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151. Re: [DVHH] Funerals of the Donauschwaben. [1]
You may also refer to; more informations and pictures Hans Kopp> Date: Tue, 22 Jan 2008 11:53:39 -0700> From:> To:> Subject: [DVHH] Funerals in Banat.> > How times have changed, from our ancestor's daily living and our current life style.> In this case, we will learn how a funeral was done in our ancestor's time. The preparations for the funeral and how it was done. Please check
152. Re: [DVHH] roll call 2008-ofner highlands [1]
Hello Sylvia With interest I noticed the surname Passinger in your roll call. Have you ever seen it spelled as Prassinger? My 3rd great grandfather was Matheaus Praschinger. According to the 1811 marriage entry in Csatalja he was from Moravia and the variations of spellings that I have seen are: Prasinger, Prassinger, Praschinger, Prashinger. Based on the age given at time of his death he would have been born Abt. 1779. I have also discovered a Leonard Brashinger who died Jan. 18, 1827 in Baja b
153. Re: [DVHH] Naming children [1]
Thank you both for your responses. A friend of mine last night with pioneer ancestry (i.e., her family can be traced back to pioneer days in the 19th century in our area) had noticed the same pattern and made the assumption. I will definitely go through the records over time and see if I can find a pattern with my ancestors. I just thought everyone chose their children's names from a small handful of "acceptable" names :) Very narrow-sighted I am. :) Lori On 1-Jan-08, at 12:26 PM, brigitte.gunt
154. Re: [DVHH] Schadek in Tullius Tree [1]
Hello Rudy, My Schadeck branch is as follows: Annemarie Schadeck *1814.05.29 in Gottlob; +1882.04.25 in Neusiedel married (~1835 in ?) to Franz Beitz (Peiz) *1815.08.08 in Sigmundfeld +1898.05.09 in Neusiedel Annemarie's parents were Christof Schadeck *1781.10.19 (?) in Gottlob; +1863.12.15 in Gottlob married 1803.10.25 in Gottlob to Anna Maria Schwinche (Svinche; Gschwind) *1786.09.16 in Gottlob; +1863.11.10 in Gottlob Christof's parents were Johann Nikolaus Schadeck *~1730 in Syren, Luxemburg; +18
155. Re: [DVHH] Fw: [BANAT-L] Who decided that? Reversing Camps? [1]
Please at no time shall we confuse the camps in Germany and Austria with the dead camps of Yugoslavia where 1/3 of our population exposed to the attrocities of Tito and his Partisan. Hans Kopp> From:> To:> Date: Sun, 27 Jan 2008 11:01:05 -0500> Subject: Re: [DVHH] Fw: [BANAT-L] Who decided that? Reversing Camps?> > I believe that at one time Mauthausen was also a concentration camp. If it> then became a DP camp, it reminds me of an allegation that in
156. Re: [DVHH] Fw: The name Amand [1]
I have an extraction for a Johann Ahman that was married to Elisabetha Ott - he died before 1865 when she married Friedrich Steigele. A child from Ahman/Ott was born in about 1848. I didn't note my source but pretty sure this was in the Altker microfilm. Found this at the beginning faze of research :-) Eve On Jan 5, 2008 4:36 PM, ajleeb wrote: > Kurt. > Please note; - Amand Johann, from Waibstadt, with wife and 1 child, went > to "Cajene", in 1764. > I wonder if it's the same person?
157. [DVHH] Fwd: Fw: IN THE BEGINNING …… [1]
Hello all in both groups; This is not to be a discussion nor a bit of Info. But rather a bit of wit to relax us from the Winters blues. Read laugh and enjoy. Who said that the religious ministry has no sense of humor. Michael In a message dated 1/30/2008 2:54:20 PM Eastern Standard Time, writes: ----- Original Message ----- From: _CmJ_ ( To: _Undisclosed-Recipient:;_ (mailto:Undisclosed-Recipient:;) Sent: Wednesday, January 30
158. [DVHH] Prayers for Jody [1]
Jody's father is very sick in hospital. They have discontinued treatment.Tomorrow they will stop the heart fiborator It is very hard for Jody to watch her father die. Her mother has Alzheimer's. Our thoughts and prayers should be with her. Anne D.
