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126. Re: [POYTHRESS] Applause for the ORIGINALS! William, not Walter, Stainback! [1]
And, as a general rule, I've found Weisiger's abstracts to be very good, which is simply to say, "mistakes happen," even to the best. Ironically, this comes up at the very same time I've run across a VA land patent abstracted by Nugent which appears to have been inadvertently omitted from the library's indexing of the patents. I was able to find the original - but only by going to the chronological list and navigating to the book and page and downloading it. None of one the names in the patent show up in th
127. [POYTHRESS] Explanation re Deeds of lease & release [1]
>From the Library of Virginia's "Research notes number 6 -- Using County and City Court Records" posted on LVA's website, is this explanation of Deeds of lease and release: Deeds of lease and release are often found in the Northern Neck and older counties. The lease, listing a nominal sum, is followed by the release noting the actual sale price. The lease may predate the release by a day, a week, or even a year. Together the two documents make up a legal deed and should not be confused with a simple lease
128. Re: [POYTHRESS] Capt Francis Poythress & Dictoris Christmas? [1]
Thanks, Lou. Yes, I've seen this page, re speculations of two men - 'Victoris' and 'Dictoris.' While I'm no expert on the subject of Dictoris Christmas, in looking at the patent images and the timelines of other records, I'm of the opinion they are all records of the same man, be he named "Dictoris" or "Victoris." The scrawl of those old patents is difficult, at best, and an uppercase "D" can look like an uppercase "V" - or vice versa, for that matter. Of course this is just my opinion, and I could be wron
129. Re: [POYTHRESS] Penniston & Pryor sisters of Francis Poythress preacher [1]
How firm is the birth date listed for Lt. William? Could it be in error? ...Or, could it be that Rev. Francis was Lt. William's brother, i.e. Elizabeth's uncle?Is anything known Robert Poythress' estate, or the estate of Lt. William? On Tue, Apr 7, 2009 at 10:38 PM, Randy Jones wrote: > >From Michael Tutor's posting on POYTHRESS-L 15 Jan 2006: > > 1. Capt John Poythress (1635-1712) of "Deep Bottom" m. Christian Peebles > 2. Robert Poythress (1690-1743) m. Elizabeth >
130. Re: [POYTHRESS] Capt Francis Poythress & Dictoris Christmas? [1]
I don't know about Dictoris Christmas, but I do have some information about John Powntis. The fact that the website Barbara points to mentions both Powntis and Poythres may mean we should be taking a closer look. I chased Powntis several years back -- if he is a Poythress then it would be big news since he was in VA at least a dozen years before Francis shows up in the records. Back in 1997 I posted the following from the Colonial Records Project and what I said at the time was "the ship Joh
131. [POYTHRESS] Odam Poythress Jr estate file Northampton Co, NC - 3 Jun 1817 bond date [1]
>From the Loose Estate Records of Northampton Co, NC, FHL film 2,363,527 some of the documents from the first estate file mentioned below were commingled in the second file mentioned (which file's info I'll post as a separate message]: (1) the file of the "Jr" or the younger, labeled in each frame when the Loose Estate Records were filmed at the NC Dept of Archives & History on 25 Feb 2003, with a typed slip indicating it was the estate of "Poytress, Odam 1817" -- Odam Poytress Jr (or Portress or Porties)
132. Re: [POYTHRESS] Penniston & Pryor sisters of Francis Poythress preacher [1]
Clearly there's a problem with dates in all this. From Barbara's earlier posting: This following quote is from "Methodism in Western North Carolina" by Elmer T. Clark (who was b.1886), which volume was published in 1966 by the Western North Carolina Conference, Methodist Church: "At the fourth conference in America, held at Baltimore in May 1776, Francis Poythress was admitted on trial and appointed with two others to the Carolina Circuit. He was a native of Virginia and inherited a large estate from
133. [POYTHRESS] Powntis - Bucks, no less [1]
Well, as long as I'm on this goose chase... thought I'd check the A2A (Access to Archives) across the pond and see what turned up for "Powntis." Got one hit back as "Pownties" in a bit earlier timeframe, but interesting to me if only because it shows up in Bucks, which is "gound zero" for Capt. John Woodlief (which surname, by the way, can be really convoluted that side of the pond, for example, 'Wodelef').... Court of Requests: Judgement. D-CE/M51 10 May 1551. Rychard Turnor, and John Turnor as his guar
134. Re: [POYTHRESS] Capt Francis Poythress & Dictoris Christmas? [1]
