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351. Thanks [1]
Well, having had my name mentioned on the list I had better introduce myself to those of the group that do not know me. Of course some of you have known me for a few years. I think that Barbara Neal still thinks [although not very often now] that my only interest in Poythress research was to prove that an old girl friend [of Lewis P. descent] and I were cousins. I have waited [lurking] for someone to have a Poythress problem in 1850 instead of 1720. Alas, ya'll have the pleasure of Poythress in depth, where
Dear Al, Thanks so much for the update on the bios. This does seem to give people some idea to whom they are speaking. Connections are more likely for look-ups, too. HOWEVER: PLEASE NOTE THAT MY EMAIL ADDRESS IS NO LONGER BNCCOOK!!! NEW EMAIL ADDRESS: Please write me at CARBURCO only Thanks so much - CAROLINE BURNETT COOK
353. Rolfe-Poythress (Jane) [1]
Poythress List, Re: Maynard's Post re Jane Poythress & Thomas Rolfe The significance of Jane Poythress to the Poythress line in America = isn't great. I'll admit that. Still, it is important for several = reasons. The first of these relates to what it tells us about Francis = Poythress. Did he even have a daughter named Jane? If so, was she born = and raised in Virginia, or was she an "Englishwoman" as some sources = have suggested? Did the Poythress family have ties to the Rolfe family = in Englan
354. My one and only (so far) POYTHRESS [1]
Happy to have found you people. Thought I'd run my lady by you for inspection. A chart on my mother's background (maiden name THORNTON) was done by a professional 40 or 50 years ago but it left out a lot of detail. My gg grandfather, Daniel McCarty Fitzhugh THORNTON married Mary Jackson DADE, daughter of General Lawrrence Taliaferro DADE, of Orange Co., VA and later of Owensboro, KY. The general's wife was Ann(e) MAYO. Her parents were William MAYO "of Powhattan Seat" and Elizabeth B. POYTHRESS. I hav
355. Re-send re GGS [1]
Re-send notice on Georgia Genealogical Society is below: Subj: Georgia Genealogical Society Date: 97-04-23 09:18:07 EDT From: Sender: Reply-to: To: (Poythress Family discussion list) Since we have picked up a few folks recently with interests in Georgia, you may be interested in knowing that the Ga. Gene. Soc. is now on line. Home page is: If
356. Poythress is Portugese? Why not? [1]
I take it from the correspondence that I've seen on the subject that = most list members are descended from Francis Poythress of southside = Virginia, and that the recent suggestions that he may not have been of = pure English origins is disturbing, or fascinating, to some, if not = many. Please take the following as pure intellectual debate -- I = certainly don't have the facts to support an argument one way or the = other. We know that Francis Poythress came to Virginia from England, but does = anyone r
357. Need another Thomas? [1]
Hey, guys & gals, just in case the 3 or 4 Thomas'es that are confusing us already aren't enough, here is one that for sure has to be one of mine. If he was a few years later I could say he was one of Barbara Neal's boys who snuck over from Alabama just to cause trouble. "Georgia State Gazette, issue of November 7, 1789 [Burke County], Term of 1788. The Superior Court orders that the presentments of the Grand Jury of the present term be published in the State Gazette: "....(grievance #7)...We present J
358. Re: Tri Racial Poythresses [1] wrote: > > Sure Jean, > > I'm interested. Tell us all about your family. You are welcome here as are > all the many-spelled Poythresses and intertested parties, as well as all > interesting topics. Are you sure your message got through or could it have > gotten caught in the AOL mail problem we've been having? > Tell us about your Poythresses and tell us how many ways THEY spelled it? > > Caroline In 1822, a man named --------brought a group of Portuguese stone mason to the Northa
359. Re: Dortch Query by Lillian Decker [1]
Lillian and List, Re: Dortch -- Poythress Connection For starters (and I believe there is more to the story than this) the following is a key issue for several of us. Barbara Poythress Wolfe and Barbara Poythress Neal (both list subscribers) have been on this topic of some time. In the Poythress family we have Mary Speed Dortch marrying David Poythress (M.B. 17 Dec. 1827, Surety: Issac Taylor, Consent: Ann Dortch) near Petersburg, Virginia. The 1850 Mecklenburg County, Virginia census shows David as
360. Pursuing Poyntz/Poythress [1]
Below is letter to a lady in UK turned up by Al Tims. This is a shot in = the dark but better than no shot at all. If I sound tentative and very much like a supplicant in this matter, plea= se appreciate that I had my head handed back to me in a similiar query to th= e Exalted Grand High Lizard of the Pace family who did not take kindly to e= ven having to answer a query from a Poythress commoner whom he perceived as trying to crash his family. An extra measure of diplomacy was suggested = to me by the e
361. Re: Grace Poythress [1]
In response to BPN's question about the correct death date of Grace Poythress. The April 10, 1984 date is incorrect. Grace did die in March of 1984. All of the death dates except for Margaret came from the social security index. The more exact dates are missing among the piles of data that we have on five families. Will correct post with exact dates when we locate information. Nell Tims Charles Neal wrote: > > Re Nell Tims' posting on 4/19/97 about the deaths of all the daughters of James > Dav
362. Re: Dortch Query by Lillian Decker [1]
Thank You, Here is all I have on Mary Speed Dortch. I do have in my computer 4000 Dortch names provided by BW Dortch. I have documented my Dortch line to John Dortch, 1720, Isle of Wight, Va. Be glad to share what I have plus the information from BW. His research looks very good. Lillian Mary Speed Dortch b, 1746 in VA> Died abt 1807 in Franklin Co., GA. No parents given. ---------- > From: Albert R. Tims > To: Poythress Family discussion list
363. Re: Poythress girls death dates [1]
