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401. Our Lucky Day -- with the luck included [1]
Poythress List, Okay, I hit the wrong key and sent the last message before I pasted in the lucky information. Here it is.. Al Well, I think it is your lucky day!!! It was the GFHS Open Day today and on a bookstall there, I found a copy of the Dymock Registers for 1538-1790 and purchased it to help with my researches. I have done a quick look in the index and although there is no Poythress, there are over 250 references (!!!) to a variety of spellings, namely: Pewtress, Peweters, Pewteres, Pewteresse,
402. Re: Poythress/Poyntz [1]
List, Maynard, I'm coming to the same conclusion, although for slightly different reasons. I've found some details on the Poyntz line in England and see nothing even remotely possible as a point of connection. I have noted however, that Poyntz was sometimes spelled Poytz and Poyntzs. I have no idea how one might pronounce the Poyntzs spelling. Now that I have real Poythress folk to chase down, I can set the Poyntz speculation aside. In any event, following that lead got me to a part of England where I
403. Heard County, GA [1]
4/30/97 Jean P. Spille > Re: The Sherman Poythress from Heard County, GA -- If you are interest in > taking a "look here", let me give you some info on Heard County. The area of Georgia where Heard Co is located was covered by the 1827 GA Land Lottery, and iI believe it became a county about 1860. Heard was carved out of parts of Carrol county to the north, and Coweta and Troup counties to the east and south.
404. Linda Starr's Home Page [1]
Al....I'm getting a "cannot retrieve" at both AOL and Netscape for http://www.pw1.netcom/~starr81/index.htm Did I copy it down wrong? Thanks, Maynard
405. AOL Problems [1]
Poythress List, Quite a few of you are on AOL. For the past several days messages posted to you have not been getting through. The system will continue to try -- every 4 hours for 4 days. This seems to be a system-wide problem for AOL. The "bounce" notifications come to me. I've also received a number of postings from the MAISER list manager and other list-owners. Everyone is having the problem and it IS NOT a problem with MAISER. It would appear that AOL is unable to keep up with message traffic -
406. Re: Bassett, Virginia Library [1]
Thanks, Maynard.I can use the reference, even if it isn't for Kiziah. Have spread more than I intended around the list. The first post was practice, but I sent it by mistake. Caroline
407. More on Gloucestershire [1]
Hi Folks, Did a little more digging and discovered that the person responding to us (I posted the query representing our list -- so the response was to us a a group) is an officer of the Gloucestershire Family History Society. (See below). This is very good luck, since their home page shows that they've got TONS of information compiled. Moreover, she sent me a second note following my thank you saying she'd continue to watch for the name. Cool! Al GLOUCESTERSHIRE FAMILY HISTORY SOCIETY (GFHS) Register
408. BIO's for the LIST [1]
To all: Suggest we all compose a brief bio and send to Al Tims the listmeister at The purpose is to have a list of all of us to have on file to send to new sign-ons. This way we will be less a group of strangers and more a group of inviting friends. Al has agreed to put it together and be the custodian to welcome new members with the list. Here is the format I used but of course use what you feel will be effective and what you will be comfortable with. POYTHRES
409. Sorry about the idiot posting- [1]
DEAR POYTHRESSES The first post you received from me probably confused you?? So sorry. That was a practice posting. Please try to ignore it and read the second one. The longer of the two is, believe it or not, the more understandable...I thought so, anyway. I intended to DELETE THE FIRST ONE. Caroline Burnett Cook
410. Re: Index of Gowen/Melungia [1]
I am willing to house a Poythress home page & whatever files you would like to attach to it. - Randy Jones ****************************************************************** * * Randy Jones, Webmaster * government - /government * Charlotte's Web * transportation - /trans.html * * community theatre - /arts/theatre.html* * genealogy - /gen
411. Multiple Items [1]
Poythress Rooters, 1. Glad to have the AOL subscribers back in the fold. I will assume all the mail finally reached you. I keep everything tucked away. I have produced an archive files in a self-extracting zip file format for new subscribers and our descendents (:-)). So, if your system goes boom I should be able to help you recover your Poythress log. 2. I've received bio information from roughly 1/3 of the subscribers. I'll assemble those I have and distribute to the list by the end of the weekend
412. Re: The Gloucester Connection [1]
Poythress List, Barbara Wolfe's post below is a real treasure, especially with our new information on the Poythress names in Gloucestershire during the 19th century. Barbara's reference gives us an appropriate starting point in Gloucestershire for subsequent research. I believe it is wise to wait until we get the response to Maynard's letter before setting out on any particular research path. After all, we still don't have solid evidence that any of the folks connect to our Francis. What we might want
413. Re: Linda Starr Re: Need another Thomas ? [1]
Poythress List, Linda Starr wrote: > > Hi everyone, > As a lurker on this list, I can finally give something back. > > >connected to Francis? Any clues as to what might > >have prompted Francis to venture to the Peach State? > > Land in GA was "given" to Rev. War soldiers -- many, many VA > families moved into Wilkes Co -- "mother" of several. I have a long > list of Dinwiddie Co. VA folk who went to GA in this period. Linda > > Linda Sparks Starr > > http://pw1.netc
414. WSJ article on Melungeons [1]
Thanks Maynard I would love a copy of the WSJ article. It is all the talk on the Melungeon list. Here is a copy of the best posting Subject: Re: MELUNGEON Wall Street Journal Article Date: Tue, 15 Apr 1997 21:28:19 -0400 (EDT) From: Darlene Wilson Reply-To: To: "MELUNGEON genealogy list" At 09:40 AM 4/15/97 -0400, Linda wrote: >I have b
415. DORTCH/POYTHRES (fwd) [1]
FYI ****************************************************************** ---------- Forwarded message ---------- Date: Mon, 21 Apr 1997 11:38:40 -0400 (EDT) From: To: Multiple recipients of list Subject: DORTCH/POYTHRES Looking for info on William A. DORTCH, b:1810, m: 31 JAN 1837 to Sarah POYTHRES, b: 1815, South East VA.
