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451. [NYGENESE] Daily News June 15 1881 [1]
Batavia Daily News Batavia, Genesee Co., NY June 15, 1881 Price Two Cents STRUCK BY LIGHTNING. During the storm Monday night lightning struck a block on Main street, in Le Roy, and entered the room of a woman named Thompson, knocked the plaster off the ceiling, filled the room with a sulphurous odor and knocked Mrs. THOMPSON down, paralysing her for a time. Under treatment by Dr. CLEVELAND she soon revived and was found to have sustained no permanent injury. DAMON. Thursday morning George A. SWEET
452. [NYGENESE] Lucinda B. Marsh [1]
"M. M. KENDALL located at Newton in April, 1879 Mr. Kendall was born in Batavia, N. Y. July 8, 1838" He was married at Batavia, N. Y. in 1857, to Lucinda B. Marsh, and has four children -- Ellen S., Merritt W., Charles M. and Irving L. See 1883 History of Kansas by Cutler at: Look in Harvey County Biographical Sketches J - M
453. [NYGENESE] Batavia NY Nov 15 1904 [1]
Daily News Batavia Genesee Co. Nov. 15 1904 BUSHVILLE FARM SOLD. Frank W. MYERS of Mt. Morris Buys the PIERSON place from A.G. COLLINS. A.G. COLLINS today sold his farm of 150 acres on the old Buffalo road near Bushville, known as the PIERSON place, to Frank W. MYERS of Mt. Morris. John S. and Henry COMBS occupy the farm. Archie J. CASE of East Pembroke has purchased of F.E. NORRIS a lot in the NORRIS addition east of State street in Batavia. August NISCHALOWSKI has sold a farm of 86 acres in Darien to F
454. [NYGENESE] Genesee/neighboring co'. 1876 [1]
Batavia, Genesee co. Progressive Batavian Friday August 25, 1876 Chester WHITE, one of the oldest inhabitants of Batavia,, died Wednesday of this week, aged 84 years. Mr. WHITE was highly respected and his death is sincerely mourned. LOCAL RECORD. A scarcity of water in many wells in this vicinity indicates the severity of the drouth [sic]. The New Front of HAY's grocery building will make a fine appearance when completed. Homer B. MASON, of Geneseo, is to be principal of the Byron Center school the co
455. [NYGENESE] re: Newspapers in NY? [1]
Does anyone know if there are any newspapers in Lockport, Royalton, LeRoy, NY published during the 1820's to the 1850's and if they are available on microfilm anywhere? Thanks..... Diane
456. [NYGENESE] Family History Fair [1]
The Jewish Genealogical Society of Buffalo is sponsoring a Family History Fair Sunday, April 28, 2002 ~~ 2:00 p.m.- 5:00 p.m. Jewish Community Center, Benderson Building 2640 North Forest Road Amherst, New York Society members will be displaying books on Jewish genealogical research and will be on hand to answer inquiries regarding computer programs, internet research, interpretation of Jewish gravestones and other resources for genealogical research. The Family History Fair is open to everyone inte
Am I on the wrong mailing list? I want to be on Genesee Co NY, not Genesee Co Michigan. Kris Ingram > [Original Message] > From: > To: > Date: 4/30/2002 10:26:26 AM > Subject: [NYGENESE] WARNER-RUSSELL-EVERTS-DUTCHER-STIMSON > > Dear List Members: > A relative recently found an old family bible related to our Warner > clan. Here's some information from inside. We know our Warners were from > Michigan and New York, so I'm posting it to every bo
Hi Thanks for the reply. I don't think it would be your Truman. I found Nehemiah in a book stating he was the father of Morris, my 3 gr uncle. Thus far, his two males listed in the census would fit the ages of my Thomas and Morris. Don't know about the girls, though, there were 4 daughters. Morris was the youngest child b. in 1809. However, I have a printout of an Index of 1840 NY Census for a few counties that I am researching, Cortland, Genesee,Livingston, Otsego, for ALLENs. I looked in it and
459. [NYGENESE] Times Mar 26 1915 [1]
Batavia Times Batavia, Genesee Co., NY March 26 1915 DEEDS FILED IN THE COUNTY CLERK'S OFFICE The following deeds have been recorded in the Genesee County Clerk's Office. March 19. Frank W. FENNER and wife to J.A. FAIR, property in Le Roy, $1. Norris DOUGLASS to Charles A. WILLIAMS, property in the town of Batavia, $1. Charles A. WILLIAMS and Clara WILLIAMS, to Norris DOUGLASS, property in Batavia, $1. March 20. Frank C. BENTHIN and wife and Wilhelmina BENTHIN to Charles HARLOFF, property in Batavia, $1
