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1. [TXHARRIS] FERRIES .... Johnson Landing Ferry [1]
We're all familiar with the only remaining one - Lynchburg. Others, such as Morgan's Point, Zavalla, etc. have all disappeared. An inquiry for a possible Texas Historical Marker has come to my desk for information on the old JOHNSON LANDING FERRY. Can anyone help? At the end of Johnson Landing Road, near the US Steel plant; off Clinton Road. Checking my Key Map Atlas, I see it shown at the very bottom of Pg. 495-Z and at the top of 535-D. However, I'm not sure how you get to it. Key Map shows it betw
2. [TXHARRIS] Texas Genealogy Conference - July 2014 [1]
"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift of God, which is why we call it the present." - Bill Keane But we want to invite you to join us on "A Genealogy Journey To Another Time, Another Place." Registration is now open for the 17th Annual Angelina College Genealogy Conference Thursday - Saturday, July 17, 18, 19, 2014. There are two special all-day workshops on Thursday and 24 sessions with 9 speakers are offered on Friday & Saturday. There will be Exhibitors & Vendors as well as an o
3. [TXHARRIS] Late notice - Saturday, March 1 meeting [1]
I will be speaking - this Saturday, March 1 at the Franklin Hardin Chapter, Daughters of the Republic of Texas. We'll be discussing how to Prove Your Ancestral Residency in the Republic of Texas. The meeting is open to visitors, especially those interested in finding if they have a Republic of Texas ancestor. The Chapter welcomes new members. The meeting location is The Robert & Lillian Parker House meeting facility at 201 S. Hill St., Dayton, Texas, located behind the "Dayton Old School Museum". Th
4. Re: [TXHARRIS] TXHARRIS Digest, Vol 9, Issue 4 [1]
Would you check the ancestors for Kennon? I think my children are eligible for membership thru a Kennon line. Is it possible to purchase the linage chart for reference purposes? If so the cost please? Thanks, Theresa -------------------------------------------------- From: Sent: Wednesday, February 26, 2014 3:01 AM To: Subject: TXHARRIS Digest, Vol 9, Issue 4 > > > Today's Topics: > > 1. Late notice - Saturday, March 1 meeting (Trevia W Beverly)
5. Harris Co., TX Migrations [1]
The Harris Co., TX Migrations site is online at: There are many Harris Co. resources at this site. Deana Kelley Thomas some of my genealogy sites: Genealogy in Texas and Beyond - Beyond Texas Genealogy - Genealogy Tools of the Trade - De's Family Tree - ________________________________________________________________ YOU'RE
6. Houston Newspapers [1]
Hi! Could someone tell me what newspapers were published in Houston in 1961. I am trying to find an obituary for my uncle. His name was Herman Kufs and he died at 1901 Rusk St(Ave?) on either Feb 5 or Mar 2nd. I know that his daughter was still alive then, but don't know her married name. I contacted the Houston Chronicle but their online archives only go back to 1985. I also don't know what cemetery he was buried in, so I am hoping that an obit will give me this info too. Thank you, Sue Dsjk
7. Re: I need a little help [1]
At 07:43 PM 05/29/2000 -0500, CATHLEEN SANTIAGO wrote: >I believe that my uncle died in Houston 4 years ago. I can't tell my mother >until I am sure that it was him. None of us has heard from him in about that >length of time. >I tried searching the internet but there isn't many records online for >Houston. I tried to access the Houston-Chronicle archives and they won't let >me unless I have a year subscription. Since I live in Indiana I really don't >need that. >If anyone could help me it would be gre
8. Church in Harris County? [1]
I'm looking for any information on whether there was/is a church called St. John's, St. Thomas or something that begins with ST., in or around Harris County. Thanks Joann
9. Mary Virginia K. DOYLE > Died 7-7-1944 (Surnames KELLY/DOYLE/KEESE) [1]
WOW! I sort of hit the jackpot this afternoon. I recieved the obituary of my great-grandfathers sister Mary Virginia KELLY. Based upon previous tidbits I think her husband was a Vernon DOYLE or James DOYLE or James Vernon DOYLE. the obit is listed quite a few names and relation to Mary Virginia. Now I have something to go on. I am praying someone out there can help me find the information. In the obituary it lists two sons: G. V. DOYLE of Houston, Harris, TX S. J. DOYLE of Galveston, TX Thr
10. Re: I need a little help [1]
You may also try ordering the SS applications, if they are available yet. This would tell you his parent's names, and where he was born. I hope this helps too. Tonya Aultman-Harris Pay for your research (and mine) with #CNO-573 ----- Original Message ----- From: Gene Philips To: Sent: Monday, May 29, 2000 10:34 PM Subject: Re: I need a little help At 07:43 PM 05/29/2000 -0500, CATHLEEN SANTIAGO wrote: >I believe that my
11. Naturalisation Records [1]
>From the 1920 census I understand my gt gt grandfather John GREENHALGH was naturalised in 1895. Please could anyone advise me how or where I might find out about applications for naturalisation in Harris County. He died in St Joseph Infirmary Houston in 1931. Was this just a general hospital and is it possible there might be records deposited somewhere? Any help would be most appreciated. Sincerely Pat Smith (North Yorkshire, England)
12. MAGEES 1885? [1]
Looking for MAGEES who may have lived in Refugio Co., Bexar Co., and did live in Alief in Harris Co. in 1895. Magee married Alief Ozelda MORRIS when and where? She was first postmistress for town of Alief which was named for her. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Pauline Hallett
13. Monroe/Myrick [1]
