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451. MOCK Newsletter [1]
Bud Poythress: re Barbara Neal's information about the Mock family newsletter. I think I'll leave this one to you to decide on unless you know more than I do....which is that Hester Wilder nee Mock was the widow Wilder who was Meredith Poythress, Jr.'s first wife....from whom you are decended but I am not. I sure would like to have the dates for Hester, Meredith Jr. and those 5 kids if you decide to send those folks 10 bucks for a year's subscription. Thanks. Hope you folks have a good time in South Ge
452. Re: GA update [1]
Linda....I have a 3 ring binder not very well organized but it has a ton of random notes and photocopies of the 7 land lotteries and a blue million Poythresses who were listed as either winners or non-winners (they listed both). I do need to get back to GDAH on this subject next time I'm in Atlanta. When I made all my photocopies I don't think any one individual had written any one book on those lotteries. I'm sort of surprised that Bob Scott hasn't done so by now; he usually is darn good at anticipating
453. Re: 4-24-97 reminder [1]
Charles Neal wrote: > > Al, while it is clear that you are excited, it is not clear just how/why you see > this info about Poytress folks who were born circa 1787 (Sarah) and 1822 (Ellen) > and circa 1800ish (Charles), and who could have been born in England (or could > have been born elsewhere & moved to England) really would necessarily have any > bearing on Francis, who was probably born more like 1600 or maybe earlier (we > know not where); ~200 years is a big gap. Barbara, Agreed, there might have b
454. Re: JOHN ROLFE AND MR POU[N/R]TYS IN 1619/20 [1]
"I don't know but get a copy of Wyndham Robertson's book and you will likely know as much as I". > I know a bookstore that stocks this book. >For those who announce that they have a certificate from Chief White-feather, >cosigned by Minnehaha (sp?) Jones....or whatever, attesting to their >claim...I respond with barely disguised glee in delivering a piece of >genealogical reverse-snobbery: I don't know because I have the only name one >can have in the entire universe and absolutely, positively, NOT
455. GA update [1]
Hello fellow list members, I've "been thinking" after my earlier post and have a couple items to share re: GA records. I'm not an expert, but this comes from research on my STARR line for what it's worth. My first STARR was living in, and taxed on land in GA, as early as 1785 -- but the first land patent he got was 1788 -- and was not the tract on which he lived; it was the first tract he sold. His residence tract was patented 1792 -- both signed by "state officials" and nothing on either grant about
456. re Pocahontas, Rolfe, et al. [1]
Poythress List, Maynard posted his view that Robertson is correct about Thomas Rolfe and Jane Poythress. I guess I haven't communicated very clearly on this issue: Here is the nature of my query: 1. YES, Robertson's account is the one traditionally accepted. 2. BUT, We have the following MORE RECENT book represented as a "revision, enlargement and extension of the Robertson book." POCAHONTAS' DESCENDANTS. Stuart E. Brown, Jr., Lorraine F. Myers, and Eileen M. Chappel. A Revision, Enlargement and Ex
457. Re: Poythress FACTS [1]
Al, Maynard, et al, Please help some of us who "can't get it together" with the FACTS and "almost certainties." The following is the best I can do -- what can you add to the chart? Would like some documentation to throw in my files. NO good references or resources available here in Johnson City. Hope I'm not breeching any rules of ettiquette to ask this. THANKS Please add dates, names, locations, children, etc. as known. I. Francis Poythress I married to: ___ Francis Poythress I had ___ childr
458. Re: The English Connection [1]
Poythress List, I applaud Maynard for the charming letter to our counterparts in the UK. I am hopeful that this correspondence will usher in exciting new discoveries for us. Bravo, Maynard! Al Tims
459. Re: Questions [1]
Poythress List, Maynard Poythress wrote the following: ----------------------------- With respect to the Cavaliers & Pioneers abstract new from Caroline: why do you say it contributes to...belief...that the original immigrant? It strikes me that it does also but are you implying that you read something in particular into that patent? I guess my problem is I just don't understand patents...and this one in particular. Is this a "grant" or a "bill of sale" (so to speak) wherein Francis is b
460. Re: Portuguese Poythresses (4-26-97) [1]
Jean......FORGET everything stupid I say....just noticed on second read that your Northhampton is NC not VA.....the guys are right where they are supposed to be... drifting SW out of Charles City County, VA. Sorry, I'll read next time. Maynard
461. Joshua and Mary Poythress [1]
I am monitoring a Melungeon list and received this post. Can anyone out there answer her questions about Joshua Poythress and Mary Short? Post it to me and I will pass it on. ===================================================================== Hi Jean, I read your letter from Francis on the M list and just wanted to ask about this Turner line. Do you know whether or not these were the Turners from Patrick,Floyd,Franklin County areas of VA? I am interested in the Francis Turners decendants of that
462. Portuguese Poythresses (4-26-97) [1]
I am still making progress in Northampton on My POYTHRESS line and wanted to share the latest with you. For those of you who have followed this from the beginning, I was only able to go back to my ggrandfather, Richard P. Poythress who died in 1920. Now I know my line back to at least 1796. It is as follows: Jean Poythress Spille b. Dec. 27, 1946 Hopewell, Va father: William Arthur Poythress, B. June 9, 1906, Wilson Co.,NC Grandfather: William Francis Poythress B., Northampton, NC GGrandfather: Richa
