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276. Re: [POYTHRESS] Poythress Deeds and Chancery [1]
Thanks, BPW -- great to know someone out there is reading these & appreciating them. I find these deeds so much easier to deal with, once they are transcribed & computer-searchable! Cheers, Bpn
277. [POYTHRESS] Ruth Kauffman subscriber?: Lewis Poythress' Nance, Malone, Cleaton, Giles relations [1]
Today in our Poythress List message archives, I located the below-copied message written by our then-subscriber Ruth Kauffman on 13 Nov 1998, which message ties together the Nance & Giles names, as well as a Malone, some of which names include the 4 Nance men who witnessed the 1801 deed I just posted in which Lewis Poythress sold 100 acres to John Giles. Ruth, if you are still a subscriber to this List, I'd appreciate hearing from you again. It is great that you included your Source notes at the bottom of
278. Re: [POYTHRESS] Taylor & Speed & Poythress? James Speed Poythress [1]
Sarah, I don't think that the two wives (Mary Speed Dortch and Sarah Dortch) of David Poythress have been proven sisters. I haven't researched any of the wives of the Poythress men. It is very likely they were related but exactly how I don't know. I do not have information on the George W. Poythress who is the son of David Poythress other than?I didn't find him anywhere after the 1880 Census (I believe Warren County N.C)?where he?is listed as William Poythress and is living in the household of his sister Ma
279. [POYTHRESS] 1848 Deed of Trust Lewis Y Poythress, Williamsson Pearson, David Poythress [1]
The transcription below is re-copied from part of a message I posted to our Poythress List on 12 Aug 1998. This week I searched in vain for the bond this document mentions ("as will more fully appear by bond bearing date the 25th day of Decr., last"). Transcribed by Bpn from FHL film 1,870,885 (a more recent filming than 32,547) Mecklenburg Co, VA Deed Book 32, pp. 537-538, beginning near the bottom of p. 537: [Note that in the original, Williamsson M. Pearson's name is abbreviated as "Wmsson" with the "m"
280. [POYTHRESS] 1842 Deed of Trust Wm Archer Dortch, David E Poythress, Lewis Y Poythress [1]
Transcribed from FHL film 1,870,884 Mecklenburg Co, VA Deed Book 29, pp.497-498 = = p.497 Dortch to Poytress An Indenture made this 21st day of March in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and forty two, between William A. Dortch of the first part, David E. Poytress and [sic] of the second part and Lewis Y Poytress of the third part, Witnesseth that whereas the said Wm. A. Dortch is justly indebted to the said David E. Poytress in the sum of Forty nine dollars and twenty three cents, d
281. [POYTHRESS] Poythresses to Cleaton 1848 deed 43.5 acres Mecklenburg Co, VA [1]
Deed by Lewis Y Poythress & Mary C his wife, and Thomas M Poythress & Lucy J his wife, to Charles D Cleaton for 43.5 acres of Mecklenburg Co, VA land bounded by lands of Lucy Ford, David Poythress, and Charles D Cleaton, transcribed by Bpn from FHL film 32,547 Mecklenburg Co, VA Deed Book 32, p.465: = = Poythress & wife To Cleaton This Indenture made this third day of January eighteen hundred and forty Eight Between Lewis Y Poythress and wife Mary C Poythress [&] Thomas M Poythress and wife Lucy J
282. Re: [POYTHRESS] An obscure film yields a Taylor deed from April 1810 [1]
Thanks Barbara! I recently got a chancery on Goodwyn Taylor that I still need to read and process. I had not seen this record, so greatly appreciated. I did want to point out that Edmund Taylor in my opinion has to be Rebecca Taylor's brother. Because in the chancery, in his deposition, he specifically states that he is the son of Rebecca Dortch married to David Taylor. Also, I can't remember exactly, I need to pull the case out, but I think Edmund also specifically stated that Rebecca, the wife of Lewis P
283. [POYTHRESS] New e-mail address [1]
Please make a note of my new e-mail address: Sarah Poythress
284. [POYTHRESS] Deed 321.5 acres sold by David Poythress 16 Dec 1856 Mecklenburg Co VA [1]
