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326. [POYTHRESS] Roll Call [1]
Hey guys, This is Crystal Rose Marvin and I am the great grand daughter of Mamie Poythress and Anthony Richard Peters(son). We are from the Portuguese Settlement located in Northampton County NC. My earliest docuemented Poythress is James Poythress and Sarah (Sallie) Crowder. Part of the family left the area and drifted down to Wilson County NC and Johnston County NC. Crystal Rose Marvin :)
327. [POYTHRESS] Obit help for yesterday's Poythress death please [1]
Our sympathy goes out to the family of this woman who died yesterday in Sims, NC (in Wilson Co, NC): Wilma L. Poythress, 61, Sims, died 05-27-2010. Arrangements: Shingleton, Wilson. Published in The News & Observer on May 28, 2010 Hey Crystal, I'm hoping that, due to the towns of Lucama & Sims both being in Wilson Co, and only being 13 miles apart, that (like 3 months ago) you may be able to alert us to the family of the above Wilma. You alerted us re the Feb 27 death of Arthur D. "Toggie" Poythress, S
328. Re: [POYTHRESS] FW: VAAMELIA Digest, Vol 5, Issue 22 [1]
If it is a new version, it's new to me too......but I guess a brain challenged enumerator could get to just about anything..... actually I think one might make a case (with one or more confirming tidbits) to get to this spelling on the theory that those enumerators were paid by the name (volume) rather than quality (correctness) and might not even stop to ask the enumeratee to repeat himself. Maynard -----Original Message----- From: [mailto:poythress-bounces@rootsweb.c
329. [POYTHRESS] Mamie Poythress [1]
Crystal, you asked me within the past month whether I had a copy of Mamie's marriage certificate to Anthony Peters. I had copied 4 marriage certificates when I was in Emporia in the summer of 2001, which included the marriage certificate of my ancestor, Martha J. Poythress to Edward (O')Neal, in March 1880. When I looked at the time, I thought that I had it but could not locate it on my hard drive. I looked again today, found it, and have attached the certificate that you inquired about. It was
330. [POYTHRESS] Roll Call [1]
My name is Bryan Poythress and I am decendant from Edward Poythress and Mahaley Nance. I don't know for sure, but I believe his parents were Lewis Poythress and Elizabeth Patsy Giles. Is it likely, or even possible, that the father of Lewis Poythress (b. abt 1770) was Thomas (b. 1729)? Also is the following information known and verified? 1 Francis (b abt 1609; died abt 1650) 2 Francis (b abt 1630; d abt 1688) 3 Thomas (1683 - 1749) 4 Thomas (1729)
331. [POYTHRESS] FW: VAAMELIA Digest, Vol 5, Issue 22 [1]
My guys were long gone from Brunswick County by 1850 but Lewis' guys weren't so I thought some of you might be interested in checking this one. Maynard -----Original Message----- From: [] On Behalf Of Sent: Friday, May 07, 2010 3:02 To: Subject: VAAMELIA Digest, Vol 5, Issue 22 Today's Topics: 1. 1850 Census upload (Tom Alciere) --------------------------------------------------
332. [POYTHRESS] Mortimer W Giles - exploring potential Poythress connection [1]
Leslie, with a copy to our Poythress-List so this info on a potential Giles connection will be archived and retrievable, Thank you so much for giving me the context of when Mortimer W Giles' name had ever been mentioned in a message I had seen, before hearing from you this month. Context helps so much in clarifying such things for me, and helps so much to understand why it was that you reached out to me. I pulled up my old email of 6 Feb 2009, in which I had quoted Ruth Kauffman's message of 13 Nov 1998,
333. [POYTHRESS] Poythress Roll Call [1]
Hi Everyone Mostly a lurker, reading every bit of info I can find. I too am interested in possible missing Poythress daughter. I am descended from Leonard Thomas, son of David Thomas and Rebecca Brooks and Tinsey Winn Thomas, of whom I have found is the daughter of Wynn Thomas. Wynn Thomas' wife is the unknown here and may be a Poythress, though Cleaton is a good bet too. There are several family associations and interactions with Poythress and Cleatons. Tinsey and Leonard's neice Lucy Thomas was marrie
