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126. [NYGENESE] Loomis/Hall family [1]
Is anyone familiar with (or, even better, working on) the family of Zalmon and Lucinda (Hall) Loomis of Byron? If so, I'm trying to reconcile a problem with Lucinda's purported birth date and the age of both her last child and her mother. Lucinda's marriage in 1820 seems appropriate given her kids ages [all those dates from a Loomis Genealogy], but it doesn't fit with a birth date for Lucinda in 1779. Love to hear from anyone who might know something about this family! Rgds, Michael ----------------
127. [NYGENESE] Alabama, NY 175th Bday [1]
The town of Alabama in Genesee County, NY will be celebrating its 175th birthday next month. July 13, 14 & 15. I posted a brief bit about the doings on my "Events" page at my web site. If you would like to see a bit of what will be going on click on: Hope to see you there! Cindy Amrhein Town of Alabama Historian Genesee Co., NY ********************** Spend some time in Alabama at Experience the town of Alabama in Genes
128. [NYGENESE] From the listowner for MSN users [1]
This is for MSN email users.... in the last few weeks, many of have and are being bounced off the list[s] you are on... because of one little word... Check your email program and make sure that your "reply to" address [ try looking in options]is the same one you used to subscribe to the list. If they are NOT the same your list mail will not be delivered. Example: your email for subscribing was if your mail program reply to address has: the rootsweb server sees that as
129. [NYGENESE] Newspaper articles 1/12/1901 [1]
Transcribed by Glenda Whitaker Subyak... Rochester, Monroe, NY Democrat & Chronicle Jan. 12, 1901 Coroner's Verdict Fixes Responsibility of Steffani's Death on Gallo Coroner, F. L. ST??? has rendered his verdict in the STEFFANI case, to the effect that Dominico STEFFANI came to his death at Lime Rock in the town of Le Roy between the hours of 6 and 8 o'clock on the afternoon of November 28, 1900, his death being the result of a bullet wound in the chest, caused by a shot fired from a revolver by one
130. [NYGENESE] Betters [1]
For those of us who are not local, who is this Matt Betters and what influence does he have? And where has he been hiding that he is unaware of how important the Genesee County Museum and Genesee County History Department are? Dorothy
131. [NYGENESE] Cindy's Genesee Co. Editorial hits the news stands [1]
Hello Gang! Here is my editorial that appeared in Saturday's newspaper, exactly as printed. I am happy to say they didn't leave out a single thing. (What a hog I am...I took up almost 1/2 a page. ;-) If you still would like to send a letter of support here is their e-mail address to the Genesee County Legislators. For all of you who have sent letters already, I greatly thank you. If you want to pass the article on to others, I suggest you copy and paste it into a new e-mail. Peopl
132. [NYGENESE] 1896 Batavia Area Directory [1]
In the front of the 1896 Batavia Area City Directory, there is a listing called, "Additions, Omissions & Corrections". There are many people in this listing labelled as dead. I am presuming these people died sometime between the collection of data for the directory and the time the directory was published. I am posting this information in the hopes that it will be of help to someone.... Alabama CHAYER, Melvin Alexander BALDWIN, I.N. BULLOCK, Dr. G. VAN DE, Bogart Batavia ANDREWS, A.J. BUCKHOLT
133. [NYGENESE] Grimes Family [1]
I am looking for information about the Grimes family from Batavia NY. The names that I have are William E., James and John. If anyone can help me it would be greatly appreciated. Also I need information on how to contact St. Mary's Cemetery. Thank You, Lois Grimes Breeden
134. [NYGENESE] Newspaper articles 12/15/1893 [1]