463. Portuguese Melungeon [1]
Dear Poythress List, With all my postings and ramblings on Portuguese, I guess a lot of you are wondering. I present the following to you as theory. Dr. N. Brent Kennedy is author of The Melungeons: The Resurrection of a Proud People , (September, 1996 Mercer University Press, Macon, Georgia) is now in its fourth revised printing, second revised edition. See the entire text of Dr. Kennedy's article at N. Brent Kennedy Office of Development & College Relati
464. Re: Index of Gowen/Melungia [1]
Re: Barbara Wolfe's Attachment Query Barbara, Your attachment file size is not too big for most service providers. However, you should send it to Jean directly -- rather than via this Poythress list. It isn't personal -- just one of the rules imposed by the system we use. Eventually we'll have a Web page for uploading and downloading files. This is a project I'm working on right now. I just have to find the right service provider. Thanks, Al Tims
465. Re: Julian Bell [1]
Maynard and List Members, FYI, we currently have 33 subscribers to the Poythress list. Obviously, not all are currently posting. I know some are content to listen in for the time being. Others are allied family researchers hoping to glean some clues/help with Poythress connections. I'm interested in any and all ideas that could/would add value to the list. Several of us have been posting reference pointers, interesting new finds and other types of information that should help build a deeper sense of
466. 4/2 John Poythress; Portress et al [1]
I appreciate the info about John Poythress of Northampton Co, NC, and the possibility of getting more info on same. Thank you, Jean Spille! Re the Portress / Portis / etc question: I have no evidence whether or not to include those names, but I especially would welcome learning the content and the citations of any specific documents that any other researchers locate, where any of those alternate spellings occur IN THE SAME DOCUMENT with the spelling of my own maiden name, POYTHRESS. Seems to me that co
467. Re: JOHN ROLFE AND MR POU[N/R]TYS IN 1619/20 [1]
I am in a quandry. I am trying to locate the article in _The Magazine of Virginia Genealogy_ or in _The Virginia Genealogist_ which I read years ago which seemed to demonstrate that the wife of Thomas Rolfe was a Jane Pierce who was not Jane Poythress, daughter of Francis. Any help with citation appreceated. If it is a preponderance of the evidence issue we might as well bring it out into the open and trash it about. Craig At 03:26 AM 4/14/97 -0400, you wrote: >On Pochahontas, if I am not mistaken, wasn
468. Re: Portuegese [1]
Wow! Jean....neat job. Keep pulling on that thread for us would you? Maynard
469. Re: Poythress email address change 4/29 [1]
Barbara, Holler next time you head to JC. BBQ our specialty !!! Moon Pies and Big Orange Dopes for you guys, too. Bill Bridgforth 705 East Holston Ave. Johnson City, TN 37601-4015
470. 4/20 update on various items [1]
- Interesting posts re Francis Poythress & Ga land & re Worsham. As far as I know, I have no info I can contribute to any of those two particular threads. In my recent trip to Salt Lake, I looked at several books re Rev War landgrants, NONE of which list a Francis Poythress (or any other Poythress) getting any Rev War land, in Ga or anywhere else, so I suspect that Francis Poythress land seen in the Wilkes Co tax/deed record came from some other source. - I would pronounce POYNTZ as "Points" so, based on
471. Re: Roll of Va. Taxpayers [1]
Maynard - At 97-04-25 00:01:36 you wrote (amoung other stuff) Page 100 Name Poll Slaves County >Poythress, Meridith - - Brunswick >Poythress, Thomas 2 6 Brunswick etc. >Observations/Points of curiosity: >2) Meridith showing up in yet another county? Obviously: Sr. We previously knew that after Meredith/Meridith Poythress (Sr) and Edith Cleaton were married in Mecklenburg county, VA on July 14, 1981, they n
472. KIZIAH POYTHRESS mystery? [1]
Hello Poythress hunters! Please blame the length of this letter on Maynard who encouraged me: My name is Caroline Burnett Cook of Newark, De. My husband and I, both native Southerners(Al), have been here 4 years the Pa/De/Md "wedge." It's lovely, but far from Southern ancestor research areas. ESPECIALLY, NORTH CAROLINA He's an executive engineer (almost retired) and I am an inveterate (sp?) ancestor sleuth. To wit: While filling in my RANSOM Va/Tn . in the early 1600's when I found in
473. Odam and Sele Poythress [1]
Odom Polythress and wife, Sele to Robert Crittlendon, 1779 Northampton County Real Estate Conveyances, 1770-1788, Vol.6, P. 351 I find Oadom Poytress and Hardymon Poytress listed in Capt. Williams District of the State Census of North Carolina, 1784-1787. I also find Numan Hathcock listed just below Oadom. He was listed as the husband of Winifred Poythress in the document I abstracted earlier concerning the estate of John Poythress. In that same document it said John had seven brothers and sister
474. Re: Bolling/Poythress [1]
Hi Maynard, I "know" BOLLINGs are everywhere -- that's the reason I'm sticking with TRAYLORs and lurking on these other lists; I'm also on the WORSHAM one where we occasionally do see TRAYLOR. But thanks for letting me know about the Chamberlayne book. I'll check it out next time I'm at the library. Linda At 11:31 PM 4/23/97 -0400, you wrote: >Linda: > >Look up: "Bristol Parish, Virginia 1720-1789, The Vestry Book & Register" by >C. G. Chamberlayne. Should be in any decent sized genealogy library.
475. Re: !! [1]
Bill Bridgforth: What a riot! Thanks for posting it. I hope the case is NOT that we just haven't been around long enough to "mature" into that stuff! Welcome aboard, great to have you. Maynard Poythress

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