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501. Schwabische Turkei - New Resources at the DVHH [1]
Jody,. This is a great contribution to the DVHH pages! Thank you both, you and Henry Fischer! Rosina > > Henry has also submitted an extensive listing of book resources for > Swabian Turkey, see this listing at > >
502. Re: [DVHH-L] Babuska [1]
Dan -- there is a word that I know you are thinking of -- I will write tomorrow when I have time to look up the correct spelling. It sounds similar and could be confused ... but it is definitely different. Be back tomorrow with the correct info. Susan ----- Original Message ----- From: "Rosina Schmidt" To: Sent: Thursday, March 23, 2006 5:50 PM Subject: [DVHH-L] Babuska > > > Dan; > > The word BABUSHKA does only represent an old women ha
503. Elderberry (Re: [DVHH-L] Acacia trees in Banat) [1]
Christian wrote: > a small, bushy tree which is called Samubucus > nigra in Latin. Don't know the English word for it. Sambucus nigra = Elderberry bush (a.k.a. Elder, European Black Elderberry, Common Elderberry) "Holunder' auf Deutsch, our Schwoweleit also called it "Holler" -- Best Regards, Robert Zink Rock City Falls NY
504. Re: [DVHH-L] Ash Wednesday [1]
When mom made these for him before she used the Splenda - dad wouldn't eat them - said he'd prefer "no sugar". > Your mom could use Splenda > for your dad and it would still have the sweetness. > I thought they were okay without any - just different. So Krapfa or Krapne is a "Slav" word. Always nice to find out what area the different names are coming from. Isn't that what Sarma is also, or was that one Hungarian. My mom hasn't used the word Sarma in a long time, she changed to Cabbage rolls since th
I have to say I agree with you Dan .... and then I start thinking - wow, I must be getting old. (no disrespect meant) - but you are right -- they were family oriented in so many ways. We tend to live our lives separately in so many ways. And then with each family only having their 1.8 children, it doesn't make for much of a big family gathering, does it? Life changes and I think we are all trying to recapture what we see as the best of the old days by sharing our history with one another. S
506. Pre-Arranged Marriages [1]
Heidi, Thank you for sharing your story, thank goodness there was a happy ending, in spite of a difficult start. I know we've been talking about [what seems to some of us as sadness in] pre-arranged marriages for our ancestors, something we don't deal with today. Which is ironic because in spite of how we may perceive this custom, they stayed together, until death [for the most part]. Alice mentioned: "It appears, however, that it was thought men were too weak to resist the temptation and women could n
507. Re: [DVHH-L] Ash Wednesday [1]
The cream cheese ones are the best - IMO! Eve On 3/6/06, wrote: > > Holy Cross Hungarian Roman Catholic Church here in Detroit has a Fank sale > for Ash Wednesday. Is that the doughnut you were thinking of? > > I had never heard of Paczki Day prior to moving here - I love those darn > things! The calories though - oh my gosh... I tried mk first prune one this > year - figured it was at least "healthier". HA HA > > > Happy Monday morning, > > > > Krapfa, is that
508. Re: [DVHH-L] "For the Frau" - household tips from Banater Almanac [1]
Thank you Dan, The online translator would not pick this up. Jody ----- Original Message ----- From: Dan Drew To: Sent: Thursday, March 23, 2006 8:17 AM Subject: Re: [DVHH-L] "For the Frau" - household tips from Banater Almanac Eigelb is (literally) egg yellow... or, more commonly "egg yolk." On Mar 23, 2006, at 8:03 AM, Mercydorf wrote: > Chocolate spots are removed with water and soap or detergent. If that > does not help rub spots with a
509. Re: [DVHH-L] Fw: Danke [1]
Isn't that just the greatest! Rose Mary ----- Original Message ----- From: "Diana Lambing" To: Sent: Thursday, March 30, 2006 12:43 PM Subject: [DVHH-L] Fw: Danke >I have just received this message from Helene Schuch, the author of the >Alexanderhausen Familienbuch, and with whom I corresponded for a while >three or four years ago. She says she would like to thank everyone for all >the time they have invested in the DVHH project, and
510. Cookie Mold Update [1]