Transcribed by Glenda Whitaker Subyak... Rochester, Monroe, NY Democrat & Chronicle Dec. 15, 1893 William Hipner, of Darien, Killed while Crossing the Railway Tracks The case of KELLEY against FARHAM, on trial at Batavia, was given to the jury at 3 o'clock yesterday afternoon. The Young People's Society of Christian Endeavor of the Le Roy Presbyterian Church have elected the following officers: President, Miss Martha PRENTICE; vice-president, Mrs. Harold B. WARD; secretary, Mrs. C. E. BRYANT; treasur
Buffalo News 6/24/2001 BINDER - Frank W. 6/24/01 Wednesday, June 20, 2001, age 66, of Rochester, NY, Mr. Binder was born in Batavia, NY; son of Frances Binder and the late Lawrence Binder. He was a 1953 graduate of Alden Central School and served in the Army from 1954-1962. He was a fireman for the Darien Fire Co., retired from Delphi (GM); surviving are his wife, Pat Binder of Darien; son, Keith (Karen) of Bennington; two daughters, Sandra (Ken) Pond of Michigan, and Joyce (Dave) Camp, of Cheekt
136. [NYGENESE] Homeless Historian [1]
Hi Cindy and All I sure hope you are not Homeless!!!. I have been to Genesee Co. once doing research and planning to go again. I have a GGGrandfather who just doesnot want us to find his parents.After going over several of the old maps I have come to the conclusion that William Archibal Jackson could have been born in any of the Counties.He was born Sept 1,1819.Genesee Co. With all the changing of counties at that time his parents could have just stated"Genesee". If anyone out there can give light on
137. [NYGENESE] Thank you for letters of Support! [1]
To the Loyal Genesee Genealogists: To all of you who have e-mailed me that you sent a letter to our County Legislators in support of funds for our museum, the Holland Land Office; and to keep our Genesee County History Department, and our historic buildings, I sincerely thank you!!! If you have been to Genesee County, or even requested info by phone or letter from our history department, or museum, you know how helpful they are. If you would like to show your support, and snail mail is not for you,
138. [NYGENESE] Fw: [NYMONROE-L] Website about Villavallelonga [1]
----- Original Message ----- From: "Melinda Hefner" To: Sent: Saturday, June 16, 2001 10:17 PM Subject: [NYMONROE-L] Website about Villavallelonga > If you have ancestors from Villavallelonga in the L'Aquila province of the > Abruzzo region of Italy, there is a wonderful man, Sebastiano (John) > Tantalo, who has created and is maintaining a website about the town. I > found out about it about a week or so ago. It has history about the town, a > message board,
139. [NYGENESE] Hugh Hubbard and Sarepta Adams [1]
Can someone tell me where I can find a listing of the marriage in Genesee Co. NY for 1812. Are they all in the churches or has some organization done a listing? Sincerely, Jane Germann, Storm Lake, IA.
140. [NYGENESE] Newspaper articles 8/9/1906 [1]
Transcribed by Glenda Whitaker Subyak... Rochester, Monroe, NY Democrat & Chronicle Aug. 9, 1906 GENESEE Sad Death of the Young Wife of a LeRoy Business Man LeRoy, Aug. 8 - A death very sad in many respects occurred last night, when Mrs. Ina Estelle BEATTY, wife of George L. BEATTY, passed away. Mr. and Mrs. BEATTY were married only last October and the early death of Mrs. BEATTY has caused profound sorrow not only among her immediate relatives but in the community at large. For three years previous
141. [NYGENESE] Families of the Pioneer Valley [1]
Hello list, You might be interested in the "Families of the Pioneer Valley" CD which contains: "Springfield Families" by Thomas B. Warren. "Pynchon's Court Records 1638-1696". "Pynchon's Births, Marriages and Deaths 1638-1696". all of which were compiled from the record books he and his son kept for a number of years. I spoke to one of the people from Regional and he informed me that the next CD's to be released will be Cemetery records for a lot of Mass & Conn towns.