To All, While going through my moms papers I found this. I had already heard the story from Marlene Shamburger Lee, a cousin.Not only did they all die in March, but notice the day of some of them.Willie Mae Poythress Trest died March 10,1982,Rosa Wise Poythress Fitts March 10,1983, Grace Beulah Poythress Mccraw Smith March 5,1992, Annie Grice Poythress Shamburger March 5,1992, Margaret Elizabeth Poythress Speed Clancy March 19,1997. If you need this information, the two boys who died were, James Stroble Poy
364. Re: Bolling/Poythress [1]
Hey, Craig....I apologize for not giving "the tout" for you....its something I usually always remember and it slipped by me this time. Maynard
365. Re: good ship HOPEWELL [1] wrote: > > Randy....ooooh....neat post, so that's how Hopewell got its name...having the > ship's name to hook to should be a real post. > > Re: Eppes & Poythress both named Francis.....I wouldn't be inclined to make a > whole lot out of that....I have read in several places that Francis was a > "buzz name" of the day for Royalists but not Puritans. But granted, its not > something to stick one's head in the sand about. > > You got any more on good ship Hopewell? I didn't see a word i
366. Tri Racial Poythresses [1]
I would like to encourage a discussion of the Tri racial finding I have been posting to the list. I figured if I just plain said : Let's talk about it, ya'll would. But no takers yet. Come on folks. I am a POYTHRESS. Have been all my life. Let me here from some one else out there who finds this cultural diversity interesting.????? Got a little Indian in me, got a little black, and got a little Portuguese. Anyone else???????? besides Pocahontas. Jean POYTHRESS Spille
367. Re: Portuguese Poythresses (4-26-97) [1]
Jean.....How you suppose those folks got into Northhampton? You know, one could be skeptical of given names like Richard and James as "coincidental"....but there is absolutely no way two separate families can pull names out of the air like Littlebury and Hardiman...those two names are scattered all over the family and in numerous generations many years apart. I'm going to speculate, at least for myself, that the reason I haven't found them was because I wasn't looking.....I just locked in on counties Chas
368. Re: GA Land Lotteries [1]
Hi Maynard and other POYTHRESS researchers, I suspect that both Maynard and I are floundering abit in this GA Lottery discussion. I agree with Maynard; the only thing you can take from the lists is the fact a "person of that name" was living in a certain county -- where the lists were drawn up, not where he MIGHT have "won" the land -- at the time the names were taken. Specifically, Grace Davidson _Early Records of GA, vol I and II: Wilkes Co_, reprint 1992 So.Historical Press says about the 1832 Lo
369. Re: good ship HOPEWELL [1]
At 02:12 AM 4/29/97 -0500, you wrote: >While I'm at it -- how about the Bolling family? Was there a >Bristol/Gloucestershire connection among these families? I'm finding Yorkshire for the BOLLINGS -- this is an undocumented file sent to lists a year ago -- and has some info which I consider in error One line that came to VA was in london area mid-1660s for married the dau of Thomas Clarke of London. I've seen this other places. However, Robert BOLLING of Chas City and Pr Geo Co. VA was son
370. Re: Re-send [1]
Poythress List, Re: Maynard's info below. The Francis and William you have correspond to the entries shown for the LVA collection. I guess we still don't know if this is the same Francis we see in Georgia. Is there any way to determine the locations of the land, or other relevant information? Al > >From "Virginia Revolutionary War Records, chapter: Army and Navy Bounty > Land Warrants: > > Officer names: Poythress, William > Rank: Capt. Lieut. (?) > Line:
371. Military units & Poythress folks, 4/26/97 [1]
In preparation for our upcoming trip this coming week to the northern edge of Florida, in Gadsden & Jackson counties, I had located on a telephone CD Rom two Poythress men who had phone numbers in Chattahoochee, FL, with no street addresses. I wrote a letter addressed to both of them & sent 2 copies of the letter & two stamped envelopes with a cover letter to the Chattahoochee Postmaster, asking him/her to deliver them. In the letter I mentioned what little bits of proof I have, regarding Poythresses who w
372. Re: Need another Thomas? [1]
Hi everyone, As a lurker on this list, I can finally give something back. >connected to Francis? Any clues as to what might >have prompted Francis to venture to the Peach State? Land in GA was "given" to Rev. War soldiers -- many, many VA families moved into Wilkes Co -- "mother" of several. I have a long list of Dinwiddie Co. VA folk who went to GA in this period. Linda Linda Sparks Starr
373. Re: Portugese [1]
There is a Gowen surname foundation on-line with some info on Melungeons, a group of people they surmise are Portugese descendents. Here are two of their newsletters: and
374. Re: Mary Poythress Epes [1]
Poythress List, Re: Jean's Spille's Epes Query Here's a new one. Can anyone relate. C. Stith was Cincinnatus P. Stith, son of Putnam Stith and Mary Poythress Epes. He was born about 1842 in Nottoway Co., VA. Five of his siblings are buried in Blandford Cemetery, Petersburg. -------------------------------------------- Jean, this one I can answer! 1. Mary Poythress Epes was the fourth child of Francis and Sally (Williams) Epes. 2. Her father (Francis) was a member of the House of Delegat
375. Re: NGS Library [1]
Maynard, actually NGS in in Arlington. But if you are coming to town you would be better off hoping the metro for the Library of Congress. Who knows what you might turn up in the manuscript collections. And be sure to let me know, I have always wanted to be able to put a face with the name. Reston is only about 50 miles from me. Craig At 11:31 PM 4/15/97 -0400, you wrote: >Barbara Neal: > >Daughter Leigh has just finished doing the computers at the Columbia (aka >Darth Vader) hospital in Cleveland. She w

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