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201. Re: [DVHH] 2008 Roll-Call; BANAT, BATSCHKA; VOVOJDINA [1]
Hello Kati: No, doing a quick scan of my info on my Hiel branch I do not see a match. However, here is a link to one of my sources that includes my Brestowatz Hiels: Beth ----- Original Message ----- From: "Kati Angelini" To: "Beth Tolfree" Cc: "Marge Woody" ; "DONAUSCHWABEN-VILLAGES" Sent: Saturday, Janu
202. Re: [DVHH] Bezdan OSB - Look Up [1]
Hans, Thank you for Johannes Neumayer's e-mail. I will find a way to contact him. When I went to the AKdFF site I did not see a book for Bezdan listed yet when I put in a Google search one comes up with Josef Seitz as author. Thanks again. Judy ----- Original Message ----- From: Hans Kopp To: Sent: Wednesday, January 09, 2008 6:42 AM Subject: RE: [DVHH] Bezdan OSB - Look Up Hi Judy Do you speak some german? Write to Johannes Neumayer he is our resea
203. Re: [DVHH] TAUGNER -Koenigshof, Schag and Lenauheim [1]
Linda, I would like to add the following, as these villages may seem confusing to you at the moment. I do not know much about the Banat and will differ to the others but these villages with so many names were relatively close together (if the village finder I used is correct). I don't know however if they would be considered walking distance? Schag (Sag-Timis*/ "Sag*" / Temessag) is 23.1 miles SE of Csatad (Cetat, Cetad / Lenauheim*) and Sag is 26.7 miles SW of Koenigshof ("Remetea Mica"* / Nemetremete
204. Re: [DVHH] [BANAT-L] [GenRoG] --RE: Banat_artificial construction ? WHY? [1]
Cornelia; As some not familiar with either, the Heidebanater or the Berglandbanater. Could you explain this to me. As a person of German Decendency, as well a non catholic Protestant. I know what troubles brewed between the `Pope's of Rome' und the rest of the world. My father told me of the persecution that went on, even in households. Grandfather was Lutheran und Grandmother was Catholic. So please explain the difference of being under the Heidebanater or the Berglandbanater? Mich
205. Re: [DVHH] Clearing frustrations [1]
Unless, of course they intermarry with Chinese people, and then things start to get "messy"... -----Original Message----- From: [] On Behalf Of Eve Sent: Thursday, January 31, 2008 4:21 PM To: Anne Dreer Cc: Subject: Re: [DVHH] Clearing frustrations Anne, I think that was an excellent example! Eve On Jan 31, 2008 6:10 PM, Anne Dreer wrote: > Hello All,
206. Re: [DVHH] Roll call, Schmerda/Smerta and Spang from Apatin [1]

207. Re: [DVHH] Genealogy Interest - to search my family tree [1]
Hello MaryAnn. Welcome to the DVHH-L. Just checking, you wrote; - "My father Henry Klemenz was born January 04, 1994." is this correct? Alex. Leeb. ----- Original Message ----- From: "Robert & MaryAnn Young" To: Sent: Monday, January 28, 2008 4:20 PM Subject: [DVHH] Genealogy Interest - to search my family tree >I live in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. My father was born in Szakalhaza >(Sacalaz) south of Kleinbetschkerek (Banat) Today B
208. Re: [DVHH] Fw: [BANAT-L] Who decided that? [1]
Susan It is gallant of you to say that, but as a toddler, I did not know any better. The courage & stamina goes to mothers, father, grandparents, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters and cousins, who were the life lines to the survivors. Katharine, from snowy Delta ----- Original Message ----- From: "Susan Williams" To: "Katharine Samuelson" ; "DVHH-L" Sent: Sunday, January 27, 2008 9:57 AM Subject: Re: [DVHH] Fw: [BAN