Well, if they're dealing in stolen goods that certainly wouldn't make them unique among Poythresses. Maynard -----Original Message----- From: [] On Behalf Of Sandy Sent: Thursday, April 30, 2009 12:53 To: Subject: Re: [POYTHRESS] Capt Francis Poythress & Dictoris Christmas? Well, it wouldn't be the first disappointment I've encountered, that's for sure. :-) In any case, this is the only reference I'
135. Re: [POYTHRESS] Methodist preacher Francis Poythress [1]
One further bit of specfic info could lead someone searching old newspapers/publications to a contemporary "Memorial" or obituary for early Methodist preacher Francis Poythress, if anyone has an opportunity to search for one. Perhaps as flowery as some of those published Memorials were back then, we might get the name of his father from such an item. N.B. Harmon's 1974 "Encyclopedia of World Methodism" states that he was "born in Virginia in 1732" (specfically that year; not "about" that year) and that he
136. Re: [POYTHRESS] Penniston & Pryor sisters of Francis Poythress preacher [1]
I apologize. The last line of the chart I provided should show Francis Poythress Peniston, not Francis Poythress. I am not sure that he is relevant to the issue being discussed, except to note that Elizabeth had a son of such name, probably indicating a close relationship to a Francis Poythress (a brother or uncle), since a Francis was not an ancestor for five generations back. -- Randy Jones ________________________________ From: Lou Poole To: Sent:
137. Re: [POYTHRESS] Capt Francis Poythress & Dictoris Christmas? [1]
I have read what I think are the relevant documents and I'm lead to conclude that Francis' 1648 patent suggests no particular connection between Francis and Dictoris Christmas. It looks to me like the land in question was bought by Francis from Osborne and Hill..and sort of like, oh, by the way, Osborne and Hill got it from Dictorus Christmas (originally) and the reference to Christmas likely only stated the continuity of the title/grant/patent and/or further identified the land in question. I'm figur
138. Re: [POYTHRESS] Deed 1785 Northampton Co, NC to Odom Potress from Thos Williams [1]
Barbara, might be only a coincidence, but Major Peter Woodlief (b ca 1761 - d. 1816 "at his seat" in Prince George Co) was also in Northampton Co., NC. This Maj. Peter was married (1) to Ann Poythress (nee: Bland) Morrison, d/o Richard Bland & Mary Bolling, and widow of John Morrison; and (2) on 4 July 1813 to Rebecca (nee Cocke), widow of George Ruffin. He served as a member of the NC House of Representatives (or Commons) from Northampton Co. in 1803, 1811 and 1812. He's found enumerated in the 1810 Northa
139. [POYTHRESS] CORRECTION // Re: 1769 LWT //Re: Elizabeth Poythress Peniston [1]
Please note the following correction.... as you will see in the transcript of the original will, Elizabeth Peniston names THEODORICK BLAND as executor: "In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand & affixed my Seal this 13th day of June 1769, & I do appoint Theodorick Bland Executor to this Will." Please note I have made a TYPO in the next section.... i.e., "Executor's Bond of the Will of Elizabeth Peniston" -- and inadvertently typed "Theodorick's name as "Theodora." That section SHOULD read: "... in
140. Re: [POYTHRESS] 1769 LWT //Re: Elizabeth Poythress Peniston [1]
Sandyneat job digging out that will of Elizabeth Peniston. Probabilities suggested she was indeed an earlier generation but it was maybe worth a shot in the dark. Interesting that this Elizabeth Peniston was not without Poythress connections herself and will be an addition to our database. The 1769 E. P. will has three children of Anne Poythress (BGA) and Richard Bland: --Theodorick Bland, b. 1744 was executor.5% of the estate. --John Bland, b. 1739 was a legatee, #100 --Susan Bland, b. 1752 was
141. Re: [POYTHRESS] 1769 LWT //Re: Elizabeth Poythress Peniston [1]
I agree she's a Peniston by marriage, not by birth, Lou. I'm not entirely clear that she was a James by birth, but I guess that's right. (I got a bit confused by the various legatees.) Tell you what, though... if you start searching via Google for 'Peniston' some of the names mentioned + St. Eustatia, things get interesting. Some of the surnames associated very early-on with the Woodlief line in England (for example, 'Calthorpe') start popping up. Also, this bit (about which I knew nothing) and more, from
142. Re: [POYTHRESS] Applause for the ORIGINALS! William, not Walter, Stainback! [1]
