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51. [NYGENESE] 1926 vets Rochstr [1]
1926 Rochester the following hon disch soldirs in the Civil War are appointed to take charge of burials Peter Sheridan Thomas A Burchill, Eugene Durand Isaih H Chatfield, James B Williams, Robert J Forristal Henry G Sauer Hiram Krill, Johnson French Charles T Peck Herman Cole Peter Gebic George H Losey Wm W Morey Truman H Tobbins Eugene A Green Charles Noble Frank Saunders Henry M Baker Frederick Warner Arthur M Newton James A Bushnell John A Smith Byron E Ketcham Charles E
Again, my apologies to the list... Alice - I forgot to mention this Page family which I found in Stafford cemetery, but did not photograph - John PAGE (father) - 1825 - 1905 Grace PAGE (mother) - 1829 - 1898 William PAGE - 1865 - 1880 Mary PAGE - 1856 - 1880 George PAGE - 1868 - 1869 If you'd like a hard copy of the photos which I took, please send me your mailing address and I'd be glad to mail them to you. Heidi
53. [NYGENESE] Fredrick Vickers - Robert Robbin / Robins, Bergen, NY [1]
Does anyone have any information on Fredrick Vickers, born 1822 in England? He lived in Bergen in 1870. Wife: Martha born 1825 in England Children: William born 1846 in England George born 1856 in Monroe County Willard born 1858 in Genesee County Martha born 1861 in Genesee County David born 1864 in Genesee County In 1875, Martha and most of the kids lived with Robert Robbin. Any information on any of these people will help. Thanks.
54. [NYGENESE] Edson Poultry Farm arises again [1]
If you have an interest in this, please write me in next day or two for info. (It was in Leroy, NY) Kristy
55. Re: [NYGENESE] Holland Land Papers [1]
In a message dated 5/14/00 4:57:30 PM Pacific Daylight Time, writes: << I would also like to have copies of the 6 pages. Like Janet (jslobvan) I would be willing to help. I am pretty good with hand writing. If they are handwritten, I could probably decipher them and present them on line in text format. Many thanks for your offer. Jeanne >> hi Jeanne , And the ' List ' , this is getting to much , there are not 6 pages ! , there is a 10kb txt file from the LDS Ca
56. Re: [NYGENESE] CAMPBELL/1865 or 1870 Census on Line [1]
Hi everyone, If you go to this site, you can search for your surname either at the NARA level or the State level. It is much easier than going to the individual files. This is a great tool! Margo
57. [NYGENESE] Re: Holland Land records [1]
Phil, I too would like to have a copy of the six : pages. Thanks for offerings it. Wendy
58. [NYGENESE] 6 pages [1]
Phil, You are surely popular this week. I would really appreciate a copy of the most famous 6 pages. Or, is there somewhere on the Internet I could pick them up? Thank you. Rodney Ernest Stringham Corfu, Genesee County, NY
59. [NYGENESE] Re: Holland Land records [1]
Phil, I too would like to have a copy of the six pages. Thanks for offerings it. Bobbi __________________________________________________ Do You Yahoo!? Send instant messages & get email alerts with Yahoo! Messenger.
60. [NYGENESE] Holland Land Papers [1]
Yes, i would also like to see these 6 pages. Let me know what happens about this. And many thanks for offering. margaret Calvin.
61. Re: [NYGENESE] Cemetery photos [1]
How nice of you to offer. I'm going to save your address in the event I need to take you up on it! In the meantime, you might want to consider registering at this address: Cathy wrote: > I just wanted to let the list know that I live in Genesee county, NY and I'm > willing to take cemetery photos at no charge. > > Heidi Quider Gohn >
I inadvertently zapped the messages about the Page family. Alice, are you related to Minnie Page who married William J. Keller? Dorothy
Circa 1800-1835 John Covell, d. 1806 Pittstown, NY Ichabod & Susannah West, lived Pittstown, NY he d. 1835, she d. 1837 David BAKER, b. as a KNICKERBOCKER 1790. Changed name to BAKER after family dispute. Believed he married Susannah West Covell as a BAKER about 1810. Served War 1812. Moved to Genesse County, NY abt. 1814 Thank you for any information on this family. Cathy
64. [NYGENESE] Surname CONGDON [1]
Hi, I am looking for information on a Charles, Henry, John and Jeremiah Congdon. I have found them in the 1830 census for Genesee County. Does anyone know of any resources, either on the web or otherwise that I could search to find out more information. Of course if there is anyone with connections to these gentlemen, I would love to hear from them. I believe Charles, Henry, John and David (who was not listed) to be sons of the Jeremiah Congdon. David Congdon is my gg grandfather. He was born in New Y
65. Re: [NYGENESE] 6 pages [1]
Phil! Please add me to the list for the six pages. Thanks for the very generous offer. Mike
66. [NYGENESE] 6 Pages [1]
Phil, You are surely popular this week. I would really appreciate a copy of the most famous 6 pages. Or, is there somewhere on the Internet I could pick them up? Thank you. Rodney Ernest Stringham Corfu, Genesee County, NY
67. [NYGENESE] WRIGHTS of Byron, Genesee, NY [1]
I am looking for information on William Wright, 1781-1862, m. Berinthia (?), who was living in or near Byron in 1840 per the Federal Census. Between 1840 and 1850 he and his family, including married children and families, moved to Genesee County, MI. Any and all information would be appreciated. I would like to know if William and Berinthia were returned to NY for burial. Berinthia died between 1850-1860.
