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376. GA lotteries [1]
Hello everyone, I've often said some of my "best" clues are found while looking for other things ... happened again -- at least I found an answer to the Washington Co. land tax question while searching for another surname. All of "then" Wilkes Co. lay east of the Oconee River. Page 2, _Taliaferro Co. GA Records & Notes_ by Alvin M. Lunceford Jr., 1988 reprint Co. SC -- paraphrasing a bit: The land lottery system was set up in 1803 for newly opened lands (taken from Indians) as they opened up. "The
377. Francis Poythress - 1785 Georgia - An Assist [1]
Poythress List" Re: Judy Speed's Message on GA Records: Judy sent me a note saying she is near Atlanta and would happy to do a lookup, with some additional pointers from us. Below is my response. Judy, thanks! Maynard says he has a whole notebook of Georgia records. We probably should give him a few days to see if he can turn something. However, this is the basic issue: We have a Francis Poythress in Georgia in 1785. I had an undocumented note to myself saying he was from Dinwiddie County, VA. I po
378. Re: VKRatliff [1]
I guess I am really more interested in why AOL would not let you use your own name. Was it that someone else already was using it or that they thought the name could not possibly be a real one? Craig At 11:19 PM 4/27/97 -0400, you wrote: >Al et al re the mystic comments on :VKRatliff. As a name, it attracts just >about as many curious ones as Poythress. > Craig R. Scott, CGRS visit Willow Bend Books, an Internet Bookstore at comments are always a
379. Re: AOL Problems [1]
Ahhhhh, Car-o-line, On-line never led to marital bliss..... Gee, I had to get a seperate phone line and thought I was being discriminated uponst; you're going to have to get a whole new 'puter! Condolences. Maynard
380. Re: 4-24-97 reminder [1]
Al.....whats 4-24-97 "reminder" got to do with it....I thought you were going to remind us of Memorial Day but then senility took over and you went genealogical on us....besides its April 26 not April 24, isn't it? Anyway, I got my 3' x 5' Stainless Banner 2nd Natl. hanging right on my front porch today so if it really was Apr 24 then I'm just catching up. Deo Vindice. Maynard
381. Fludd-Poythress Query [1]
Poythress List, Re Jim Crosslin's post about the same names appearing on lists of person's imported for Major Francis Poythress and for John Fludd -- at two different points in history. No way this is a coincidence? Is is an error? Don't know yet, but I do have a pointer to the following resource. Hopefully, it will give us some additional insight. Survey Report 4770 in the Virginia Colonial Records Project Privy council Register, 1639 pp 324-325 A letter directed to the Governor of Virginia for the
382. Re: Tri Racial Poythresses [1]
Sure Jean, I'm interested. Tell us all about your family. You are welcome here as are all the many-spelled Poythresses and intertested parties, as well as all interesting topics. Are you sure your message got through or could it have gotten caught in the AOL mail problem we've been having? Tell us about your Poythresses and tell us how many ways THEY spelled it? Caroline
383. Keep up good work [1]
Dear POYTHRESS researchers, I'm one of those "allied lines" researchers mentioned in the post, who aren't posting queries and replies to the list. For the life of me, I can't remember just "which" and "where" the connection lies -- somewhere in early Henrico and Charles City Counties -- and am too busy on "other" lines to look up the connection now. I'm writing this note to say "thanks" to those providing "extraneous" information to the group. I've especially en- joyed the Mulungeon and Porteg
384. Help from Linda Starr [1]
I am Albert Tims, Sr. married to Nell Tims a direct Poythress descendant as my son Al Jr. I am researching the Seale family whose migration path is almost parallel ot the Poythresses. Virginia to Wilkes County, Georgia to Greene County, Alabama to Sumter County, Alabama to Kemper, Neshoba and Lauderdale Counties, Mississippi. I have inforamation that Jarvis Seale, a Revolutionary war veteran, lived in Wilkes County, Georgia during the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century. In addition to Jarvi
385. Re: Dortch Query by Lillian Decker [1]
Poythress List, Thanks to Lillian for the Dortch information. I have a couple of additional questions? 1. Is the BW Dortch you mention Bill Dortch in Tennessee. If so, he and I have swapped notes from time to time. I know that he said he has some additional Poythress information buryed somewhere in his files. Perhaps I should query him again. 2. Do you have anything on Dortch-Speed and Dortch-Baskerville connections in Mecklenburg County, Virginia? 3. Do you have a sense that the migration of the
386. Portuguese Poythresses [1]
I have hit pay dirt again. There is a website with the introduction of the following book which you can read online. I looked at this book at the library and it has a whole page of POYTHRESSES. They are my guys!. Hardiman, Odom, Littleberry. I can fax a very poor copy to anyone. Or when I have another slow day at the Bed & Breakfast, I'll abstract it. Jean Poythress Spille see comments at the end Free African Americans of North
387. Re: Musings on the origins of the Poythress surname [1]
Al.....possible....and how about sharing those funny little cigareets with the rest of us on this rainy Saturday. Hey, I'm putting it on my list as a possible. We ought to about have the waterfront covered....from a Portuguese bricklayer to a knight of the realm. I'm going to get on the net seriously over next few days and try to stir up something in Middlesex....but shoot, its just as easy to also go to Portugal so I'll post a few there too. Maynard
388. Kirby/kerby Poythress [1]
Kirby Poythress is list in the Southampton, Virginia Personal Property Tax list 1787 --list b Kirby Poythress/Poytress is listed in a book called VIRGINIAN'S IN THE REVOLUTION "Poythress, Kerby, 5 and 11 CL., 11 CL. Poythress, Kirby (Poytress) 5 and 11 CL. At one time, a long time ago, I thought he was a relative so a sent a request for veterans records to the National Archives and didn't find a thing.
