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476. Re: re Pocahontas, Rolfe, et al. [1]
I have both the Robertson book _Pocahontas and her Descendants_ and the Brown book in hand (the joys of being a book dealer). My conclusion is that both are tertiatary (sp?) sources and neither can be relied on. Robertson seems to, based on the Bolling Memoirs, "adopt" Jane Poythress (not Poyers) who married in England. The basis for this decision is the inabilily to find a Poyers family anywhere and that Poythress was already settled in Virginia and in the immediate neighborhood of Rolfe's residence at He
477. Re: VKRatliff Smoked Out at Last [1]
Poythress List: RE: Maynard's VERY OBSCURE post (see below) Maynard, Did a new batch of Maker's Mark find its way into your cup ? I don't think anyone on this list has a clue as to what you're talking about. How about explaining yourself! Naw, lets wait and see if anyone figures it out. We'll call it the Maynard Moniker Mystery. I'll have to figure out a prize for the first person who posts the right answer. Iron Duke use to be a regular on the VA-Roots list. Cool. Al MAYNARD'S POST BELOW He
478. Re: good ship HOPEWELL [1]
Jean......dealing with senility is just the price one pays in the genealogy biz ;). Sorry about that mis-attribution.... Maynard
479. Re: !! [1]
This is such a great list to belong to. Found the following which may reflect why we're so lucky NOT to be typical. Hope you'll excuse my digression. Bill Bridgforth Q: How many internet mail list subscribers does it take to change a light bulb? A: 1,331: 1 to change the light bulb and to post to the mail list that the light bulb has been changed 14 to share similar experiences of changing light bulbs and how the light bulb could have been changed diff
480. Re: Linda Starr Re: Need another Thomas ? [1]
Hello POYTHRESS researchers, I must say you guys really know how to make a gal feel at home on a list. Actually, I'm lurking because I'm still not sure I am a POYTHRESS, but I have remembered the possible connection -- BOLLING, and I'm not even sure I'm one of those either. It's just a given name in my GA TRAYLOR line ... Up front -- I dont have a list of Rev. War soldiers who rec'd land in GA -- what I do have is various books on early Wilkes Co. where my SPARKS, STARR and other lines re
481. Tri racial Poythresses [1]
This is a multi-part message in MIME format. --------------10372C7748FC Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit At the suggestion of several members of the list I have been monitoring the Melungeon List. I want to share the following post with all you "rooters" Though it is given in the context of a group of tri racials of the Southern Applachians, it is applicable to my situation as well...In other words, I am a Melungeon who never went over the mountain. Darl
482. Re: GA update [1]
Poythress List, Re: Linda Starr's Update on GA land patents Linda, I really am grateful that you're helping us out with this. I see from your Web page that you're managing your own list. Perhaps when we get a bit further along we'll use your Web page as a model. Having some ascii text files to download would be a nice way to get new subscribers up to speed on where things stand. I find your information very helpful. Obviously, we're going to need to go get that Francis Poythress record from Georgia
483. Francis/Georgia/etc. [1]
Al....I don't have a Francis buying land in GA in 1785. You got that one you could send me? As to why they all went to GA....that one is easy. The govmt. had "traded" the Creeks and Cherokees out of huge chunks of land and the State of GA ran a series of land lotteries, 6 of them I believe, between about 1780s and 1825. You "had to be present to win" because the object was to draw settlers. Most of the "awards" were in increments of 202 acres. Most of the results and winners and losers are fairly well
484. opps [1]
I lost all my email today, April 14. If anyone sent something to be please resend it. I don't want to miss anything. Jean Poythress Spille
485. Re: Our Lucky Day [1]
Al, Was there supposed to be something else with your note below?? Bill Bridgforth On Sat, 26 Apr 1997 23:50:18 -0500 "Albert R. Tims" writes: >Poythress List, > >I send another note to Liz Jacks in England -- passing along Barbara >Wolfe's wonderful information. She got right back to me with the >following. I plan on contracting with her to pull this all together >for >us. > >Indeed, good fortune has smiled upon us this day... >
486. Re-send [1]
Re-sending below since Al said the listserver crashed on April 24: Subj: Roll of Va. Taxpayers Date: 97-04-24 04:59:18 EDT From: Sender: Reply-to: To: (Poythress Family discussion list) Virginia Tax Payers 1782-1787, Genealogical Pub. Co. Baltimore, MD. Page 100 Name Poll Slaves County Poythress, Joshua 1 24 Prince George Poythress, M
487. Re: Francis Poythress - 1785 Georgia - An Assist [1]
To Judy re: GA Archives, Al gives me too much credit. I would suggest looking in Washington and Greene Co. records -- indexes, whatever. In 1785 he was living in "then" Wilkes Co. GA but was taxed for 100 acres in Washington Co. The Helper "suggests" Washington Co. records aren't extant until 1865 but you should double check that. There is the possibility he shows up in Greene Co. I've never been to the Archives personally ... Good luck. Linda To the list: Al wrote: >So Judy, there you have it.