68. [NYGENESE] Re: Genese family [1]
Hi List, Is anyone researching the LAMBERTON's from Genese Co., NY? My g g grandfather Henry Ambrose LAMBERTON was born Nov 24, 1818, Batavia, Genese Co., NY. I "believe" his parents were Alonzo LAMBERTON & Tryphena STEWART. Are there any records that would show his birth or perhaps parents marriage? Any help or advice would be appreciated. Rita
69. Re: [NYGENESE] Vickers, Abram, Good, Butler, Ridley, Hawkins, Hillman, Austin, Norris, Parks, Nelson [1]
Sean, Don't know if this is coincidence or a clue... I am researching Munsell, a family well-documented in Hamilton County IL. We think the Munsells came to Illinois c 1820 from Genesee County NY. Vickers is an old and a common name in Hamilton County - in fact, a Dr. Vickers was my auntie's MD in the 50s or 60s. Maybe there is a connection between your search and Hamilton County, Illinois - maybe several families left Genesee County for Hamilton County. Cordah Robinson Cordah Elizabeth Robinson ISS/UIT
70. [NYGENESE] King Family [1]
My g-grandfather Daniel King was born near Alexander in 1829. Both parents died when he was quite young. As a young man he migrated to McCoupin county IL. where he spent most of his life. Isaac & Lyman King also fro Alexander migrated to McHenry county IL in 1836. Any information on any Alexander Kings would be appreciated. Dick
71. Re: [NYGENESE] Cemetery photos [1]
At 04:27 PM 5/17/00 EDT, wrote: >To those of you who requested I take Cemetery photos for you - Please be >patient with me as I received many requests. I don't claim to be an expert >on cemeteries in the area. I simply live in the area and want to help people >in their research. >Heidi, since you have gotten alot of requests....would everyone like the photos posted on the GenWeb site in the archives??? I'm sure others have gravestone photos they would like to share as do I. I even ha
72. [NYGENESE] Re: NYGENESE-D Digest V00 #47 [1]
Dear List, I'm new to this list and was wondering if anyone has any info on the following Motz family: Lena Motz (my g-grandmother) b. 8 Nov 1861; d. 15 Jan 1928 in Orangeville and married George J. Baumann 27 Sep 1884. Her parents Michael and Barbara Motz. Thank You, Donna Figueredo ----- Original Message ----- From: To: Sent: Wednesday, May 31, 2000 3:56 PM Subject: NYGENESE-D Digest V00 #47
I am forwarding these obituaries to the list, in case they might be of interest to someone. March 18, 1900 Rochester Daily Union and Advertiser Funeral of Mrs. LYNN The funeral of Mrs. Ida Moulton Lynn, wife of Rev. Phineas T. Lynn, pastor of the Spencer-Ripley Methodist Episcopal Church of this city, who died at the family residence, No. 3 Emma street, Saturday morning, after a long and painful illness, was held from the church at noon to-day, the remains begin taken to Batavia, her former home, for b
74. [NYGENESE] Volunteer [1]
I would like to welcome those of you new to this site and tell you there are some really great folks who are willing to help just for the asking. I, myself do Volunteer research at Andersonville Civil War Prison in Andersonville Georgia. Any research I do is absolutely at NO cost and I am willing to do what I can. My sources are the following....... There are 2 online databases to do lookups.....One by by Company and Regiment. I also have a copy of the Dorence Atwater Death list which has the n
75. [NYGENESE] Batavia marriages [1]
My ggf was Seth Spencer m Rachel Clark 12/26/1841 at Batavia NY. Are there any marriage records available? I am searching for their parents. Thanks for any help. Ben

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