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426. Re: Poythress Patriots [1]
Caroline and Others, I'm pretty sure the WD does mean War Department in the John H. Gwathmey reference and suspect that the (mss) designation might mean manuscript. However, I would gladly defer to those among us with more experience and understanding in interpreting these record designations. Jeannie Briggs mentioned that this reference was as the Newberry Library in Chicago. I'd be surprised if it wasn't available at all the major state archives and the LVA. I will check the Minnesota Historical Soci
427. Re: AOL Problems [1]
Caroline, You can also save your mail on your hard drive in another directory, such as call it Carolines Mail, or Poythress list:) Heather
428. NGS Library [1]
Barbara Neal: Daughter Leigh has just finished doing the computers at the Columbia (aka Darth Vader) hospital in Cleveland. She was scheduled to go to Charleston (oh, joy...compared to Cleveland) for the next year but will be sidetracked to a fireman's assignment in Reston, VA. for what looks to be about a month. On my handy dandy Atlas Reston looks to be about 10-15 miles from Alexandria, ta da...home of Natl. Gene. Soc. library. I may not be able to work it in but I'm going to try. Since you have bee
429. Re: Poythress Spelling Variants [1]
Thank you, again, Craig. I will always speak up for Portess since mine has been Portrice, Portress, Portes and PORTIS....but I am convinced someday I'll find the original name was POYTRESS. Anyone have BENJAMIN P's or ROBERT P's who lived in VIRGINIA before or during the Revolutionary War?? Hang in there, Caroline Ransom/Poytress (aka all the others)
430. Re: Flood/Fludd [1]
Poythress List, Bill wrote: Al, I have a little info. on Col. John Flood. He is an ancestor. Is there a specific question you have about him?? Bill Bridgforth Bill, My post was in response to Crosslin's post below: ------------------ I am Jim Crosslin. I have no relationship to the Poythress line, per se. However, there is a remote tie-in to the line that could possibly shed light on the arrival date of my immigrant -- a Cros(s)land. For this reason, I have been "listening" to the P
431. Re: Francis Poythress Revolutionary War Bounty Warrants & Georgia [1]
Poythress List, Re: Francis Poythress in Georgia 1785. Linda Starr provided us with: In the two vol. set _Wilkes Co. GA Tax Records 1785-1805_ by Frank P. Hudson -- there's only one entry for Francis POYTHRIS -- he was taxed for 100 acres in Washington Co. in 1785. I checked to see if we have a Francis Poythress from Virginia who received a war bounty warrant for land. I found one! I'm not sure what to make of the entry since all I've really found is the card catalog entry in the LVA digital collections.
432. Re: 4/6 re George W. POYTHRESS(es?) [1]
Dear Barbara, I hope everyone reads your notice because I don't think they could believe all the different spellings I have of the name. My Kiziah spelled it PORTIS, which I would NEVER have connected with POYTHRESS if I had not seen it spelled PORTRICE, PORTISS and PORTRESS. Obviously, not a common name when they first arrived. Second, does George's lineage go back further in Virginia? To maybe 1763 when my ancestor was born in Halifax County? Did your family come from one of those N.C.bor
433. Re: more Portuguese [1]
Jean Spille wrote, in part: >I am still making progress in Northampton on My POYTHRESS line and wanted to share >the latest with you. For those of you who have followed this from the beginning, >I was only able to go back to my ggrandfather, Richard P. Poythress who died in >1920. Jean, you are making great progress, which I continue to find quite interesting, and which I continue to feel may benefit all of us. Of course, I will keep in mind dark complexioned hazel-eyed Poythress folks, and anyone named
434. Being tri racial in 1997 [1]
Following is a forward of the latest correspondence I have received from Northampton County. There is valuable genealogy information contained here so I include it all. But my main reason for posting this is not about yesterday. It is about today. About a farmer in Northampton County North Carolina who is ashamed of his heritage TODAY in 1997. He is probably family and he would not be ashamed of me or mine! I hope this will generate some interest on this list. Jean Poythress Spille spillej@es
Al from Caroline: Please add to Bio: I was born in BIRMINGHAM like Barbara Neal AND have ancestors who were in the South Alabama plantation areas in the early 1800's...Lowndes Co, Dallas Co, Sumter Co and in Montgomery. In Birmingham, I grew up as CAROLE BURNETT....since my mother was Caroline.
436. Re: NGS Library [1]
Craig....will certainly let you know if I can make it. Many thanks.
437. Caroline [1]
Date: Sun, 13 Apr 1997 22:51:21 -0400 From: Jean Spille Reply-To: To: References: 1 wrote: > > Al and the Poythress list, > > I have NOTHING on the early POYTHRESSES of which you speak in your > msg"TriRacial Poythresses & Spellin'" How can I get something on the early > Poythress line in Virginia/NC, I would appreciate it. Maybe Jean an
438. Re: Bolling/Poythress [1]
At 11:31 PM 4/23/97 -0400, you wrote: >Linda: > >Look up: "Bristol Parish, Virginia 1720-1789, The Vestry Book & Register" by >C. G. Chamberlayne. Should be in any decent sized genealogy library. > >Don't even think about xeroxing "the pages you want".....there is a Bolling >or a Poythress on every just about every one of it's 428 pages. > >Maynard Please pardon the commerical intrusion. This book is in stock at Willow Bend if anyone is interested. As is the History of Bristol Parish. Craig > Craig R.
