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I would like to correspond with anyone who has information on Eliada Kingsley, born ca. 1805, somewhere in New York (per 1850 census); married (1) 20 Sep 1825 Aurelia Pasco (in Perry, New York?), (2) 10 Jul 1842 Lucretia Parsons (prob. widow, maiden name not known), in Perry; died 8 Aug 1855, Perry. His nine children, all by Aurelia, were born in Perry. The 1850 census of Perry shows other Kingsleys (families of Elias, Josiah) as close neighbors. I would like to get information on any of these Kingsley
202. [NYGENESE] Richmonds & Hammonds [1]
Mary Kay - I noticed your post: >Sherry < > wrote to me about these Genesee Co, NY, RICHMOND's: Sarah, Job, Austin and wife Elvira, David and wife Sally, and Shurmond RICHMOND. Also Liddie, the wife of Samuel HAMMOND [note by MK: I wonder if her maiden name might have been Lydia RICHMOND?}. Do you know anything about Samuel Hammond who was married to Liddie? He may be the brother of my Mary Ann Hammond who married David Hilton.
203. [NYGENESE] ebay book [1]
Hi all, Don't know if there's any interest in this, but Ebay is selling a book called Revolutionary Warfare in Western New York Ebay #299375801. The following is a description of the book: Notices of Sullivan's Campaign or the Revolutionary Warfare in Western New York: Embodied to Those Who Fell with the Gallant Boyd in the Genesee Valley, including the Remarks of Gov. Seward at Mount Hope. Port Washington NY): Kennikat Press, 1970. Originally published in 1842. 16mo 4.6" x 6.25"), 192 pages. A
204. [NYGENESE] Tombstone Inscriptions from the Abandoned Cemeteries and Farm Burials of Genesee County by LaVerne C. Cooley, pub. 1952 [1]
I found the above book in the DAR Library in D.C. I copied two pages that might be of interest to someone. WEST BETHANY CEMETERY At West Bethany, on the Alexander side of the road, appears to be the pioneer cemetery of the section. At a later period the present cemetery across the road at the rear of the church was started and the earlier cemetery went out of use. The old lot appears to receive some care and is not allowed to grow to briars or brush. I will list the names and if you recognize anyone, wr
205. [NYGENESE] Bethany Town Hall [1]
Subject: Bethany Town Hall Hello, Bethany History Keepers! Many of you know that on Election Day, Tues., Nov. 4th, there was the Proposition on the Ballot, to vote yes or no in regard to the town "purchasing and renovating the present Bethany Volunteer Fire Department Community Building" to enable them to move out of the present Town Hall and transfer their offices and the court room to a new building. You probably already know that the Propostion was passed, the town board receiving the ap
206. [NYGENESE] Simeon Cole [1]
My 2g grandfather, Simeon Cole and family were in Genesee Co. NY for several years before 1830. I've been searching for years for the identity of his parents. He was born in NY state in 1801 and in 1822 married Nancy Wakley in NY state. She is believed to have been from Potter Co. PA. By 1830, they had children Henry (1824), John (1825), Elizabeth (1827) and Gordon (1828). The family moved to Genesee from Allegany Co. NY about 1830 and then back to Allegany Co. in about 1835 and to Potter Co. PA about
207. [NYGENESE] Bethany Town Hall [1]
Hello, Fellow Bethany History Keepers! I realize that all of you do not live in Bethany--but, I am writing to all of you, to appeal to your interest in Bethany. Please pass this along to anyone you may know who lives in Bethany; take it to your work-place, print it off and give to your friends, family. Many of you may already know that on Election Day, Tues., Nov. 4th, there will be a Proposition on the Ballot, to vote yes or no in regard to the town "purchasing and renovating the present Bethany
208. Re: [NYGENESE] Abandoned Cemeteries [1]
Hi Jill, Usually a cemetery becomes abandoned when there no longer is enough money to keep it up, due to the fact that all the residents families have either died off or moved too far away or the funds for it's upkeep haven't been invested properly. Usuallly thecare of it reverts to the town where it is located, even if it is on private property if it was a public cemetery. Some cemeteries were family cemetery and I'm not too sure about that. The law in NY states that after it reverts to the care of the tow
209. Re: [NYGENESE] Bethany Town Hall [1]
That debate has been going on in Alabama as well the last couple years, no decision reached one way or another, but they at least had some public meetings. Wonder if you could get something in Mondays Batavia Daily if you could get a letter to them early enough? Like fax your letter to them early in the AM? Cindy Linda/Don wrote:Hello, Fellow Bethany History Keepers! I realize that all of you do not live in Bethany--but, I am writing to all of you, to appeal to your interest in Bet
210. [NYGENESE] Bethany History [1]
Dear History Keepers and Friends, It has been a pleasure to get to know all of you, and to have the time together this year in learning about Bethany's past, along with taking on the issues of the present, with the vote over the present Town Hall building. I am so pleased to know there are so many who are interested in Bethany and are eager to do more for our our "little town" today, while maintaining and preserving our past. No History Keepers meeting is set until February 2004; it is a busy time o
211. Re: [NYGENESE] City vs. Town? [1]
