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276. [NYGENESE-L] Genesee Co. Birth/Death Records [1]
Marguerite, I'll be happy to share the info: Terry wrote: Pat: You might want to contact the Le Roy Historical Society, 23 East Main Street, Le Roy, NY 14482. Phone number (716) 768-7433. I met them 2 years ago, and found them to be very helpful. My grandmother was born in Batavia, and one of my grandfathers was buried in Le Roy. Regards, D. "Terry" Huff ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Joan wrote: The County Historian only moved into the Engine House last September, after some much need
277. Re: [NYGENESE-L] Genesee Co. Death Certificates [1]
I would like to add to Brent Long's question, and add Livingston County - Mt. Morris N.Y. It is my observation that we all struggle with how to extract data from town clerks and sometimes we are met with a wall. These forums are ideal for us all. >>> Brent Long 05/14 9:42 AM >>> A while back there was a thread on the New York State mailing list discussing vital statistics requests. Most comments were that the state was slow to respond and there were some suggestions to go dire
278. [NYGENESE-L] Re: Birth/Death Certificates [1]
Hi all, I was eargerly awailing your replies to Pat Dyer on how to obtain Birth/Death Certificates in Genesee, when I see an e-mail from her thanking everyone for their help. How about putting the answers on the web for all to see. I am sure there are more than Pat and myself who are interested in how to obtain the Birth/death Certificates. Thanks. Carol
279. [NYGENESE-L] George Prentice [1]
I am looking for information on George Prentice b. 1793 in NY. He married Mary Huntly June 25, 1817 in Bethany, Genesse Co, NY and later married Cynthia Smead April 4, 1828 in Bethany, Genesse Co, NY. Thank you, Cheri Salz
280. Re: [NYGENESE-L] BLISS, Nathan Purse [1]
Please see Alleghany County map for town or hamlet called Genesee. Just found this confused with Geneseo in my records.... Joan -----Original Message----- From: Albert and Betty Thomas To: Date: Monday, May 17, 1999 9:14 AM Subject: Re: [NYGENESE-L] BLISS, Nathan Purse >At 05:26 PM 5/16/99 -0700, Gordon C. Nagle Sr wrote: >>Hi, I'm pretty new to the list. In recent weeks, I have seen some very >>good postings. I am researching
281. [NYGENESE-L] Re: sharing [1]
Just to let everyone know, Pat was gracious enough to share her info on Birth/Death cert. in Genesee Co, but still think it would be great to put it on the net instead of reply in private. If someone isn't interested in the information, they can just delete it. I personally enjoy reading all the mail. Never know when something might be what you are looking for. Carol
282. [NYGENESE-L] Town clerk / historian ??`s [1]
hi groups , I am wondering something ........ Is there by chance any ' town clerks / historians on this list ?? , I have a couple of questions ..... Do you have copies of the Fed . census for your town in your files you use to look up those people that did live in your areas if somebody should write and ask about one of them ???? , Phil , in Lynnwood , now writing a draft of the letter he plans on sending to just about every town clerk / historian in New York state
283. [NYGENESE-L] Genesee co records [1]
Pat - please share this with the rest of us. I am researching Bean and Judd names there and also would like to know how to access records. Margaret Calvin. Marguerite Crist Calvin
Seeking proof of birth of Horatio Wolcott, Sept. 2, 1808 in Alabama, Genessee Co., NY. His parents were John Saxon WOLCOTT and Mercy "Mary" Boynton Wolcott. Also proof of his marriage to Katrine NETHAWAY March 3, 1837 in Alabama, Genessee Co., NY. Paul Reed
285. [NYGENESE-L] marriage books [1]
Have there been any marriage books published for Genesee Co? If so how does one check on them or request a lookup. I want to find out if George Prentice really married Mary Huntley in Bethany, Genesee Co, NY in 1817 Also if he married Cynthia Smead in Bethany, Genesee Co, NY in 1828. Thank you Cheri Salz
286. Fw: [NYGENESE-L] Genesee Co. Death Certificates [1]
I am also interested in birth/death certificates for the same area. I plan to make a trip to Genesee Co. in the next few months, and wonder if it's possible to be able to obtain a certificate in person, while I'm there; what information/documentation do I need to provide. I have only my birth registration and was born in Batavia. My mother was born in Alexander and my great grandparents died there (after 1900) I would appreciate any assistance. Best Regards, Pat -----Original Message----- From: Brent L
287. [NYGENESE-L] Vital Records in Genesee [1]
Yes, please put information about how to get vital records, success or failures, on the list. It is very informative. By reading the posts, I have learned a lot. It has also got me to thinking about another avenue to research. Susanne Hieber
288. [NYGENESE-L] My Search in New York state [1]
hi Group , I have just signed on to this list , I am not a ' newbie ' !! , I am just expanding my Search Locations ....... I am looking for anybody that has a family connection to any ' POTTER ' in New York State in the time frame of 1825- 40 I have extracted every Potter out of the 1830 Fed Census , looking for the parents of my GG-Grandmother , And , to save me a lot of usless work I wish to eliminate those people on my list That I can find names of their children ...... So if you have any
289. [NYGENESE-L] Genesee Co. Death Certificates [1]
A while back there was a thread on the New York State mailing list discussing vital statistics requests. Most comments were that the state was slow to respond and there were some suggestions to go direct to the town clerk although obviously not all town clerks were equally helpful. Can anyone comment on the best way to get a death certificate from the Genesee Co. area? Towns that I am interested in are Alexander, Batavia, and Bethany. And any information on the pre-1900 death certificate would be apprec
John Robert FEWLASS (FEWLESS) was born 25 Nov 1834 in Ontario Co, NY. He was the son of George FEWLASS and Jane BROWN. George was born 3 Mar 1805 in Yorkshire, England. He immigrated from England in the early 1800's. He died between 1834 and 1846 in New York. His widow, Jane BROWN FEWLASS, married Charles SMITH. Their descendants eventually moved to Michigan. I am interested in any information about this family. If any researcher comes across this name in Court, Land, or Cemetery records, please contact me.