334. Re: [POYTHRESS] Obit help for yesterday's Poythress death please [1]
Barbara, According to the funeral home's site, Wilma Lancaster Poythress was the wife of Joseph Poythress, Jr., who survives her: -Sandy On Fri, May 28, 2010 at 11:21 AM, Barbara Neal wrote: > Our sympathy goes out to the family of this woman who died yesterday > in Sims, NC (in Wilson Co, NC): Wilma L. Poythress, 61, Sims, died > 05-27-2010. Arrangements: Shingleton, Wilson. Published in The News > & Observer on May 28, 2010 > > Hey Crystal,
335. [Fwd: FW: Tuscarora Indian massacre; Johan CUYNS, George KOONCE] [1]
This is a multi-part message in MIME format. --------------12AC4E3B4069 Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit A white back we were talking about the Tuscarora and Peter Poythress. Here is a post from the NC/SC roots. MURAUSKAS, PAUL SGM (G3 SOCOORD SGM) wrote: > > Su, > > Just a speck of history to update the Tuscararos travels: > > My 6th great Grandfather CPT Robert Hicks made a living as a Ranger > dealing with the Tuscararos. These particular Indians would
336. Re: JOHN ROLFE AND MR POU[N/R]TYS IN 1619/20 [1]
Caroline: re Pocahontas, Rolfe, et al. I make it about 80% (no science here, just intuition) that Mr. Robertson is correct. Credible authorities accept Robertson with only slight reservations. I don't know if you know about it but there is a virtual cottage industry that has grown up over the past few decades....dedicated to helping the universal man and/or woman prove decendency from Pocahontas for a "reasonable fee". Whenever I hang my name out, the Pocahontas aspirants come out of the woodwork with
337. Julian Bell [1]
We'll be hearing from Julian shortly as a new sign on. He responded to one of my scatter shot queries posted somewhere or another. Al Tims: ....a thought suggested for your counsel: I told Julian how to sign on, suggesting that his first post be a brief intro on who he is, where he is, what is interest is in the specific and the general, etc. and to expect a livlier response if the crowd knew who he was and a bit about him. Think about the reciprocal of this; i. e., how much more comfortable a new sign
338. Georgia Genealogical Society [1]
Since we have picked up a few folks recently with interests in Georgia, you may be interested in knowing that the Ga. Gene. Soc. is now on line. Home page is: If you are looking to get actual textual genealogical information you will probably be disappointed as the page is directed to members and is in large part society news re seminars, etc. However, the links page is excellent. Maynard
339. Re: Poythress/Poyntz [1]
Al: just the same, I'm going to write that Dinah Rudman lady to see if she has ever heard of a connection. After tangling with that nasty Pace crowd who acted as if I were trying to crash their family, I think I'll take a decidely negative tone up front; i. e. you don't possibly think that we wretches could have any slim connection to your illustrious blah, blah, blah. Maynard
340. 4/13/97 update [1]
Jean, You definitely have some interesting info turning up, and it is well worth all of our ponderings. All, While in Salt Lake recently, I think I saw WHY we keep seeing that info posted about the Joshua Poythress in England about whom none of us have seen a trace of documentation: there was a listing in the IGI of the Family History Library showing him as the father of Francis. My recollection/observation regarding the land for transport of people question, and Fludd & Poythress getting land for transp
341. Poythress/Portis/Isle of Wight [1]
From "Wills and Administrations of Isle of Wight County, Virginia 1747-1800", Book III, abstracted and compiled by Blanche Adams Chapman, 1938, Typed MSS(photocopies courtesy of BPN) from Birmingham Library: Pg. 95 Poythress, Edward: Leg.-daughter Elizabeth; daughter Sarah, daughter Mary; daughter Tabitha. Richard Hardy, guardian of daughters Mary and Sarah. Exs.,Richard Hardy and James Davis. D. March 30, 1781 R. May 3, 1781 Wit. Samuel Hardy, Benjamin Atkins,William Hardy. Security, Joseph Corn
342. BIO correction [1]
