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76. Re: [DVHH] Anna Taugner Leitermann - 1930 census [1]
Good work Jane! That would confirm the information on her 1912 manifest as she indicates she has been to the US in 1906 and 1907. I have to say that I wrongly indicated that she had numbers indicaticating the year she filed with intent to stay in the USA in 1912, that was the other Anna. I suspect that there will probably be numbers and dates on her 1906 manifest, where ever that is. Also I think you can make out the correct spelling of her name on the manifest you found. And it also gives her fathers na
77. [DVHH] Gutekunst, Sebastianus b. abt 1750 Lookup [1]
Does anyone have access to the following book to do a lookup for: Gutekunst, Sebastianus born abt 1750 Died December 31, 1833 Grossjetscha Nagold/082/1997/1560-1925 (L) Oertel, Burkhart: Ortssippenbuch Nagold 3, Kreis Calw in W|rttemberg f|r die Stadtteile Iselshausen 1560-1925 und Schietingen 1644-1925. Neubiberg 1997; Reihe: DOSB/A, Bd. 221. Zugl.: W|rttembergische OSB, Bd. 36; 176 S.; 1953 Fam ST DZfG/DB Leipzig (1997 B 5875), Z Frankfurt-Hvchst Kathy Ward
78. Re: [DVHH] 2008 Roll-Call; BANAT, BATSCHKA; VOVOJDINA [1]
Hi Kati; Thanks for your speedy response. I hope we are kin to one another. I'm rather new to genealogy and I have a visual problem but I have a good friend ( my husband Leonard) who helps me with the computer. Last year I requested a "Look-up" from Brestowatz on my Grandmother Barbara Hehn (b 25/01/1881). I got it and learned recently (from a cousin) that I had Great Grandmother Barbara Krebs (b 05/04/1843) and great great grandmother Marianna Heil (b ?) -all from Brestowatz. I need to requ
79. Re: [DVHH] Roll call Stader [1]
Hi to anyone owning a Stader book volume I. Below you find names of my ancestors. Would it be possible to copy the pages where these name apear and send them to me? If so I will mail you may address. You may also scan the pages and mail them. Should there be any reference to Batschsentiwan as destination of any of the names it would be the ones I am interested in. Amann Baumann Bell Benzinger Bill Bischof Biswurm Blattner Blechl Baruanwieser Burgert Burghardt Cormann Corne Dauser Drechsler D
80. Re: [DVHH] Anna Taugner Born abt: 1894 Villages:Grabatz, Lenauheim, Banat, Temes, Saagh, Hungary [1]
Linda, The name Taugner is frequently found in Alexanderhausen. You can check it out on Good luck, Nick Tullius -----Original Message----- From: [] On Behalf Of linda klew Sent: 24-Jan-08 5:07 PM To: Subject: [DVHH] Anna Taugner Born abt: 1894 Villages:Grabatz, Lenauheim,Banat, Temes,
81. Re: [DVHH] deciphering church records [1]
Hi Kati, Congratulations for tackling the the microfilm of the family book!!! Here's a translation of the Family book entry: > K429 K429 is the family book "Family Number" or "Entry Number". In most family books, they will use these numbers to reference this particular family group, in other parts of the book, such as the entry for parents or for the family of a bride, when she is born in the same town/village. > Krebs, Anton *1.10.848 the "star or asterisk" is an abbreviation for the date o
82. [DVHH] Upcoming Broward County events [1]
There are two upcoming events in Broward County, Florida sure to be of interest to South Florida residents: First, in Plantation, FL on January 30, presented by the Jewish Genealogical Society of Broward County, is a lecture by past-president of the Canadian Jewish Genealogical Society, Henry Wellisch, who will be speaking on THE AUSTRO-HUNGARIAN EMPIRE: Conventional and Non-Conventional Resources. Also, those who regret missing Steve Morse in Palm Beach a coup
83. [DVHH] roll call 2008-ofner highlands [1]
Hi, i am still searching for the names: Herwerth/Herberth, Kindtner/Gindtner, Keusch, Eberhardt and Frank in the Ofner Bergland - Ofner Highlands around Budapest. Despite of that. The names Dreiseitel, Passinger, Parsch and Wellert/Willert of the Moravia area / spring of the river Oder are the part of my fathers research. And to all of you: Happy New Year from the south of Germany Sylvia Weimar geb. Dreiseitel Bad Rappenau - Germany Jetzt neu! Sch|tzen Sie Ihren PC mit McAfee und WEB.DE. 30 Tage
84. [DVHH] Billed-OSB [1]
I was informed by HOG-Billed, there are no more prints of the Billeder-OSB left, and no republishing of the OSB, will be done. Also, account financial situation, the Billeder Cemetery Book, will not be published. For those of you who received the "Billeder Heimatblatt," on the cover picture, that is not the the "Spiderman" climbing up the church steeple. They are men renovating on the church. Alex.
