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501. [NYGENESE] Genesee co., Feb 26-1875 # 3 [1]
Progressive Batavian Batavia, Genesee County, New York State February 26-1875 # 3 Local Record - Cont'd. A call for a meeting to be held at some time previous to the first of April next, for the purpose of organizing a "Genesee Co. Poultry Association," has been circulated and quite numerously signed by our citizens within the past few days. By all means let us have such an "Association"-- like enough it will reduce the price of "hen-berries." A Le Roy Man Hurt.-The Attica 'News' tells of a man-
502. [NYGENESE] Genesee co., Aug 27-1875 [1]
Progressive Batavian Batavia, Genesee County, New York State August 27-1875 Miss THRALL's Day and Boarding School! The fall term of Miss F.G. THRALL's Day and Boarding School will re-open at her residence, on Monday, Sept. 13 Having secured the services of Miss R.S.S. DOW, a thorough and accomplished teacher, the best facilities will be afforded for instruction in Music. Batavia. * Alexander. The Alexander cheese factory association have put up a cupola on their factory which adds s
503. [NYGENESE] Geneva Medical College [1]
Does anybody know where the Geneva Medical College was situated in the early 1800s? Thanks, Marny
504. [NYGENESE] Genesee co., Oct 16-1888 # 2 [1]
Daily News Batavia, Genesee County, New York State October 16-1888 # 2 Auction Sale of the entire stock of J.C. SHULTS & Son. A rare chance! Being obliged to give possession of our store in a few days, we shall remove our entire stock of Crockery, Glassware, Stoneware, Silver Plate Tableware. Also Groceries, Etc., Etc., to No. 20 Main St., Uebele Block, to be sold at auction. Sales to commence Tuesday, Sept. 18th, at 2 P.M. and 7 p.m., and continue each day at same hour until the entire stock is sold
505. [NYGENESE] Genesee co., May 21-1891 # 3 [1]
Daily News Batavia, Genesee County, New York State May 21-1891 # 3 Mere Mention. J.J. RUSSELL has sold to G.A. PALMER of Belmont a Crescent safety bicycle. There was a brisk shower in Alabama early last evening and another this morning. Miss May D. LOOMIS of the Surrogate's office has purchased a cushioned-tire safety. The Otis street nine say they defeated the Ellicott streets and were not defeated on Tuesday. Next Sunday the Postoffice will be open from 9:30 to 10:
506. [NYGENESE] Death Dr. John F Baker [1]
Please would someone who is able to visit the Rochester Library do a lookup for me in the Vital Records. I am looking for the death of Dr. JOHN F. (probably Follett) BAKER of Batavia who died after 1890. He was born in September 1815. Once I have his date of death I can look for his obituary and maybe his will. Thank you in advance. Marny in Perth, Western Australia.
507. Re: [NYGENESE] I have questions! [1]
Hi Sherry, Well, SOME of these questions could well have multiple answers, but I'll give it a shot!! There is an Elmwood Cemetery on Harvester Ave. in the City of Batavia, which is in the Town of Batavia, Genesee County. BUT, there is also an Elmwood Cemetery in the Town of Perinton in Monroe County, and possible more around!! I guess it would depend on where the person in the obit lived and/or attended church!! >>What is Villa of St. Jude, and what town is it in?<< You got me on this one!!
508. [NYGENESE] Genesee co., Jan 1-1875 # 2 [1]
Progressive Batavian Batavia, Genesee County, New York State January 1-1875 # 2 The following is the list of petit jurors drawn to serve at the January term of the County Court and Court of Sessions, to be held at the Court House in Batavia, on Monday, Jan. 11th, 1875: Alabama.-Wm. INGALSBE, Abram NORRIS, Geo. ROBERTS, Geo. HITCHCOCK. Alexander.-Asa D. CHURCHILL. Batavia.-Henry TODD, Oscar B. KELSEY, Alton W. PERRY. Bergen.-Horace SOUTHWORTH, Francis E. TERRY, James CRAMPTON. Bethany.-Joseph H. CHADWIC
509. [NYGENESE] Sheffield [1]
Readers of the list, was someone recently looking for info on a Sheffield? I came upon an obit. for a Fanny Jones Sheffield from Batavia, Genesee co. Mid 1880s. Linda
510. [NYGENESE] Genesee co., March 26, 1875 # 2 [1]
Progressive Batavian Batavia, Genesee County, New York State March 26-1875 # 2 Bergen.-"Gentle Spring" is not as gentle as might be in this region, with its thermometrical wave sloshing around zero; but next August will bring its compensations. About the most common things in this section are auctions. We notice Aaron ARNOLD's name appended to nine different auction bills for this month, and to several, already, for next month. The names of Menzie and Wilcox also ornament many such bills. P.
