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51. [DVHH] Roll Call: Janko, Arva--Semlak, Mezobereny [1]
Somewhat late in getting this to the list, but I'm always hopeful. Ann Semlak JANKO ARVA HERZBERGER SCHUBKEGEL (SCHUPKEGEL) VOGEL VOGT Mezobereny SCHUBKEGEL HERZBERGER WEISLAGER WINTER WEISS Balmaz JANKO Vadkert ARVA
52. [DVHH] Bogarosch look-up request SCHAUSS/SCHAUSZ [1]
Is there a Familienbuch for Bogarosch? I am looking for info on the surname SCHAUSS/SCHAUSZ. I know the family settled in Triebswetter, and from the Triebswetter Fb, I have Michael SCHAUSS, born abt. 1754 & wife Anna Christina STEPHAN. They had at least 1 child in Bogarosch, Nikolaus, born about 1786. I would like any info on Nikolaus, and any other children in Bogarosch. From the Alexanderhausen Fb, I also have: Johann SCHAUSZ, born abt 1838 in Bogarosch, married to Anna Maria TILLGER. They
53. [DVHH] Werschetz [1]
I have a hardcover book of Werschetz written by Helmut Frisch. It has 786 text pages plus 273 picture pages. I'd like to trade this book for either a Gajdobra, Militisch, Tchonopel, Brestowatz, Kunbaja, Kernia, Batsch Brestowatz or Karawukova if there are books from these towns. This book is in very good condition. Frank - Windsor
54. [DVHH] Kathy Ward. [1]
Hi Kathy. I lost your e-mail address. Please contact me. Thank you. Alex.
55. [DVHH] Does anyone have any LETT's maybe LEICHT? One was b. BUNKIN BATSHKA late 1800's [1]
Looking for the where abouts of the LETT family in the late 1800's. Possibly the name was spelled differently maybe LEICHT. It would appear later moved west across the Danube to the area around Djakovo, Vikovci and Purđanci (Gjurgjanci) Ivan (John) LETT, b. Aug 06 1883 Bunkin, Batschka, Austria/Hungary d. Dec 04 1942 FLA., Thank You Kurt --------------------------------- Never miss a thing. Make Yahoo your homepage.
56. Re: [DVHH] Roll Call [1]
Hi Dave Most of my information was from the "Familienbuch Knees im Banat 1797-1897. Neither Joseph BAUER , Pauline LICHTLER , nor Pauline Anna SINGER are in this book. Sorry. I'll be happy to do look ups. Barb ----- Original Message ----- From: Dave and Pat Tiefenbach To: Barbara Hilderson Sent: Saturday, January 26, 2008 11:58 AM Subject: Re: [DVHH] Roll Call Barbara, I have in my tree a Joseph BAUER b. abt 1900 who married Pa
57. [DVHH] DP Camps [1]
Dear Dan, Thank you for shedding light on this. The documents I have are rather poor copies of copies and I have been searching in countries like the Hungary and Germany. Never did I once think of Austria. I do know that my Mother in Law refuses to eat or make fish becaues that was all that was available and it was usually not very well prepared or rancid. I am not sure if this stems from tito's camps or from the refugee camps. But you have to remember she was just 6 years old in 1947. Thank
58. Re: [DVHH] Enquiry [1]
Hello Jakob. Welcome to the DVHH-L. Any particular name you are researching? I'm sure somebody on the list will be able to give you an answer. Good luck. Gru_ Alex. ----- Original Message ----- From: To: Sent: Monday, January 14, 2008 3:45 AM Subject: [DVHH] Enquiry >I would be interested to receive information from people, who were born >between 1923 and 1926 and lived in "Torschau" before the World War II. My >wife and I live in Vienna
59. Re: [DVHH] Anna Taugner Born abt: 1894 Villages:Grabatz, Lenauheim, Banat, Temes, Saagh, Hungary [1]
Hello Linda, By the way welcome to the list. Peter Leitermann b. about 1860 the father of Conrad Leitermann b. abt 1891 Zichydorf, Banat d. 1969 Madison Heights, Oakland County MI can be found in the The Zichydorf OSB on line. The Leitermann family is probably from another village as there are only 8 of them listed. The family is also listed in Rootsweb World Connect. Now as far Conrads wife Anna Taugner b. about 1894 in either Schag or Koenigsho
60. Re: [DVHH] Birth announcement for Bartolf [1]
Thanks, Lori. What fun to see a Bartolf making such nice headlines! The parents were originally from Kitchener so I am pretty certain that there is a familial connection. Think I'll see if I can contact them. It's always fun to add another person to the tree! Rose Mary ----- Original Message ----- From: "Lori Straus" To: "DVVH Liste" Sent: Wednesday, January 02, 2008 11:31 AM Subject: [DVHH] Birth announcement for Bartolf > Rather a
61. [DVHH] Message for Jane Moore [1]
Jane, your email address won't accept my scans now! Your list is actually correct - they were the original signatories of the petition. The other 125 names I sent were added afterwards. Diana.
