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401. Re: [NYGENESE] Linda's newsies [1]
It is with deep gratitude that I commend the efforts of Linda on posting her newsies. I know of all the effort and also of some costs to their posting for the benefit of the history searchers. (Typing off of photocopies from old microfilm is very difficult and costs per copy) It is her gracious undertaking that enhances our understanding of the past and of the men & woman who lived before us. Many of us enjoy her efforts and seldom comment on how appreciative we are for them. We now have a way of thank
402. [NYGENESE] July 7-1863: Siege of Vicksburg [1]
source: Republican Advocate - Batavia NY July 7-1863 transcribed & submitted by L. Schmidt The Siege of Vicksburg. Correspondence, Cincinnati Gazette of June 20. Snyder's Bluff, in Rear of Vicksburg. June 19, 1863. The 1st Division of the 16th Army Corps arrived here on the 11th inst., from Memphis, Brig.-Gen. W.S. Smith commanding. This bluff is about two miles nearer the beleaguered city than Haines Bluff, and like the latter, overlooking the Yazoo. They are both t
403. Re: [NYGENESE] Sept 16-1862: Capt. Root, Co I, 12th Onondaga Regmt [1]
I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy reading your submissions. Every time one arrives I hope and pray that one of my ancestors names will be included in it. For over ten years my dad and I tried to find the father of Alvin Carver who was buried in a private cemetery on Crittenden Road (second cemetery from Genesee Street), town of Alden, Erie County, NY, on August 26, 1858. Marge McElhone -----Original Message----- From: [mailto:nygenese-bounce
404. [NYGENESE] Republican Advocate Oct 9 1829 [1]
The Republican Advocate Batavia, Genesee Co., NY October 9 1829 MARRIED. In Erie (Erie Co.) on the 30th ult. by the Rev. Stephen WEAVER, Mr. Silas TABOR, to Miss Betsey E. RUSSELL. In the same place, on the 1st inst. by Daniel TROWBRIDGE, Esq. Mr. John MILLER, to Miss Betsey TUT, all of that place. In this town, on the evening of the 4th inst. Mr. Samuel BROWN, to Miss Sylvia JENNINGS all of this town. In Stafford, on the evening of the 5th inst. by the Rev. Seymour ENSIGN, Mr. Luther MARBLE, to M
405. [NYGENESE] Re: [NY-Old-News] Terminology [1]
RE:Thank you for the link and the terminology lesson. The link appears > to be broken, however. OOPS! sorry-- in the world of web-pages, it's often, here today, gone tomorrow : ( Here's one from the ever-reliable cyndi's list-- and you can choose from hundreds of dictionaries/sources to fit your needs. : )Linda
406. [NYGENESE] New York Rice Families [1]
Why do you say that? I received this on the Washington-Saratoga-Warren and Cattaragus lists. I do not have RICE families, my line is predominately PRINCE. I'd just like to know what doesn't seem right about this to you for future reference because I'm a very gullible person. Annette IBSSG > X-Message: #3 > Date: Sun, 7 Apr 2002 22:01:10 EDT > From: > To: > Message-ID: <> > Subject: [NYGENESE] Re: [NYSCHENE] New York Rice Families >
407. [NYGENESE] Cemeteries in Pavilion [1]
I wonder if someone on this list can answer a question for me. I was looking at the Pavilion Cemeteries on Genesee Co. US Genweb. There is some confusion... I find some of the links have a name that is not the same name as the list that comes up when you click on the link. For example, if you click on the link "Oatka Valley Cemetery (Pavilion Cemetery)" what come up is "First Baptist Church, Pavilion, NY". Which is it? And, if you click on "Pavilion Center Cemetery (Grandview, Fairview)" what co
408. [NYGENESE] SACKETT ROAD ? Who are they named after ? [1]
There are numerous SACKETT Roads and a SACKETT Road Cemetery in Genesee Co. Who are they named after ??? Please ?? Thxs, Jill in SoCal
409. [NYGENESE] Genesee news Oct 1909 [1]
Daily News Batavia, Genesee Co. Monday Evening, October 4, 1909 Direct Primaries Address in Bethany J.W. BURKE to talk on Subject to the Grange Meeting to be held at the Town Hall on Wednesday Afternoon--Operations Commenced at the Cold Storage Plant--Shipments of Produce. East Bethany, Oct. 4.--Joseph W. BURKE will speak on "Direct Primaries" at the meeting of the Bethany Grange in the town hall at Bethany Center on Wednesday afternoon.--Operations have been begun at the cold storage plant. A thousand bar
410. [NYGENESE] Off year census [1]
Were there any off year census for Gennesee Co? If there were would someone please look up Elijah King, Russel King and Dexter King. The years would probably be 1825, 1835 and 1845. Thank you Dorothy
411. [NYGENESE] McCleod / DeVoe ? [1]
Jane McCleod marr. Smith A. DeVoe ? who was b. 1844. They had Hardy B. and Arthur Harkness. Can you verify the surname of the husband? Please e-mail me privately, thank you, Duane -- Donna & Duane DeVoe Come Visit Lena, Illinois!
