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326. [NYGENESE] June 29-1847: Railroads et al [1]
My ancestors came to Genesee, Wyoming, and Livingston counties. This is where they lived, worked, prayed, married, buried their babies, and died. I, for one, love reading the "news" of the times. Each time I open one, sure I hope...maybe one of my names will appear. I can't tell you how many of your news articles I have printed out to incorporate with the "book" about my family (that I wonder if I will ever finish). After all, these wonderful people who came to America, and are a part of who
Fellow List Members, Thank you, to all who have been so kind in emailing and telling me you are enjoying these articles I've submitted - I am leaving it up to the list administrator, as to how to deal with the issue [one member wrote to ask why I am submitting these things and then to tell me to stop] And to all of you who do read and enjoy them, thanks for reading : ) Linda ~ "You can please some of the people some of the time, but you can't please all the people all of the time." [with my apologies t
328. Re: [NYGENESE] Oct 14-1862: Sanitary commission [1]
Hi Bob, You subscribe to the digest mode by sending an e-mail to ( with the word SUBSCRIBE written in the subject line. Then unsubscribe to the list mode be doing the same thing, only send your e-mail to _NYGENESE-L-request@rootsweb.com_ ( with the word UNSUBSCRIBE. Happy Hunting! Joan In a message dated 10/17/2006 4:08:37 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time, writ
329. Re: [NYGENESE] July 27-1852: Battle of Lundy's Lane [1]
I enjoyed this one Linda. It made me recall our last presidential election and all the hubbub over Bush and Kerry's records. It shows not much has changed when it comes to news reports on presidential candidates. Cindy DonLinda wrote: source: Spirit of the Times - Batavia NY July 27-1852 transcribed & submitted by L. Schmidt, 10.2006 NOTE: In 1852, the Presidential candidate, Gen. Scott, was using his military reputation [from the War of 1812] to win votes. This newspaper publishe
330. Re: [NYGENESE] Sept 16-1862: The New Regiments [1]
Yes it is the same man. O'Rourke is quite a famous. It was an honor long overdue. Doug ----- Original Message ----- From: To: Sent: Friday, October 13, 2006 12:49 AM Subject: Re: [NYGENESE] Sept 16-1862: The New Regiments Is this the O'Rourke for whom the new O'Rourke Bridge across the Genesee River at Port of Rochester is named? ------------------------------- To unsubscribe from the list, please send an email to NYGENESE-reques
331. [NYGENESE] Sept 22-1863: 25th N.Y. Battery Deserters [1]
source: Republican Advocate - Batavia NY September 22-1863 transcribed & submitted by L. Schmidt Deserters from the 25th N.Y. Battery. Headquarters, 25th N.Y. Battery, New Orleans, La., Sept. 2, 1863. To the Provost Marshal of the 29th Congressional District: The following is a list of names of deserters from this Battery, and the names of towns from which they enlised: Genesee County. Towns of Byron and Stafford. 1. James Boland, 2. George Edwards, 3. Wyman P. Fisk, 4. John Fleming, 5. William
332. Re: [NYGENESE] Linda's newsies [1]
Me too. Haven't corresonded with Linda for a while, but I always always read her messages. I too like more than bare facts and sometimes you need the history of a place to figure out what, why, who etc etc. Keep up the good work everyone. Margaret Calvin in SE Ohio >I second, third, and forth these comments! > > I love Linda's newsies, especially since I have an entire town to cover. ;-) > >To unsubscribe from the list, please send an email to > with the word 'unsubsc
333. Re: [NYGENESE] Linda's newsies [1]
Nope, sorry no new info on them at this moment. They were part of a house history I was working on for someone. But it is on standby for the moment per my client's time frame so you never know. When we get back to it again, if something comes up I will be sure to pass it along. Cindy wrote: AMEN, AMEN, AMEN.... Hi Cindy, Thanks for your soap box. Another summer has come and gone and I didn't get to Perry to check on my ancestors, the Grays (Frank), Schencks (Francis), and Martins (