460. [NYGENESE] old photos [1]
Hi, My recently passed away and in her photo albums I found pictures of some of her old friends. I have pictures of two little boys, Gene and Gary Pflaumer, of Batavia. If there are family members out there who might like to have these pictures, let me know. Also there were some high school picturesof the following people:Bruce Brown, Howard Gillette, Cecelia Peionek, Mary Muhs, Rose Arwin. Last names may not be spelled right but this is the way they look to me. Sharon Palm
461. [NYGENESE] Neighboring co. 1869 [1]
Batavia, Genesee Co. Progressive Batavian Dec. 10 1869 NEIGHBORING COUNTIES. Three of the soldiers of the war of 1812 are now in the Livingston Co. House. Olive LOGAN lectured in Geneseo on Wednesday night last. Anna DICKINSON lectured at Hornellsville Wednesday evening of this week. Mr. POPE, of Scottsburg, teacher of vocal music, is about to remove to Hornellsville. One man in Livingston county has about fifteen acres of potatoes yet to harvest. Nice winter work. Marcus H. CHAPPEL, of Orleans Co.
462. [NYGENESE] Nov 6 1832 [1]
Republican Advocate Nov 6 1832 Batavia, Genesee Co., NY BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL, FOR YOUNG LADIES The Misses BURNHAM respectfully inform their friends and the public, that the third term of their School will commence on Tuesday the first day of May next. Batavia. NEW SCHOOL. A select school, under the tuition of Joseph ELLIOTT, A.B., will be opened on Wednesday, 8th inst., in Wyoming, formerly called Middlebury village , Gen. Co. for the instruction of young Gentlemen and Ladies in all the useful branches
463. RE: [NYGENESE] Daily News June 15 1881 [1]
BOY! I love your news bites! I look for articles and scrool microfilm to try and clarify that whole corner in South Alabama. You helped me narrow down some dates. That was originally school district #5. It also had 2 schools not one. The Baptists had a school where the parsonage now stands. There are a lot of pieces to put together among the 3 schools that went in and out in that area. The town hall was changed to number #12 in the 1880s afyer they built it. From your clip below I have to see if th
464. [NYGENESE] Progressive Batavian Apr 18 1879, contd [1]
Progressive Batavian Apr 18 1879 Batavia, Genesee Co., NY A terrible casualty, in which a woman, a former resident of Pavilion in this county, and her little ten-year old daughter were killed, occurred near Avon on Monday last. As the express train from the south was approaching Avon the engineer was started, upon turning a curve, by discovering walking towards Avon on the track just ahead of him a woman and a little girl. Ringing the bell and blowing the whistle did not attract their attention in the lea
465. [NYGENESE] Fw: Fw: Fw: Interesting . . . . some facts about the 1500's [1]
HISTORY OF 1500's. I thot this is interesting and wanted to share this if its ok. I wonder if there was really a bonehouse??? > > --- > > > > Just think back . .. Next time you are washing your hands and > complain because the water temperature isn't just as you like it, think > about how things used to be. Here are some facts about the 1500s: > > Most people got married in June because they took their yearly bath > in May and still smelled pretty good by June. However, they were starting
466. [NYGENESE] The Times, cont'd Jan 18 1915 [1]
cont'd. The Times Batavia, Genesee Co., NY January 18 1915 OUR COUNTRY CORRESPONDENCE Turning in His Grave. There was a clicking noise as the bones of Lindley MURRAY stirred uneasily in his grave. "Must my name in future be associated with lawn tennis instead of grammar?" murmured the old chap complainingly. Realizing that he had just made a racquet, he subsided. BYRON L.O.T.M. Held Special Meeting to Decide on Date for Annual Installation. Byron, Jan 16.--At a special meeting of the L.O.T.M.