Hi all, CONGRATULATIONS KRISTY!! Figuring out NY isn't easy, even for New Yorkers!! All we're talking about is the breakdown of Land and Governments, which, as Kristy pointed out, goes like this: State, County, Town, then City or Village. Each county is broken down into several large land areas called Towns, each with its own Town government. Within the Towns, the breakdowns are then determined by population into Cities or Villages, each with THEIR own governments; villages being far less popul
212. [NYGENESE] Bethany Historical Photos [1]
Hi all, I found a photo in my grandfather's attic in Alexander, NY that included his father, George Valentine PHILLIPS. But it was not labeled and he had no idea who else was in it. Through the internet (God bless the internet!) I found a distant relative now also living in California with the same photo - labeled! It was a Sunday School Class taught by Harry WOOLF. Somebody can correct me on this but I believe he was the pastor at the West Bethany Baptist Church? I am dating the photo sometime
213. [NYGENESE] RE: Newspaper postings / Town VS City [1]
Linda: I just wanted to say thank you for posting the gleanings from the Batavia newspapers. I discovered other postings in the archives and discovered a little clip on our 4th grt-grandfather, Robert McDonald. It confirmed for us, his whereabouts in April of 1883 and helped us discover his date of death. The newspaper stated he was very ill in April. Since he was elderly we assumed that he may have died shortly after that, and we discovered that he had. This also giv
214. [NYGENESE] Civil War Ancestors [1]
Dear List, Do any of you have ancestors or other relatives that served in the 8th NY Heavy Artillery (also known as 129th NY)in the Civil War? What you may or may not know is that this unit was mainly used to guard Washington D.C. and other forts (i.e. Ft. McHenry). It never saw any action, mostly fought boredom and did endless drills. Never, that is, until called into frantic action to support the Union troops at the battle of Cold Harbor. Long story short, this battle was one of the worst Union
215. [NYGENESE] trade Chicago IL obit lookups for ones I need [1]
Am willing to do Chicago IL Tribune obit lookups in trade for obit lookups that I need. I need obit lookups for the following Adams, Mary Chapin d) 02/16/1892 in NY-LeRoy, Genessee Co PLEASE EMAIL ME PRIVATELY AT BALLHAWK12@ATT.NET Jim Dlask 4538 N Avers Chicago IL 60625
216. Re: [NYGENESE] Civil War Ancestors 8th NYHA [1]
Hi, I would love to see your photos! My gg uncle, Marshall Norton Cook, served as a First Lieutenant and Captain in Company I, and was wounded in the Battle of Cold Harbor. I visited Fort McHenry in Baltimore in August, and hope to visit the Cold Harbor battleground someday. I am fortunate to have many of his letters home to his family in South Byron. Have you read Wilbur Dunn's amazing 2 volume history of the 8th ("Full Measure of Devotion")? The book contains many soldiers' letters sent during their s
217. [NYGENESE] Abandoned Cemeteries [1]
Hello. I was wondering what it means when a cemetery is abandoned in New York State? Why does a cemetery become abandoned? Does the state or the county/township/village have control? What if the cemetery is on private land? Is the care of the cemetery up to the relatives of the people buried there if a cemetery is abandoned? Thanks! Jill
218. [NYGENESE] Progr Btvn Dec 26-1879 # 5 [1]
Progressive Batavian Batavia, NY December 26-1879 # 5 Edward S. Hitchcock and bride returned from their wedding tour last Friday afternoon. Their home is to be with Mr. Hitchcock's parents. Miss Jennie Goodwin has a little four-year-old cousin out in Oak Park, Illinois, who is remarkable for her cute speeches. They had been having a revival out there, and one day she knelt down by a relative of hers, and looking up in her face said: "I feel that I have given my heart to Jesus, and it has gon
219. [NYGENESE] Bethany [1]
hi ~ If you haven't visited the Bethany Web-page lately, I hope you will take an opportunity soon to do so- While it still has a long way to go, it is developing... I hope you will enjoy what has been posted, and that you will return often to see the changes and additions being made. If you have any info/material or photos of Bethany that you would be willing to share, please let me know - I would be glad to have more to include on our town's site! : )Linda Web-Page Editor for Bethany BETHANY: I
220. Re: [NYGENESE] NYGENESE Digest, Vol 4, Issue 1 [1]
Death certificates are kept by the town or city where the individual dies. I will assume that your relative died in the city due to that's where the hospital is. Try the City of Batavia Clerk, 10 W. Main St. Batavia, NY 14020 585-343-8180, or Town of Batavia Clerk, 4165 W. Main Rd,. Batavia, NY 14020 585-343-1729 I don't have e-mails but they should be available on the web for the Town or City on Genesee County, NY web site. ____________________________________________________________ Click for free
221. Re: [NYGENESE] Test [1]
Test only!
222. Re: [NYGENESE] (no subject) [1]
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223. [NYGENESE] (no subject) [1]
224. Re: [NYGENESE] (no subject) [1]
Is this, below, a legitimate post? This looks like SPAM I receive on occasion, either porn or a virus link. Saved for header. Thanks. ----- Original Message ----- From: To: Sent: Friday, May 07, 2010 8:12 PM Subject: [NYGENESE] (no subject) > > > > > ------------------------------- > To unsubscribe from the list, please send an email to > with the word 'unsubscribe' without the > quotes in the subje
225. [NYGENESE] (no subject) [1]

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