I have found a Francis C. Monroe who died in Harris Co., TX. 8-12-1985. I would like to correspond with anyone who might know of her descendants. I have a Francis Catherine Myrick who married a Monroe in my records and I'm trying to find out if this Francis C. Monroe is her. The Francis Catherine Myrick Monroe that I have was born in 1892 in Lauderdale Co., AL. and her parents migrated to Kaufman Co., TX. by 1910. Her parents were Henry Jackson Myrick and Joetta King Myrick and I am basically tryin
14. Spring Creek Graveyard? [1]
Hi to all from Northern California! Yesterday I came across a Deed, dated 1849, which refers to a "grave yard" adjacent to the land owned by Jacob (Jack) Croft at Spring Creek. The deed is from Wm. R. BAKER to S. MANDELBAUM Co. for one acre "above the city of Houston on the south side of Buffalo Bayou" and also references "the John Austin Turo league". Does anyone know if this "grave yard" still exists? I realize that's not likely, but it must have been substanial enough to be used as a land marker? M
15. National Archives Researcher [1]
I am currently looking for someone who can go to the National Archives. They always seem to cheat me out of the number of pension file pages and give me poor copies when I send away my requests. Besides, they are raising thier prices in July and thier backed up right now with too many requests. If anyone know someone who can do this for me I would appriciate it. Thank you. Gertrude
16. Re:National Archives Researcher [1]
Hi, Gertrude. I think I can help. I go into Washington DC once a week on business and I am quite familliar with the National Archives. I would be happy to get whatever you need as well as for anyone else who is on this list. For the pension files, complete with all pages (usually up to 50), nice copies (I make sure of this) $34.00. For millitary files complete $20.00. If your not sure if your ancestor has a file I will even search for you, check the file to see if the file exists, and e-mail you back
17. Doyle BEARD>Sportswriter in Houston... [1]
I am in search of anyone who might know anyone or anything connected with Doyle BEARD. His mother was my great-grandfathers sister. Based upon ages my guess would be that Doyle was born around the turn of the 1900's. I know nothing else about the gentleman. No dates, no places, etc. His mother was Willie Estelle KELLY. Thank you for all your help and support. Mike Kelly
18. I need a little help [1]
I believe that my uncle died in Houston 4 years ago. I can't tell my mother until I am sure that it was him. None of us has heard from him in about that length of time. I tried searching the internet but there isn't many records online for Houston. I tried to access the Houston-Chronicle archives and they won't let me unless I have a year subscription. Since I live in Indiana I really don't need that. If anyone could help me it would be greatly appreciated. A copy of his obituary should have the relat
19. Fw: Forest Park Lawndale cemetery [1]
Could you please tell me who you talked with? I've tried 3 times to get copies of letters, newspaper clippings, or whatever, etc in my grandparents, gr grandparents & other family members files & they won't give them to me. I even went to the office personally & talked with a representative. He said the ownership had "changed hands" & rules had changed. Thanks, Diane in Conroe ----- Original Message ----- From: To: Sent: Friday, March 10, 2006 4
20. Re: Forest Park Lawndale cemetery [1]
from my book "At Rest..." 161. FOREST PARK LAWNDALE: 6900 Lawndale (77012). 713.928-5141. 1922 -. 360 acres; 100,000 graves. Garden of Gethsemane section is Catholic with many Mexican-Americans and includes the Catacombs Mausoleum. Buried here are many of Houston's earliest Greeks; also Buddist. Buried here are Neils & Mellie Esperson, Jesse Jones, Hugh Roy Cullen, R. E. "Bob" Smith, J. Don Boney, Sr. (black), John Henry Kirby (entombed at the Abbey Mausoleum), Jim West, William Ward Watkin, Oscar Holco
21. Re: Forest Park Lawndale cemetery [1]
I will vouch that the folks at the offices of Forest Park Lawndale are VERY helpful. I visited there to find my great-grandmother's grave and they led me right to the plot. They even photocopied everything they had in their files pertaining to everyone in that plot. When I got there and realized that my great-grandmother's stone was sinking and was covered in about two inches of water, they apologised profusely and had their maintenance crew raise the stone the very next week. Can't say enough nice thin
22. W. Janisch Cemetery [1]
Hello, Driving the 300 block of W. Janisch between N. Shepherd & Yale Streets recently, I noticed an old cemetry. It probably is documented, but just in case it is not: The cemetery is located on the north side of the street. It is behind a cute red house which sits near the street & a larger brick house that sits back from the street. It is reached by the driveway to the larger brick house. It does not look as if it is maintained. Any questions?
23. Re: Death Certs [1]
Hi Lisa, TX vital statistics are on line -- births, deaths, delayed, marriage, probate, cemetery, misc. (It also includes other states birth indexes.) (begins with 1903) David Gray's People Finder: (begins with 1964) TX Death Records: Bill Allen Lisa Polk wrote: > If the advice that ...oh my, I've forgotten her name...Trevia??....If > that doesn't pan out. > The Fort Worth Library had the micro
24. Forest Park Lawndale cemetery [1]
I am searching for Mrs. M.C. Annie Gaines 1988. In this same cemetery may be Mrs Faye Glazer(sp). Also looking for Michael Gaines Sr. Thanks,Theresa
25. Eatwell Family [1]
Hi My name is Jayne and I have an Interest in William Eatwell born c1840 in Wiltshire England, Who Married Sarah Ann Pepler, Also from Wiltshire England, I think they Emigrated in 1880 to New York, They had 9 Children All Born in England, the youngest being Lillie E Eatwell, born 1879. I would be VERY pleased to exchange info with possible distant relatives.

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