Sorry 'bout that! After re-reading my BIO I began to wonder why I was "feeling so tired" now and then it dawn on me that I had worked more years than was shown! Reason enough. I knew I had retired after 34+ years of Government service alone, (and excluding the 8 years with Marchant Div., SCM Corp -- so here it is, correct this time.. Please change my work record to show "active duty USN 1939-59; employed 8 years Marchant Div., SCM Corp; 7+ years CS, LAFB, Hampton, VA; and 7+ years CS, FDA, Rockville,
343. 4-24-97 reminder [1]
Al, while it is clear that you are excited, it is not clear just how/why you see this info about Poytress folks who were born circa 1787 (Sarah) and 1822 (Ellen) and circa 1800ish (Charles), and who could have been born in England (or could have been born elsewhere & moved to England) really would necessarily have any bearing on Francis, who was probably born more like 1600 or maybe earlier (we know not where); ~200 years is a big gap. Barbara Poythress Neal
344. Re: AOL Problems [1]
Thanks for the condolences, Maynard, Same 'puter, different Screen Names. A separate phone line would be great! I'm too cheap for that, though. Glad to be back with the POYTHRESS list. TNROOTS is the only other one that has started again at the new address. I sent them notice, along with NC/SC, VA/WVA, Deep-South-, Delaware,Maryland, Pa....all in digest form. Thanks again, Caroline By the way, wonder of wonders, I found GRISELLE GWATHMEY...I think Now if someone can come up with KIZIAH PORTRESS' pare
345. Re: good ship HOPEWELL [1]
Randy Jones wrote: > > > Well, being born and bred in said Hopewell, I can tell you. The good > > ship Hopewell brought some of Prince George County's earliest settlers. > > Poythresses and Eppes. Don't know first names. > > Just as Poythress, immigrant Eppes was Francis. Coincidence? > > - Randy Jones Randy, Do you know where in England the Eppes family originate? I know that records of Capt. Eppes predate Capt. Poythress by several years. While I'm at it -- how about the Bolling family? Was
346. Grace Poythress [1]
Re Nell Tims' posting on 4/19/97 about the deaths of all the daughters of James David Poythress & his wife Carrie Price: Nell, you mentioned that all 5 of the daughters who lived to adulthood died in the month of March. I had earlier entered the death date, from your earlier Email posting this year to me, for Grace Poythress as 10 April 1984 -- So I now assume that you meant that all 5 of them died "around" March? Or was there an error in the April 10th date? I do appreciate learning of even an approx
347. Bolling/Poythress [1]
Linda: Look up: "Bristol Parish, Virginia 1720-1789, The Vestry Book & Register" by C. G. Chamberlayne. Should be in any decent sized genealogy library. Don't even think about xeroxing "the pages you want".....there is a Bolling or a Poythress on every just about every one of it's 428 pages. Maynard
348. Re: 1. Thomas vs. Francis Poythress; 2. Rolfe connection [1]
Poythress list, Caroline Cook recently addressed a couple of my recent posts. Below, I've attempted to provide a summary of my recent query, Caroline's response and where things stand. 1. Caroline Cook posted some additional information on Francis Poythress in the 1640s. Specifically, she cites: CAVALIERS AND PIONEERS- Abstracts of Va. Land Patents and Grants: 1623-1666 etc. by Nell Watson Nugent Patent Book #2, pg. 175: CAPT. FRANCIS POYTHRESS - 750 acs. Charles City Co., May 8, 1648, pg. 139. Near m
349. Re: Poythress Portuguese [1]
Here is another installment of the continuing saga of the Portuguese Poythresses in Northampton, NC from my volunteer researcher in Northampton. If you will remember from my earlier posts, some of the Portugese who came to this area had the surname of POYTHRESS. These are my ancestors. My line is Jean Poythress, b. 1946 in Hopewell, Va, William Arthur Poythress, b. 1906 in Wilson County, NC, William Francis Poythress, born 1872 in Northampton, NC., Richard P. Poythress, b. about 1846 in Northampton
350. Re: JOHN ROLFE AND MR POU[N/R]TYS IN 1619/20 [1]
Heather....yes, but their NAME wouldn't be Poythress (absent a. hankypanky or b. somebody named Poythress marrying back into the line.)

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