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26. [POYTHRESS] How to use FamilySearch to see WW I info; thanks for Poytress context [1]
Steve, thanks for the interesting way you relayed the context. Appreciate you getting back to the Poytress side of the story, with the clarification on names and relationships, too. Hope you will talk with your Aunt for further info (whether by telephone or in a visit) as soon as possible. Looking forward to further info from her. The following instructions for using FamilySearch can be used by anyone, to search any name: Go to Click on "Join" in the upper right, so you can sign up for
27. [POYTHRESS] (no subject) [1]
Kathy Porter Sent via the Samsung GALAXY Sb"4
28. [POYTHRESS] 1930 Missouri Census for widow & sons of Henry C Poythress [1]
1930 Census for East Dallas, Webster Co, MO, Enum Dist 4, Sheet 2-A, Household 30, Lines 18-20 [NARA Publ T626, Film 1251; FHL Film 2340986, Digital Folder 4660844, image 301]: - Poythress, Mazina, head, female, 61 yrs, b.TN - Poythress, Frank, son, male, 22, b.MO - Poythress, Albert J, son, male, 20, b.MO
29. [POYTHRESS] 1860 & 1870 Census - family of Russell K Poythress & Sarah A nee Simpson [1]
1860 Troup Co, GA Census - Dwelling 324, Family 294, Houston Post Office, Pools Mills, Troup Co, GA, p.46 [handwritten in upper right corner], p.220 [handwritten at upper left] enumerated 11 June 1860: - Poythress, R. K., age 37, male, [occupation blank], real estate valuation $2,000, personal estate $25,000 valuation, b.GA [Bpn notes that in the Timeline for the family of Joseph & Mary Poythress prepared by Maynard Poythress, Maynard noted that in the 1860 Census R K Poythress owned 31 slaves -- thus th
30. [POYTHRESS] Family of Russell K Poythress & Sarah Ann Simpson, who married in Troup Co, GA about 1851 [1]
Eldest of the 4 children of Russell King Poythress & Sarah Ann nee Simpson was: Charles E Poythress. - Info re Charles from an image of his Death Certificate, seen at LaGrange, Troup Co, GA Death Certificate stamped # 379, lists cause of death at 10:50 p.m. on 10 Sep 1918 as "Paralasys" [sic] for "Mr. C.E. Poythress" married white male, age 65 yrs 11 mo, born 27 Sep 1852 to father R.K. Poythress (who was born in LaGrange, GA) & mother's maiden name shown as Miss Simpson, shown as born "P
31. Re: [POYTHRESS] POYTHRESS Digest, Vol 9, Issue 11 [1]
FYI - The Poythresses in Clovis, Madera & Fresno, are my distant cousins. Their ancestor, Robert Lamar Poythress, is the younger brother to my G-great grandfather, Thomas Boston Poythress; sons of William E Poythress & Martha J. Usher I had heard of other Poytresses in the Fresno area and had determined that they were directly from England, therefore, not from my Wm E. line. I would be interested to know if the Poytresses from England had submitted a sample to the Poythress DNA project. I'd be curio
32. [POYTHRESS] RIP Jeraldine nee Poythress Prather in GA d. 4 Feb 2014 [1]
Our condolences to the family and friends of Jeraldine 'Jerry' nee Poythress Prather, whose cousin is one of our Poythress List subscribers. Before reading her obit, I had not previously heard of "Progessive Supranuclear Palsy." Basically the same obits [below] were seen at both the website of the Cremation Society of GA,, and the website of the Jackson [GA] Progress-Argus,, with only slight difference including abbreviations of dates, and being that she was listed at the
33. [POYTHRESS] Sup, POYTHRESS-L [1] *************************** Debbie Poythress-Concepcion Wed, 5 Feb 2014 22:34:12 When you're swimming in the creek, And an eel bites your cheek, That's a moray!
