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1. Re: [WVRANDOL] Phoebe Melvina Taylor Kelley [1]
Coincidence of names, I have a Melvina Kelley, daughter of Johnson Kelley, son of Ebenezer Kelley -- is there a tie to yours? She was born 7 June 1833 in Randolph Co., and married James Henderson Garrett. **************Start the year off right. Easy ways to stay in shape.
2. [WVRANDOL] Phoebe Melvina Taylor Kelley [1]
Does anyone have the actual date and source for birth of Phoebe? I have Oct 28, 1841 then I have 1842-1843 and 1844. Thanks Ray Harlow Elida Ohio
3. Re: [WVRANDOL] Phoebe Melvina Taylor Kelley [1]
I think their was some connection. My Melvina was a Daughter of Nimrod Taylor. She was the second wife of Lovell Kelley son of Abel W Kelley. Lovell's first wife was Martha Taylor sister of his second wife. Martha died giving birth in 1862. Lovell and Martha had a son Asa Taylor who was my great grandfather. Ray ----- Original Message ----- From: To: Sent: Sunday, January 06, 2008 5:01 PM Subject: Re: [WVRANDOL] Phoebe Melvina Taylor Kelley > Coincidenc
4. [WVRANDOL-L] Re: WVRANDOL-D Digest V00 #73 [1]
Could some one in Randolph County send a copy of the obituary of Virgil Hamrick long time public servant of Randolph county. Jim
5. [WVRANDOL-L] Carter - Stiltner Connection plus others. [1]
Dear Lists, Sorry if you get a repeated message due to subscribing to several lists, as I do. I thought I had seen on a list a long time ago, that the names Carter and Stiltner were used as one in the same as last names. Depending on what last name the person wanted to use. Something to that effect. Can anyone verify the relationship of the two names and maybe where each originated? For example: My gggrandfather was Milbourn Jackson Stiltner. His daughter Pricy(My ggrandmother) was recognized in an o
6. [WVRANDOL-L] Armstrongs in Randolph County [1]
Seeking information on William Jefferson Armstrong (Bill), his wife Minnie Murphy Armstrong and their children 1) Hubert C. Armstrong, 2) Paul Armstrong, 3) Mary Armstrong. Bill lived on Laurel Mountain Rd. on the Elkins side. Bill was married several times, once to May Biller and probably to Alma Yeager in 1943. Alma married Francis Marion Trimble in 1967 in Barbour County. I believe Bill died in 1974 in Elkins. His parents were Garnet L. Armstrong and Arleva Jane (Ollie) Triplett Armstrong.
7. [WVRANDOL-L] Re: WVRANDOL-D Digest V00 #78 [1]
I am looking for any information on the Corley families from Barbour Co. Also any information anyone may have on George family from Norton, Elkins area! Thanks Cathy
8. [WVRANDOL-L] Alexandria, Va. [1]
Hi Listers, would anyone have any Morrisons in their tree? My John J Morrison left Md to go to Alexandria,Va. What i need to know is where is Alexandria located in Va? Thanx. Viola.
9. [WVRANDOL-L] Fwd: James Cutright [1]
I am hoping someone here can help. Susan >X-WebTV-Signature: 1 > ETAtAhQY8/78byBasjXxJbHV50uWslxWwgIVALL8gZ3W1PZOT4BgGy8bqYb4gr5n >From: (Steven Corley) >Date: Fri, 19 May 2000 21:34:35 -0400 (EDT) >To: >Subject: Fwd: James Cutright >Content-Disposition: Inline > >Dear Susan, please review the following, forwarded message. If you have >no info, do you know of any other people who are researching the >Cutright surname in Randolph County, thank you, Steven > >Receiv
10. [WVRANDOL-L] Tuescher [1]
I'm looking for information on Mattie Tuescher who married George Ramsey 31 Oct 1893 in Randolph Co. All I know about her is that she was born in Switzerland. Thanks Joy
11. [WVRANDOL-L] Barnett-Williams [1]
I am looking for information on Mary May Barnett who married a Williams. She gave birth to twins at Elkins hospital and died from a kidney infection, on Dec 26, 1935. The twins were put up for adoption. Can anyone help me out on this? Thanks Peggy
12. Re: [WVRANDOL-L] Alexandria, Va. [1]
Viola, alexandria, VA is outside of Washington, DC.
13. [WVRANDOL-L] Loman H. Sturm- Obit [1]
Barbour Democrat Wednesday April 25, 1973 page 2 Loman H. Sturm, 92y, of Philippi Rt. 2, White Oak Community, was pronounced dead at 11:30 p.m. on arrival at Broddus Hospital, Wednesday April 18. Born July 20, 1880, at Tacy, he was a son of the late Michael and Susan Ryan Sturm. His wife, Dora Poling Sturm, died March 4, 1960. Surviving are one son Andrew Sturm of Clarksburg; one step-son Delbert Streets, of Philippi Rt. 2, with whom he made his home; one sister, Mrs. Emma Marsh of Nestorville; thre
14. [WVRANDOL-L] Alexandria VA [1]
This may be of interest who does some VERY early Virginia research like me. Sometimes a previous name might appear before the cities were named. Names: Alexandria (C,V)........................ since 1749 Belhaven (H,V).......................... from 1731 until renamed after original land owner John Alexander in 1749 Chincoteague Creek (C,V) Gincatic Creek (C,V) Guicatic Run (C,V) Place Types: inhabited place (C)....................