334. [NYGENESE] Dec 3-1850: J. Hoyt [1]
source: Spirit of the Times - Batavia NY December 3-1850 transcribed & submitted by L. Schmidt Sudden Death. - Hon. Jonathan Hoyt, M.D., of Aurora, Erie Co., while walking up Main St., Buffalo, last week, fell suddenly in a state of insensibility. He was immediately removed to the store of Messrs. R. Hollister & Co., and medical aid called; but he only gasped a few times and died. Appoplexy is said to have been the cause of his death. *
335. [NYGENESE] Batavian school book 1936 1937 1937 [1]
I have recently obtained 3 school books 1936 1937 and 1938 I am willing to look for anyone to see if your relatives are in here and if they are I will scan them for you please email me privately _radical351@aol.com_ ( Cheryl
336. [NYGENESE] March 27-1855: Capt. S. Selleck, Elba [1]
source: Spirit of the Times - Batavia NY March 27-1855 transcribed and submitted by L. Schmidt, 10.2006 Obituary. Died in Elba, March 12th, at the residence of his Son-in-law, Dr. J.S. Billings, Capt. Stephen Selleck, aged 92 years and 2 months. Capt. Selleck was a native of Stamford, Conn., and took part in the exciting scenes of the Revolution; he served a part of the time as Privateersman, and was also engaged in the land service, for which he for many years received a pension.
337. Re: [NYGENESE] Oct 14-1862: Capt Root, 12th NY (really a question about the NYS genealogy list) [1]
Probably an issue with that list, not this one. The lists are not all run by the same people. There was a question about that list not to long ago. Maybe they lost their administrator, or are inactive? Try the list administrator for the Genealogy in New York State list email If they don't answer, and you have subscribed and unsubcribed then it could be they are no longer active. Just a guess. Cindy DONALD GASTORF wrote: Could you please tell me w
338. [NYGENESE] January 23-1864: Train Accident [1]
source: Spirit of the Times, Batavia NY January 23-1864. transcribed & submitted by L. Schmidt Accident on the Lake Shore Rail Road. Cleveland, Jan. 19. The Express train for Buffalo stuck in the snow 3 miles east of Painesville. - The accommodations train ran into it; four cars were burned, five persons killed a number wounded. The cause of the accident was that two men were detailed alternately to watch the approaching train. The collision occurred while one was relieving the other, w
339. [NYGENESE] May 19-1863: Our Returning Soldiers [1]
source: Republican Advocate - Batavia NY May 19-1863 transcribed & submitted by L. Schmidt Our Returning Soldiers. The following Poem by Robert Burns is not inappropriate at the present time, when so many of our gallant and veteran soldiers are returning home. It is full of the beauty and spirit which belong almost alone to Burns: When wild war's deadly blast was blawn, And gentle peace returning, Wi' mony a sweet babe fatherless, And mony a widow mourning, I left the lines and tinted
340. Re: [NYGENESE] Sept 16-1862: The New Regiments [1]
Thank you for your reply about Col O'Rourke
341. [NYGENESE] Aug 25-1863: Exemptions and Deserters [1]
source: The Republican Advocate, Batavia NY August 25-1863 submitted & transcribed by L.Schmidt Conscripts - Exemptions. We continue a list of drafted men who have been exempted thus far: Batavia: - Edward De Forrest--David Showerman, Daniel Sullivan, over 35 years old and married--William Hoffman, Joseph Ellicott. Darien: - Cornelius Howard, Simeon Wood. Alexander: - Joseph Cragg. Le Roy: - James Seymour. * Assault on the Cars by Deserters. On Wednesday last three men, who afterwards proved to b
342. Re: [NYGENESE] Elba church records [1]
Cheri, Thank you for the information on the Presbyterian Historical Society. It may be worth a try. I have tried calling the church in Elba but only got an answering machine. I left a message but never heard back. I then wrote a letter and enclosed a check. I never heard back and the check was never cashed. Apparently family history is not high on their list. Cheri wrote: > Hi Cheri, > I hope some one answers you with the specific information you ask for. I don't know ab
