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1. [VIKING-UK-IRELAND] Site for wills and records in the UK [1] To access my Tribal Pages genealogy click on the following. The Vanderslice Files.... WARNING! There are no attachments in this email. There is only the URL's to my webpage and Tribal Pages, The Vanderslice Files and MY CHRISTIAN WEBPAGE. If you get this email with an attachment, DO NOT OPEN IT! AT
2. [VIKING-UK] OVERN surname [1]
My 2nd gr-grandfather was James OVERN, born 1799 in Cloughenramer, Newry, County, Down Ireland. His father was named John OVERN, born abt. 1770, location unknown. James married #1 Mary Colvin, born 1800. They married in Newry in 1820. Mary died in 1821, and James then married #2 - Ann Granger, born 1800 in Cloughenramer. The family migrated from Newry to Enniskillen, Fermanagh in about 1831 or 32. My gr-grandmother was born there on 23 August 1833. The family then immigrated to Boston in 1835.
3. Lind family [1]
My mother was a Lind and we have always believed they came from Sweden. However, we can go back to Nicholas Lind in the 1760's I think and they were living in England (Middlesex). Just wondering if there are any Linds who may know where the connection with Sweden might be and if in fact it was Sweden. Regards, Robin Hingeley.
4. Fwd: Braffett lineage [1]
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5. [VIKING-UK-IRELAND] Geoffreys [1]
I have heard that William the Conqueror's ancestors were Vikings, who was given the area of Normandy, France by the king of France, if they stopped invading France and helped defend it. When William took over England some of the Normans with him had the surname of Geoffreys. I have heard that they also arrived in Normandy as Vikings. Has anyone researching the Viking history come upon the Geoffreys surname. Robert Jeffries (
6. Save archives petition [1] Please click on the above link to sign a petition concerning important public records. Thanks. Ann Torbett, List manager
7. Hullo [1]
Gidday, Just curious to know if I am the only one on this List as I have not seen any movement since arriving here a wee while ago. Anyone from the Orkney Islands, Shetland Islands, Isle of Man, Dublin, Waterford, or York? Hooray, Warren in Ballarat, Australia (ex Kiwi). 'Over us no prince or baron's known. We're all one of lordship alone. An equal and like life we share. Lord of himself is each man there; and each is faithful to the other.
8. Bartlett family [1]
I am a member of a DNA project for persons with the surname Bartlett, Barlett, etc. Most are R1b but our family is I, the Viking DNA. The earliest Bartlett's that we have identified are Richard Bartlett, widower, and his sons, Richard, John and Christopher. They came to America on the Mary and John from Kent, England in 1634. They were tanners and shoemakers and came with others to help establish a cattle and hide business in America. I have found Bartlett's in Kent but they are not in the same trade. I
9. Interesting DNA site! [1]
10. Re: [VIKING-UK-IRELAND] Hullo [1]
I wish that I knew where my son's ancestors lived in England. I have only one lead: a noted researcher who checked the records personally about 150 years after said ancestor sailed to America in 1643 on the Mary and John said my oldest known ancestor was from Kent. We know that he was a Viking because of a DNA test. His name was Richard Bartlett, Barlet or similar spelling. He was a shoemaker who sailed with three of his sons and their families as part of a venture to set up a cattle business in America. On
11. [VIKING-UK-IRELAND] Hullo [1]
Hi Barbara, Can't help you with your lot....although we have a Bartlett Blinds over here in Ballarat who make the canvas blinds for sun protection on the house windows. Seeing as how you have the Y-DNA you should be half way there to finding more information. Go to and input your marker numbers of the Y-DNA results. Also try as not everyone is on both. Another one that has come to light recently is I have been there and input my own marker numbers to see if
12. AUSTIN [1]
Is anyone doing any work on the Austin family tree please. My Austin is Geoffrey Langshaw Austin (1884-1971), architect, and his wife, Mary Bowes-Wilson (1883-1948) Would be most grateful for your asssistance Kind regards Sue Fairall.