412. [NYGENESE] Daily News Nov 19 1887 [1]
Batavia , Genesee Co, NY Daily News Nov. 19, 1887 MERE MENTIONS. -Members of the United Labor party of Batavia are to meet to-night at Ellicott Hall. -Messrs. WIMAN and BUTTERWORTH spoke on Commercial Union in Rochester last evening. -The Supervisors will reassemble on Monday, when Chairman MILER will probably announce his committee. -The funeral of Miss Merva OSBORN was held from her late home on Evans street this afternoon at 1:30 o'clock. -Charles DICKENS, Jr., read from the works of his father in Buffa
413. [NYGENESE] Family History Fair [1]
The Jewish Genealogical Society of Buffalo is sponsoring a Family History Fair Sunday, April 28, 2002 ~~ 2:00 p.m.- 5:00 p.m. Jewish Community Center, Benderson Building 2640 North Forest Road Amherst, New York Society members will be displaying books on Jewish genealogical research and will be on hand to answer inquiries regarding computer programs, internet research, interpretation of Jewish gravestones and other resources for genealogical research. The Family History Fair is open to everyone inte
414. [NYGENESE] Daily News June 5 1905 [1]
The Daily News Batavia, Genesee Co., NY Monday Evening, June 5 1905 UP OUT OF GROUND RISES A SPECTER. MONSTER BULL, TINY CAT, OR HEADLESS WOMAN. Something Weird, Uncanny and Frightening Intangible Alarms Residents of Oak Street--It Actually Has Been Seen--Makes Horses Shake with Fear. Darkness throws its filmy wings around. All the town is dead in slumber. The clocks the midnight hour begin to toll. Up out of the ground rises a specter terrible to see. Some time it assumes the shape of a monster bul
415. [NYGENESE] Daily News May 29 1916 [1]
The Daily News Monday Evening, May 29 1916 Batavia, Genesee Co., N.Y. MR. AND MRS. HARRIS MARRIED SIXTY YEARS. Prominent West Bethany people celebrated their anniversary: Both are enjoying Fair Health. West Bethany, May 29.--Mr. and Mrs. Daniel HARRIS celebrated the sixtieth anniversary of their marriage at the home of their granddaughter, Mrs. Harry L. PAGE, No. 20 West Main street, Batavia. Mr. and Mrs. HARRIS were married at Elba on May 29, 1856, moving to their present residence near West Bethany d
416. [NYGENESE] Fw: M. M. Kendall b 1838 [1]
----- Original Message ----- From: JHall To: Sent: Tuesday, April 09, 2002 11:34 PM Subject: M. M. Kendall b 1838 "M. M. KENDALL located at Newton in April, 1879 and has been connected since that time with the Lehman Hardware and Implement Company, having had charge of the tin manufacturing department and been a member of the board of directors since the business started. Mr. Kendall was born in Batavia, N. Y. July 8, 1838" See 1883 History of Kansas by Cutler at: Look in Har
417. [NYGENESE] Times, Jan 4 1915cont'd [1]
Batavia Times Jan 4 1915 Batavia NY, Genesee Co., NY ICE CUTTING ON THE CREEK. Two of Batavia's ice dealers, Nelson W. CLEVELAND and Benjamin SUTTELL, who have large ice houses, have begun cutting ice from eleven to twelve inches thick, and of fine quality. A large force of men are being employed by both dealers. DRIFTING SNOW CAUSING TROUBLE. Huge Drifts in Country are Making Travel Very Difficult. Batavians awoke the second day of the new year to face the infant stage of a mid-winter blizzard.