511. [NYGENESE] Genesee co., March 26-1875 [1]
Progressive Batavian Batavia, Genesee County, New York State March 26-1875 Ghastly Accident.-On Friday last a little four year old son of Fred SUNRIKER, of Elba, while out in the yard playing with a butcher knife, in some way gouged it into the corner of his right eye so as to throw the ball of the eye out upon the cheek. Dr. WARNER, who was immediately called, put the eye back to its place, sewed up the gash and dressed the wound; and it is now hoped the eye can be saved. * Linden. - Nehemiah STE
512. RE: [NYGENESE] White Family & others surnames [1]
Since finding time to do genealogy is hard for me, I try to post useful information on my Alabama, NY website. I have the Alabama section of Beers Gazetteer of 1890 posted at my site. The 3rd section has info on some of your Whites. It is transcribed exactly from the original text, so if you do a "find in page" you will also catch the whites that are under other family headings. Also check my cemeteries page. There are Whites buried in Wheatville and Reed cemeteries.
513. [NYGENESE] Moss/Epke Genealogy [1]
Looking for any information at all on BERNHARD MOSS (1839-1916) and wife RACHEL GENAJOHN,(1842-1914), both immigrated from Germany in 1971, lived in IL, then moved to Byron Center. Mostly interested in 3 sons, FRED MOSS of Byron who married EMMA EPKE, WILLIAM MOSS of Byron, and JOHN MOSS of Elba who married a Minnie KNELK. Any information about any of these individuals would be wonderful. Thank you. I have been unable to locate BERNHARD on any census, even though I know he lived in Byron from 1883ish un
514. [NYGENESE] White Family & others surnames [1]
Hi My White family is from Weymouth, Mass. Thomas White b.1599. I have his children as Joseph who married Lydia Rogers, Hannah who married Capt John Baxter, Samuel who married Mary Dyer, Thomas who married Mary Pratt, *Ebenezer who married Hannah Phillips. *Bbenezers & Marys children were Bbenezer, Thomas, Hannah who married John Alden, Abigail, Benjamin, Experience, Elizabeth, *Samuel who married Anna Pratt, Joseph. *Samuel and annas children were Ebenezer, Elisha, Matthew who married Martha Vint
515. [NYGENESE] Genesee County - October 1, 1928 [1]
Daily News Batavia, Genesee County, New York State October 1, 1928 Front Page MAIL CAR ROBBERY CHARGED AGAINST MAN IN LEICESTER JAIL Leicester, Oct 1 - George W. ABERTH, 28, of Buffalo, formerly of this village, has been arrested by Buffalo police in connection with the disappearance of $13,000 from a mail car on August 27, 1927, when he was a substitute clerk on the run from Pittsburgh to Arnold, Pa. He is in jail in default of $10,000 bail and awaiting the action of the federal grand jury. ABE
516. [NYGENESE] Re: NYGENESEE - I have questions! [1] This site will answere most of your current and future questions.
517. [NYGENESE] ID THEFT ON THE RISE Researchers beware! This samething happen to me! [1]
Researcher, I'm dealing with the mountainous headache of reclaiming my life. Proving who I am is harder than one can imagine. A year later and I am no closer straightening out this mess. Lawyers fees have pushed me into bankruptcy. As this article mentions. This person lost their identity through a genealogy web site. The same with me. Please be careful! WW This is just one example of many i have found.