Transcribed for Poythress List by Bpn from FHL film 32,548, Mecklenburg Co, VA Deed Book 35, p.233: Poythress & wife To Morse This deed Made the 16th of December 1856 between David Poythress and Sally Poythress his wife of the one part and Oswald M Morse of the other part, all of Mecklenburg County Virginia - Witnesseth that the said David Poythress and Sallie his wife have bargained and sold unto the said Oswald M Morse in Consideration of the sum of Eleven hundred and fifty dollars [,] six hundr
285. [POYTHRESS] Deed 100 ac to David Poythress 1837 bounded by Lewis Poy & Leonard Thomas & Wmson Rainey Sr [1]
Transcribed by Bpn from FHL film 1,870,883 & 32,544 Mecklenburg Co, VA Deed Book 27, pp.331-332: = = p.331 Perkindon & wife to Poythress This Indenture made and entered into this the 14th day of September 1837 Between John M. Perkinson and Lucy Carolina [or Caroline] his wife of the first part and David Poythress of the other part all of the county of Mecklenburg & state of Virginia. Witnesseth, that whereas the said John M. Perkinson and Lucy Carolina his wife for and in consideration of the
286. Re: [POYTHRESS] Taylor & Speed & Poythress? James Speed Poythress [1]
Hi Pat, The date I have for George W. (William) is 1841 and George Y. 1837. Both would have been to young to be the William shown in 1850 census. Sarah
287. Re: [POYTHRESS] Ruth Kauffman subscriber?: Lewis Poythress' Nance, Malone, Cleaton, Giles relations [1]
Do we have documentation that Ann Epes below was the daughter of Isham Epes? Most online (secondary) sources show her as the daughter of Lewellyn Epes. -- Randy Jones ________________________________ From: Barbara Neal To: Poythress Sent: Friday, February 6, 2009 5:58:46 PM Subject: [POYTHRESS] Ruth Kauffman subscriber?: Lewis Poythress' Nance, Malone, Cleaton, Giles relations Today in our Poythress List message archives, I located the below-copied
288. Re: [POYTHRESS] James Speed Poythress name idea [1]
Julie, you have sure given a great possibility for the name of my G-Grandfather James Speed Poythress. Seems the Speed, Dortch and Taylor families have been linked one way or another for many generations. I hope you find more about this James Speed at some point and I will surely be keeping my eyes open in future research. I would love a scan of the Chancery you have. By chance do you know anything about the Lewis Dortch you mentioned? All of the Poythress men, for the most part had very common or Biblical
289. Re: [POYTHRESS] 1842 Deed of Trust Wm Archer Dortch, David E Poythress, Lewis Y Poythress [1]
Thanks for the good words, Elaine. I still refer often to all the wonderful work you did on all the Poythress Census info compiled & posted at our Poythress research website. Happy Valentine's Day, all - Barbara
290. [POYTHRESS] Mary Speed Dortch wife of David Poythress [1]
Julie, point of clarification needed here, please. In your message about the James Speed Poythress name idea, that I just quoted in a message about Names from family connections, you mentioned Sarah Speed as the wife of Newman Dortch. I thought his wife's name was Ann, from the below marriage record saying Mary Speed Dortch's mother Ann gave permission for her marriage to David Poythress. Did you possibly mis-speak like I did yesterday, -- or am I confusing two Newman Dortches, or ?? Mecklenburg Co, VA:
291. [POYTHRESS] Names from family connections - Speed etc [1]
Thanks so much, Judy and Julie, for the Speed family info (copied below). Julie, I would appreciate knowing which Chancery Case you referred to in your info copied at the bottom here. If it's not one that's already piled up here, awaiting my attention;) then yes I'd appreciate a PDF scan of it. Elaine, I've found it interesting that as I've been plowing through old Deed Books in Mecklenburg Co, I've seen numerous documents by families with surnames of both "Lewis" and "Meredith." So perhaps both Lewis Po
292. Re: [POYTHRESS] Taylor & Speed & Poythress? James Speed Poythress [1]
Barbara, The Taylors show up in the Speed family also. John Speed , the second son of James B.Speed & Mary Pulley was born Feb.5,1714.He lived in Mecklenburg County, Va. He married a widow named Mary Taylor. Her maiden name was Minetry. They were married Oct. 6,1737 in Surrey Co,Va. which is the County in which James Speed lived. John & Mary were married for 45 yr. She died July 1,1782 & he died March 8, 1785. They had seven sons & 4 daughters.The daughters were:Sarah born Feb.14,1743, Martha born Aug.11
