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101. [POYTHRESS] (no subject) [1]
The below lines have no more evidentiary weight than any other no-documentation-appended Gedcom someone might put up on the web but there are some tidbits suggesting strings to pull and a few coincidences. + the documented existence of one Robert Price Poythress grandson of Elizabeth Poythress Peniston. Given the penchant of those guys for names of ancestors, give the "Robert" (possible gggrandfather Robert Poythress) maybe a feather's worth of weight on the scales but not much more. + gee, the
102. [POYTHRESS] Sarah Pryor [1]
Well now, aha, Mr. Peniston has a daughter named Sarah (presumably a sister for Elizabeth): Will Anthony Collins Peniston of Brandon Parish in Prince George County 20 April 1772/8 Sep 1772 All the profits of my estate to my wife (not named) during her widowhood or till my son, John Gilbert Peniston, arrives at the age of 21. Son, Anthony Peniston, the land I live on along with a tract in Dinwiddie CO known as Molerres plus a tract that I bought there from Thomas Philly. Daughter, Sarah
103. Re: [POYTHRESS] Capt Francis Poythress & Dictoris Christmas? [1]
Maynard, I don't question that Francis Poythress purchased the land which belonged to Jenkin Osborne's orphans, but I'm inclined to assign a bit more weight to the term "by right of Dictoris Christmas, confirmed by order of court 27 Feb. 1636." I think this may indicate Dictoris had some rights in this which enabled Francis Poythress to make the purchase. I'm just not sure what those rights might have been... perhaps as an agent, or perhaps due to some other reason. For example, we have sons re-patenting l
104. Re: [POYTHRESS] Gibson to Poythress 1721 Deed [1]
I believe the Dead For Lease youB describe below is the same as what is known as Lease and Release. In Medieval and early colonial times, it was very difficult to get title in fee simple as we do today.B The title wasn't always clear, or was layered with ownership, so instead of a normal deed, the Lease and Release was used.B B This wasB simple and ancient method of conferring all rights, title and interest from a buyer to a seller.B The "buyer" is put in possession of the land through a lease, then at a
105. Re: [POYTHRESS] Methodist preacher Francis Poythress [1]
Barbara, Here you go - re Bethel Academy: -Sandy On Sun, Apr 5, 2009 at 10:33 PM, Barbara Neal wrote: > > N.B. Harmon's 1974 "Encyclopedia of World Methodism" states that he was > "born in Virginia in 1732" (specfically that year; not "about" that year) > and that he died "about 1818" in Jessamine Co, KY, and that he established > Methodism in Kentucky and worked to "sustain Bethel Academy" (for which no > specific location is given).
106. [POYTHRESS] 1769 LWT //Re: Elizabeth Poythress Peniston [1]
Maynard & all, The LWT you've noted from Ancestry appears to be an earlier Elizabeth Peniston... this LWT dated 1769, and her death at some point before 1773. Nevertheless, I'm entering it here, in the event it helps to "sort" folks at some point in time. The Ancestry file comes from the scanned images of the following book: "Virginia Will Records: From The Virginia Magazines of History and Biography, the William and Mary College Quarterly, and Tyler's Quarterly," indexed by Judith McGhan; Genealogical Pu
107. Re: [POYTHRESS] Explanation re Deeds of lease & release [1]
Yep, shoulda knowed...forgot the fail-safe rule: follow the money. Thanks, Barb. Maynard -----Original Message----- From: [] On Behalf Of Barbara Neal Sent: Friday, April 24, 2009 1:50 To: Poythress Subject: [POYTHRESS] Explanation re Deeds of lease & release >From the Library of Virginia's "Research notes number 6 -- Using County and City Court Records" posted on LVA's website, is this explanation of Deeds of lease and rel
108. [POYTHRESS] LWT = Last Will & Testament [1]
While away from home & computer all day yesterday, from seeing captions of emails on my Palm Treo, I puzzled over "what in the world is LWT?" Obviously not "Light-weight." Nothing beginning with "Legal" as the first word would seem to work for a "Wt." I guess since I've just always called the document a "Will," the term "Last Will & Testament" never popped into my brain. Glad to be able to read the whole of messages today, and have the mystery solved. It was a humbling reminder that our brains have thei