209. Re: [DVHH] Roll Call - Schadeck, Schwindche, Reck [1]
Rudy, I have some Schadek/Schadeck in my family tree (# = number in my family tree): #29 Annemarie Schadeck (* 1814.05.29 in Gottlob; +1882.04.25 in Neusiedel a. H.) married #28 Franz Beitz (* 1815.08.08 in Sigmundfeld; +1898.05.09 I Neusiedel) #58 Christof Schadeck (* 1781.10.19? in Gottlob; + 1863.12.15) married #59 Anna Maria Schwindche/Svinche/Gschwind (*1786.09.16 in Gottlob; + 1863.11.10 in Gottlob) #116 Johann Nikolaus Schadeck (*~1730 in Syren, Luxemburg; +1800.11.24 in Gottlob) I beli
210. [DVHH] prayers for Jody [1]
Dear Jody: I am so sorry to hear of your great loss. The bond between father and daughter is so special. May the Lord comfort you and give you His peace and strength as you go through this difficult time. Love, Linda
211. [DVHH] FW: Roll Call: Brauchler [1]
Hello Linda! We have already been in contact because of the BRAUCHLER family. Have you seen the census lists of Feketitsch that I have put online? Please go to the census file of 1936, there are Brauchlers and Gvttels: The names Brauchler/Gvttel are not included in the census of 1857 nor in the evangelical settlers list. As for Sekitsch: We are awaiting Brigitte Wolf's new book about this village. Until then I can give you the
212. Re: [DVHH] Kutschera. [1]
Anne, It looks like the five pages of KUTSCHERAs in the Lenauheim book all descended from Johann Adam Kutschera and Helen KARAVILLES. Johann Adam was the son of Wenzel Kutschera and Magdalena MANTERSCHEID (so another son of the Wenzel of Gottlob that Alex mentions below). Johann Adam Kutschera b. 12.03.1784 in Gottlob d. 06.03.1827 in Kleinjetscha m. 19.01.1809 At any time, if you decide you would like to have Johann Adam and all of his many Kleinjetscha descendants, let me know. Jane At 11:06
213. Re: [DVHH] Anna Taugner Leitermann b. @1894 Nemetremete (Kvnigshof)(and Zichydorf)> MI- Thumb and OH. [1]
Interesting.........Your Anna TAUGNER /TANGNER and her husband Conrad LEITERMAN seemed to both have come from Cincinnati to Michigan's thumb area before 1920. Living in Brookfield, Huron County, Michigan Perhaps they were share croppers like many of the other Donauschwabens of the area. My family the Ament's Lived in Bad AXE which was really just down the road from Brookfield and Sebewaing. My family were sugar beet farmers, sugar beets are still being raised in this area of Michigan today. It also looks
214. [DVHH] Fw: camps [1]
FYI- Information on F.O.Kaufmann. Camps: Alex.
215. Re: [DVHH] Word look up please - Dienstknech [1]
Knecht = servant; farm labourer; farm servant. Magd = farmgirl; maid; , maidservant. Alex. ----- Original Message ----- From: "elizabeth Josellis" To: Sent: Wednesday, January 09, 2008 7:06 AM Subject: [DVHH] Word look up please - Dienstknech > If anyone can help I need a word look up I believe in German > It was and occupation in 1863 - Dienstknech > > > Thank you, > Liz > --------------------------------------- > "Heiratsbuch". > -mar
216. Re: [DVHH] [BANAT-L] Who decided that? [1]
Katharine. This is not from Linz, rather from Mauthausen, 20 Km from Linz On the bottom of the page click "Totenbuch Mauthausen," On the right side are the lists of names. To advance further on the right side, you have to click on the column on the left side of the page, click on "bis 100" then "bis 200". For example "bis 1100 will take you to the end of the names under the letter, "A" . there are 40,653 names listed. But I don't know if any DP's were on the list. It might be worth checking the list.
