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1. [TXJOHNSO] Texas Genealogy Conference - July 2014 [1]
"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift of God, which is why we call it the present." - Bill Keane But we want to invite you to join us on "A Genealogy Journey To Another Time, Another Place." Registration is now open for the 17th Annual Angelina College Genealogy Conference Thursday - Saturday, July 17, 18, 19, 2014. There are two special all-day workshops on Thursday and 24 sessions with 9 speakers are offered on Friday & Saturday. There will be Exhibitors & Vendors as well as an o
2. Re: Privacy [1]
>Some individuals have put there entire family tree online and have >included the living members. This in itself is not a threat to >privacy. It clearly _IS_ a threat to privacy. If this were not so, why do you suppose the Census Bureau does not release even the basic census information for 72 years? Why would the Church of JCLDS, an organization devoted for many years to genealogy, follow those guidelines? Why was this standard ethics of genealogists up until the Internet? From genealogical information
3. Survey Companion needed [1]
Hi Folks, Well I've reached a phase in my cemetery surveys where I need a companion. I was at Baker-Lain last Sunday when a man approached me and I felt a little spooky. My older brother got kinda up set when I told him about it. For anyone who might consider working with me you might want to know. During the summer I get up around 4 AM and am at the cemeteries by day break. This lets me get in a couple of hours work before it gets too hot to work. I do this a couple of days a week. The first step i
4. Re: Privacy [1]
Hi Thought I would put my 2 cents worth in. I am one of those that will publish info on living people. Name, parents, siblings, DOB, and birthplace. I am of the thought that if someone wants the info it is readily available and my web site is not going to give them anything they can't already get.... And it is not difficult to find. I have found my address, my phone number, my family members names. That much I simply can get from Yahoo or any other search site. I have also seen my voting history! When I
5. What suggestions I got from others [1]
These are some of the post I got about my trip to Cleburne and where to look. One thing that you may have forgotten is cemetery records. You really need to write or call ahead for Cleburne Memorial Cemetery as the caretaker is not always on site. I checked at one of the funeral homes for my great uncle who is buried at the cemetery in the north part of town. The public library also had microfilm of some city directories. I got good information about my great great grandfather from them. **************
6. Eddleman Families [1]
The Hood County Genealogical Society is very pleased to bring you the history of the Eddleman Families of Hood County and Johnson County, Texas. The information has been provided by Stephen Eddleman of Victoria, Texas - the great-grandson of David Henry Eddleman. Eddleman Families David Eddleman, patriarch of a large family Two of his sons: Asbury F. Eddleman, Confederate veteran, who settled in Joshua in Johnson County David Henry Eddleman,
7. [Fwd: RootsWeb Review, Vol. 3, No. 21] [1]
For all of you who do not get RootsWeb Review on line here are links to important Texas information. Enjoy RootsWeb Review wrote: > > ROOTSWEB REVIEW: RootsWeb's Genealogy News > Vol. 3, No. 21, 24 May 2000, Circulation: 615,661+ > (c) 1998-2000, Inc. >, Inc., P.O. Box 6798, Frazier Park, CA 93222-6798 > > Editors: Julia M. Case and Myra Vanderpool Gormley, CG > > > RootsWeb HelpDesk: > Ad
8. World War II [1]
I have a book "The Men & Women in World War II from Johnson County" If anyone would like a look up....please ask. Jane
9. Re: TXJOHNSO-D Digest V00 #42 [1]
Joyce: Thanks so much for your help with B. B. Mitchell. He is probably somewhere between Lamar Co & Johnson Co. He would not have a child under age 10 so would not be on soundex. Appreciate your time....Peggy
We're documenting the Hugh L. Porter Family; have Hugh L.Jr(who is buried in Duke Cemetery; have 1904 obituary for his brother, Leslie, who died in the home of his daughter, Mrs. J.A. Henderson in Venus, TX. Have census record for Abbeyville, SC and Tishimingo,MS prior to Johnson,TX. William A. Porter & Addiebell Senter Porter Family moved from Alvarado to Tulia, Hall, TX. Have complete line for that (my) family Rev. William Butler Senter m the second time to Harriett Isabel Gracey and Ella Gracey to my k
11. Trip to Cleburne [1]
Hey all, I am leaving next week for Cleburne from New York and was wondering if anyone can help me out with something. I am going to the library in Cleburne for obits, birth and death announcements on microfilm from Newspapers, County Court House for birth, death, and marriage records, also for land records in the basement room. Most of my research is from 1880-1920 so hopefully the records are there. What I would like to know is if there is anything I am leaving out? Do they have a place t
12. Parker family [1]
I would like to hear from anyone in Johnson County who might have some information on the family of Peyton Parker, married to Emeline or Eveline. They were on the 1900 census with children, Minnie L, Horace B., Dora B., and Stella B. Emeline or Eveline Parker is buried in the Cleburne Memorial Cemetery, along with a son, R.P. Parker and son Horace B. and his wife. Peyton died in Hill Co. in 1919 and is buried with his first wife in Hill Co. His death certificate said he was divorced so he must ha
13. RE: Maud Robinett-Hightower [1]
Hello all, I am trying to locate my great grandmother, Maud Robinett-Hightower. Her mother and father Elbert Jennings Robinett and Sousanna (Anna) Thomas are both buried in the Venus Cemetery in Venus, Texas. Maud died in the year of 1917, in Electra, Texas. We believe she died approx. at the age of 30 putting her birth approx. 1887. She was married twice, her first husband we believed was a Waggoner or Wagner but we are not sure. Her second husband my grandfather was Edward Monroe Hightower who is b
14. 1880 Census Look-Up [1]
Joyce Street Joyce, I do really appreciate your having gone through the 1880 Johnson County Census microfilm attempting to find David Angel and wife Nancy Elizabeth James for me. They are known to have married there in 1878, so i really expected to find them. Perhaps they are one of the unreadables! If you get a chance to finish reading the county, I will certainly appreciate your letting me know the results. You are so nice to do this work and I know the list members appreciate you for
15. chiggers [1]
Chiggers don't really become a problem until the weather warms up!