109. Re: [POYTHRESS] Capt Francis Poythress & Dictoris Christmas? [1]
Al, This is funny! I was just reading your old 1997 message regarding Captain Epps, and John "Pountys" - who, I believe, were at Smythe's Hundred... which was later (after 1620, I think) known as "Southampton Hundred" which is precisely where Eve Gregory (on the web site referenced) noted Dictoris Christmas was bound to John Powntis: 28 Nov. 1625. Council & General Court of Va. John Utie gent deposes that the bond wherein John Hassarde, Dictoris Christmas, & Mr. Jonas Stogden stand bound to Mr. John Powntis
110. Re: [POYTHRESS] FamilySearch - new digital images [1]
Helene, that thing is marvelous almost beyond description. What a contribution to family history in America! I can only marvel and hope the project grows fast enough for me to utilize it to the fullest. My thanks and continuing admiration for the LDS Church, you all are wonderful people making a huge contribution in many ways. Maynard _____ From: Helene [] Sent: Tuesday, April 21, 2009 1:40 To: Undisclosed-Recipient:; Subject: FamilySearch - new digital images
111. Re: [POYTHRESS] Penniston & Pryor sisters of Francis Poythress preacher [1]
Barbara, I truly agree with your observations. It's my greatest hope that we will all take the time to document the "preponderance of evidence" that leads us to deduce various relationships in our research. True "proof" is a rare commodity in genealogical research, particularly when it comes to those who lived in early Virginia. It's easy enough to cite a particular document when it offers "proof" of a relationship... but all too often there is no such document, so we deduce relationships based upon the "
112. Re: [POYTHRESS] Capt Francis Poythress & Dictoris Christmas? - Chas City records [1]
Thanks, Barbara.I'm not surprised, since the court order would likely tell more... and, of course, that would be too easy. :-) -Sandy On Thu, Apr 30, 2009 at 10:04 AM, Barbara Neal wrote: > In answer to Sandy's question about whether the court orders for 1636 are > extant: > I've just checked the Family History Library catalog online for Charles > City, since it looked like that would be the county in question. They have > no court orders earlier than 1655, including in the serie
113. Re: [POYTHRESS] 1769 LWT //Re: Elizabeth Poythress Peniston [1]
So... This Elizabeth Peniston appears to be a Peniston BY MARRIAGE, and nee a James. Everyone agree? There's a lot of real interesting genealogical information in this that touches on a lot of familiar Prince George County names, but otherwise she doesn't seem to be directly relevant to the Rev. Francis Poythress issue. At least that's my take... Lou Poole -----Original Message----- From: [] On Behalf Of Sandy Sent: Monday, April 13,
114. [POYTHRESS] Odam Poythress Senr estate file Northampton Co, NC - 4 Dec 1817 bond date [1]
>From the Loose Estate Records of Northampton Co, NC, FHL film 2,363,527 some of the documents from the first estate file mentioned below were commingled in the second file mentioned: (1) the file of the "Jr" or the younger, labeled in each frame when the Loose Estate Records were filmed at the NC Dept of Archives & History on 25 Feb 2003, with a typed slip indicating it was the estate of "Poytress, Odam 1817" -- Odam Poytress Jr (or Portress or Porties), who died before 3 Jun 1817 and whose Administrator
115. [POYTHRESS] Anthony Collins PENISTON [1]
FYI, the same book containing the LWT of Sarah Peniston, also contained the following: 1798. Call v. Ruffin ANTHONY COLLINS PENISTON, dec'd, of Prince George county, left issue, orphans, Samuel and Sarah Peniston. Thomas Morgan, guardian, Thomas Woodlief and Ruffin, his securities. A more detailed accounting of this case is found in Google Books scanned copy of "Virginia Reports," (1730-1880), by Thomas Johnson Michie, which contains Volumes 1 through 6 of Call's Reports. This is on pp 131-132 in Vol. 1.