293. Re: [POYTHRESS] Taylor & Speed & Poythress? James Speed Poythress [1]
Elaine and Sarah, what are the dates on George W. Poythress? Could he be my William Poythress age 23 that married Julia age 18, shown in 1850 Census for Greensville Co VA and had daughter Martha born in 1858? Daughter Martha married in Greensville co VA in 1880. Julia appears with no husband in the 1870 Greensville co VA census so I have always thought that my William Poythress died in the Civil War. Pat ----- Original Message ----- From: To: Sent: Wedn
294. [POYTHRESS] Lewis Poythress to John Giles 1801 deed witnessed by 4 Nance men & Edw Giles [1]
Transcribed by Bpn from FHL film 32,536, Mecklenburg Co, VA Deed Book 10, pp.604-605: = = p.604 bottom: Poythress to Giles This Indenture made this thirteenth day of January one thousand Eight hundred and one Between Lewis Poythress of the County of Mecklenburg and state of Virginia of the one part and John Giles of the same County = = p.605 top: County and State aforesaid of the other part Witnesseth that the said Lewis Poythress for and in Consideration of the sum of Seventy pounds Current Money
295. Re: [POYTHRESS] Taylor & Speed & Poythress? James Speed Poythress [1]
Hi, Elaine, Were David's 2 wives sisters? I have Mary listed as a Speed with her mother giving consent for her to marry. Do you have any information on George W. Poythress. I have some, but think it is George Y. son of Edward & Mahaley. I would love to get the two separated. Sarah
296. [POYTHRESS] 1792-1793 Deed Wartman to Peter Poythress 50 acres of Mecklenburg land [1]
I would welcome any help in better puzzling out more info about this item. I note: (1) Lewis Poythress is one of the witnesses to this deed; (2) it seems to me that this Peter was most likely not the Peter who was son of Meredith: while it was legal for minors to own land, it's pretty unusual for one to be a buyer at such a young age -- we know Meredith's son Peter was only about 8 years old in 1792; we know Meredith's son Peter was born about 1784 since he first was listed (upon reaching age 16)
297. [POYTHRESS] info [1]
>From Roots-VASouthside: Good Evening All I a may be passing on information you already have but the topic tickled my memory bank. The Virginia Genealogical Society at their 18 April program has Barbara Vines-Little from Orange Virginia speaking on Beyond Patents and Grants: The Other Papers in the Virginia Land Office Records The Records of the Auditor of Public Accounts Hidden Virginia Resources Things I've learned in Forty Years. An example of some her work is available at the below listed web
298. [POYTHRESS] Limited-time access to historical newspapers [1]
In case any of you have more time this month than I have, you may want to browse for Poythress & other names in this: The Historical Newspaper Collection on provides a unique window to the past. In addition, this collection is free to the public through the month of May. Simply login and explore over 4 million pages of newspapers ranging from small towns to big cities and dating back to the 1700s. Visit Footnote's newspaper site today at
299. [POYTHRESS] 1 more in Rev War service in NC - our Lewis? [1]
Last year (on 5 March 2009) in an email captioned "NC indications of Rev War service" I posted info on various Poythress & potential fellows of different spellings, from Weynette Parks Haun's published multi-volume series of NC Revolutionary Army accounts. However I have realized I missed a name of one fellow of a first name important to many of us. Somehow, I missed LEWIS PORTIS, who Haun listed in her volume "North Carolina Revolutionary Army Accounts (Treasurer's & Comptroller's Papers) - North Carolin
300. [POYTHRESS] James P. Poythress --- Gadsden Co., FL [1]
I'm Linda Clark Smith in Gadsden Co., Florida. John P. Poythress, b. in Gadsden Co., Florida Territory, in 1830 is my Great Grandfather. It is believed that his father is the James P. Poythress who was living in Gadsden Co. in the late 1820s. Thus far, we have been unable to document James P. to our family. My grandmother always told me when I was a child that her Poythress family was from east Georgia. The DNA test of one of our close kinfolks down here matched with some of the Screven Co., Ga. family

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