancestor of my Middleton family, he just would have love my G Grandfather, Benjamin Franklin Middleton. While BF did ok for himself, his siblings were true hillbillies...stills and in Appalachia. Connie ME>He sees two British folk cultures in the Virginias -- those younger sons ME>you mention, as well as exiled Roy

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