217. Re: [DVHH] 2008 Roll-Call; BANAT, BATSCHKA; VOVOJDINA [1]
Hi Nancy: Thank you so much for the reply from my Roll-Call. Last year I requested information on my HEHN family of Brestowatz. My Grandmother BARBARA HEHN, b. 25/1/1881, was born to JOSEF HEHN b19/11/1829 and BARBARA KREBS 5/4/1843. BARBARA KREBS was born to ADAM KREBS and MARIANNA HEIL. I still need to request a Look-up for the Krebs and Heil families. As soon as I confirm all my information I will be happy to notify you. Thank you for your kind direction and help getting my family line home. I have
218. Re: [DVHH] ANTONI - GUTWEIN [1]
Well, I am sure we are relatives of relatives :-) GUTWEIN/ANTONI's granddaughter is married to a Steigele who is the brother of my 2nd gr. grandparents. The only Elis. GERBER I have is married to a Jakob FIX she is from Neu Pasua and born in the 1850s. I checked the other surnames you listed with those in my tree and didn't have a hit with any of them. I have exchanged info with both Darlene and Noelle and I don't think we have had any luck with matches yet, but you never know. Thanks you for your resp
219. Re: [DVHH] Great New Recipe [1]
Hope he didn't try to cook Guy Lombardo :) ----- Original Message ----- From: "Susan Williams" To: ; ; Sent: Tuesday, January 01, 2008 11:07 AM Subject: Re: [DVHH] Great New Recipe > Joe -- did you and your wife cook any of these items this year? I hope > so. > Susan > ----- Original Message ----- > From: > To: ;
220. Re: [DVHH] Kula [1]
Hello all, The title of the Kula book is: Familienbuch der katholischen Pfarrei St.Georg Kula in der Batschka 1771 - 1943 mit den Filialen by Paul Scherer and Josef Fridrich you can order this two books with over 2200 sites HOG Kula e.V., Matthias Klingwarth, Simbacher Str. 12, D-84375 Kirchhof This book is very important for all reaserchers in Kula. Brigitte -- Ortsgeschichte und Familien von Sekitsch / Village history and families from Sekitsch: http://www.sekitsch.d
221. Re: [DVHH] 2008 Roll-Call; BANAT, BATSCHKA; VOVOJDINA [1]
Hi again, Kati -- After sending you the Hiel link in my previous message, I went back through the website again and found the page with Josef Hiel and Rosalia Heinz' information. Go to the site link in my previous message and pull up the page; and on the left under "Hielen in Batschka" you'll find the link to: "Descendants of Josef Hiel" and there is all the information for you. --regards, Beth ----- Original Message ----- From: "Kati Angelini" To: "Beth Tolfree"
222. [DVHH] Fw: Express condolences [1]
For those of you who have been away from your computers, please read the following message; we will leave the guest book active through the weekend. We know Jody will appreciate all your care & concern. Alex (Admin.) ------------------- We are sorry to advise that Jody McKim's father has passed away on January 18. The burial will be Tuesday, January 22. As many of you have come to know Jody personally, we have set up a memorial page with a guest book, so we may all express our condolences. (These
223. Re: [DVHH] Roll Call 2008 [1]
Hi Helen. Re your HU - is it HU, or HIE? in Gro_ Jetscha? Also, if you have more information on the Dubas and Bida;s from the Ukraine? Thanks. Alex. ----- Original Message ----- From: "helen" To: Sent: Thursday, January 03, 2008 10:15 AM Subject: [DVHH] Roll Call 2008 > Roll Call 2008 > > > > Remich, Uivar/ Gross Jetscha/Szollos > > Romich, Gross Jetscha > > Mutter, Gross Jetscha > > Ott, Gross Jetscha > > Wingeron/Vingero, Gross Jetscha > > Gi
224. [DVHH] Fw: early JOBBA in Gertianosch [1]
It appears that Nick and I do have some common ancestry after all, by way of Johann Nikolaus Schadeck See my E MAIL to you Jane & DVHH- Roll Call of Saturday Jan.26,1.34PM- & my message to Nickof Wednesday Jan.23-5.45 P.M.,and Nick,s message to me of Jan.11- 10.23 A.M.- All on the same page. In this Nick,s latter message see # 116 - Johann Nikolaus Schadeck - born inthe year 1730 in Syren, Luxembourg. and died in the year 1800- 11-24 in Gottlob. ( See reference to the same Johann Nikolaus Schadeck
225. Re: [DVHH] Roll Call 2008; Mitrowitz - Ruttinger, etc. [1]
Hi Brian, I have Wajand/Wajandt in my ancestry: Theresia WAJANDT, born 19 Jan 1817, daughter of Josef WAJANDT & Elisabetha BALJER is my 3x great grandmother. I have a lot of data on the WAJANDT/VAJANDT family in Gajdobra & in Tscheb. Please let me know if you think there is a connection, and/ or if there is any family info you might need to fill in any gaps your research. With best regards, --Karen On Dec 31, 2007, at 10:15 PM, Brian Phail wrote: > Happy New Year everyone! I've been a me

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