15. Re: [WVRANDOL-L] Re: WVRANDOL-D Digest V00 #76 [1]
minor correction - Alexandria is surrounded by only Arlington and Fairfax counties (and of course, the Potomac River on the east). Prince William county abuts the southern boundary of Fairfax, miles to the south of Alexandria. The city streets were originally laid out by a young surveyor named Washington, who lived a few miles south of the city. Curt ----- Original Message ----- From: To: Sent: Saturday, May 13, 2000 10:08 AM Subject: [WVRANDOL-L] Re: WVR
16. [WVRANDOL-L] Lawrence Glendening-obit [1]
Barbour Democrat July 22, 1965 page 5 Lawrence Glendening Lawrence Cove Glendening 64 y of Dayton Drive, Philippi died at 3:pm Tuesday, July 20 in Broaddus Hospital, after a long illness. Born in Barbour County, October 7, 1900, he was a son of the late Frank and Nevada Weaver Glendening. Survivors include his widow, Ruth Hunt Glendening; one daughter Mrs. Oliver (Geneva) Purkey of Lumberport, one son, Thomas Glendening of Dayton Drive; three grand children, four great grand children; three brothers, Ho
17. [WVRANDOL-L] Harpers, Wolfords, etc [1]
In a message dated 5/19/2000 2:51:32 PM Mountain Daylight Time, writes: << Have this family in my working database as does several other HARPER family researchers who are actively working "Our HARPER Family!" Looking forward to working with you on our mutual families! >> Craig, I don't have Minor Harper....or Clara Cooper...or Ralph Roy...but I do have a Harry Harper, m. Maxine Wolford.... Did you get that posting? If not, I'll type in Maxine's parents and siblings again. I'm j
18. [WVRANDOL-L] Evelyn Roy's Obit and Harper's/Wolford's [1]
I was reading more of Evelyn's obit and saw she had a brother Harry Harper. I have a lone Harry Harper without dates or parents. He married Maxine Wolford? Does anyone know if these two Harry's are the same? Maxine is the daughter of Ernest Hayes Wolford (1903-1975) and Alma Huffman (1905-1985). Children of Ernest and Alma are Clark, Maxine, Vera and Naomi. Any one heard of this family, too? I have some more info on Ernest's side if anyone is interested. Regards, Diane
19. [WVRANDOL-L] Our Wilmoth Genealogy [1]
Please visit Our Wilmoth Genealogy web site. It is dedicated to our lineage of Ezekiel Wilmoth. We have a Wilmoth Family Message Board and a Family Chat Room where you can discuss your Wilmoth lineages. We hope our site will be of help to any of you. Thank you, Lois & Angie The address of our site is: or click on the below link to go directly there: Our Wilmoth Genealogy
20. Re: [WVRANDOL-L] Alexandria, Va. [1]
In a message dated 5/12/2000 11:58:40 AM Mountain Daylight Time, writes: << What i need to know is where is Alexandria located in Va? >> Alexandria is located in Northern Virginia, several miles south of the DC boarder. Lat: 38 48 N Long: 077 02 W (represented in degrees minutes direction) Lat: 38.800 Long: -77.033 (represented in decimal degress and fractions of degrees) Note - On Potomac River; part of District of Columbia 1791-1847 & seat of state's government during Civil War; d
21. Re: [WVRANDOL-L] Bell-Kelley Cemetary Listings [1]
Hi, Terry, I have been wondering who you are. I see your name in some places. I am D. Jeanne, daughter of Ray Tacy and Ora Swecker. Two of the people in that cemetery are my Aunt ANIE BRAKE and Uncle Luther Tacy. Hope to hear from you. Every path has a puddle. D.J.R.
22. [WVRANDOL-L] Senator Noah G. Keim [1]
Seeking death dates for Senator and Mrs. Noah George Keim. Noah George Keim was born 22 Jul 1862 in Penn., married Clara Butler, 1 June 1892. In the early 1890s they moved to Elkins, Randolph Co, West Virginia. He was serving as a State? Senator about 1913. Clara Butler Keim was born about 1865 in Allegany co, Maryland. This couple had two children: Howard H., born March 7, 1897, and Elizabeth Butler Keim, born March 17, 1902. Would information on the children also -spouses and death dates. Thank you, Kath
23. [WVRANDOL-L] Re: WVRANDOL-D Digest V00 #76 [1]
Re: Location of Alexandria, VA. It is across the Potomac River from Washington. In VA , cities like Alexandria are separate political subdivisions and are NOT in counties. Alexandria is surrounded by Fairfax, Arlington and Prince William Counties. These may also be good places to look. Olin
24. Re: [WVRANDOL-L] Alexandria VA [1]
What do the letters in parentheses mean? Jim
25. [WVRANDOL-L] Evelyn Roy [1]
Could someone please send a copy of the obit of Evelyn Roy from Harman? She owned a grocery store in Harman, WVA? I would appreciate it. Thank you. Evelyn A. Roy; e-mail:

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