518. [NYGENESE] Townsend / Devoo [1]
I would like to contact family members of this couple. ellen F. Townsend marr. John Devoo/Devoe b. 1823 Kings, NY They had the following children; Euretta b. 1850 John 1852 marr. Ada allen 1878 George W. 1853 m. amelia augusta Ewald Sarah 1856 Thank you, Duane -- Donna & Duane DeVoe Come Visit Lena, Illinois!
519. [NYGENESE] Genesee co., Feb 26-1875 # 2 [1]
Progressive Batavian Batavia, Genesee County, New York State February 25-1875 # 2 Local Record. A party of Batavians visited Niagara Falls on Wednesday to see the ice gorge. Old Winter had his back broken on Monday last and has been sinking rapidly since. Can't some one get off that Lent joke?--'Le Roy Courier.' We can't, 'cause our jokebook's lent. Mr. Francis BLAKE, an old resident of Batavia died on Wednesday night last aged about 80 years. Rev. O.E. MALLORY, preaches his farew
520. [NYGENESE] Crosier / Devoe [1]
I would like to make contact with family members of this couple; Susan Maria Crosier , no dates, marr. Luke Devoe b. 1812 Had; Augusta b. 1839 m. James Perkins Henry 1840 m. Sarah Snyder Sarah 1842 m. Isaac Stures Harriet 1844 m. G. Alger Sedate 1847 m. F.G.Parr Adella 1849 m. Alonzo Waters Addie 1850 m. John Stegcamp Edgae 1852 Thank you, Duane -- Donna & Duane DeVoe Come Visit Lena, Illinois!
521. [NYGENESE] Genesee co., April 30-1875 [1]
Progressive Batavian Batavia, Genesee County, New York State April 30-1875 Local Record Gen. Rock THOMPSON, with his street brigade, has been making successful war upon the mud and dirt accumulations of our principal streets, during the past few days. Three new houses on Bank street soon--one for L. TIMMONS, one for Geo. HUMPHREY, and one for Charles REED. Morgan has the Timmons job and is pushing it with vigor. George LAMPMAN, of this village, died at Livingston Co., on Saturday
522. [NYGENESE] John and Elizabeth BAKER [1]
John D. Baker and Elizabeth Coleman were b in England abt 1815. Came to the U. S. in the very late 1820s or 1830s. The first I find them in the U. S. is in what is thought to be Wyoming County but it may be Wyoming in Genesee County as it would be about the time Wyoming County came into being. By the 1850 Census they have moved to Lenawee County MI and by 1860 the family is located in Trempealeau County, WI where they homesteaded. They are still in Trempealeau County , WI in 187
523. [NYGENESE] FW: [QC-ETANGLO] Post 1901 Census -- 1906 Census records released today [1]
-----Original Message----- From: Sent: Friday, January 24, 2003 10:25 AM To: Subject: [QC-ETANGLO] Post 1901 Census -- 1906 Census records released today Greetings All. "Genealogists, historians, and researchers across the country won a major victory today as Industry Minister Allan Rock announced the immediate release of the nominal records from the 1906 census. Ontario Senator Lorna Milne (Liberal -- Peel Region) welcomed the news." So reads the opening paragraph of a News
524. [NYGENESE] Genesee co., Aug 27-1875 # 2 [1]
Progressive Batavian Batavia, Genesee co., NY August 27-1875 # 2 Neighboring Counties. A Niagara county man has discovered a new kind of peach. Nunda had a $2,000 fire on Thursday night of last week. The hay crop is reported good in Allegany and Cattaraugus counties. The Steuben county fair is to be held at Bath Oct. 6th, 7th, and 8th. Peaches sold in Buffalo last week for the freight charges--10 cents a crate. Daniel GRAY, of West Barre, has developed a new specie
525. [NYGENESE] Bethany, Genesee Co., History [1]
There will be a get-acquainted meeting for all residents and anyone who has interest in the town of Bethany, Genesee Co., N.Y.--- the "Bethany History Keepers" will meet next week, on Saturday, January 25th, at 4:00 p.m., at the Carriage Village, (the former "County Almhouse") on Bethany Center Road, next to the County Park, in Bethany. We look forward to meeting others who are interested in the local history of our town; please come and browse the articles, photos, etc. that will be on display! Sh

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