62. Re: [DVHH] romanian verb [1]
Diana. To be = "a fi " Alex. ----- Original Message ----- From: "Diana Lambing" To: "DVHH List" Sent: Friday, January 11, 2008 10:35 AM Subject: [DVHH] romanian verb > Help, anyone! What is the romanian verb for 'to be'? I need to conjugate > it. > > Diana > --------------------------------------- > "Herkunft" > genealogy, descent, ancestry, extraction, lineage, parentage, pedigree, > provenance, stock > -----------------------------
63. [DVHH] Clearing frustrations [1]
Hello All, The easiest way to understand or distinguish what we were is by this example: If a family, no matter how long ago, moved from Germany to China, they could become Chinese citizens, but they would never be considered 'Chinese'. Just my two cents' worth. Anne D.
64. Re: [DVHH] Billed-Cemetery - Heimatblatt 2007 - Paget Article [1]
Thanks Alex, The article in the "Billeder Heimatblatt 2007" is my (English-to-German) translation of the English-language original shown at And a beautiful drawing of a horse-mill from the book by Paget is shown at One must congratulate the people of the HOG Billed for their beautiful Heimatblatt. Best regards, Nick Tullius -----Original Message----- F
65. Re: [DVHH] Anna Taugner Leitermann - Manifest- and village of T. Sagh, Saagh or Saagt [1]
Jane wrote: In 1920, Conrad was a farmer (as you suggested); in 1930, he was an automobile worker. No I did not see the census record, thank you for it. My AMENT family moved to the city about the same time, This was during the depression, they made a good trade,............. their farm for two houses in the city. Well, I guess the Census record matching 1908 to the Manifest 1906-1907 is a little off, but its not that I haven't seen these types of errors before. On the manifest it states that she is goin
66. Re: [DVHH] URSCHEL [1]
Hello Chris, Can you tell me what all is mentioned of Philipp Urschel? Does it list a wife and/or children? Thanks, Eve On Jan 15, 2008 8:16 AM, Chris Seil <> wrote: > My great, great, great grandparents were Peter Klein and Elisabeth Urschel > from Schowe, but I have only limited data on them. Peter Klein was born in > 1784 and Elisabeth Urschel was born in 1782. Urschels were original > settlers in Schowe. Here is what I have on what might be these same two > people, from the S
67. Re: [DVHH] Roll Call 2008; Mitrowitz - Ruttinger, etc. [1]
Hi, my grandfathers4 sister was married to a Johann Rittinger. Both have died years ago but his sister is still alive and lives in our neighbourhood. If required i could ask her about support. Sylvia Bad Rappenau-Germany *Von:* "Karen Preston" *Gesendet:* 02.01.08 21:17:16 *An:* Brian Phail *CC:* *Betreff:* Re: [DVHH] Roll Call 2008; Mitrowitz - Ruttinger, etc. Hi Brian, I have Wajand/Wajandt in my ancestry: Theresi
68. [DVHH] RAUCH, BOMBLE in Lazarfeld & Sigmundfeld [1]
These are the villages and names I am researching: Marienfeld RAUCH Phillip, *1771(?), + 08.09.1831 (Lazarfeld) oo KAUFMANN, Elisabeth 17.05.17794, *01.07.1776 Tv Peter K. & Ursula RAUCH Johann, *02.08.1800 (#5 of 13 children  9 born in Marienfeld, 4 in Lazarfeld The family moved to Lazarfeld about 1810-1811. Lazarfeld RAUCH Johann, * 02.08.1800 1.oo KOCH Margaretha, *01.11.1804. + 21.11.1826 (2 children) 2.oo KATHREIN, Magdalena, *? RAUCH Adam (Sr) *04.04.1839 (#10 of 12 children) oo HE
69. Re: [DVHH] 2008 Roll-Call; BANAT, BATSCHKA; VOVOJDINA [1]