34. [POYTHRESS] Poytress snippet from Steve's interview in England of his aunt [1]
Thanks; glad you talked with her. Thanks for the opinion on William Poytress likely being the correct name for John Albert Poythress' brother. I gather we are safe in assuming whenever you mention a "John" that you are indeed talking about John Albert Poytress; however for future researchers it would better enable searching of emails if you'll be sure to continue mentioning his full name (or any Poytress) at least once in any email that talks about him, and then further in the same email, you could abbrevi
35. [POYTHRESS] 2nd try Sarah Ann nee Simpson Poythress (1831-1919) marr Russell King Poythress, Troup Co, GA [1]
Hi Patrick - with a copy to our Poythress List of subscribers - It's great to hear from you. How neat that you live in the house in England that her family came to America from. I'd be thrilled to learn whatever more you can tell me about Sarah. It's great to learn her year of birth from your email heading, for example. Through the years, I collected a lot of info on their children. I'll have to delve back into the info I have, in order to be sure, but from just recalling "off the top of my head" I am
36. [POYTHRESS] Further info re Russell Poythress & Sarah Simpson, Troup Co, GA in latter 1800s [1]
Patrick and all - I'm copying the below info about LaGrange Female College that you found, to our Poythress List of subscribers, since you only sent it to me, so it will be find-able later by anyone interested. I'm glad you are continuing to search for info on Sarah Ann Simpson, who came at age 15 from England to America with her family, and who married in about 1851 or so, Russell King Poythress in LaGrange, Troup County, Georgia [son of Joseph A Poythress & Mary King]. The below info you found about wha
37. [POYTHRESS] Estate of Joe Poythress (son of Russell K Poythress & Sarah Ann nee Simpson) [1]
Bpn preface note: Years ago, before much (if any) info on Poythress people in Texas or Missouri was viewable online, I saw indexed an Estate for a Joe Poythress in Texas, in Tarrant County (the county in which Ft Worth is located). I ordered a copy of all the contents of the Estate file (really 2 associated files) in hopes of figuring out which Poythress line was involved, and from which earlier state (since so many early settlers had "gone west" when they had exhausted their land and new land was availab
38. Poythress - Tanner Cemetery [1]
Lyn, You and your mom did a beautiful job. The pictures are great. Thank you for remembering me. Tell your mom & dad hello for me. I am sure your dad had a big hand in helping you & your mom. A big thank you to all of you. Some day we will have to figure out the connection between your Tanners and the ones John Lewis P. lived with (I think this was him) in Granville Co., NC in 1850. If there is a connection? Sarah
39. where's the digest? [1]
I thought I was receiving Poythress in digest form. Where'd it go? I have to wonder if I'm missing info since I'm reluctant to open mail if I don't recognize the sender's address. I was off line for a change of residence. Did I leave the digest at the old house? Am I suffering from Rip Van Winkle syndrome? ~~
40. Thirteen Commandments for Ancestors [1]
Sent from Helene Pockrus, a former list member... --------- Forwarded message ---------- From: Helene Pockrus To: Undisclosed-recipients:; Date: Sat, 15 Apr 2000 16:35:31 -0600 Subject: The Thirteen Commandments for Names Message-ID: <> For my Genealogist friends! 1) Thou shalt name your male children: James, John, Joseph, Abel, Richard, Thomas or William. 2) Thou shalt name your female children: Elizabeth, Mary, Martha, Maria, Sarah, Ida, Virginia or Mae. 3)
41. Bolling Batte Chart and Cards [1]
On Wed, 10 May 2000 10:32:49 -0700 "horacep8" writes: LYN, I understand you have broking the code for the Bolling Batte cards. It would be so kind of to if you would pose it on the list. I know it would greatly Appreciated for my self and others on the list. Horace Poythress ------------- Horace, the following is an explanation I published to the list back in 1997 when I first did the decoding work. Mr. Batte coded both his CHART A and his CARDS, but using DIFFERENT CODES. On the CHAR
42. Poythress-Tanner Cemetery, Blackridge, VA [1]