389. Re: Need another Thomas? [1]
Hey Linda! Nice to have you on the wire. Yep, I forgot that other reason for Virginians coming to Georgia (besides the land lotteries). Thanks for the "assist". Again, glad to here from you...speak up you have no doubt already observed the rest of us aren't exactly Rhodes scholars on this subject so come on in, the water is fine. Regards, Maynard
390. Re: Francis in Georgia, Late 1700s [1]
Maynard, Great work! > > Just don't ask me how he got all the way over there in Greene County. > > Maynard My question is how did all the Poythress folks get down into Georgia in the late 1700s? The given names certainly fit with Virginia traditions and marriages. I continue to be surprised by the Poythress families. More to follow after I've digested all your new information. You've been a busy fellow! Best, Al Tims
391. Re: Poythress Patriots [1]
Al: As to the meaning of mss followed by WD. Could that not mean that the MANUSCRIPTS (mss) concerning the land were being held in the War Department? Caroline
392. Re: Military units & Poythress folks, 4/26/97 [1]
Charles Neal wrote: > > In preparation for our upcoming trip this coming week to the northern edge of > Florida, in Gadsden & Jackson counties, I had located on a telephone CD Rom two > Poythress men who had phone numbers in Chattahoochee, FL, with no street > addresses. > I wrote a letter addressed to both of them & sent 2 copies of the letter & two > stamped envelopes with a cover letter to the Chattahoochee Postmaster, asking > him/her to deliver them. In the letter I mentioned what little bits of proo
393. RE: 4/13/97 update [1]
------ =_NextPart_000_01BC490B.272A9020 Content-Type: text/plain; charset="us-ascii" Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable I intend to put in my two cents worth on the origin of the Poythress = family in a separate message, but just had to add something to what = Charles offered below regarding the headright question. It is a fact = that there were cases of outright fraud perpetuated within the headright = system, and though I'd like to think that my ancestor could (should?) = not have been a party
394. Re: The Gloucester Connection [1]
Poythress List, I've never seen this (below)! Assuming this fellow married and has issue we could quite possibly have another point of origin for the Poythress lines. Wow! I'll be very interested in hearing what others might have on the person. Al Tims Craig R. Scott wrote: > > >From the September 1977 National Genealogical Society Quaterly, Volume 65, > No. 3 page not remembered in an article by Lloyd Dewitt Bockstruck entitled > "Some Amelia County Virginia Colonists, 1737-1745: > > Poythress, Jame
395. More Musings .... [1]
Poythress List, Unfortunately, I can't blame "funny little cigarettes" on my previous = post related to the origins of the Poythress surname in England. Blame = it on my inexperience, and the sort of curiosity that led me to an = academic career, rather than real work in the real world. I just hope = we'll be able to have a little fun with this. When Maynard sets out on = one of his Internet "Walk-Abouts" he usually comes back with some = interesting new information. Now, for some additional context a
396. Portuguese [1]
The more I learn about tri racial isolets in the Southeastern Virginia, Northeastern North Carolina area the more I am beginning to disbelieve the theory of Portuguese stonemasons brought to Northampton, NC around 1820 to work on a canal. See my earlier post about the website where you can read the introduction to Free African American of North Carolina and Firginia by Paul Heinegg. I have found some inaccuracies in this work but, the following is worth consideration. "This use of the term "Portugu
397. Poythress Spelling Variants [1]
Folks, since we cranked up our list a few weeks ago the action has been delightful. One thing we probably should have anticipated and did not anticipate was that a number of people without a direct Poythress interest would have a name in their records that "looks like" Poythress and would ask us if such and such was a variant of the name. This has happened several times. In other instances, an active Poythress researcher would come across a similiar name and puzzle over whether or not the guy or gal was
398. Speed-Poythress Correction/update [1]
Poythress list, I hope this arrives just after (or with) my Speed-Poythress post. First, my apology for spelling Sumter County as Sumpter County. I don't know what I was thinking. Comes from typing 70 words minute and not proofreading my email. Second, as a look at the early Alabama maps I see the county boundries for Sumter, Greene and Hale covered overlapping areas. Hale didn't even exist in 1850. I was formed from parts of Greene and Perry. Also, in 1830 Sumter didn't exist -- it was simply labele
399. Re: Re-send [1] Francis in Georgia. I am somewhat confident in my memory-bone that Francis the vet. got his land in Georgia....but that is in no way to suggest the two Francises are the same. I'll just have to keep an eye on that one. Thanks for making the correlation. I guess it got by me. Maynard
400. Gwathmey Citation -- Virginians in the Revolution [1]
Poythress List, As a follow-up to the Poythress Patriots posting I have located the following resources in my backyard (so to speak). I will check out the books held at the University of Minnesota and go take a look at the Historical Society holdings (make copies of what is relevant). Since it appears that the original Gwathmey publication (1938) has been reprinted by the Genealogical Pub. Co., 1973 [c1938] I suspect we can obtain the book without too much difficulty through the GPC. Perhaps we could or

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