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201. Re: Sarah Poythress [1]
Marsha, you are most welcome. I am equating your German Redman with "Mac G. D. Redman" b. about 1828 in Charlotte Co., Va., son of Collier and Ann Redman, marrying Sarah in Mecklenburg, 24 Jan 1856. Sarah's age and the notation (initials only, as I recall) of her parents from the marriage record tie back to Sarah Poythress the daughter of Edward and Mahala. Please do share more about your research with us on the list. -lpb On Fri, 14 Apr 2000 08:28:48 -0500 "Raymond, Marsha" wr
202. A Hundred Miles [1]
Sunday marked the 135th anniversary of the surrender at Appomattox. In remembrance I offer some thoughts. Best regards, Lyn P. Baird ======================= Recently I find myself driving Interstate 95 from Richmond, Virginia to Washington, DC, a stretch of roadway I have not traveled since I was a child. A short one hundred and forty years ago this was perhaps the longest one hundred and seven miles on the planet, a region that historians William Strauss and Neil Howe termed "a hundred
203. Sarah Poythress [1]
My g-g-grandfather German B. Redman married Sarah Poythress 24 Jan 1856 in Mecklenburg Co., VA (he later married Elsie Slaughter - in 1873 after Sarah died). Would like to know anything about Sarah... her full name, parents, etc. Thanks!
204. Re: Sarah Poythress [1]
Hello, Marsha. I believe I can help. This is Sarah A. V. Poythress (b. ca. 1832-35), daughter of Edward Poythress (1798 - after 1860) and Mahaley Nance (ca. 1803-1807 - after 1860), who were married 10 Dec 1828 in Mecklenburg Co. This is evidenced by at least three artifacts: -marriage of Edward and Mahaley; see Vogt, John and T. William Kethley, Jr., Mecklenburg County Marriages, 1765-1853, (Iberian Publishing Company, Athens, Georgia; 1989), p112; -Poythress family in 1850; see Mecklenburg household 24
205. Husband of Hester Wilder Mock? [1]
Bud, I have been chewing on this piece of gristle for quite a while now. Today, I tried to go at this with some degree of completeness. I now strongly lean to Bob Peavy's conclusion that widow Hester Wilder Mock was Meredith Poythress, Sr.'s second wife and was NOT the first wife of Meredith Poythress, Jr. Before anything else (even if not technically pertainent to this question), I think we have to settle the matter of the "two" Hester Poythresses. Despite the fact that the Hester Poythress (aged
206. Rootsweb marriage info re Poythress [1]
Found these Poythress marriages on rootsweb. Does this help anyone? LUNENBURG COUNTY, VIRGINIA - MARRIAGES REGISTERS OF BIRTHS, MARRIAGES AND DEATHS BY REV. JOHN CAMERON Transcribed by Thomas Walter Duda 1787 Dec. 24 Richard BLAND & Susanna POYTHRESS Pr. George 2 16 " 1788 Sept 20 Roger ATKINSON, Jr., & Agnes POYTHRESS Pr. George 2 8 " Oct. 25 David MAITLAND & Susanna POYTHRESS Do. 4 4 "24 This is where t
207. POYTHRESS Street [1]
There is a street named "POYTHRESS" in Hopewell, VA. Is this old news or is it of interest? If this is new and there is an interest, I will try to find out which POYTHRESS the street was named after. Jim Richardson
208. POYTHRESS Street [1]
Jim, I would be very interested in learning anything you can find out about who the street was named for, and about how long it has had that name, too, for that matter. Thanks! Barbara Poythress Neal (BPN) > There is a street named "POYTHRESS" in Hopewell, VA. Is this old news or is it of interest? If this is new and there is an interest, I will try to find out which POYTHRESS the street was named after. Jim Richardson <
209. Re: Out of Town [1]
Maynard, have fun and drive safe. Happy Thanksgiving. Judy & Wayne --------------------------------------------------------------------- "Are you still wasting your time with spam?... There is a solution!" Protected by GIANT Company's Spam Inspector The most powerful anti-spam software available. ----- Original Message ----- From: "John M. Poythress" To: Sent: Monday, November 24, 2003 12:01 PM Subject: Out of Town > Fo
210. Pocahontas [1]
*Please note, the sender's email address has not been verified. ....for whatever it's worth. Maynard ******************** If you are having trouble with any of the links in this message, or if the URL's are not appearing as links, please follow the instructions at the bottom of this email. Title: - She Saved His Life This article will be available to non-subscribers of the Online Journal for up to seven days after it is e-mailed. Copy and paste the following into your Web browser to
211. Rev War Bounties [1]
This very morning your resident computer village idiot has finally made contact with his out-of -the-country guru and been instructed on the matter of how to get these documents into his imager. Concurrently, Jean and I are leaving tomorrow to spend Thanksgiving in Georgia and the following week in New Orleans with our daughter. Both locations are loaded with technological devices so I'll do the first draft of these transcriptions "on location" while Jean hits the ground shopping. I'll have the dra
212. Excellent resource [1]
Today the below excellent article was sent to the group (including me) that gets regular mail from a NC genealogy society. Just from the first part, one can see it is well worth reading - Obituaries: More Than Meets the Eye by Kory L. Meyerink, AG With the emphasis in genealogy so often on official records such as death certificates, it's easy to overlook other sources of information about key life events. Kory Meyerink shows you how to use obituaries to supplement, and sometimes substitute for, what ca