439. More details on Charles Poytress in Glouchestershire - 1832 [1]
Poythress List, I did a litte more digging and found explanations for the codes shown on this entry. Charles Poytress was a Freeholder living in the Eastern Division of the Haw & Tirley district in Gloucestershire. I have yet to determine where Haw & Tirley is located; but believe me, I will find out. Al Gloucestershire Electoral Roll of 1832: Surname / Forename / Place of Residence / Ref POYTRESS CHARLES HAW & TIRLEY E6330 F The prefix letter in E6330 indicates in which Division-a
440. Re: !! Lightbulbs [1]
Poythress List and Bill, GREAT post on the "conversational dynamics" of mailing lists -- especially of the genealogical/historical variety. Anyone who has subscribed to VA-Roots or other large lists will see the truth and the humor in this parody. Yes, we are indeed quite lucky with our list. Maynard Poythress is the "power behind the listowner throne" that pushed us along to create the Poythress list. So it is to Maynard that we all owe a debt of gratitude! Best, Al Tims
441. Littlebury Poythress [1]
What I know about Littlebury Poythress is--------- He was married to Frances Marremon of Northampton Co., NC. They were in Northampton in 1813 when Frances gave Littlebury Power Of Attorney to sell some land she had inherited from her father (nhampton deeds, Vol 20. p199) He was living in Person County, North Carolina in 1820 Census He had two sisters(?), Priscilia and Delia Poythress ( North Carolina Military Papers filed at the NC State Library, Raleigh. Ref#289 ) abstrated in Hardiman & John p
442. Re: re Pocahontas, Rolfe, et al. [1]
Poythress List, Re: Craig Scott's post on Jane Poythress. Craig, Thank you! The more recent Brown book revising the older Robertson book does indeed seem to move away from "acceptance" of Robertson's interpretation that it was Jane Poythress. The basis of Robertson's interpretation should give us pause. I guess we're going to have to take a look at the Bolling Memoirs AND try to learn more about Thomas Rolfe. Just goes to prove that we should ALWAYS suspect secondary sources when it comes to genealo
443. Re: Flood/Fludd [1]
Al, I have a little info. on Col. John Flood. He is an ancestor. Is there a specific question you have about him?? Bill Bridgforth
444. 4/6 re George W. Poythress [1]
Caroline, From my message, you now know as much about George W. Poythress as I do. As far as I know he is not in my line. I was supplying the info because Craig mentioned not having checked it out yet, and I happened to have it. Happy hunting! Barbara Poythress Neal
445. Re: Roll of Va. Taxpayers [1]
Bud....I think thats a different Francis in Richmond County....hes way too late to be our Francis (1). Re the Hollingsworth got my curiosity going....where is that thing and can just anybody get into it? Thanks. Maynard
446. Interesting Death Dates [1]
Some interesting statistics on the daughters of James David and Carrie Price Poythress. All the daughters died in March. Judy Speed Scruggs brought this to my attention. ------------ Willie Mae Poythress b. July 23, 1896 d. March 1982 Age 86 Grace Poythress b. November 30, 1898 d. March 1984 Age 86 Rosa Poythress b. April 18, 1901 d. March 1983 Age 82 Annie Poythress b. May 28, 1906 d. March 1992 Age 86 Margaret Poythress b. January 28 1915 d. March 1997 Age 82 There was a daughter, Bessi
447. Re: List Server [1]
No problem for me with the quirky deliveries....the price is still right and it still beats the pants off snail mail for both price and delivery time. No complaints. Maynard
448. Poythress email address change 4/29 [1]
Just for info: For those who may have Barbara Poythress Neal's email address programmed in to their computer's address list, it has now changed to: though CompuServe says we will still continue to get mail that is sent to the old numerical address of Wonderful items you are turning up, Poythress researchers, especially Jean Spille. Bill Bridgforth: Charles & I got to know Johnson City during our eldest daughters attendance at East Tenn State
449. Re: WORSHAM (fwd) [1]
Poythress List, Re: Randy Jones Worsham forward (see below) Randy -- good to hear from you again and thanks for the forward. This one is VERY interesting since Worsham is not a surname I have ever seen associated by marriage with the Poythress family. Of course, others on the list will have more information. It would help to have a time period to work with in running this down. Worsham doesn't appear on the Robert Bolling Batte chart prepared in 1977. Still, that chart is incomplete and has some entr
450. JOHN ROLFE AND MR POU[N/R]TYS IN 1619/20 [1]
Poythress List, The following is one of the most interesting document survey reports I've read to date. It describes a document of major historical significance. This is why I have included the full text of the survey. What interests me is the mention of Captain Epps, and John "Pountys" -- along with the fact that it was written by John Rolfe. I've inserted a note about Pountys below. I have references to other documents pertaining to this individual. I AM NOT claiming that he is a Poythress. I have n

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