16. Fighting Chiggers [1]
Hi Folks, I found a new way to fight those chiggers while you're walking an old cemetery. Guess it could work if you're just taking a walk out doors too. Wrap a cat's flea collar around the calf of the leg and there won't be any chiggers. I've walked enough cemeteries to put this into practice and it works. donna
17. Church Records [1]
I need to know what churches were in Grandview, Tex. in 1900. I don't know which denomination my gr.grandmother was, so I would like to know which ones were active at that time. Maybe I can go from there and find membership rolls to check. Thanks for your help. C.E.
18. Thank you all so much [1]
I just wanted to say thank you to all who responded about the records in Cleburne at the court house and library. I got a lot of great suggestions and I really appreciate it. Thanks again. Lesley Baird Prey (originally from Cleburne, Texas) now in Batavia, New York. Lesley's Family Tree Census, Marriage, Birth, Death,Church, Military, and Cemetery Records from Texas, Mississippi, and South Carolina and much more. Come take a look!
19. MOSS Families of Johnson County [1]
Is there anyone on the list that has put together any of the Moss families of Johnson County? Does anyone know a Moss family researcher working on Johnson County? Surely would like to contact one of them. Norm Ricker
20. [1]
i thought this might be of interest. over 26,000 texas probate records have been indexed online at the following site, part of the williamson county web page. more will be added. if you visit this site, please send an email thank you to the wonderful McNeil high school students who did this project. Texas is neither Southern nor Western. Texas is Texas Anna Houston Price FiServ NDP - Client Services Off: 512-345-1922
21. [1]
i received this in an email and thought it might be of interest - i've already found someone there! The TEXAS DEATH RECORDS database contains 3,963,456 records reflecting 163,544 surnames of those who died in Texas during the period 1964-1998. here is a link to the Texas death index on Roots Web it is a searchable database Anna Price Presently seeking HOUSTON, HOWELL, WRIGHT, TUCKER, PATTON, OWEN AnnaPrice@NDP.Com FiServ NDP - Client Services
22. Everett Elza/Elzy WOOD [1]
Can anyone help me locate information on Everett Elza/Elzy Wood who died in Johnson County 6 Feb 1964? I am also looking for information on Ina Mae Cavender who died there 25 Feb 1976. I believe Ina to be the brother of Everett. Ina and Everett's parents were W. W. and Ellen (nee Buxton) Wood. Ellen died within a few years of Ina's birth. Her father remarried. They would have at least two half siblings named Andrew and Lora E. Any help is welcomed. Thanks Buxton-Hutchings-Lemons-Sanders & Allied Fa
23. Layland Museum [1]
Hi all, Hope this finishes my posts for the evening. I've been ask if this book is available for purchase in Cleburne. The answer is yes. Both books and both versions will be available through the Layland Museum. I'll try to keep them well supplied so you can stop by any time to pick one up. Thanks for your patience and understanding while I try to get this all sorted out. Cheers donna
24. Re: 1880 census [1]
I didn't get a chance to get through all the pages the other day but most of them. There are a number of pages that are unreadable. But, so far, have not run across any ANGEL's. The closest I saw was a V.S. Anglin age 69 and wife Elizabeth age 65 with their grandchildren living with them. Also, no B.B. or Benjamin MITCHELL. Was surprised as how few Mitchell's there were: Wm. Mitchell and wife Mary; W. Granville(?) Mitchell and wife Cara; G. Mitchell, a boarder; Thomas Mitchell; and John Mitchell and w
25. Cheaper Cemetery Books Available [1]
Hi folks, The covers for the book on Rose Hill Cemetery were drying at 3 PM today and will be picked up tomorrow. There has been a new development in the copyright of both Rose Hill and Cleburne Memorial Cemeteries. I have received copyright acknowledgment of two versions of both books. So now there is a choice. The two choices are The Library Edition or the Personal Edition. The Library Edition has the latex coated cardboard cover in dark blue marble with the names Rose Hill Cemetery and Cleburne M

Viewing 1-25 of 1,209 matches from 40,277,487 documents1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 | Next

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