Dear Marge & Kati, Happy New Year & Roll Call! I'd like to invite both of you to send me an email with all your Batsch-Brestowatz surnames and I will post you both on the Brestowatz Surname Registry with your email addresses. We have almost enough for a separate page now. In case you hadn't noticed, Anton Petschner, my Brestowatz Co-Coordinator in Germany, has Heil and Krebs in his tree. Here is a link to his website, and feel free to email him
70. [DVHH] Lett family [1]
Hello Kurt, I checked in the Bukin OSSbook and found a Johann Lett born August 18th 1883. His parents were Felix Lett and Theresia Csutora.It was the second maariage for Felix on 22. 01. 1872 in Palanka. Theresia's parents were Sebastian C. and Juliana Zieger. Theresia was born 1. 10. 1849 in Palanka. There were eight children in the family, two of them died young. If you need more info, I'll try to help. Anne D.
71. Re: [DVHH] 2008 Roll-Call; BANAT, BATSCHKA; VOVOJDINA [1]
Hello Marge and Beth, I have Marianna Hiel *25.4.822 + 12.10.864 the daughter of Josef Hiel and Rosina Heinz Hiel. She married Adam Krebs (17.12.820 + 27.8.891) Kids were Barbara, Magd., Rosalia, Anton, Jos, Rosina, Jos, Adam and Jos. Does anh of this match your records? On Jan 5, 2008, at 11:42 AM, Beth Tolfree wrote: > Hello, Marge -- > I have Hiel from Brestowatz in my family tree as well. > > Anna Hiel born 1802 in Bacs Brestowatz is my 3rd Gr.Grandmother. She > married Sebastian Milla in 1817. > I
72. [DVHH] Banat Schwabian Ancestry [1]
Hello, I am trying to trace my roots past my father (George born Sag, Romania) and grandfather (Franz lived in Sag and died in WWII). From my father I received names and dates and wanted to know if you could help me find more information. My father is living but difficult to get more information from as I would like to surprise him if new information is found and he gets upset at times. What I have so far is: A postcard with a photo of countryside and on reverse 'Berghausen Im Schmalle
73. [DVHH] Searching the name Kutschera. [1]
Hello. I'm new at this, so please forgive me with my stupid questions. I'm searching for the name Kutschera. I was told they lived in Banat. I don't know the name of the village (villages). I was told they spoke German, and settled in Banat in he 1700. I would like to know, where they came from, and if there still are connections in Banat. Your generous help is appreciated. Thank you. Anne.K.
74. Re: [DVHH] Query [1]
Kati, Around 1900 there was very little land 'for sale' around the Danube-Swabian villages. Existing 'farms' had to be divided between the children of a family. One consequence was that people started having fewer children; many had only one or two. Those that would not inherit any land had very limited options: they could learn a trade, or they could become 'hired hands' ('Knechte') with richer farmers. Even that became difficult when non-German hired hands became available at lower costs to the richer f
75. Re: [DVHH] New Year'Celebrations [1]
Lori -- that is true about the Trapp family moving to Vermont. In fact, they chose Vermont because they felt it resembled their home country of Austria. If you go to the inn, you will understand quite well. I think I'll check out their website -- although I did enjoy a wonderful lunch at the Inn. Susan ----- Original Message ----- From: "Lori Straus" To: "Kati Angelini" Cc: Sent: Monday, December 31, 2007 1:34

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