Hello Everyone, I made the 50% payment for all the molds today. He thinks he'll have them completed next week. He's starting to get busy with requests from his boating customers for repairs and what not, but wants to finish the molds first. He said he'd be calling Monday at the earliest and by Thursday at the latest. I've worn my 38 yr old body out the last few days (doing research, errands, cooking, and shopping) and may be in bed a few days recovering. The sausage soup is going to have to wait
511. Re: [DVHH-L] Women & Childbirth [1]
Eve, 'Homemade' did not arouse good fellings in me during the first 9 years of my childhood! My mother's side job (besides the family, yard, garden, sewing/cooking/baking/ laundry with no running water or electricity or central heating) was raising two batches of 500 baby chicks, caponing them, butchering, and dressing most of them. That took a lot of chick feed which came in feed sacks. Never allowing anything to go wasted, we had feedbag kitchen towels, feedbag tablecloths, feedbag sheets, feedbag
512. Re: [DVHH-L] Smelling Flowers & Michigan Relatives & Sugar Beets [1]
Beth, it's strange that you should mention Seiler relatives in Saginaw. We have been in touch regarding that name and couldn't find a connection. Well, the mother of the great uncle I have been talking about was a Seiler--maybe your Georg Seiler had a second wife and my Barbara Seiler was born in Apatin? Alice, great suggestion about putting names and dates on the backs of pictures. Also, if anyone has any old letters and even envelopes lying around, don't throw them out !!! They can be a tremendous sou
513. Re: [DVHH-L] Grandma Sofie's Lesson [1]
Alice, you not only are gifted in composing a thoughtful message, but you also bring insight to understanding the guts of genealogy. Thank you for reminding us that oral history is so very important. We are lucky to have you among our group. Jody ----- Original Message ----- From: To: Sent: Friday, March 03, 2006 2:13 PM Subject: [DVHH-L] Grandma Sofie's Lesson Dear Listers and Judy, First off, thank you Judy, for sharing your Gra
514. Apatin pictures [1]
Thank you all: Nick, Rosina, Rose, Alex, for your excellent observations and educated guesses. The palms are definitely there, I missed them. The pulpit, too. Certainly the bricked alcove behind the altar is permanent while the altar is temporary. Look carefully at the image behind the altar between the 2 center candles. It is an image of Jesus (the Sacred Heart of Jesus). This makes me wonder if it is not a dedication of the beginnings of the new church begun in the late 1930's and never completed
515. Re: [DVHH-L] Unidentified subject! [1]
Margaret again, I've noticed that even though I have both our addresses on plain text, my replies come thru "messy" because of me having "Incredimail", I guess. So, I apologize and will try to do all my DonauSchwaben mail on my husband's email address so that doesn't happen any more. Margaret ----- Original Message ----- From: "larry hussli" To: Sent: Wednesday, March 15, 2006 6:45 PM Subject: [DVHH-L] Unidentified subject! > Ok Jody yo
516. Re: [DVHH-L] Customs and men [1]
Alex, It's interesting that it's just the opposite of the Lutheran church in Semlak--I don't know if it is that way in other Lutheran villages. I can just see you, cleaning up the wine after the priest. :)You always have such lovely stories to tell. Rose Mary ----- Original Message ----- From: "ajleeb" To: Sent: Tuesday, March 21, 2006 6:29 PM Subject: Re: [DVHH-L] Customs and men > > Rose Mary.. > > I believe it was one of my pictures. > In
517. Re: [DVHH-L] "For the Frau" - household tips from Banater Almanac [1]
1. Eigelb is egg-yolk. 3. Gewebe mit Terpentin means fabrik dipped in turpentine Diana. ----- Original Message ----- From: "Mercydorf" To: Sent: Thursday, March 23, 2006 1:03 PM Subject: [DVHH-L] "For the Frau" - household tips from Banater Almanac >From an old German Banater Almanac, dated 1953, I received from a cousin in Banat a couple of years ago. Here are some helpful household hints listed under the section "For the Frau" - I hav
518. New list Administator [1]
Alex Welcome to your new job. You are a good selection for the List Administrator, you have helped me a couple of times with people in Germany. In Wisconsin we had -24F last month that is a heat wave to you. Bill --------------------------------- Brings words and photos together (easily) with PhotoMail - it's free and works with Yahoo! Mail.