488. Questions [1]
Al: With respect to the Cavaliers & Pioneers abstract new from Caroline: why do you say it contributes to...belief...that the original immigrant? It strikes me that it does also but are you implying that you read something in particular into that patent? I guess my problem is I just don't understand patents...and this one in particular. Is this a "grant" or a "bill of sale" (so to speak) wherein Francis is buying 350 acres "of Jenkin al". And is the implication for the "450
489. VA-Roots Posting on War of 1812 Records [1]
Hi Poythress List, The following is a wonderful post to the VA-Roots list from Craig Scott. I suppose I could/should have asked Craig to repost it to us, but I can't image he would mind letting us benefit from his expertise. Please take some time to read it -- it is a real keeper! Best, Al Tims Date: Wed, 9 Apr 1997 20:08:14 -0400 From: "Craig R. Scott" Subject: Re: War of 1812 records Records for War of 1812 soldiers fall into three catagories. Those held by the federal gov
490. Re: JOHN ROLFE AND MR POU[N/R]TYS IN 1619/20 [1]
On Pochahontas, if I am not mistaken, wasn't Jane Poythres the daughter of Francis? The answer would be yes, descendants of Jane Poythress who md. Thomas ROLFE would be descendants of Pochantas. Correct me if I am wrong. Heather
491. Re: query on the net [1]
Jean Poythress Spille: Cameron Padgett is the grandson of my aunt Eva Poythress Austin and the son of my cousin Elena Austin Padgett. I have met Cam at at least one family reunion in Screven County, Georgia. He lives in Atlanta area and dabbles around in the GDAH (Georgia Department of Archves and History) from time to time. Cam and I occasionally e-mail stuff back and forth. I think Cam's case of the genealogy bug goes in and out of remission from time to time because he is normal and we are not. Bes
492. Re: AOL Problems [1]
Al, confirming your report on AOL there was article in today's paper that AOL has had brown-out since Monday. They also say don't worry they have it all bagged and as soon as system is back up they will send the accumulated messages. Whew, I was beginning to think everyone had deserted the list.
493. AOL ISSUE [1]
Poythress List, Larry Stevens, the manager of the MAISER system that hosts our list sent a note to all list owners concerning the following message. He can't confirm anything, but caution is always a good policy. Take this is a heads-up announcement. If you get such a request, please do contact AOL before providing any information of the sort requested below. Al Tims (message follows) Date sent: Sat, 26 Apr 1997 23:50:42 -0400 (EDT) From: To: LVS@rmgate.pop.i
494. Re: Julian Bell and Bio Statements [1]
NOTE: PREVIOUS POSTING WAS SENT BY ACCIDENT -- INCOMPLETE. THIS MESSAGE COMPLETES THE POSTING. SORRY Maynard and List Members, FYI, we currently have 33 subscribers to the Poythress list. Obviously, not all are currently posting. I know some are content to listen in for the time being. Others are allied family researchers hoping to glean some clues/help with Poythress connections. I'm interested in any and all ideas that could/would add value to the list. Several of us have been posting reference
495. Judy Speed's Speed-Poythress Connections [1]
Poythress List, There are some interesting links between the Poythress and Speed families that we still don't fully understand. The Speed family was very influential in the early history of Mecklenburg County, Virginia. The family's history is fascinating and full of exceptional accomplishments -- generation after generation. We have evidence of some sort of relationship existing between the Poythress and Speed families while in Mecklenburg County through the Dortch family connections and the naming of J
496. Re: Tri Racial Poythresses & Spellin' [1]
Jean and Poythress List, Re: Tri Racial Poythresses As I think I may have mentioned in an earlier note to you, I find your discoveries quite exciting and very interesting. It is hard for me to know what/how to contribute at this point -- beyond being a good listener and thinking about where the points of connection with the earlier Virginia Poythress lines arise. Certainly the given names you have posted provide an almost perfect match to those found in the earlier Poythress generations. We also know t
497. abstract of Northampton Deed V.6, P351 [1]
C the Worshipful the Justices of Northampton County Court The Petition of Mary Poythress, Nanny Portress, Temperance Poythress, Edmund Hathcock & Anritta his wife & Newman Hathcock & Winifred his wife humbly sheweth that John Poythress the husband of your petitioner Mary & Brother of your Petitioners Temperance Anritta, Nanny & Winifred being entitle to pay as a Soldier from the public to the amont value of one hudred pounds & upward departed this live some time in the year 1778 or 1779 Intesta
498. Re: The Gloucester Connection [1]
From the September 1977 National Genealogical Society Quaterly, Volume 65, No. 3 page not remembered in an article by Lloyd Dewitt Bockstruck entitled "Some Amelia County Virginia Colonists, 1737-1745: Poythress, James. 20 Mch. 1740/1. From London, England, 1722. (143) Description of entry: name of individual claiming head right, date of court record, place of origin, year of arrival in colony, the page number in the first court order book of Ameila County. Anybody know who this lost soul is? Craig >
499. Hardiman & John [1]
Maynard and the list I think we have two distinct lines going. First let me tackle the ones that has connections to Tidewater, Virginia. There were two brothers- Hardyman & John Four sisters, Nancy Portress, Temperance Portress, Anrietta Portress Heathcock, Winifred Heathcock All in Northampton during the 1700's. (Proved by Northampton NC Deeds, V6. p351)abstract to be posted in another post. 1. Hardyman Poythress married Elizabeth Golder 13 Oct. 1789 IN PRINCE GEORGE CO. VA (source-MARRIAGES OF S
500. Re: AOL Problems [1]
Thanks, Al We appreciate your continuing to try. Is there any way you can change my address to My husband says I'm filling his filing cabinet. would appreciate that. Thanks, Caroline Burnett Cook (I can still receive mail at the other address as well)

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