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151. [NYGENESE] Betty Thomas [1]
I've misplaced your e-mail address and have some information I think you'll like receiving. Could you please contact me? Heidi Quider Gohn
152. [NYGENESE] July 25-1861: Stimson [1]
Republican Advocate - Batavia NY July 25-1861 *transcribed & submitted by L.Schmidt We have in our possession a letter from the Chaplain of the 1st Massachusetts Regiment, to Rev. H.K.Stimson, of this place, conveying the sad intelligence of the death of his son, who took part in the battle of Bull's Run, on the 18th inst. It says he was wounded while in the brave and faithful discharge of his duty. He was carried to the hospital at Centreville, as soon as possible, but he had lost two much blood t
153. [NYGENESE] Dec 15-1863: 8th NY Artillery, enlisting [1]
Republican Advocate - Batavia NY December 15-1863. Eighth New-York Artillery We desire to call the attention of those persons who are desirous of enlisting in the army, and who are as yet undecided as to what particular branch of service it is best for them to enter in, to the company now in process of organization in this County by Lieutenants Bailey, Ludden and Robertson, to be attached to the 8th regiment of Artillery, N.Y.Vols., or as it is best known to our readers the "129th Regiment,
154. [NYGENESE] Name Index - Historical Wyoming - Vol 52 [1]
I have just finished a surname index to Volume 52 [2005-6] of Historical Wyoming. I will do the lookup of the following names [more to come] - the lookup is the issue # and page #. You will have to contact the Wyoming County Historian's office to get copies. Calkins D.L. Calkins J. Hervey Calkins J. Hervey Calkins Martha Calkins Martha Calkins N.A. Calkins N.A. Campbell I. Campbell Jane A. Campbell Jane A. Capen Matilda Capen W. Capen Matilda Card A.B. Card John Ca
155. [NYGENESE] Name Index - Historical Wyoming - Vol 52 [1]
I have just finished a surname index to Volume 52 [2005-6] of Historical Wyoming. I will do the lookup of the following names - the lookup is the issue # and page #. You will have to contact the Wyoming County Historian's office to get copies. Nab S.H. Nelson Ella Nevinger Charles Nevinger Martin New Charles Newcomb Louisa Nicholds Hannah C. Nicholds Hannah C. Nichols A. Nichols C. Noble Frank Norris Fred Norris Fred Norris Fred Norton F
156. [NYGENESE] July 28-1863: 1st Regmt Vetrn Ca [1]
July 28-1863 Republican Advocate, Batavia NY First Regiment Veteran Cavalry. Lieut. E.W. Blossom, late of the Van Allen Cavalry, has opened an office in the Western Hotel, for the purpose of recruiting for the First Regiment Veteran Cavalry under command of the gallant Col. R.F. Taylor. Volunteers should bear in mind that by enlisting in this Veteran Regiment they are entitled to all the Bounties. Re-enlistments, $552 - new recruits, $175. * transcribed & submitted by L.Schmidt, Dec 28-2006
157. [NYGENESE] Dec 29-1863: letters [1]
Republican Advocate - Batavia NY December 29-1863 *transcribed & submitted by L. Schmidt, December 29-2006. List of Letters remaining in the Post Office at Batavia, Dec. 28, 1863. Allen, Mrs Harriet E Brooks, Mary Berue, Jacob Clark, John Chowdler, Charles Demister, Wesley Ectfird, W Hitchcock, Mrs Ada Hall, Mary Jamison, M Manning, Mary McNear, Robert McJonegal, Franklin Martin, Anna O'Donnell, Bridget Peckham, Geo Ware, Mrs Robert Persons calling for any of the above letters will please sa
158. [NYGENESE] Name Index - Historical Wyoming - Vol 52 [1]
I have just finished a surname index to Volume 52 [2005-6] of Historical Wyoming. I will do the lookup of the following names [more to come] - the lookup is the issue # and page #. You will have to contact the Wyoming County Historian's office to get copies. This took me about 2 weeks to do [ a little typing here and there when I had time...a bit over 1700 entries]. Questions to the list: 1. Wouldn't it be great to have a name index for all volumes?! 2. Is anyone interested in helping achieve that
159. Re: [NYGENESE] Sept 1-1863: Rgmt of Sharpshooters [1]