159. Re: [DVHH] Frustrations [1]
Dear Kati, Here is your Michael Krebs -- did you already find this entry on Mary Ann Fischer's pages? Name: Michael KREBS Sex: M Birth: 8 JUL 1885 in Backi Brestovac, Serbia, Yugoslavia Death: OCT 1946 in Trenton, Mercer Co., NJ Immigration: 3 APR 1906 Trenton, NJ Note: Ellis Island -- Cousin Andreas Geiger, Trenton, NJ Father: Anton KREBS b: 1 OCT 1848 in Backi Brestovac, Serbia, Yugoslavia Mother: Elisabetha BERNHARDT b: 11 AUG 1852 in Backi Brestovac, Serbia, Yugoslavia Marriage 1 Maria W
160. Re: [DVHH] URSCHEL [1]
Hello Chris! Wow, this is indeed exciting! Did you know about the text in the Feketitsch-book of Pratscher before? I hope you and Eve can find a match! Kind regards, Annette ________________________________ Annette Schwindt Bonn/Germany mainly researching: SCHWIND(T) - BECHTLER - SCHEPP from: Feketitsch/Sekitsch/Tscherwenka also researching: ANTONI - BAMBACH - BRAUCHLER GUTWEIN - HUTH - LOHRMANN MICHEL - SCHWEBLER - SCHWANER STENGEL - WILL
161. [DVHH] Family Book Information [1] --------------------------------- Looking for last minute shopping deals? Find them fast with Yahoo! Search.
162. Re: [DVHH] Kutschera.Taugner [1]
I might kill two birds with one stone here. Franz Taugner, married a Katharine Kutschera, 02.10.1904, in Alexanderhausen. The father was Johann Kutscheara (Kutsera, Kucsera) born in Alexanderhausen, the was Anna Pechler, (Bechler) also born in Alexanderhausen. Alex ----- Original Message ----- From: "Anne Sekura" To: "DVHH-L" Sent: Wednesday, January 23, 2008 1:06 PM Subject: [DVHH] Searching the name Kutschera. > Hello. > > I'm new at th
163. Re: [DVHH] Nancy [1]
Sorry, my mistake. I picked Jane Moore's email address from Nancy Fredenbererg's letter and by mistake addressed the letter to Nancy. Sorry for the mix-up. AnneDreer
164. Re: [DVHH] Anna Taugner Leitermann - T. Sagh, Saagh or Saagt [1]
> On the manifest it states that she is going to > see her Cousin Johann TAUGNER, in Cincinnati, > it appears that he arrived in Apr 27, 1904 > going also to Cincinnati but from a village of > "T. Sagh" His name in the EI Index listing is again spelled as TANGNER" >There is also a Peter "TAUGNER" from "Saagh" age >30 b. 1876 arrived in 1906. And a Ferencz >TAUGNER from "Saagt" age 16, b. abt 1890 arrived also 1906. > >Does anyone have a clue what the real name of this village is? Maybe Temeswar? Ku
165. Re: [DVHH] Fw: [BANAT-L] Who decided that? [1]
You are so correct. The courage and stamina goes to the mother, fathers and grandparents who worked so hard to keep families together or bring them back together if they had been separated. We need to remember those survivors who worked so hard through the most difficult of situations. There is definitely evil in this world ... but I am firm believer that goodness and love will always survive and bring us through. Susan ----- Original Message ----- From: "Katharine Samuelson"
166. Re: [DVHH] Roll call Brandt line [1]
Hello Jo, I will make a quick answer and then fill in the details later. Katharina BRANDT married Peter HEBERLING both of Palanka abt.1910. Peter died in Palanka in 1952. I have no further on this BRANDT LINE then this. The HEBERLING/S are on my paternal line and many immigrated to the U S c.1905.This was from the Palanka OSB courtesy of my cousin in Fla. Thank you. Frank Heger For your security and mine all messages are scanned for viruses ----- Original Message ----- From: "Jo
167. [DVHH] Fw: [BANAT-L] Who decided that? [1]
Katharine. I was told, when DP's arrived in Germany, they first had to go to N|rnberg. Had to be registered, then they could chose where they wanted to be placed. If in Germany, they were put into Lagers, in the city they chose, up to 2 years. They were working while living in the Lager, if they earned enough money, they bought themselves a house or built a house, or bought a Flat. Apparently, only the Archive in N|rnberg, has a record of the registered DP's who arrived in Germany. Alex. ----- Origina