In the 1820 NY Fed Census for Covington, Genesee Co, NY, there is listed a Nehemiah ALLEN. It shows he has two sons, under age 16 and 4 daughters under age 16. In 1837 he can be found in MI where he died. I believe his wife to be Alice (Unknown) ALLEN. Any information will be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Carol
Francis Jarvis SLEGHT, died July 29, 1944, last residence:Batavia, died in Buffalo (according to cemetery records. Am interrested in any info about him, obits, widow,etc. thank you Diane (Grgrgranddaughter) yu may email me privately at
420. [NYGENESE] Progressive Batavian June 4 1869 [1]
Progressive Batavian Batavia, Genesee Co., NY June 4 1869 The LeRoy Gazette publishes the following communication from Mumford, Monroe Co., dated May 31st.: Mr. Editor:--A number of the citizens of Benlah and Mumford assembled in this place on Saturday afternoon last, to decorate with flowers the graves of our buried soldiers. Although a notice of only a few hours had been given, still a large procession was formed, which moved to the graves and there deposited these tokens of remembrance of those who lai
Hi, My ALLEN ancestor was born in Charlton, Saratoga County, NY in 1804. His name was Truman C. (Curtis ?) ALLEN. He was married on December 25, 1833 to Mahala J. BURROUGHS in Genesee County, NY. Could this be one of the 2 sons under the age of 16? I have not been able to find much of anything about his parents, except that in the 1870 IN Fed Census for Steuben County, Indiana, he claims that his father was born in New Hampshire, and his mother in Connecticut.
422. [NYGENESE] The Times, cont'd Apr 2 1915 [1]
The Times Batavia, Genesee County, NY April 2 1915 DEEDS FILED IN THE COUNTY CLERK'S OFFICE (cont'd) March 27th. Fred C. FRINK to Caroline M. FRINK, land in Batavia, $1. Addison E. BOORAM and Lillie BOORAM, his wife, to Charles H. GANN and Jacob B. GANN, land in Oakfield, $1. March 29th. Walter W. BUXTON and wife to William THOMAS, land in city of Batavia, $1. March 31st. Grace A. WASHBURN to Fred B. PARKER, land in city of Batavia, $1. Elihu M. PHILLIPS and wife to John FOWLER and wife, land in Batavia
423. [NYGENESE] Clapsaddle of Bethany [1]
I have a signature in my great grandmother's autograph book by Edna Clapsaddle of Bethany, Genesee Co, NY dated 12/9/1882. Is she anyone you're looking for? Linda (searching Willis / Willes and Lawrence of Oneida, Livingston, and Genesee counties) . _________________________________________________________________ Join the worlds largest e-mail service with MSN Hotmail.
424. [NYGENESE] The Times Apr 2 1915 [1]
The Times Batavia, Genesee Co., NY April 2 1915 DEEDS FILED IN THE COUNTY CLERK'S OFFICE The following deeds have been recorded in the Genesee County Clerk's Office. March 25th William B. CALKINS and wife to Louis I. HEFFER and wife, land in Pavilion, $1. Floyd S. EVANS and wife to Charles FISHER, land in Batavia, $1. Minnie M. ASHFORD and Thomas ASHFORD, her husband, of Buffalo, to Mowry A. ARNOLD, of Attica, land in Pavilion, $1. Ellen W. MERRILL to School District No. 1 of Elba, lot in rear of schoolhou
425. [NYGENESE] BOLT death [1]
Buffalo News April 10, 2002 BOLT - Eleanor B. 4/10/2002 Batavia-April 9, 2002, age 88, aunt of Sybil (John) McGarigal; great aunt of Karen (Robert) Clement and Robert (Amy) Fargo; great great aunt of Melissa and Kathryn Bowen. No prior calling hours. Services at 11 AM Friday at St. James Episcopal Church, 405 E. Main St., Batavia. Memorials to Music Ministry of St. James Church, 405 E. Main St., Batavia 14020. Arrangements by H.E. TURNER AND CO. FUNERAL HOME. Heidi Quider Gohn

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