Lyn, Congratulations to you & your Mom for the beautiful results showing all your excellent work on researching the family members and getting the well-worded marker placed at the cemetery. A job well done, and one that many descendants will appreciate for generations to come. Happy Memorial Day, BPN
43. Virginia Historical Society [1]
Duhhh.....I guess feeling cocky about the pretty-good chance that I have this source about pumped out after being there 2 just never occurred to me to go to their webpage. Just about any search engine will turn it up #1 if you type in the name. Good news its a great page about the logistics of using the library. Bad news is that the so-called on line catalog first implies that they got the "real stuff" digitalized on line and that's just not so. Plus, a Poythress search gets only 22 do
44. Wandering James [1]
Linda.....I somehow wound up with a copy of your query on James A. Poythress of Caddo Parish. You don't suppose it went like this do you? (or how DO you suppose it went?) James P. Poythress moves from Screven County, GA to Gadsden County, FL about 1820's. We have him patenting land at the Tallahassee Land Office 1 June 1827. Although we know little about him and maybe even less about his immediate next generation offspring, we think we have James P. (Sr.?) pretty well on the right peg. He has offspr
45. Poythress-Tanner Cemetery, Blackridge, VA [1]
I'm pleased to announce the placement of a marker at the Poythress-Tanner Cemetery at Blackridge, Virginia. This family cemetery contains the graves of Thomas M. and Lucy Thomas Poythress and several of their children and other family members. There are about 12 to 16 recognizable graves, in two rows. Only one grave had an identifying marker before this year, each of the rest being marked only with a fieldstone. The new marker provides identification for nine of the persons whose remains rest there. Al
46. Re: Nathaniel Harper Poythress [1]
Doris, I just sent you a blank e-mail by mistake. Sorry, and please ignore it. This is the "real" one. Nathaniel Harper Poythress is a mystery man for me too.....and I think I have just figured out why. First, I'm going to guess he slipped over the Screven county line into Effingham County and I've never done much on those folks whom I suspect to be yours and Bud's and maybe even Debbie Freeman's. And if Bud is still claiming descent from John White Poythress, son of Meredith Poythress, Sr.(?) an
47. Bolling Batte card code [1]
LYN I understand you have broking the code for the Bolling Batte cards. It would be so kind of to if you would pose it on the list. I know it would greatly Appreciated for my self and others on the list. Horace Poythress
48. Re: [LACADDO] Subj: {not a subscriber} Poythress, James A. [1]
John P. POYTHRESS, b. 1833, Gadsden County, FL, joined Conf. Army 14 Mar 1862 in Caddo Parish, LA, Capt. Wm. Robinson's Company A, 25th Regiment, State of LA. Was wounded ca. 12/31/1862 at Stone's River, Murfreesboro, TN, captured, swapped, and was discharged 20 Aug. 1863. John P. returned to Gadsden Co., FL and married Mary Ann DOLAN. 1860 Caddo Parish, LA Census #408-413 lists: James A. Poythress 38 M Farmer $1000 $500 Georgia (Md. 1851 ** This is something the census taker did that w
49. Census [1]
Does anyone have complete copies of the census for the 1800's. I would love to have copies of all census available for Greensville County. I'm making a ton of headway on the Peters line from the Poythress group in Northampton but now I'm trying to connect more Poythress. UGH Thanks a zillion And yes, I'm still kickin but only by the skin of my teeth. LOL I've mostly been working on the Portuguese Settlement with Forrest Hazel. the way....We think we've got a location on the Poythress Cemetary
50. CSA Georgia 47th Infantry [1]
The below was John M. Poythress' unit along with many, many other Screven County Georgians. Hope it will be interesting. Hope also that some of you Screven Countians can pass along more history of the unit. Best, John Maynard Poythress >>>> Subj: Battle-scarred flag goes home to Georgia Date: 5/7/00 5:20:27 PM Eastern Daylight Time From: (HPA NewsWire) To: (HPA Members List) (This information is provided by HPA for educational purposes.) May

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