Don't mind at all, Maynard, though I'm not sure this directly relates very much to Poythress research, but you never know. As it turns out, I have found it within the LVa database since posting my earlier message, but as best I can tell, only the patentee's name is indexed, not adjacent landowners. I was searching for the patentee, but I just missed it entirely and can't explain why other than sheer stupidity or being blind as a bat. LVa interprets the name as "Masters" whereas Nugent has "Mastert." I'm p
143. Re: [POYTHRESS] Penniston & Pryor sisters of Francis Poythress preacher [1]
>From Michael Tutor's posting on POYTHRESS-L 15 Jan 2006: 1. Capt John Poythress (1635-1712) of "Deep Bottom" m. Christian Peebles 2. Robert Poythress (1690-1743) m. Elizabeth 3. Lt. William Poythress (b.c.1737) of P.George & Amelia Cos. m. Elizabeth 4. Elizabeth Poythress (1765-1818) m. Anthony Peniston 5. Francis Poythress (1794-1824) m. Hannah Satterwhite Moore Would the Elizabeth Poythress Peniston above be the one described below? If so, it
144. Re: [POYTHRESS] 1769 LWT //Re: Elizabeth Poythress Peniston [1]
Not Theodora.... 'twaz "Theodorick." My typo; my bad; my sorry. -Sandy On Fri, Apr 17, 2009 at 12:12 PM, Lou Poole wrote: > Theodora Bland both as "Esquire" and "lawful Attorney" not leaving > much doubt as to her capacity. As I recall, in that time one could > qualify as a lawyer merely by "reading" for a certain period with an > existing lawyer which was not necessarily a great barrier. > However, my sense of that period is there would be some unenlightened > barriers for Theod
145. Re: [POYTHRESS] Penniston & Pryor sisters of Francis Poythress preacher [1]
The chart structure seems to show the Francis Poythress (1794-1824) m. Hannah Satterwhite Moore, as "Francis Poythress Peniston," s/o Elizabeth. Perhaps his surname was just omitted? I know nothing about Elizabeth [nee Poythress] Peniston or her children, if she had any. But if the dates are reasonably correct, she would have been abt 29 at the birth of that Francis, which certainly works. And just to add some new confusion, apparenlty there was a Francis P. Peniston, b. Jessamine Co., KY, no less, but la
146. Re: [POYTHRESS] Deed 1785 Northampton Co, NC to Odom Potress from Thos Williams [1]
Whoaa, Crystal, we may be getting somewhere. In Greensville Co. (Smoky Ordinary to be exact), we have another branch of Woodliefs that probably hooks into this.... and we may be tying into Brunswick, Dinwiddie and even further back. Sons of Thomas Woodlief (whose Brunswick Co will was proved in 1818), namely, Peter William Woodlief (b 1808 - d. 1883 New Orleans) and Devereux J. (d. 1854 in a duel in California), were listed in their obits as from Smoky Ordinary, Greensville Co, VA. Other known children o
147. [POYTHRESS] Gibson to Poythress 1721 Deed [1]
This one is difficult (for me at any rate) to figure out. Text is below and Ill suggest my comments up front because the readers ADD may kick in before finishing all of them: ^ a 1704 transaction might have happened in Charles City County. PG was founded in 1703. I suppose the issue is how fast did they organize a real court in PG. From the looks of the records we have the answer to that is not very. Perhaps it was recorded in CC County. Unfortunately, its my belief that our run of CC reco
148. Re: [POYTHRESS] Capt Francis Poythress & Dictoris Christmas? [1]
Related to your query, Sandy, is extensive info about Dictoris Christmas, which I just located at a page belonging to the Virginia Foundation for Archaeological Research, Inc, at: This page is captioned "Notes about Dictoris Christmas of Elizabeth City and York Counties, Virginia" compiled from abstracts by Eve Gregory [who does very good work] and covers 1623 - 1669 records. And by the way, when I see a name like "John Powntis" (mentioned more tha
149. [POYTHRESS] Capt Francis Poythress & Dictoris Christmas? [1]
Does anyone know of a connection between Capt Francis Poythress and Dictoris Christmas, and if so, could you enlighten me? The reference which prompts this question comes from Pat Bk 2, p 139. Nugent's abstract in C&P v 1, p 175, is as follows: CAPT. FRANCIS POYTHRES, 750 acs. Charles City Co., May 8, 1648 Page 139. Near mouth of Baylyes Cr., adj. land belonging to the orphants of Jenkin Osborne, thence Wly. to land of Thomas Bayly, now in the tenure of John Butler. 350 acs. formerly granted to Jenkins Os
150. Pictures [1]
Yesterday, while looking for something else (of course) I cam across two pictures. Both were found in a double picture holder. The first according to the writing on the back is a picture of Mary Ellen Poythress Roberts done at J. H. Faber (or Tabor) of Granby St., Norfolk. In pencil, in a different hand is written "Sis" and "Mary Ellen Roberts." She was born in 1857 and died in Feb 1921. The second according to the writing on the back (in the same hand) is Benjamin Poythress ? and Susan M. _______ done a

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