116. [POYTHRESS] Historical Melungeons-Poythress Connection? [1]
I came across this website for a friend of mine. However, after seeing the postings here I thought it may be relevant for this group to explore. I have not made any contacts. There is a good chance that Poythress is closely tied to this group. http:// A quick search of this site has some Poythress Listed. 11 December 1704 On 11 December 1721 Hubbard Gibson sold to Peter Poythress 200 acres on the Blackwater, part of a tract granted unto John Poythr
117. Re: [POYTHRESS] Applause for the ORIGINALS! William, not Walter, Stainback! [1]
Thanks, Sandy. Good catch on the Walter vs William. I just double-checked Weisiger's abstract, to make sure I had re-typed his abstract correctly for Al, and sure enough Weisiger had mis-transcribed it as Walter.
118. Re: [POYTHRESS] Capt Francis Poythress & Dictoris Christmas? - Chas City records [1]
In answer to Sandy's question about whether the court orders for 1636 are extant: I've just checked the Family History Library catalog online for Charles City, since it looked like that would be the county in question. They have no court orders earlier than 1655, including in the series of records they got from VA's library & archives. In addition, neither are there any records that early for Charles City's - other court records - land records - probate records
119. [POYTHRESS] Applause for the ORIGINALS! William, not Walter, Stainback! [1]
Just wanted to thank Barbara and Al again for such a wonderful job of getting the scanned images of the 1724 will of John Poythress online. Also, to point out how valuable these are, I want to make note that the abstract of this will which is on the Poythress site reads: " To son John, my plantation where I now live, 100 acres; also 100 acres adjacent called Colebrook, taking in Ivey Point, running down to Hugh Evans spring bottom, to Walter Stainback's...." BUT, the scanned images definitely show that t
This was posted on the VA-Southside site by one Paul Drake, a genealogist of what seems to be considerable repute among most of the Virginia searchers. I found it quite interesting. Maynard I have been asked several times to explain who could do what with what at what age in Colonial VA Try this by Robert Baird: Paul
121. Re: [POYTHRESS] Methodist preacher Francis Poythress [1]
Barbara, This has more pics: I suspect the most likely source for more on Francis' family (if such exists) would be the Asbury Theological Seminary library in Wilmore, KY. Also, Google Books has scanned, "A History of Jessamine County, Kentucky," by Bennett Henderson Young, which has a good bit about Bethel Academy and several references to Francis Poythress, including.... (p 171): "He
122. Re: [POYTHRESS] Deed 1785 Northampton Co, NC to Odom Potress from Thos Williams [1]
Sandy and others, There is one other mention of Peter in the Will of William W. Wilkins. It is a description of land that Wilkins had purchased from Peter Woodluf (that is how it is transribed) {Will Book 4, Page 222, Northampton Co NC}. The only description that it gives is that it is on the Roanoke River and it was left to his son W.W. Wilkins. Of course, this will is witnessed by James VINCENT. Interesting to see this Vincent name as it is one of the branch names of the Portuguese Settlement and one tha
123. Re: [POYTHRESS] Penniston & Pryor sisters of Francis Poythress preacher [1]
Thanks everyone for the interesting notations. I'm still wondering if there is any citation, and if so what it is, to show that preacher Francis Poythress & his sister Susannah Poythress Pryor even truly had a sister Elizabeth who married a Penniston -- or Pennington, or whatever spelling;) Bpn
124. Re: [POYTHRESS] Returned mail: delivery problems encountered [1]
Well, looks like Tara Peniston is off the air.or has another email address. I'll try to phone her. Maynard -----Original Message----- From: [] Sent: Friday, April 10, 2009 12:28 To: Subject: Returned mail: delivery problems encountered A message (from ) was received at 10 Apr 2009 16:28:17 +0000. The following addresses had delivery problems: Permanent Failure: 550_M
125. Re: [POYTHRESS] Capt Francis Poythress & Dictoris Christmas? [1]
Also check this link: This link suggests that that MIGHT have been a Dictoris Christmas AND a Victoris Christmas in early Virginia, and that perhaps their names have been confused in the records - which just adds possible confusion to the issue. In the link above it says: "On 8 May 1648 Dictoris Christmas is mentioned in a division of land to the orphans of Jenkin Osborne..." Following the Jenkin Osborne trail may solve the riddle. Lou Poole ---

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