hi Dana, thanks so much for letting me know that this article was helpful to you - I felt when I saw it that it could be of interest to somebody out there! Let me know when you get a website up and running, I'd be glad to put a link to it from one of my pages~ Linda Author of: "Bethany: The Poor House & the People" "Poems of Mary Erwin Hobbs,19th Century Poetess of Bethany" "Bethany's Town and People of the 19th Century" Wings Tales and Leaves ~ My Home Page Web
160. [NYGENESE] July 25-1861: Battle of Rich Mountain [1]
source: The Daily Advocate, Batavia NY transcribed & submitted by L. Schmidt, December 3-2006. July 25-1861 Battle of Rich Mountain Mr Eugene Joslyn, of this place, is a member of a cavalry company now in the Western part of Virginia, under Gen McClellan. by the kindness of his friends here, we extract the following from one of his letters, dated at Huttonsville, Va., July 15. It gives a very good description of the Battle of Rich Mountain. "We had to work two days, before we coul
161. [NYGENESE] Dec 29-1863: Letter from Union POW, 9th Artillery [1]
Please note: in the following transcription, some words have been omitted, due to the torn page of the original when microfilmed - the omissions occurred at the edge of the last column on the right hand side of the page - and so, I have typed it as seen; therefore, at the end of some lines it has been noted using: [omission] - Linda December 29-1863 Republican Advocate, Batavia NY Letter from Union Prisoner of War in Virginia Headquarters 9th NY Volunteer Artillery Ft. Simmons DC, December 21, 1863
162. [NYGENESE] Aug 18-1863: War at Sea [1]
Republican Advocate - Batavia NY August 18-1863 News of the Week. The U.S. steam frigate 'Hartford', Admiral Farragut, of the Mississippi Squadron, arrived at New York on the 10th. Salutes were fired from the forts at the narrows from Quarantine, Fort Wood, Fort Columbus, and the various French, Spanish, and American men-of-war in the harbor. The expedition that left Fortress Monroe on the 4th, under direction of Maj. Gen. Foster, accompanied by the turreted iron-clad Sangamon, and the gunboats C
163. [NYGENESE] Feb 7-1865: G. Jones, Obit. [1]
Republican Advocate, Batavia N Y February 7-1865 *transcribed & submitted by L.Schmidt, December 29-2006 Died. At Salisbury N.C., November 1, 1864, of Chronic Diarrhea, George P. Jones, aged 19 years. George P. Jones was a son of Alva Jones, of Batavia. He enlisted in 1863, in Co. G, 8th. N.Y. Artillery, and participated in the battles of Spottsylvania, North Anna, Cold Harbor, before Petersburg, June 16th, 17th, 18th and 22d, and at Deep Bottom August 15, and Reams Station August 25t
164. [NYGENESE] Aug 18-1863: Drowning, Elmira [1]
Republican Advocate - Batavia NY August 18-1863 *transcribed & submitted by L.Schmidt, December 30-2006 Soldier Drowned. An unknown soldier was drowned at Elmira, on Wednesday. In his pockets were found about $675 in cash. He was of sandy complexion, with long hair and whiskers, and was about 30 years old. *
165. Re: [NYGENESE] Wyoming County [1]
Dear Betty: What great news ... have always wanted the ability to help with transcription projects in Western New York. I grew up in Genesee County (from the late 40's to the late 60's), am now living in Duval County Florida, and I have found time to help to transcribe all types of info for Rensaleer County - just because there were projects to help out with that needed volunteers. No, I do not have any copies to work with, but can accept.Pdf files without a problem. Had early immigrant arrivals t
166. [NYGENESE] (no subject) [1]
DAR online ... Something NEW to me ... Found LOTS of people !! Yeah Jill
167. [NYGENESE] February 9-1864: Major Gates [1]
A Female Officer. The Cleveland Plain Dealer tells the following story: Our readers will recollect that President Lincoln, some time since, promoted the wife of a slain officer to a Majority in the army, for bravery on the field and services in the hospital. Her name was Gates. The Major has been sojourning in Cleveland for a few days, and recently married here a private in the 49th New York Regiment - a mere boy. Yesterday the pair visited Ryder's studio for the purpose of having their
168. [NYGENESE] July 17-1861: Correspondence, Capt Root's Co. [1]
