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426. [NYGENESE] Spirit of the Times June 29 1847 [1]
Spirit of the Times Tuesday June 29 1847 Batavia, Genesee co., NY ATTICA AND BUFFALO RAILROAD--ACCIDENT. A serious accident occurred on Tuesday afternoon last, on the Attica and Buffalo railroad. When the afternoon train was about a quarter or fifth of a mile from the road which crosses the track at County Line, the engineer gave the usual warning, and at the same time noticed a span of horses and wagon, containing two men, coming down the road which crossed the track. The person who drove immediately
427. [NYGENESE] Local Record 1869 [1]
Batavia, Genesee County Progressive Batavian Friday December 10 1869 LOCAL RECORD Mr. Ezra CHAPMAN of this village has invented an improved horse shoe. Mrs. Cyrus WALKER, mother of Hon. E. C. WALKER, is lying dangerously ill. Mr. Geo. BARKER, of this place, died at Saratoga Springs on Tuesday last. Mr. Geo. PARSELL has removed from town to Buffalo we are told. He still talks "Kansas." The Attica Atlas is to have a new dress. Accept our congratulations. The Winter Term of Mrs. HASKELL's select school
428. [NYGENESE] JGS of Buffalo Family History Fair [1]
The Jewish Genealogical Society of Buffalo is sponsoring a Family History Fair Sunday, April 28, 2002 ~~ 2:00 p.m.- 5:00 p.m. Jewish Community Center, Benderson Building 2640 North Forest Road Amherst, New York Society members will be displaying books on Jewish genealogical research and will be on hand to answer inquiries regarding computer programs, internet research, interpretation of Jewish gravestones and other resources for genealogical research. The Family History Fair is open to everyone inte
429. [NYGENESE] REP ADV Aug 11 1846 [1]
Republican Advocate Batavia NY Genesee Co. August 11 1846 MARRIED. In this village on Wednesday, August 5 by Rev. J. PARKER, Mr. James DONOGHUE, of New York, to Miss Martha BERRY, of Marshall, Mich. submitted by L.C. Schmidt
430. [NYGENESE] Terminology [1]
Some of the terms used in old newspapers, etc., may be unfamiliar to some of our young/new readers - Here are a few that are generally found in articles, obits, etc. : Consort = spouse Relict = Widow inst. = instant (ex.: The 10th inst. = the 10th day of the present month) ult. = abbreviation for ultimo, which refers to 'in the preceeding month' &c = etc. Segars = cigars viz. = 'namely' hack = a horse-drawn carriage for hire You may also see a lot of words that we commonly use today, but the rules of capit
431. [NYGENESE] Batavia- Antique business destroyed by fire [1]
>From about 1908 to around 1920, the Clarance A. Northrup family lived in Batavia. Family legend has it that Mr. Northrup owned an antique business which was destroyed by fire sometime before 1920. I'm wondering if any data on the history of Batavia mentions this business, the fire or Clarence A. Northrup. An old envelop contains the address 25 Spinx Ave. I don't know if this was their residence or business address. Any information will be of great interest. Robert Perry
432. [NYGENESE] Daily News Nov 15 1904 [1]
Daily News Nov. 15 1904 Batavia, Genesee Co., NY WORK ON THE FOOTBRIDGE Central Excavating for the Foundation --Heavier Rails on the Erie. This morning employes [sic] of the New York Central began excavating for the concrete foundations for the footbridge which is to be erected over the tracks north of the entrance to the station on Jackson street, for the accommodation of passengers. In order to make room for the foundation at the north end of the bridge the bumping block at the east end of the switc
433. [NYGENESE] Daily News July 23 1908 [1]
The Daily News July 23 1908 Batavia, Genesee Co., N.Y. TWO BETHANY WOMEN COVERED WITH PAINT Their Decorations of Red, Buff and Black. Mrs. Otis GARDNER and her daughter were passing PHELPS' Market when the Painters scaffold at the top of the building gave way. Two women from Bethany, two painters, three pails of paint and an unruly swinging scaffold furnished excitement to people on Main street yesterday afternoon. Jay COOK and E.B. MOWER are painting the Tomlinson building and were at work on the
434. [NYGENESE] Re: [NYSCHENE] New York Rice Families [1]
Dear list members, This message has been sent to NYSCHENE-L NYONONDA-L NYGENESE-L NYMONTGO-L NYONEIDA-L and in all probability, many more. Yes, I have a New York Rice Family, and I have worked very hard on it, and NO, I am not sending my work to her. This doesn't pass the smell test. Sarah > I am collecting information on all Rice families with NewYork ancestry. > Please update your files and send me > what you have to
435. [NYGENESE] Edwards death [1]
