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151. Re: Ancestry [1]
In a message dated 6/23/01 1:08:14 PM Eastern Daylight Time, Congs writes: > Subj: Ancestry > Date: 6/23/01 1:08:14 PM Eastern Daylight Time > From: Congs > To: VKRatliff > > Got it! Hope it means more to you than it does to me :( > Name Business Name Occupation Location 1 Location 2 City State Year > > Reuben W. Poythress C. R. R watchman Savannah GA 1889 > > J. Warren Poythress S. Guckenheimer & Sons clk bds 202 State Savannah GA > 18
152. Poythress, Agnes [1]
Poythress, Agnes Marriages "On Saturday last [20 Sep 1788] Roger Atkinson, Jun. Esq. to Miss Agnes Poythress of Prince George, sixth daughter of the late Peter Poythress." Source: Virginia Independent Chronicle 24 Sep 1788 Virginia Historical Records
153. Francis Poythress (preacher) [1]
Nice sleuthing, Diana. Did you know that your second and third site quotes (and texts) were duplicates. This matter of "finding Francis" all by his own records is begining to be like sifting through grains of sand at the beach. I think I'm even up to a separate 3-ring binder for him, with still no reference to his parents. Authors Collins and "the James boys" however, hint at an avenue that looks to perhaps have more potential (although it hasn't done anything for us yet) than looking for Francis h
154. Poythress Marriages [1]
Maitland Bible (Source in part) Caution before use: the Maitland Bible has a number of errors with respect to Poythress marriages. Entries appear to have NOT been recorded contemporaneously. A later myth refers to "the eight Misses Poythress and the nine Misses Poythress" citing the Maitland bible in part as the source. The "eight Misses Poythress" story (presumably daughters of Robert Poythress 1690- ca.1745) has numerous errors, not among the least of which is that there were NOT eight daughter
155. Wales, etc. [1]
Ah Ha.....Pat.....thanks for the correction. Why in the world would they ever make a 1641 map if it didn't relate to the English Civil War. I must have killed the brain cell that should have been holding that one. Thanks again, Maynard Pat> As I had never heard of Gloucestershire being part of Wales, I had a look at the link given. The red lines on the map enclose all that land held by the King in 1644 and the green show the land held by Parliament. It means that Wales was held by the King, not th
156. Fw: Fyi: from another list. [1]
> Anyway, I have resisted giving the 70 bucks a year not because I > particularly begruded the 70 bucks but I have "accumulated" too much > information already......what I need is some ORGANIZATION.....and of course > only I can do that. > > stay up today on all this stuff....give us a "see Spot run" on > it, would you? I'm not sure I know what the question is. Craig
157. Off the Bulloch Co, GA list. [1]
"Hello. Someone on another list sent out a message giving the following URL. I've checked in out, and on 1 July (this Sunday), the fee for a copy of one SS application will jump from $7 to $27 if you do have the SSN, and to $29 if you do not. Other fees are going up as well. The entire list is at the above URL. So let's all get those requests into the mail. Lowell"
158. Re: British Genealogical Resource Site [1]
Diana, thanks for these sites and also the early American sites. Best regards, Lyn P. Baird ________________________________________________________________ GET INTERNET ACCESS FROM JUNO! Juno offers FREE or PREMIUM Internet access for less! Join Juno today! For your FREE software, visit:
159. Federal Privacy Legilation [1]
See below. So far, many corporations have been quite lax in pursuing this new federal law. Given that internet service providers in part make their living by shopping "prospective customer" information all over the place, don't be surprised if you have not heard from your internet service provider. You might want to think about taking the inititave as below. June 26, 2001 AOL Customer Service: Recent federal legislation has imposed upon you the requirement to see
160. Re: Francis Poythress, Preacher [1]
I got confused. Here is the third reference. Diana
161. Privacy concerns & identity theft [1]
For the benefit of those who've never had any reason to have to think about it, I wanted to let folks know: Identity theft involves people out there in the world who seek out opportunities to "adopt" a different identity for themselves (name, date of birth) whether or not they can also get that name's correct Social Security number (using a bogus one, instead) or that person's true mother's maiden name , though of course knowing those items, too, just makes it all the easier for them. These kinds of peopl
162. [1]
....publishes a weekly newsletter of informative articles (free) and a secondary listing of all of their new holdings as a "teaser." One of this weeks teasers is "Savannah Georgia Directories 1888-91". The address is: It shows 3 Poythress entrees and then wants 70 bucks/year to let you look at the site. If anyone is a paid subscriber to this service would you please see if you can pick them up for us. With these late dates it is unlikely tha
163. Francis Poythress, Preacher [1]