467. [NYGENESE] Origin of road name [1]
I've been attempting to find out who a road was named after. It is called Clapsaddle Road and it is in or near Batavia, I believe. The town office didn't see fit to answer my letter and I'm trying to find out if this person is in my direct Clapsaddle line or not. Thanks for any help you can give me. Judy
468. [NYGENESE] The Daily News July 25 1914 [1]
The Daily News Batavia, Genesee Co., NY July 25 1914 WOMAN IN BETHANY SEVERELY SCALDED Boiler Full of Hot Water Poured Over Her. Bethany, July 25.--Mrs. Roy ROTH, who with her husband and infant daughter lives on the Charles ANNABAL farm on the east road, was so severely scalded with hot water at her home yesterday that she was taken to Batavia and later to Rochester to Dr. BARBER's hospital. While her condition is very serious it is not considered dangerous. Mr. and Mrs. ROTH were carrying a wash
469. [NYGENESE] Daily News Sep 29 1904 [1]
Daily News Sept. 29 1904 Batavia NY, Genesee Co., NY SCOTT-BROWN. Afternoon Wedding in Corfu at the Home of the Bride's Parents. Corfu, Sept. 29.--Miss Edith Marion BROWN was married at 5 o'clock yesterday afternoon at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Nelson A. BROWN, to David John SCOTT of this place. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. E.S. BEACOM of North Collins. Miss Helen C.A. SCOTT and J. Roland CLOUDSLEY of Buffalo were the attendants. The bride was gowned in white chiffon, trimmed with
470. [NYGENESE] Lewellyn [1]
Interested in talking with anyone searching the Lewellyn families of Bergen, N.Y. Particularly interested in the years of 1880 to 1916. Address of one Lewellyn home, No 3 Morton Ave. Bergen, N.Y. Levi Lewellyn Maria Clarence Elwood Harriet Nettie Effie May Earl T. Clara Thanks to all for any help you may provide Leta
471. [NYGENESE] Genesee news May 1909 [1]
Genesee County Batavia Daily Monday May 31 1909 C.F. RAND's First Homecoming. Another item of interest in that issue of the Advocate told of the return to Batavia of Charles F. RAND, who died several months ago in Washington and who was credited with being the first volunteer in the Civil War. He was a sergeant in Captain ROOT's company in the Twelfth New York at the time and he came home because his shoulder had been shattered in the Battle of Gaines's Mills. After being wounded he was confined for a ti
Dear List Members: A relative recently found an old family bible related to our Warner clan. Here's some information from inside. We know our Warners were from Michigan and New York, so I'm posting it to every board associated with our Warner research. "A Charity Everts Russell was born to William Russell and Eleanor Dutcher on September 11, 1829. She married L. Edward Warner on August 11, 1854. She died in 1895. One daughter was listed as Anna Stimson married to Dr. Pearce Page."
473. [NYGENESE] Gray / DeVoe [1]
Catherine Gray b. 12-23-1799 Lewis Co. NY. marr. Charles B. DeVoe b. 4-15-1801 NY state. Who were their parents? Thank you, Duane -- Donna & Duane DeVoe Come Visit Lena, Illinois!
474. [NYGENESE] Old Town Names [1]
In following my 4th great grandfather through the Federal Census records, I also had to deal with the changes in names of the counties and townships. What is now Genesee was Ontario which was Montgomery. Can anyone familiar with this area tell me which is closer to Byron/Bergen Township, Canajoxharrie, Caughnawaja or Whites Township?
475. [NYGENESE] Times Jan 4 1915 [1]
Batavia Times January 4 1915 Batavia NY, Genesee Co., NY ICE CUTTING ON THE CREEK. Two of Batavia's ice dealers, Nelson W. CLEVELAND and Benjamin SUTTELL, who have large ice houses, have begun cutting ice on the Tonawanda creek. The ice is from eleven to twelve inches thick, and of fine quality. A large force of men are being employed by both dealers. PERSONAL MENTION. Mrs. F.E. WILLIS of Bergen is visiting with friends in Batavia. Jay REED is visiting friends in Pembroke. Miss Anna AMBROSE of No.

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