168. [DVHH] JOST [1]
Dear Barbara, I have a connection to an Anna JOST who married a Martin JANCZER (b. 1866, KLEK) and Had Children around 1884. I am not sure if this is helpful. Thank you, Liz
169. Re: [DVHH] Schadek in Tullius Tree [1]
Greetings - Jane & Nick. Jane, What was your route in determening that Michael Schadek is Nick,s Ancestor, when his stated Branch of the family does not reflect anyone close by --- date to Michael Schadek Year 1837. Please respon to my Query, Thank You. Best Regards - Rudy ----- Original Message ----- From: "Jane Moore" To: ; "'DVHH-L'" Sent: Friday, January 25, 2008 11:47 AM Subject: Re: [DVHH] Schadek in Tullius Tree Ni
170. Re: [DVHH] The name Schwindt. Argentina/Russia. [1]
Does anyone have Maryann Fischer email address, I have a few questions for her regarding her homepage about Brestowatz. Maryanne is you are reading, could you please email me? Thank you, Kati On Jan 4, 2008, at 3:35 PM, ajleeb wrote: > Hi Annette. > > I've been surfing the Internet lately, in the 1895, Argentina and > Russian, census I discovered the name Schwindt in Buenos Aires, > Argentina, and Russia. > In the 1760's, many people from Germany, immigrated to South > America, some landed at th
171. [DVHH] Anna Taugner Born abt: 1894 Villages:Grabatz, Lenauheim, Banat, Temes, Saagh, Hungary [1]
I am trying to find any information on Anna Taugner and its possible that her father is Jonas Taugner Born abt: 1861. Please any information on them would be greatly appreciated. Taugner's maybe went to Grabatz, in about 1770 and spread to Lenauheim and elsewhere over the 200 years they were in the Banat. or Saagh, Temes, Hungary, also called Schag, now Sag, Timis, Romania. --------------------------------- Be a better friend, newshound, and know-it-all with Yahoo! Mobile. Try it now.
172. [DVHH] Schadek [1]
Hi Rudy. In your Roll-Call, you entered the name Schadek. Jobba Nikolaus, (Joppa) son of Phillip Jobba and Magdalena Volk. *05.01.1864, Billed, d.14.06.1943, in Kleinjetscha, (80yrs) 1st-oo- 21.01.1889, Knees, to Schadek Eva, (Schadeck), daughter of Michael Schadek, & Schneider, M. Anna. *23.04.1869, Kleinjetscha, d. before1905. 2nd-oo- Schdfer Barbara, daughter of Peter, Scha. and Susanna Molling. *28.10.1872, Kleinjetscha, d.18.01.1941, Knees. Children, 1st-oo. 1. Katharina *05.12.1889, Knees d.
173. Re: [DVHH] Reversing Camps? [1]
I have heard a similar story - don't know if there is any truth to it or not, but I know the people that told me this were adamant. The Lager my parents were in was in the American Zone and was at one time a Jewish prison, but my parents were not imprisoned there from what they have described to me. It would be interesting to hear an account from someone that was there on this subject - although that could start a great political debate I think. Eve On Jan 27, 2008 11:01 AM, Nick Tullius
174. Re: [DVHH] deciphering church records [1]
Karen, Thank you for your wonderful information!! It is so informative!! I truly appreciate your help as well as the vote of confidence!!! Thanks to the other members who have helped with info as well. Did I tell you I jammed the machine once, the copier ran out of paper, I had to learn to thread the machines, etc. I'm sure the gentleman at the center was thrilled when I left!! It was exhilarating though and now I know what to do for next time!!! Thanks again Karen and everyone for all of the hel
Hello John Yes, we have discussed the name Pospischil before. We do not seem to have a connection, but I will list my Pospischil again. My grandfather Franz was borne in Putinci, Serbia and his father also Franz married Magdalena Pless from Miletitisch in 1863. This is my Matheis; Anna MATHEIS * 1761 Hodschag oo 19 Feb 1781 Hodschag Mathias KRAEMER * 1759 + 1787 Children; Barbara Theresia Anna Maria Katharina oo Adam Heckli ( my grandfathers line) HASSLER, Thomas came from Esslingen, Baden At this ti

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