Buffalo News April 10, 2002 EDWARDS - William J. 4/10/2002 April 6, 2002 in Batavia, NY. The family will receive friends Friday 11:00 AM at THOMAS T. EDWARDS FUNERAL HOME INC., 995 Genesee St., where funeral services will follow at 12 noon. Interment St. Matthews Cemetery. Heidi Quider Gohn
436. [NYGENESE] REP ADV Aug 7 1846 [1]
Republican Advocate Batavia, NY Genesee Co. August 7 1846 MARRIED. In Buffalo, on the 12th inst., by the Rev. J.B. SHAW of Rochester, Andrew J. RICH, Esq., to Miss Mary W., daughter of the Hon. Chas. TOWNSEND, all of Buffalo. DIED. In Tecumseh, Mich. August 7th., William ANDERSON, formerly of Le Roy, and brother of Mrs. D.D. WAITE, aged 68 years. In Rochester, 7th inst. , James, son of Miles P. LAMSON, of Le Roy, aged 17 years. In Le Roy, 8th. inst., Jane M. wife of Dr. J.M. BLAKERLEY, aged 34 years. At B
437. [NYGENESE] Re: NYGENESE-D Digest V02 #71 [1]
Hi Linda & Don, Enjoy your Genesee news articles. A peek into the olden times. Any thing on Bennington or William Duncan family 1840's +- ? Marion in CA
438. [NYGENESE] Spirit of the Times Apr 12 1862 [1]
Spirit of the Times The Official Paper of the County Saturday, Apr. 12, 1862 Batavia, Genesee Co, NY War in the South-West--Glad Tidings of Victory! We surrender the most of our available space to-day to the details of the great fight at Pittsburg. Landing on Sunday and Monday last, and the surrender of Island No. 10 to our forces. We could not better occupy the space, as we know with what avidity such thrilling and interesting news is looked for by our readers in the country who have not the facilit
439. [NYGENESE] Grand Jurors 1869 [1]
Batavia, Genesee Co. Progressive Batavian Dec. 10 1869 GRAND AND PETIT JURORS.--The following is the list of Grand and Petit Jurors drawn to serve at the January Term of the County Court and Court of Sessions, to be held at the Court House in Batavia, Tuesday January 11th, 1870. GRAND JURORS. Ephraim M. VAIL, Oakfield; George W. SCOTT, Stafford; Charles ASHLEY, Le Roy; A.H. NORRIS, Stafford; Wm. P. MUNGER, Bergen; Roswell S. FISHER, Batavia; Homer BOSTWICK, do.; Alexander H. CAMPBELL, Pavilion; F.F. LUND,
440. [NYGENESE] BROUGHTON in Sweden, NY [1]
I am having trouble finding the location of Sweden, NY. Is it near Chili? Was it one of the townships that was incorporated into Monroe county? I am interested in information regarding .........1820 US Census, Sweden, Genessee, NY, p. 283, BROUGHTON, Levi 2 0 -0 -0 1 0 2 0 0 1 0 -0 -1-.............Does anyone know him or his family. He is not in the 1830 census, however, I do find a Tryphena Broughton in Chili, Monroe, NY...... My gr gr gr grandmother was born in Genessee in 1822 while her brot
441. [NYGENESE] Progressive Batavian July 11 1873 [1]
Progressive Batavian Batavia, Genesee Co., NY Friday, July 11, 1873 LOCAL RECORD. Very nearly a frost in this region on Monday morning last. FELL is doing some fine work in coloring photos so as to make them look like oil paintings. Low prices and best goods nothing new, but always the rule, at TOZIER and MORSE's Drug Store. Dr. MORSE and Mr. Geo. EDWARDS are off to Cayuga Lake on a two weeks fishing excursion. Hon. Seth WAKEMAN is entitled to our thanks for the second and third volumes of the Ninth Ce
442. [NYGENESE] The Latest On Klez [1]
Klez: Don't Believe 'From' Line By Michelle Delio 2:00 a.m. April 30, 2002 PDT Some Internet users have recently received an e-mail message from a dead friend. Others have been subscribed to obscure mailing lists. Some have lost their Internet access after being accused of spamming, and still others have received e-mailed pornography from a priest. They're actually experiencing some of the stranger side effects of the Klez computer virus. These ersatz e-mails containing the virus are creating Klez-prov
443. [NYGENESE] Times Feb 1915 [1]
Batavia Times Monday Feb 1 1915 Batavia, Genesee Co., NY ROY E. FITCH COMMITS SUICIDE His Case in Court Thought to Have Affected His Mind. Roy E. FITCH, a young farm hand, employed on the Bank street road, committed suicide shortly before 1 o'clock Thursday afternoon by hanging himself in a loft above the cow stable. The young man was arrested in Batavia last Wednesday night on a charge of drunkenness, and was lodged in the police station where later it was alleged that Patrolsman Fred J. McGUIRE stru
444. [NYGENESE] Batavia NY Feb 7 1881 [1]
Daily News Batavia, NY, Genesee Co. Feb. 7 1881 L.R. BAILEY's New Stores. Saturday morning, L.R. BAILEY threw open the doors of his new clothing store to the public, and during the day it was crowded with people to inspect his stock of goods. A finer line of gent's furnishing goods, ready made clothing, underwear, etc., was never before placed on sale in this village. The store has undergone a thorough cleaning. The shelves, &c., have been repainted, and it now presents a very attractive appearance.
