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351. Re: [DVHH] deciphering church records [1]
Hi Michael, Yes, oo = married; Ioo = 1st marriage, sometimes a Roman numeral I is used. Sometimes you will see a 1. The Tz is short for "Trauzeugen" = German for the witnesses at a marriage > G041 = ?? This is probably the family number within the family book; the "G464" in your item 3 below, is most likely referencing another family entry in the family book. Some family books list all the marriages under one family #, and some give a separate family # to each marriage. > Gayer, Johann: Sv G.
352. [DVHH] Enquiry [1]
I would be interested to receive information from people, who were born between 1923 and 1926 and lived in "Torschau" before the World War II. My wife and I live in Vienna, Austria. Regards Jakob Johler
353. [DVHH] Nameing children [1]
I have German, Hungarian and Slovak ancestors from the area. From my own family I see the Hungarians named the first girl after mom and first boy after dad. Although the first boy died, no later boys received dad's name. Slovaks in my family seem to name the baby after the closest saint's day. The ones I found seemed to but this side of the family has been harder to track. It might have been a coincidence. German babies got one name from a god parent. I have church register of baptisms with 11 memb
354. [DVHH] camps [1]
Dear Anne, Thank you for sharing, it does help our family understand what our husbands' mother (she was 6) and Aunts (were 13 and 8) went through. It also makes us understand the determination of keeping family together and surviving. Thank you, Liz
355. [DVHH] Prayers [1]
Dear Jody, My prayers and thoughts are with you. At this very time, my youngest sister is in a hospice house, dying from cancer. I live three hours away from her and can't be with her as much as I would like to in her final days. I pray that you will come through this painful time, knowing that your father will not have to suffer any longer. My heart hurts for my sister, too. God Bless you, June Abt
356. [DVHH] Roll Call [1]
My Roll Call is as follows: Jobba ( Joppa ) Johann Phillip - Gertianosch - Billed Volk ( Jobba ) Magdalena Billed Schadek ( Jobba ) Eva Kleinjetscha Schadek Michael Kleinjetscha Schneider Maria Anna Kleinjetscha Brunner Johann Detta Schmidt Anna Maria Detta Brunner Rudolf Detta - Gatia - Knees Habich Martin Warjasch Genzinger Katharina Warjasch Habich Johann Warjasch - Komlosch Eck Anna
357. [DVHH] 2008 Roll-Call; BANAT, BATSCHKA; VOVOJDINA [1]
HAPPY NEW YEAR LIST This is the first time I have done the Roll Call. I am filled with excitement to see if my ancestors are talking to me. BANAT--BLUMENTHAL Joseph ZUBER Frank ZUBER Anna HORN Nicklous SCHRAMM Regina BARTH BATSCHKA--BRESTOWATZ ZEMLIN Barbara FISCHLER Philip FISCHLER Barbara HEHN Barbara KREBS ??? HEIL Jacob DIST'L SYRMIAN--ALT and NEU SLANKAMEN Barbara FISCHLER Philip FISCHLER Theresia FISCHLER Thanks in advance for any assistance.... Marge Woody 770-925-15
358. Re: [DVHH] deciphering church records [1]
I have seen similar situations, without analyzing the information/data, in my case it seems they named the first born after the god parent/s, interesting enough it seems in many cases they picked the god parents that also had there own given name. One day I will have to have another look at this, as it is very interesting. In many situations they kept the same god parents through each birth, often in my experience they were siblings sometimes but more often cousins.......... It seems to be a bucket of worms
359. Re: [DVHH] Anna Taugner Leitermann - T. Sagh, Saagh or Saagt [1]
Schag = German; Sag=Romanian; Temessag=Hungarian; Michael Taugner b. in Schag, died in WW-I; Anton Taugner, b. 19.11.1904 in Schag, d. Russia, labour camp. Maria Taugner, b. 1927, in Schag, d. in Russia in laobur camp. Schag is under "H-7, South of Temeswar. Alex. ----- Original Message ----- From: "Jane Moore" To: "Kurt McCrary" ; ; Sent: Wednesday, Janua
360. Re: [DVHH] 2008 Roll Cal - Batschka Villages Bereg, Csatalja & Kolut [1]
HELLO COUSIN, I am so glad to see you have joined the DVHH List. There are so many helpful people on the list don't ever be afraid to ask for Look-ups or what ever you might be having a problem with. I sure wouldn't be as far as I am without everyones help. Thanks so much for the Anstett/Wagner information and I know you have probably made a couple others happy with this additional information. I was so hoping while sending you what I could find on your family that I might find a connection between us
Welcome, Elizabeth. It's great to see so many posts from people who are new or not often heard from. So many connections are made during Roll Call time and I hope you hear from others researchers as a result of your post. Best to you, Nancy ----- Original Message ----- From: "elizabeth Josellis" To: Sent: Tuesday, January 08, 2008 10:10 PM Subject: [DVHH] ROLL CALL HOFFMANN, JANTZER > Dear Listers, > I am relatively new to this but h
362. Re: [DVHH] ANTONI - GUTWEIN [1]
Hello Eve! Do you have a website for your family research? If so I could link you on mine. And who is this granddaughter who married a STEIGELE? Annette ________________________________ Annette Schwindt Bonn/Germany mainly researching: SCHWIND(T) - BECHTLER - SCHEPP from: Feketitsch/Sekitsch/Tscherwenka also researching: ANTONI - BAMBACH - BRAUCHLER GUTWEIN - HUTH - LOHRMANN MICHEL - SCHWEBLER - SCHWANER STENGEL - WILL _______________________