213. More re Poythress-Surname Y-DNA Study [1]
Sorry for the delay in giving more detail of the most recent DNA test results from participants. The delay was due to my travel and subsequent intense matters here in Southern California. I hope in coming weeks to send to Al Tims, webmaster of our Poythress Research website, some information to post on our Poythress Research website regarding our Poythress-Surname Y-DNA Study, including some about what we know about the various ancestral family lines. I have already updated the link from where our St
214. Pettypool [1]
Lou, if you're still on the wire, the above was on the Prince George line this morning ( Thought you might be able to help the guy or gal out since you are our resident Pettypool expert. Best, Maynard Surnames: PETTYPOOL Classification: Query Message Board URL: Message Board Post: I am seeking parent names and vital dates of Wil.liam PETTYPOOL born abt 1790 Prince George Co VA colony. William PETTYP
215. Peter Poythress DNA question [1]
Hi Randy - Thanks for getting back re Peter Poythress. Actually, I should have been more clear about what I was thinking: I should have said that I was hoping to find a Poythress-surnamed male who is descended from Peter Poythress who was on the Mecklenburg County, Virginia Tax Lists in the late 1700s. Sounds to me like your ancestor Peter Poythress was of an even earlier generation than the one I was thinking of when I drafted my message, and heaven knows, if we could find a Poythress-surnamed male
216. New Poythress Website [1]
Poythress List, We are in the process of completing the relocation of the Poythress Genealogy Website. The new site will not have banner ads, pop-under ads or other external impositions. The new url (please change your bookmarks) is Nearly all of the files have been migrated and most have new designs. With more than 400 individual pages and image files (some quite complex) needing new templates and navigation tools, this is a fairly significant redesig
217. Re: More re Poythress-Surname Y-DNA Study [1]
--- "Barbara P. Neal" wrote: > We also still need a man who knows he descends from > Peter Poythress of > Mecklenburg County, VA in the same time latter half > of the 1700s. I am a descendent of the Peter Poythress who married 1711 Ann Jones, and who had a daughter Ann (1712-58)who married Richard Bland. Is this the one from whom you need a DNA test? -- Randy Jones __________________________________ Do you Yahoo!? Protect your identity with Yahoo! Mail AddressGuard ht
218. Re: Semi-neat site [1]
Interesting maps and photos of the trails. I would like to get to the LVA also. I would hate to think that making a trip there that they would actually limit the amount of papers that you could go through.................Mike ----- Original Message ----- From: "John M. Poythress" To: Sent: Saturday, November 15, 2003 9:24 AM Subject: Semi-neat site > The Trading Path Association is a non-profit NC group whose members > study the historical trading and
219. Father & Brothers [1]
It was earlier asked how we knew that the b
220. Out of Town [1]
Folks, I'll be off the wire from 11/25 to 12/7 out of town for extended Thanksgiving visits. Wishing for you all a happy, joyous and SAFE Thanksgiving. Maynard
221. Re: Peter Poythress DNA question [1]
Bummer... It would've been great to get back via Peter's DNA to that of Francis Poythress himself. Thanks for your interest in the project, Randy. Barbara 11/7/03 Randy Jones wrote: > --- "Barbara P. Neal" wrote: > >>if we could find a Poythress-surnamed >>male who descended >>from your ancestor Peter Poythress who married Ann >>Jones in 1711, that >>would be fantastic. I confess that he is not one of >>the Poythress men >>that I have much familiarity with. > > > To the best
222. Re: Portuguese Settlement [1]
Yes, FPC is Free Persons of Color.
223. Re: PG Court Orders 1714-1720 [1]
Maynard, I'm glad to hear that Minor Weisiger is willing to help solve this puzzle. Also glad to learn you'll be having a good long Thanksgiving holiday trip, since I am already away on a trip for T'giving, too, and cannot see about copying the pages you're missing until I return. Will be glad, after I'm home again, to copy & mail to you the pages having Poythress entries from the PG Court Orders 1714-1720 prior to p.127 of the Court Order book as published in early issues of the Va Gen'l Society's magazine
224. RE: Out of Town [1]
Maynard, If you are coming to Texas bring your coat. We are dropping down in the low 30's tonight. sheryl -----Original Message----- Folks, I'll be off the wire from 11/25 to 12/7 out of town for extended Thanksgiving visits. Wishing for you all a happy, joyous and SAFE Thanksgiving. Maynard ==== POYTHRESS Mailing List ==== Poythress Genealogy Research Web
225. Free Searches [1]
This was on the Mecklenburg, VA county wire this morning: I just found this out from another list . Free census records from heritage quest for a limited time. HeritageQuest Online and ProQuest Historical New York Times - Password is Welcome as it states under the heritage quest link on that page. Have fun ! Tina Smith MP comments: you may find a nougat here. I didn't but I didn't look all that hard.

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