445. [NYGENESE] Batavia NY Nov 1887 [1]
Daily News Batavia, Genesee Co., NY Friday evening, November 18 1887 Demise of Aged People Death of Miss Minerva OSBORN of Evans Street Frank CHAPIN's death at Darien This Morning--Death in Brockport of the Mother of Mr. Orville COOLEY of Batavia. Miss Minerva OSBORN, who removed from South Batavia to this village a few years ago, died at her home on Evans street last evening about 7 o'clock. She was taken sick while sorting beans at W.W. GOULD's a week ago to-day and it is said she was suffering from hea
446. [NYGENESE] Times, March 26 1915 [1]
The Times Batavia, Genesee Co., NY March 26 1915, cont'd./end BY GONE DAYS Fifty Years Ago Items from the Times, March 25, 1865 J.H. JAMESON of Hamilton, has purchased the Genesee County Mills, situated in Batavia; possession to be given April 1st. An "Old Folks Concert" will be given soon for the benefit of the Christian Commission. All of those taking part in the concert will be from this town. E.H. FISK last Wednesday, purchased the UNDERDONK block, paying $6,000 for it. The March term of the Circuit
447. [NYGENESE] Prog. Batavia Apr 18 1879 [1]
Progressive Batavian Batavia, Genesee Co., N.Y. April 18 1879 List of Letters remaining in Post-Office, Batavia, N.Y., uncalled for April 16th. If not delivered, will be sent to the Dead Letter Office after thirty days. LADIES ANDRUS, Cora EMMONS, A.W. GRGINSE, Aggie GRIFFIN, Maggy STONMAN, Annie SAYERS, Agnes WOODS, Aeuna WOOD, Mrs. Jas. H. GENTLEMEN BROWN, Nicholas L. DINGER, Lewis (2) GARDNER, G. HOFFMAN, Chas. HINKSON, Jack JOSLYN, Johney H. RUSSELL, Charles SCHUILYR, Henry TESCH, John VanNORTWICK, W.
448. [NYGENESE] The Daily Apr 7 1881 [1]
Batavia Daily News Second Edition Thursday Evening April 7 1881 Price two cents THE WOMAN IN BLACK. Lack DEAN a resident of Lyon Street sees a ghost. He is badly frightened and relates his experience with the Woman in Black--What others say about the Apparition: Our readers are perhaps not aware that a ghost appeared in the city of Rochester some time ago which created a great deal of sensation among the skeptical of that city. It appears from the many stories that are floating around this village tha
449. [NYGENESE] Times Jan 4 1915cont'd [1]
Batavia Times January 4 1915 Batavia, Genesee Co., NY TOO GOOD TO THROW AWAY. A popular society woman announced a "white elephant party." Every guest was to bring something that she could not find any use for and yet too good to throw away. The party would have been a great success but for the unlooked-for development which broke it. Eleven of the nineteen women brought their husbands.--New York Globe. EDGERTON--NICHOLS M. Everett EDGERTON of Buffalo, a former Batavian, and Miss Edith A. NICHOL
450. Re: [NYGENESE] Origin of road name [1]
Hi Judy, Clapsaddle road is located in the extreme southwest corner of Stafford Township in Genesee County, New York. This is 3 miles southeast from the center of Batavia on Rte 63. The road is approximately one mile long running east from Rte 63 at that point. There is one abandoned family cemetery on Clapsaddle road but it does not contain any Clapsaddles. The Families there were Bartholf, Debrow and Denton. You may want to check cemetery listings in the townships of Batavia, Stafford, Alexander and

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