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1. [WRITING] Revision can be fun... [1]
Hello, list! I haven't seen any posts over the last few weeks, so I thought I'd write and shake things up a little. We had some major problems with our phone line for about six weeks, and couldn't get online at home. Boy, was THAT an experience! I had been spending my "free" time doing online family research, which came to a screaming halt. I'm still not back to it. That's okay, because I knew that someday I'd have to go through my autobio files and start revising again. And that's exactly what
2. lurking on the list [1]
I've been lurking on the list, in between my lecture travels since I subscribed. I'm limiting my travels this year... I will still appear at those places that we are obligated to attend. Otherwise, my daughter will be doing most of the traveling. As for me I will be staying closer to home for a while as I need to concentrate on the preservation of old records and photographs in my fathers vast collection pertaining to Bergen County New Jersey and the Village of Ridgewood in particular. Since my fath
3. RE: [WRITING] lurking on the list [1]
Laurie, Whew! I got tired just reading about the task you have at hand! I hope you feel privileged, as well as overwhelmed, by the mounds of material you have. My family passed down virtually NOTHING in the way of documents, photos, etc. Being blessed/cursed (it is both) with a strong sense of family feeling, and having an extended family that isn't at all close, I took it upon myself to try and leave something of myself behind. Thus my autobiography -- which, as far as I know, my children haven'
4. Re: [Writing Your Life Story] New to list [1]
June, Yes, it would be nice if lots and lots of people start posting. I am always open to new ideas, even though I'm pleased with the methods I'm using now. Who knows, maybe someone will come up with something I like even better! Alma _________________________________________________________________ MSN 8 helps eliminate e-mail viruses. Get 2 months FREE*.
5. [Writing Your Life Story] More Websites [1]
Hello, list. I have run across some other websites concerning memoir writing. You can access them at: and: I also got a hit on the Ancestry personal history page, but it wouldn't load on my computer. Maybe if you go to the home page at, you'll be able to access it. Alma _________________________________________________________________ MSN 8 with e-mail virus protection service: 2 months FREE* http://join.msn.
6. [Writing Your Life Story] New to list [1]
Hi I am new to this list and I would love to receive ideas from others about writing lifestories and family histories. June Gamble
7. Re: [Writing Your Life Story] New to list [1]
June, I think we are all new to this list....I just saw it last week in the RootsWeb Review... I've been a family historian for 40 years now (since childhood), and am currently working on my autobiography (for the umpteenth time). I have plenty of ideas! Family history is a different subject altogether. Are you researching genealogy, or just gathering family stories? Do you have a computer genealogy program like PAF, Family Tree Maker, Legacy, The Master Genealogist, etc.? I have read a number
8. Re: [Writing Your Life Story] New to list [1]
There is so much out there that one can find on how to write one's life story/family history that is quite mind boggling. A search of Google came up with quite a few but the following site is exceptional for tips and ideas: Here are a few others that may be of interest too: http://www
9. [Writing Your Life Story] Great Website [1]
Hello, list. I was doing some searches yesterday and found a great website at It has a lot of neat stuff like historical events, questions, and ideas for topics to write about. You might want to check it out. Alma _________________________________________________________________ The new MSN 8: advanced junk mail protection and 2 months FREE*
10. Re: [Writing Your Life Story] New to list [1]
Hello Alma Yes, I guess it is a new list, so I hope quite a few people join it as many want to write their histories, but don't know how to start. I have already written mine, but I always look out for new ideas. I have PAF 5 and regularly do genie research. Thank you for answering my message. Regards June ----- Original Message ----- From: "Alma Robertson" To: Sent: Thursday, June 19, 2003 11:42 PM Subject: Re: [Writing Your Life
11. [Writing Your Life Story] Even More Websites [1]
Hello again, list! I've run across some more personal history sites that some of you might want to check out. They are: (the Bigger article) Most of these are geared to oral history and interviewing elders, but many of the questions and suggestions can be helpful in writing one's own lifestory. Alma _________________________________________________________________ Pr
12. [Writing Your Life Story] NEWBIE [1]
I too just subscribed to this list and thinks it's a wonderful idea. I've thought through the years I should be writing things down but didn't know where/how to start. Hope I get some good ideas here, I am looking forward to it. Ellen Gilroy
13. my very own recollections - a template for you to use.... [1]
i have been lurking for a short while.... some know me from other lists... i subscribed to find out what you were all up to.... I see that some like to talk, some dont like to talk.... in either case, talker or not, you might like to take advantage of this little free offer.... a template to write your own family history...your very own recollections.... a free little word document that i created for another use that you just might be interested in using yourself.... it has short notes within, some title
14. Re: [WRITING] (no subject) [1]
That sounds great, Colleen. Thanks. Ruth
15. [WRITING] (no subject) [1]
I'm not sure if this is the proper forum for it but I have read a book recently that I think is great and want to share it. Women's Lives, Women's Legacies - Passing Your Beliefs and Blessings to Future Generations. Creating Your Own Spiritual-Ethical Will by Rachael Freed. Fairview Press ISBN 11111-57749-119-X Colleen
16. Re: [WRITING] Where Did You Get That Name? [1]
Hello, I would like to read your story - but there was no attachment. Perhaps, this list doesn't accept them. Can you paste it into an email and send it? Regards, Pamela Wile ----- Original Message ----- From: "A Norman Hopkins" To: Sent: Thursday, February 28, 2008 1:30 PM Subject: [WRITING] Where Did You Get That Name? > It has been a long time since I have posted. > > When my cousin was asked "Were you named for anyone?"