13. 2 week volunteering project in Helsinki [1]
Hi all! This is a good opportunity to travel Finland and make contribution to a great project. Our organization recruiting volunteers for 2 weeks for taking pictures of Helsinki. The only requirement is to have a camera with you (digital/film). Accommodation and food for a basic breakfast provided! Unfortunately, we can not cover your airfare to Finland and back. Read project details below or visit our website for more info, Regards, Arthur PROJECT DESCRIPTION Starting from October 20
14. Re: [VIKING-UK] Any Vikings??? [1]
Hi Chris, I have quite a few branches in my family with names that suggest they came over with the Vikings - including my Dad's family - but like you, I have never been able to make the connection. I suppose it was so long ago, continuous records are just not available. It is disappointing. But, on the up side, I have spent a lot of time learning about the real history of the Vikings in Britain and Ireland, so at least I am better informed. I know that's not much consolation though. Kate Chris S
15. [VIKING-UK] james maynard b 1750 d1852 [1]
Hi Im looking for james maynard b1750 location unknown and then went to jamestown virginia now now williamsburg virginia , infor will be hlpfull thanks ed **************Get trade secrets for amazing burgers. Watch "Cooking with Tyler Florence" on AOL Food. (
16. Re: [VIKING-UK] maynard meaning [1]
Thanks greg **************Get trade secrets for amazing burgers. Watch "Cooking with Tyler Florence" on AOL Food. (
17. Re: [VIKING-UK] maynard meaning [1]
Here are a couple of links to pages with info abut the name Hope they help Kate On Mon, May 26, 2008 at 10:58 PM, wrote: > Hi I was wondering what the meaning of maynard is . I heard that it is > viking , coat of arms if any. and came from norway, sweden area. Thanks > Greg > > > > **************Get trade secrets for amazing burgers. Watch "Cooking with > Tyler Florence
18. [VIKING-UK] william maynard b 1739 [1]
Hi im looking for william maynard b about 1739 exact date unknown and location unkwon then went to p virginia and to nc in us where he married elizabeth dambrill . have infor at this piont but not before His father possble james any help will be helpfull thanks **************Get trade secrets for amazing burgers. Watch "Cooking with Tyler Florence" on AOL Food. (
19. [VIKING-UK] maynard meaning [1]
Hi I was wondering what the meaning of maynard is . I heard that it is viking , coat of arms if any. and came from norway, sweden area. Thanks Greg **************Get trade secrets for amazing burgers. Watch "Cooking with Tyler Florence" on AOL Food. (
20. [VIKING-UK-IRELAND] New interest - MAGNUS family [1]
Hi - I'm new to the list, researching my Magnus family - first name usually Alexander (also John) - have found them in Norfolk (Wells-next-the-Sea, 1645-7: Gt Walsingham, 1845) and Lincolnshire (Frieston, 1782). I suspect they are Viking descendants for several reasons - (1) the name Magnus and (2) a distant relative (died in the 1960's) apparently had a family tree that "went back practically to the Vikings" according to family tradition. No trace of it as yet, sadly! Anyway, I'd really like to know if an
21. Re: [VIKING-UK-IRELAND] Hullo [1]
How nice of you to try to get your local Bartlett to join our project. John Clement has put my particular line on the web in Rootsweb's World Connect Project. The link is HTTP://WC.roots The Bartlett DNA project at Family Tree DNA also has a web site. To find it, he should ask Google to find Family Tree DNA, then search for Bartlett, click on the word Bartlett and it will take him to the project page. We have four separate lines in the DNA project that c
22. To all subscribers [1]
Hi Ray, Would have loved to have seen that series. I have been speaking with Steve Harding who is/was doing the testing on that but he is holding his cards close to his chest eh. Besides they are only using the 385a, 385b,388, 390, 391, 392, 393, and 394 markers I think. It is the 455 marker that would tell if it is Viking DNA.....8.....among some others. The scientist, Whit Athey has a site with a predictor on it. You input your marker numbers and it gives you a prediction of what your haplogroup i
23. Re: [VIKING-UK-IRELAND] POWER history. [1]
If I am not mistaken Sigurd Hlodvirsson was buried in a Harrow or Mound in Orkney. Do not know if he were Christian, because there was some type of law that they made, which told them, they could not be interred in a mound but in a tomb. He was either the great-grandson or greatgreatgrandson of Thorfinn "Skull Cleaver" Ragnvaldsson. Thorfinn was the son of Ragnvold "The Mighty". Sigurd married a daughter of Malcolm II MacKenneth King of Picts and Scots. I haven't been able to find out what her nam
24. To all subscribers [1]
Hi Ray, Have you input your marker numbers into and ? These may assist in finding a match. The latter one gave me an exact 25 marker match with a MARTENS...and when my 37 marker had been done we were out by three markers. They were 570, CDYa and CDYb. According to these are very volatile markers and that we had the same ancestor....same name or not. They said the ancestor occurred sometime after 1066. Also....I input my markers into the www.smgf.or
25. Jarls of Orkney [1]
I am looking for information on the Jarls of Orkney, and what ever other island Ragnvald "The Mighty" Eysteinsson may have been granted. I am interested in his descendant Sigurd Hlodversson, who was killed at the Battle of Clontarf Ireland in 1014. Le

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