Most of these I have seen before, but perhaps someone knows something new about the Preacher Francis Poythress. These are three sections from HISTORY OF KENTUCKY, by Lewis Collins, and J.A. & U.P. James, published 1847. Reprinted by Henry Clay Press, Lexington, Ky., 1968, . where Francis Poythress is mentioned. I found these on j
164. FW: Poythress, Agnes: Descendents of... [1]
As you may have guessed, I have been researching this part of the Poythress family. Earlier I gave you a brief synopsis on Roger Atkinson Pryor, Agnes's grandson. For any one who has interest in the distant cousins, here is a web site I found today on Roger's granddaughter: She was the daughter of Roger's daughter, Marie Gordon, "Gordoness", and was an author, who wrote under the name Blair Niles. Her full maiden name was Mary Blair Rice. She died in 1959. R. Bolling Batte doesn't list the first marr
165. Pretty Late in the Game [1]
Of course is it probably the grand-daughter of one of these two that has the family bible that connects all of our various families together into one. And being in the proud position of having the, what shall I call it, progenitor with the latest birth date I take that late in the game stuff seriously. I was in Birmingham and as is my norm I checked the phone book for Poythress. There were several. Of course I never call them, I just check the telephone books. Craig > > Got it! Hope it means more to
166. Early Newspapers to come Online in September [1]
I got this from another list. It sounds like something worth looking into. There will be a charge to use this service, however. Diana WASHINGTON - June 11, 2001 - More than 20,000 community newspapers, some long out of print, have recorded American life since the 17th century and two unique organizations have set the common goal of providing Internet access to this documentation of American heritage. The National Newspaper Association (NNA) and Cold North Wind Corporation signed a letter of intent toda
167. "New Boards" [1]
This from the lady who runs the Screven board so I'd assume its applicable to other "county" boards. I know nothing about it so I guess I'll go exploring like the rest of us. From: "Deborah Byrd" To: Subject: [GASCREVE] Message boards Okay the message board system is up and running on They are very different from the old genconnect boards. All of the categories are listed on the board page, so no more separate query, deeds, bios, obits, wills
168. Some early American sites [1]
Some sites for documents on early American history. And also Also try or Notice that today in 1792, Kentucky became the 15th state in the union. Diana
169. Poythress, Charlotte Reed [1]
Poythress, Charlotte Reed Deaths Miss Charlotte Reed Poythress, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William P. Poythress, of 8 West Franklin Streetb
170. RE: Poythress, Agnes [1]
Thanks for that information about Agnes Poythress, Maynard. Agnes Poythress was the grandmother of one of the many characters among the descendants of Francis and Mary Poythress: Roger Atkinson Pryor (1828-1919). Roger had a lot of Poythress genes. Agnes's daughter Lucy Atkinson was the first of three wives of Theoderick Bland Pryor, her second cousin. Theoderick Bland Pryor, a colorful Presbyterian minister in Petersburg, was also a Poythress descendent. Pryor's second wife was also a Poythress descende
171. Re: Pretty Late in the Game [1]
Oops, sorry about that Craig.....I forget you're always out there lurking! I'll behave myself in future. Maynard
172. A Project for a Richmond Visit [1]
Prince George County, 1790 Personal Property Tax List (printed page in Clayton Library- no other years Shown) Poythress, Elizabeth Poythres, William (sic) Poythress, Joshua, Est. Poythress, Mary Poythress, William Notes: 1) this list incomplete insofar as rate and amount of tax not included. (Doubful if personal property will be itemized when original is located in LVA. 2) land taxes for 1790 for comparison with above: Name
173. Re: Poythress, Agnes [1]
Thanks, Patti Who told me, "Think you must have meant 1861 instead of 1961." Of course the first day of the Civil War was in 1861, but I have to confess, there are days when I wonder about that. Some people seem to still fighting the fight or at least talking the talk:) I also know how to spell better than my email would have indicated. Your patience is appreciated. Diana
174. Re: Fyi: from another list. [1]
Diana, I got that message and didn't pay attention to it because I figured they'd tell me when it was put together and I didn't need to watch the birth pains. However, I did go to and afterwards made the comments below to the Screven list lady and got the below answer which still doesn't tell me much except that bought Rootsweb. No particular surprise there even if I didn't get the news. "Volunteer" subscriptions never stay afloat. Anyway, I have resisted giving Ancestry.c
175. RE: Fyi: from another list [1]
My question relayed from another list was the issue of My Family--a subsidiary of to copyright stuff on the Genconnect. I think the legal issue is incorrectly put by the authors of the attached excerpts, but I think one has the right to ask why a copyright notice is necessary. What are the intentions of Ancestry. I know others are bothered by Yahoo--who bought Geocities--and by Family Tree Maker making similar copyright claims on hard-earned material donated by thousands of people a

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