142. [NYGENESE] Editorial "APPLAUSE" [1]
Cindy and the members of our maillists: I have just finished reading Cindy Amrhein's editorial in today's Batavia "Daily News". I could not put it down until I finished. If any of you have not seen it yet, Cindy has promised to post it here on the maillist soon. Read it, and I am sure you will totally agree with all points covered. Cindy, I want to congratulate you on a superb article which not only covers all the aspects of Mr. Betters' proposal which would affect genealogists everywhere, but shoots e
143. Re: [NYGENESE] Cemeteries in Batavia, NY [1]
At 01:26 PM 6/4/01, you wrote: >Can someone tell me if there is a record of the cemeties in Batavia NY or >a record of the Revolutionary Soldiers buried in Batavia NY vicinity. I >am in search of the grave of John Hubbard Rev. Sol. and his second wife >Eunice Moore and/or his third wife Agnes Wheeler. Thanks for your >time. Jane Germann Storm Lake, IA Jane, Batavia's cemeteries are: Batavia Cemetery % Catherine Roth 23 N. Pointe Dr. Batavia, NY 14020 716-343-3833 Elmwood Cemetery 133 N. Spruce
144. Re: [NYGENESE] Sept 1-1863: Rgmt of Sharpshooters [1]
Hi Linda, I'm a little late in thanking you for publishing this article - it's been longer than I thought that I checked this e-mail account. I'm believe that this Regiment became the 2nd Mounted Rifles - My gg-grandfather, Porter Howard, was a veteran of the 28th Regiment and re-enlisted (as the article implied) in the 2nd Mounted Rifles, ending up as the Quartermaster. I'm very interested in anything you come across that mentions either one of those regiments. I've been doing research on the 28th for
145. [NYGENESE] Aug 18-1863: C. Brown, 9th NY Artillery [1]
Republican Advocate - Batavia NY August 18-1863 *transcribed & submitted by L.Schmidt, December 30-2006 We learn with great pleasure that Corp. Cyrus W. Brown, Co. M., 9th Artillery, late 22d N.Y. Battery, a son of John W. Brown, Esq., of Pembroke, of this place, has been discharged for promotion in the U.S. Colored Troops, ranking as 1st Lieutenant from the 31st of July, 1863. Lieut. Brown though quite young is well capable to perform the arduous duties of an officer in the Colored Troops
146. [NYGENESE] July 26-1861: 12th Regmt, payments [1]
Republican Advocate - Batavia NY transcribed & submitted by L. Schmidt, December 3-2006 July 26-1861. I have received from the following members of Co. K, 12th Regiment, N.Y.V., through Capt. A.I. Root, various sums of money with directions to pay the same to those persons whose names appear in the [opposite] column. Persons entitled to received such moneys can do so by calling upon me at my office at Batavia, or by sending a written order for the amount. Frank Murphy $10 To Henry N
147. [NYGENESE] Vol 52 info [1]
If you have requested a look up you can tell what article or story by the page #. Go to the list of authors/articles Read the information about how to request a copy...and the address. then click on Volume 48 July 2001 to Volume 52 April 2006 Also, Issue 3 has a number of old maps with names of those who owned land...all those names are in the index. [pages 66,71,72,73, & 77]
148. [NYGENESE] Dec 22-1863: Army of the Cumberland [1]
December 22-1863 Republican Advocate - Batavia NY *transcribed & submitted by L.Schmidt, Dec 27-2006 Letter from the Army of the Cumberland. We are indebted to Anson Higley, Esq., of Elba, for the following letter written by his nephew, Corporal Henry Ames, of Co. I, 66th Ohio Volunteers, giving a graphic account of the great Battle of Chattanooga. He was under the gallant Hooker, and very properly feels proud of the achievements of our brave soldiers. Camp at the Foot of Lookout Mountain Dec. 2
149. [NYGENESE] Name Index - Historical Wyoming - Vol 52 [1]
I have just finished a surname index to Volume 52 [2005-6] of Historical Wyoming. I will do the lookup of the following names [more to come] - the lookup is the issue # and page #. You will have to contact the Wyoming County Historian's office to get copies. Fargo Harriet T. Fargo Harriet T. Farley Susan Fay Casper W. Fay Casper W. Feister G. Fenner George C. Fenner George C. Ferguson Dave Ferguson David "Old Dave" Ferguson Jerome Ferguson Jer
150. [NYGENESE] Feb 25-1863, Deaths: Spaulding, Fox, Ensign [1]
February 25-1863 Wyoming Mirror *transcribed & submitted by L. Schmidt, Dec 28-2006 Died: In Attica, Feb. 14th, George Spaulding, in his 18th year. Young Spaulding was a soldier. He volunteered and went with Capt. Whiteside from Le Roy in the 105th. He had been home, sick some two months. In Kalamazoo, Mich., Feb. 14th, of Scarlet Fever, Libbie, only child of Edward and Eunice L. Fox, of Arcade, aged 6 years, 10 months and 11 days. In Linden, February 14th, of Consumption, Mrs. Angelin

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