416. LOST MAIL [1]
Poythress List, I just received (12:40 PM CDT) the following message from the operator of the MAISER system that manages our (and hundreds of other) mailing lists. If you sent a message last night to the POYTHRESS list, it would be a good idea to resend. If you got your own message postings back via the Poythress list (that is, you received your own posting) then it likely got through to everyone. If you sent your message after 7 p.m. last night (Central Time), then do resend. *************************
417. The English Connection [1]
To all: Al Tims found this couple as members of the Gloucestershire Fam= ily History group and listed as interested in Poythresses in all areas pre-19= 00. Well, thats us! Correspondence copied below. Lets hope we strike gold....and especially = gold on the internet; to send them all the hard copy by mail we'd need to char= ter a boat. (Letterhead) April 24, 1997 Mr. & Mrs. P. Crewe 36 Trevelyan Copse Bracknell Berks RG112 8YD England Dear Mr. & Mrs. Crewe: I was delighted
418. LaGrange Female College- Student Activism [1]
From article Civil War Times Illustrated, May/June 1994: GEORGIA'S NANCY HARTS ".....Fresh from a victory over Lt. General Nathan Bedford Forrest at Selma, Wilson's force entered LaGrange, Georgia, a town they believed to be virtually defenseless. But upon entering the city the column was stopped dead in its tracks by some 40 women armed with rifles and muskets. The confrontation was one of the more unusual incidents of the war." "....Forty women organized.....Nancy Morgan was elected Captain; Andelia
419. Poythress/Poyntz [1]
Al Tims: You likely have some pages that Barbara Neal xeroxed from Vol. 24 of "Colonial and Revolutionary Lineages of America"...compiled by different authors but gathered under one umbrella and published by The American Historical Company, Inc. NY, 1968. As expected Barbara captured the text only for Poythresses. However, in copying the index she caught the "Poyntz" folks also. Poyntz has 23 given names, Poythress has 16 given names.....only one in common is a single William.....all in a remarkably con
420. Re: Linda Starr's Home Page [1]
At 05:57 PM 4/20/97 -0400, you wrote: >Al....I'm getting a "cannot retrieve" at both AOL and Netscape for > > http://www.pw1.netcom/~starr81/index.htm > >Did I copy it down wrong? Maynard It's in my sig file. Al, thanks for the kind words about my page -- it was self-preservation thing when I discovered I was spending all my time sending "past" attached files to new members. "Our" round robin is not a MAISER list -- basically I, and a couple others, write reports examining "must published" da
421. New Thomas Poythress Records circa 1750s / Jane Poythress -Thomas [1]
Hi Folks, The following resource is new to me. Those of you with good university libraries nearby might get lucky with this one. It points to a Thomas Poythress deed in 1753. It was found in a rather odd location, so I suspect we haven't seen it before. (Source: Frederica Holmes Trapnell Papers, 1753-1991, Jefferson County, Virginia [now West Virginia]; also Iowa, Kentucky, and Maryland) I'm providing as much detail as I can about the microfilm series where this is to be found. If any of you do a fo
422. Francis in Georgia, Late 1700s [1]
He had to be there: Greene County, Misc. Records, Book A, 1787-1801, "Wills, Inventories, Appraisments, etc.: "Page 2. Inventory and appraisement of Estate of Dorothy Ashield, deed....given in by Stephen Parker, Shearad Hatley (?) and Francis Poythers...sworn appraisal 4 October, 1787..cannot read amount valued at" "Page 23. An acc't of the Sale of the Est. of Stephen Parker late of Greene County dec'd made by Capt. James Alford, Admnr. May 3, 1788. Persons sold to: Jas. Alford, Daniel Parker, Francis
423. Re: No Poythress Connetion, but... [1]
Hey, Jim Crosslin....happy to have you on the line. I'm going to suggest that Al Tims or Barbara Poythress Neal take a shot at your question. They are the folks with all the land records committed to memory. Thanks, Maynard Poythress
424. Re: Poythress Spelling Variants [1]
Now if I knew this boy's ancestry, you would be talking with one happy camper. Alas, I have no clue. Craig At 08:27 AM 4/12/97 -0400, you wrote: >Craig, > >Just realized you said you had a Benjamin Poytress. Did he have anyone named >CLEVERS in his ancestry? How about Kesiah or Kiziah or something like that In >the 1700's in VA or NC. How about Ransom? > >Let me know if you do, please, > >Caroline > Craig R. Scott, CGRS visit Willow Bend Books, an Internet Bookstore at http://w
425. Thomas (1) Poythres to England [1]
Volume II, Charles City County Court Orders, 1658-1661: Page 213 These presents oblige me Arthur Graunt to Carry Thomas Poythres in my ship this yeare for England and at his arrivall there in case mr. George Laud shall not accomodate him w'th Dyett and lodging, I do hereby oblige my selfe to do it untill the retorne of the next shipping to this Countrey of Virginia, w'ch I am to do gratis w'thout expecting any pay, and the next yeare to bring him into this Countrey againe he paying for his passage inward a

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