17. Re: [WRITING] Where Did You Get That Name? [1]
I'm sorry to tell you that attachments do not come through on these lists. But I'd love to read what you wrote. Please paste it into the body of your e-mail. Best wishes, Linda in Boston --- A Norman Hopkins wrote: > It has been a long time since I have posted. > > When my cousin was asked "Were you named for > anyone?" > She replied "Yes, My Mother's sister, Aunt Agnes > and her brother Joe. > Mother was going to name me Agnes Marie, but when I > was born on Uncle Joseph's > birthd
18. Re: [WRITING] Where Did You Get That Name? [1]
There is a history behind my name. Barbara is my mother's name, and Sue is the name of her father's wife. She didn't like her stepfather, but liked her blood father, so when I came along, she took those two names. I go by my middle name, and always have, as I imagine that was done to avoid confusions with two Barbara's in the house. I think it is helpful in figuring out related people in genealogy, too. I am curious as to why one of my relatives, whose name was Clotille Delafield Blankman, had a broth
19. [WRITING] Where Did You Get That Name? [1]
It has been a long time since I have posted. When my cousin was asked "Were you named for anyone?" She replied "Yes, My Mother's sister, Aunt Agnes and her brother Joe. Mother was going to name me Agnes Marie, but when I was born on Uncle Joseph's birthday, I became Agnes Josephine. It got me to thinking about who named me. I started with the story that my mother told me. The attached is the result of a little research. There is Family History in every name. Comments and suggestions requested
20. Re: [WRITING] Your comments wanted: newspapers for historicalcontext [1]
When I was a kid, the ads for Easter clothes showed fashionable ladies in white cotton gloves with their new dresses. At my first prom, all the girls wore white elbow-length gloves. I haven't seen anyone in gloves unless it was to keep warm or swing a golf club in 40 years! Best, Linda --- AnnEllen Barr wrote: > Linda: > > Not sure what "What about white cotton gloves in > Spring?" means. > Illuminate please. > > AnnEllen > > -----Original Message----- > From: > writing-li
21. Re: [WRITING] Your comments wanted: newspapers for historicalcontext [1]
I remember wearing gloves and hats and having matching purses and shoes. Things are verry different now- where I live, people go to weddings in pants and occasionaly I have seen blue jeans. No one seems to get dressed up like I am used to, so I do. I have a pair of gloves, but I havn't worn them in ages. Sue ----- Original Message ----- From: "Linda Kush" To: Sent: Tuesday, December 04, 2007 8:49 PM Subject: Re: [WRITING] Your
22. Re: [WRITING] No more access to at Family History Centers? [1]
That's too bad. Linda in Boston --- Jo Ann Whitworth wrote: > > > ------------------------------- > To unsubscribe from the list, please send an email > to > > with the word 'unsubscribe' without the quotes in > the subject and the body of the message >
23. [WRITING] Website [1]
Most of you probably already know about this "Treasure Map" website, but for those who don't, I am inclosing the website address. Have found the "Treasure Map" Newsletter helpful in the past.
24. [WRITING] No more access to at Family History Centers? [1]
25. Re: [Writing Your Life Story] inspiring the family... [1]
Hello List, I have been interested in genealogy since before I knew what the word meant. My grandmother spoke of her parents coming to America from Germany. Grandma was the 8th of 10 children. She learned to speak English when she entered the first grade. Her father was a businessman and I'm told he was on the school board in the community. However, German was the only language spoken in the home. Great grandma wrote and spoke excellent English as well. Her grammar could be appreciated by any English

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