291. [NYGENESE-L] Western New York Data [1]
I would like to share with you the information I have compiled regarding the data of 1,690 enlisted soldiers who served in the very young U.S. Army, between 1835 & 1846, in Western New York. Interested subscribers to NYGENESEE-L should send an email to:
292. [NYGENESE-L] Search any Rootsweb email list [1]
You can search any rootsweb email list at this address: type in the name of the list--for Genesee type NYGENESE it then takes you to another screen with a place to type your query and year options (each list will have different years depending on when it was started) As a query you can use a name, place, email address, or be creative!! If you haven't visited the Genesee county GenWeb recently then you don't know that there is a link to this search site
293. [NYGENESE] Bethany [1]
hi just wanted to let everyone know that I'm in the process of re-building my webpages for the town of Bethany; I've begun adding photos of past residents, info about the town, etc. ~ you can access it at: You can also find my info on past schools of the town at: I have the 1920 census available at: In time, I hope to get a lot more posted - so come back again! Linda
294. [NYGENESE] Jan 19-1864: W. Lewis, Alabama; Jackson/Langdon, 11th Mich. [1]
source: Republican Advocate - Batavia NY January 19-1864 transcribed & submitted by L. Schmidt, 10.2006 Wm. Lewis, of Alabama, has been arrested by the U.S. Marshal, for making an affidavit that his father and mother were dead, and that he was the sold support of orphan children, in order to escape the late draft. It is said that both his father and mother are living! There were any number of similar cases growing out of the draft, and we hope to see more of them brought to light. * Broke
295. [NYGENESE] May 18-1852: state & national news [1]
source: Spirit of the Times - Batavia NY May 18-1852 transcribed and submitted by L.Schmidt Buffalo, Corning and N.Y. Railroads. We learn by telegraph, that on Thursday last, four hundred thousand dollars of the bonds of this company were disposed of in New York, at an average of ninety-three and a half per cent. That amount will put the Company in a position to go on swimmingly, and does away with the report which has been in circulation - that the road would not be built. *
296. [NYGENESE] September 16-1862: Capt Hascall, Pris. of War [1]
source: Republican Advocate - Batavia NY September 16-1862 transcribed & submitted by L. Schmidt Capt. H.E. Hascall a Prisoner of War. ~ From the LeRoy Gazette. ~ The annexed letter will explain itself. - The brave and gallant Capt. Herman E. Hascall, of the 1st Michigan Cavalry, has been in battles and skirmishes without number, from Leesburgh to teh front of Richmond, doing picket duty much of the time, until his command was reduced to 25 effective men when he went into the Saturday fight at Bul
297. [NYGENESE] September 16-1862: Revolvers [1]
source: Republican Advocate - Batavia NY September 16-1862 transcribed & submitted by L. Schmidt, 10.2006 Revolvers. - Col. Porter, of the 129th, has ordered all revolvers worn by privates in his regiment to be given up, to avoid accidents. It is the verdict of all our best officers that privates should not carry pistols. *
298. [NYGENESE] Bethany - Batavia [1]
I'd just like to invite you all to my webpage which has been recently updated to include photos of Batavia's "Polish Falcons Baseball Team" of 1940-1941. The following link will take you to my home page - scroll part-way down, and there is a photo of the Team, with members' names; you can then click on it for another photo and info. Linda
299. [NYGENESE] July 27-1852: Battle of Lundy's Lane [1]
source: Spirit of the Times - Batavia NY July 27-1852 transcribed & submitted by L. Schmidt, 10.2006 NOTE: In 1852, the Presidential candidate, Gen. Scott, was using his military reputation [from the War of 1812] to win votes. This newspaper published the following article, in their belief that Gen. Scott was not "the" hero of the War - " Who then was 'the' hero of Lundy's Lane/ We answer, that if any one was entitled that pre-eminence where many distinguished themselves, it was Maj. Gen. Jacob Br
300. [NYGENESE] June 29-1847: Railroads [1]
source: Spirit of the Times ~ Batavia NY June 29-1847 transcribed & submitted by L. Schmidt Railroad Business. Over fifty thousand quarts of milk are daily brought down the N.Y. and Erie Railroad, giving the road a revenue of $250 per day. About 60,000 baskets of strawberries are also brought down every day. Immense quantities of cherries will soon be transported from the interior of New York by the same road. The saving to the city, by reason of these facilities cannot be less than five hundred thou

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