85. [DVHH] DP camps [1]
I am sorry Katherine - I sent my response to John to the wrong list - leaving people probably wondering what this was about - one of those things I really need to be careful of! Tina sent this out on the other list as a link in regard to dp camps, I checked it out a long time ago, perhaps there is some information there to help in your search. Eve On Jan 26, 2008 3:27 PM, Katharine Samuelson wrote: > John & Eve > You both mentioned Linz DP camp. Does anyo
86. Re: [DVHH] Roll Call Ruttinger, etc. [1]
Thank you Karen and Sylvia for checking into my Ruttinger name. Sylvia, all of my information indicates that the name was always spelled Ruttinger. I know there can be variations, though. If your relative was from the Mitrowitz (Mitrovica) area, it might be worth asking for additional information. If she was not from that area, I'd hate to waste anyone's time. Thank you very much for the offer! Karen, here's a summary of the information I have on my Ruttinger/Wajand relationship: My gg
87. Re: [DVHH] [BANAT-L] Who decided that? [1]
John & Eve You both mentioned Linz DP camp. Does anyone know if there was a roster for the folks that were there. I vaguely recall being in that camp with my mother, till 1952. Katharine from cold/snowy Delta ----- Original Message ----- From: "Eve" > double oops wrong list > > On Jan 26, 2008 2:18 PM, Eve wrote: > >> oops forgot to send to the list also >> >> >> >> John, >> > >> > My parents and siblings were in a dp camp not far from Linz - in fact >> > m
88. Re: [DVHH] Passing German down the line [1]
Dear Lori, I just finally got around to downloading your thesis on German culture and hope to read it soon. As you can see, I'm a little behind on my correspondence, but that's the beauty of the internet -- you can get to it as you have time. Have you made any progress on your own family history research? Please be sure to update the rest of us -- it is encouraging and inspiring to hear about the successes (and failures) of others. Thanks for sharing this research paper with us -- it looks very i
Hello Dennis Yes, some 6 years ago. I was just starting my research and I was looking for Gutt, Kranacher, Marx, Leicht, Huegl and Meckler ( I have no first names) who were my aunt's husbands. Also My uncle Jacob Heckli. All dates in the early 1900. But alas you were not able to help at the time. As you can see I have made great strides in my ancestry. Which names are you referring to? Maybe we have a connection. Anxious to hear from you. Katharine ----- Original Message ----- From: "Dennis Ba
90. Re: [DVHH] Hockl [1]
Marc. Welcome to the DVHH-L. I was going to refer you to John Kornfeind. But John being fast, he beat me to it. Marc, - Yes, there was a Franz Hockl, born 1911, in Schag, died while serving in the German Army in WW-II. I believe John will be able to help you more on the Hockls. Good luck. Alex. ----- Original Message ----- From: To: Cc: Sent: Sunday, January 27, 2008
91. [DVHH] Arranged Marriages [1]
To Kurt & Other Members The only proof I can offer on this subject. Is that my mother was from Bogarosch. At the time she had met my father. She was already engaged to marry some one else. This was an arranged marriage. But at that time my mother was here in the USA. She refused to marry the man she was engaged to and married my father. Betty Phila Pa
92. Re: [DVHH] Mezobereny lookup for Elisabeth Stefan [1]
Lori, I have the records on file at my local FHC center and will look for you after the 8th if nobody has done if before that time. Darlene Rose Mary K Hughes wrote: >Hi Lori, > >No one has prepared a Familienbuch for Mezobereny yet. Istvan Maleth is >working on it but has many years yet to go. > >However, if you go to your local Family History Center, you can ask them to >order from Salt Lake City the following films: > >Evangilikus Egyhaz, Mezvberiny, Hazasultak, Halottak 1802-1895, 9 631081, >
93. [DVHH] Roll Call [1]
I have some additional names for Bulkes: SCHMIDT, Margaret b.1779 HEINTZ, Daniel ROEDER, Georg PFLAUM, Theresia ----- Original Message ----- From: Dreyer To: Sent: Monday, December 31, 2007 11:02 AM Subject: Roll Call GERM-Bulkes to St Louis, MO KIRSCHNER-Bulkes URSCHEL Thanks for the Roll Call!