363. Re: [DVHH] With heartfelt sympathy [1]
Sincere condolences Roy on your loss. Glenn Schwartz President, Zichydorf Village Association ( Searching: Schwartz, Kleckner, Schvnherr in Zichydorf, Banat; Sch|ssler, Millecker, Lenhardt in Kudritz, Banat; Schwartz, Kory, Pierson/Person in Morawitza, Banat; Kalupsky/Chalupsky in Blumenthal, Banat; Bardua, Kandel, Heuchert in Kolomea, Galicia; Kuntz, Holzer, Kraft, Wolfe, Folk (Volk) in Kutschurgan, Russia; Macht in Volga, Russia. Email: On 26/02/2014 1
364. Re: [DVHH] Orcyfalva [1]
Pat -- not sure if anyone has responded to you. As of last year, I had not heard of anyone working on a book for Orcyfalva. Someone on the list however, does have a book about the cemetery - burials, etc. I suggest you send another post with specific surnames -- maybe approx. dates, etc. and the village name in the subject line. Good luck. Susan > Date: Wed, 5 Feb 2014 16:06:45 -0800 > From: > To: > Subject: [DVHH] Orcyfalva > > Hello,
365. Re: [DVHH] DONAUSCHWABEN-VILLAGES Digest, Vol 7, Issue 46 [1]
From: Subject: DONAUSCHWABEN-VILLAGES Digest, Vol 7, Issue 46 To: Date: Wed, 19 Feb 2014 01:00:06 -0700 Happy Birthday Alex. May God shower you with abundent blessings.Barb --
366. [DVHH] Bayreder in Schag [1]
Hello- I was wondering if anyone knows about a Family Book for Schag? I know that my relative, Heinrich Bayreder married there in 1862, (no death date) and was born in Austria. This seems well passed the time of the major waves of settlers to Hungary. Does anyone know why/how someone would have come at that time? Would they have needed 500 gulden to emigrate at that time? The village seems to have been settled in 1832, but I can't seem to find out much about it. Thank you for any help you can give me.
367. Re: [DVHH] With heartfelt sympathy [1]
Dear Roy, I am so sorry to hear of your loss .... while we have never met in person ... and that goes for so many on this list ... we do develop a friendship that cover the miles. My sincere condolences to you and your family. Susan - Village Coordinator of Glogowatz > From: > Date: Wed, 26 Feb 2014 11:10:31 -0500 > To: > Subject: [DVHH] With heartfelt sympathy > > Dear list members: > > It is with deep regret and sadness I need to let all
368. [DVHH] Our History [1]
I would be lax if I did not draw your attention to the wonderful material on our website. Go to: and you will find some wonderful material to acquaint you with your ancestry. Rose Mary Keller Hughes W Henrietta, NY, USA --- This email is free from viruses and malware because avast! Antivirus protection is active.
369. [DVHH] Lovely History Blog [1]
A good friend posted this on Facebook. It is a history of the Donauschwaben. What is so nice is that there is a chance to translate it to English. Go to: Rose Mary Keller Hughes W Henrietta, NY --- This email is free from viruses and malware because avast! Antivirus protection is active.
370. Re: [DVHH] With heartfelt sympathy [1]
Our deepest condolences, Roy & family. Nick Tullius -----Original Message----- From: [] On Behalf Of Eve Sent: Wednesday, February 26, 2014 8:11 AM To: Subject: [DVHH] With heartfelt sympathy Dear list members: It is with deep regret and sadness I need to let all of you know that my mail list "co captain" - Roy Engel, has lost his wife of 30 years, Vivian, this past Monday m
371. Re: [DVHH] Looking for town of Kisjeca [1]
Hi Barb, I'm the Village Coordinator for Kleinjetscha. Kleinjetscha is the German name of the village; Kisjecsa is the Hungarian: Iecea Micc is the Romanian. In the family book for the village, I see a Magdalena b. 24.11.1860 to Johann Bortscheller & Susanna Moling. Magdalena had a brother Franz (b. 31.03.1863) who died in Hatzfeld on 30.06.1884. So maybe this Magdalena is your great-grandmother. I do not see any other possibilities in the book. If you think this is
372. Re: [DVHH] Happy Birthday [1]
Sorry, I meant to say, you're one day early. The Germans say you should not congratulate somebody ahead of time ;-) Rose On 18 February 2014 18:54, Rose Vetter wrote: > Hold on, friends, you're two days early! If I'm not mistaken, Alex's > birthday is on February 19. > > Rose > > > On 18 February 2014 18:39, Rhonda Staudt wrote: > >> Happy Birthday Alex! I for one would like to thank you for your invaluable >> assistance. May God be with you always! >> >> --
373. [DVHH] test [1]

Hi Could someone with a Deutsch-Zerne family book please check for Jakob Schilken/Schilkin/Schilchen b: 1798 in Deutsch-Zerne and married an Anna Maria Schira please. My interest is mainly in that particular Schira, b.d. and who her parents were if listed. I have the rest of the Schira's from D-Zerne and all the Anna Maria's are married to other people and having kids at the same time this new one popped up. Thanks Terry
375. Re: [DVHH] With heartfelt sympathy [1]
Please accept out sincere condolences and know that all are in our thoughts and prayers are with Roy and the Englel family. Linda Bautz McKenna ----- Original Message ----- From: "Eve" To: Sent: Wednesday, February 26, 2014 11:10 AM Subject: [DVHH] With heartfelt sympathy > Dear list members: > > It is with deep regret and sadness I need to let all of you know that my > mail list "co captain" - Roy Engel, has lost his wife of 30 years, Vivian,

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