The Daily Republican Advocate, July 17-1861. Batavia NY transcribed & submitted by L. Schmidt, 6 December 2006. Army Correspondence. We extract the following from a letter written by a young Batavian, now in Capt. Root's Company, at the seat of war, to a friend here. He gives a very good account of matters and things in that interesting locality. Camp Onondaga, July 13. The Fourth of July passed off quietly here, there being nothing going on except in the Military line. 23,000 New York St
169. [NYGENESE] July 29-1861: Bull's Run [1]
July 29-1861 Daily Advocate - Batavia NY transcribed & submitted by L. Schmidt, Dec 27-2006 Army Correspondence. The following description of the battle of Bull's Run and the subsequent return, is kindly furnished us by a young Batavian, an officer in the New York 38th regiment, of which our old friend J.H. Hobart Ward is Colonel. We hope to hear from G.h.R. again. Alexandria, July 23, 1861. Friend Waite: - Your probably have heard before this will reach you, of the bloody battle, and our terri
170. [NYGENESE] Dec 15-1863: The Situation [1]
Republican Advocate - Batavia NY December 15-1863 The Situation. Matters connected with the army remain very much as they were at the date of our last paper. In Virginia, the Army of the Potomac is comparatively quiet, and the Union and Rebel armies are apparently preparing for going into winter quarters. Gen. Meade evidently does not intend to make another move "onward" to Richmond, and Gen. Lee seems to think that he would find "Jordan a hard road to travel," if he was to attempt another
171. Re: [NYGENESE] Vol 52 info [1]
Sorry about that....if the second link below doesn't work, try this. Betty At 11:25 AM 12/21/2006, Betty Thomas wrote: >If you have requested a look up you can tell what article or story by the >page #. >Go to the list of authors/articles > >Read the information about how to request a copy...and the address. >then click on Volume 48 July >2001 to Volume 52 April 2006 >
172. [NYGENESE] July 27-1861: Bull's Run [1]
source: The Daily Republican Advocate Batavia NY - July 27-1861 ~ transcribed & submitted by L. Schmidt, December 2-2006 * We have been permitted to publish the following letter written by Capt. A.I. root, of the 12th Regt. N.Y.V. on the Tuesday following the battle of Bull's Run. This Regiment it will be remembered was not engaged in the action of Sunday, it being then in the reserve at or ner[sic] Centerville, but took a prominent part in the engagement of Thursday previous. From the facts stated by
173. [NYGENESE] Jan 19-1864: 8th NY Artillery, G. Haight; J. Wiard [1]
Republican Advocate - Batavia NY January 19-1864 *transcribed & submitted by L.Schmidt, Dec 29-2006 From the 8th N.Y. Artillery. For McHenry, Jan. 12, 1864. Friend Waite:-Recruits for the 8th N.Y. Artillery are coming in rapidly now, over three hundred having arrived during the past few days, and we expect in the course of a week or ten days to have our regiment filled to the maximum standard, 1833 men, all told. We are having delightful weather now after the se
174. [NYGENESE] Dec 22-1863: Casualities, 151st NY [1]
December 22-1863 Republican Advocate, Batavia NY Casualties in the 151st N.Y.V. In the battle of the 27th of Nov., near Brandy Station, the 151st N.Y.V. gave a good account of itself. It was in the thickest of the fight, and held its position against odds until one of our batteries came to its aid, who together, peppered the Graybacks with grape and Minie balls until they took to their heals. The Union army encamped upon the battle ground that night. Lieut. Benj. Goodspeed, commanding Co. C., reports
175. [NYGENESE] July 25-1861: Co. K, 12th; Lathrop, Grimes [1]
Republican Advocate - Batavia NY July 25-1861 *transcribed & submitted by L.Schmidt Capt. Root's Company. There are a thousand rumors afloat concerning Co. "K," of the 12th Regiment, Capt. Root, but we can thus far get no intelligence of them since Sunday, before the battle and retreat. We have seen a letter from an officer in this company, bearing no date, but apparently written at Centreville before the battle, in which the writer says that co. "K." had lost two men - ___ Lathrop, o

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