519. Brick wall-Herman-Kolut/Ringdorf [1]
Hello I'm looking for any information about an ancestor of mine. I would like to find his parents to see where they came from before they came to Kolut. His name is Franz HERMANN born in Kolut/ Ringdorf Serbia about 1778. He died in Kolut on 11 Oct 1847. I have his death record from the LDS microfilm, all I can make out are his name and his third wife. Did they list the parents of the deceased on the death records back then? His 1st wife was Ottilia BICHLER married in 1807. His 2nd wife was
520. Re: [DVHH-L] Brick Wall RollCall [1]
Rose Mary. This might not be in your lineage, but might have some connection. Keller Karl, Neuhausen, by Pforzheim, married 15.111.1748, in Neuhausen, married to Magdalena Kaufmann, from Burbach, by Malsch/Baden. Children born in Neuhausen, Josef Anton *12.10.1750. M.A. *14.01.1760; living in Kameral, for 3 years, immigrated Karawukowa/Batschka. ----- The same with the M|ller Family, not sure if it's the same family. M|ller Martin, *6.9.1752, in Wersau, by Darmstadt, to Kischker=Klein-Ker/Batschka. mar
521. Re: [DVHH-L] Smelling Flowers & Michigan Relatives & Sugar Beets [1]
Rose I am from Saginaw, Michigan, if I can make some phone calls for you let me know. If you know the address of the farm of your great uncle and want a picture just ask. Saginaw has a nice genealogy department at the library, here is the site address: _Public Libraries of Saginaw Site Index_ ( Good Luck Debbie
522. Re: [DVHH-L] Dark complexion/hair [1]
I'd be interested in this as well. We have one sister who has olive colored skin while the rest of us are fair. And only one of the fair skinned girls is able to tan. The rest burn when in the sun. In a message dated 24.2.06 6:16:07 PM, writes: > > << Many ancestor who came from Alsace, had a dark complexion. Dark skin and > black hair. >> > > Alex, > I've kept this message because I wanted to hear more about this subject. Can > you tell us more about this and/or refer me to where I
523. Re: [DVHH-L] Re: [DVHH-L] Re: [DVHH-L] Re: [DVHH-L] Mramorak: Grau, Bitsch, Zimmer, and Grösser Families [1]
(snip) >Eileen wrote: > You can order a copy of the original homestead record from the Alberta > Archives: Thank you, Eileen. I did manage to get a copy from the Alberta Archives. > > The above link is super! It also links to Saskatchewan records which I'm going to need when I do more indepth research on my mother's side of the family. There's another dead end I'm trying to poke through with the help of a Germa
524. Re: [DVHH-L] Re: mushkatzonen cookie mold [1]
I'm glad everyone is receiving them so quickly. I want to attach every version of the recipe to the ones I'm giving to my relatives for Christmas. I just have to figure out how - I wanted to do something other than your normal recipe card, and printed out vs. hand written. Although I've grown to treasure samples of relatives hand writing - so maybe I should hand write them out. Or handwrite our family recipe and print all those on the recipe page. I think I'm going to give them all a DS crest (the Ca
525. Re: Shipshewanna vs Birch Run [1]
Hey Alice, Another Shipshe fan, good to know. When do you usually make your trek? My gal pals and I go around the end of June, before the 4th. Then we HAVE to go to "Das Essenhaus" for the pie - oh dinner too. My husband and I discovered the E&S sales place with all the Amish bulk food - it was so neat because no one else went there - Now it is bigger and more crowded. Everyone has discovered our favorite place. I didn't mean to make it sound like it was the same as shopping in Birch Run - other than

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