94. Re: [DVHH] [BANAT-L] Jahrmarkt Family Book [1]
Is the Jahrmarkt family book available now? If so how can I order it? John Frey **************Start the year off right. Easy ways to stay in shape.
95. [DVHH] Prayers [1]
Dear Anne & list members, I know Jody will appreciate any prayers and well-wishes, but because the message to which you responded was actually not posted to the list, I thought I would correct a mistaken impression which may have been inferred. It is not Jody's husband, but another of her family members who is very ill. Yours is truly a very sweet gesture and a beautiful poem, but perhaps we should hold any further comments as the situation is imminent. Kind regards, Nancy
96. Re: [DVHH] URSCHEL [1]
My great, great, great grandparents were Peter Klein and Elisabeth Urschel from Schowe, but I have only limited data on them. Peter Klein was born in 1784 and Elisabeth Urschel was born in 1782. Urschels were original settlers in Schowe. Here is what I have on what might be these same two people, from the Schowe Heimatbuch: Klein, Peter, Evangelical Lutheran, latecomer, arrived in Schowe in 1804 on a two-horse carriage from Schwanden in the Pfalz (Westrich) with his wife he married in Vienna, Elisab
97. Re: [DVHH] 2008 Roll Cal - Batschka Villages Bereg, Csatalja & Kolut [1]
Hi Gabrielle, Welcome to the Wagner Clan :) I'm also descendant from Friedrich Ernst Wagner and Magdalena Sprentz. My lineage goes through their child Georg, born Nov 1 1751 in Vinningen and died May 4 1792 in Gara, Hungary. I've promised the other 3 members of the Clan (Judy, Alice, and Eileen) a photograph of my great grand grandparents (Theresia Wagner and Stefan Roth). Theresia is the g4 granddaughter to Friedrich Ernst Wagner. It's still on my to-do list. If you're interested, I can incl
98. Re: [DVHH] Roll Call 2008 Schwabisch Turkei [1]
Hello Susan, Do you have the familienbuch for Izmeny? If not, I would be glad to look up the names--after I keep my promise to Deb Owens to do the same. Also you have a Merz listed in KISTORMAS. I have a Johann Mertz (my sixth great grandfather) listed in Izmeny who is believed to have come from Bvnstadt, Erzenburg, Germany. If your relatives were Lutherans, they might very well be in the records in Kismanyok since they had to register births, marriages, and deaths in the Catholic church there de
99. [DVHH] romanian verb [1]
Help, anyone! What is the romanian verb for 'to be'? I need to conjugate it. Diana
100. Re: [DVHH] Kovil Szent Ivan [1]
Thanks to all for their input on my question. I believe you have hit the nail on the head Gabi. I believe the town I am looking for is by Budisava. This may be the only film that is available - I will have to look into that. As always - you guys come through whenever the going gets tough! Eve On Jan 7, 2008 11:19 AM, larry/gabi bugaisky wrote: > I assume you mean the Batschka town. It's listed at > No > FH

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