343. [NYGENESE] Sept 16-1862: News from Various Quarters [1]
source: Republican Advocate - Batavia NY September 16-1862 transcribed & submitted by L. Schmidt, 10.2006 It seems providential that the rebel raid Northward was not made a month ago: for with thirty days, more than 100,000 armed men have joined the army of the Potomac, and twice that number have been thrown elsewhere to cope with the advancing enemy. Thanks, therefore, to a merciful Providence for the delay, and to the noble patriotism of the people, which promptly responded in the call of the Go
344. [NYGENESE] Feb 20-1864: Escape of Prisoners [1]
source: Spirit of the Time - Batavia NY February 20-1864 transcribed & submitted by L. Schmidt Escape of Federal Prisoners. Washington, Feb. 14. A gentleman who, to-night, arrived from the Army of the Potomac, saw before he left there a Richmond paper of Thursday, found on the person of a deserter, who came into our lines, in which appears an article stating that 109 officers have escaped from the Libby prison, by digging a tunnel under the street for that p
345. [NYGENESE] July 7-1863: From Vicksburg [1]
source: Republican Advocate - Batavia NY July 7-1863 transcribed & submitted by L. Schmidt FROM VICKSBURG. We condense the following from the Chicago Tribune. The news is brought down to the night of the 23d ult., which is the latest yet received. There was nothing very new or striking. There was a camp rumor that an assault was to be made upon Vicksburg on Wednesday. It was evident that such an event was in immediate contemplation. - About 73 prisoners and deserters have been brought
346. Re: [NYGENESE] Oct 14-1862: Capt Root, 12th NY [1]
Use this e-mail address to subscribe to the GEN-NYS list: with "subscribe" in the body of the message without the quotes. Subject line doesn't matter. It worked for me. Bonnie Burkhardt Contribute an index of the obituaries in your newspaper to ----- Original Message ----- From: "DONALD GASTORF" To: Sent: Monday, October 16, 2006 6:30 PM Subject: Re: [NYGENESE] Oct
347. Re: [NYGENESE] Linda's newsies [1]
I agree ! Janet >From: >Reply-To: >To: >Subject: Re: [NYGENESE] Linda's newsies >Date: Thu, 12 Oct 2006 09:11:55 -0500 > > > >It is with deep gratitude that I commend the efforts of Linda on posting >her newsies. > I know of all the effort and also of some costs to their posting for the >benefit of the history searchers. >(Typing off of photocopies from old microfilm is very difficult and costs >per copy) > > It is her gracious unde
348. [NYGENESE] Oct 14-1862: J.Thompson, 129th Regmt [1]
source: Republican Advocate - Batavia NY October 14-1862 transcribed & submitted by L. Schmidt Death of a Member of Capt. Sherwin's Company. Fort Federal Hill, Baltimore, Md., Oct. 4th, 1862. Mr. Editor: - At the request of the company, I forward a few facts in regard to the death of J. Thompson, Co. _[ink blurred: C or G], (Capt. Sherwin), 129th Regiment N.Y. Volunteers. This is the first death that has occurred in our regiment. For a number of days p
349. Re: [NYGENESE] June 29-1847: Railroads [1]
That is the purpose of this list. Linda provides a GREAT service to all those who subscribe. If you do not like the history and genealogy provided please unsubsrcibe. Randy -----Original Message----- From: To: Sent: Wed, 11 Oct 2006 10:27 PM Subject: Re: [NYGENESE] June 29-1847: Railroads Stop sending all these emails out to this mailing list! -----Original Message----- From: []On Behalf Of D
350. [NYGENESE] digest mode. [1]
from regular to Digest Mode I can change that for you. Mailman pre sets it to send all digests in plain text format, so you will get one long email If you want in MIME format, they will be sent as attachments. I can change that too, if you want. Betty Betty Professional Genealogy Research - Wicks,Hammond, Heintz,Bradfield,Walbridge - Boylston Historical Society & Museum GenWeb Coordin

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