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501. Jean Spille's post of Darlene Wilson on Melungeon [1]
Poythress List and Jean, Jean, thanks for sharing the wonderful analysis by Darlene Wilson from UK. I think what we are starting to see is a growing focus in genealogical research toward broader social-historical perspectives. This certainly is my main interest. The significance of our family histories goes well beyond deed books, wills, marriage and immigration records. I think our list is doing exactly what we wanted by giving us an opportunity to learn from one another and to broaden our understa
502. 4/4/97 Welcome to Bud [1]
Bud, Welcome to the List, and glad to hear the cataract surgery went so well. Yes, in answer to your question, I did get the first message as well as the second message. Thanks for the refresher on what Kathy Best had found and surmised re Meredith, et al. Good to hear from you Barbara Poythress Neal
503. WORSHAM (fwd) [1]
FYI ****************************************************************** ---------- Forwarded message ---------- Date: Sat, 19 Apr 1997 09:45:17 -0400 (EDT) From: Gee To: Multiple recipients of list Subject: WORSHAM I descend form William WORSHAM (1600's) married Elizabeth who (m.(2) Col.Francis EPPES) William and Elizabeth WORSHAM had: John WORSHAM* m.Mary WYNNE Charles WORSHAM Mary WORSHAM m.Richard LIGGON Elizabeth WORSHAM m.Richard Kennon CAPT.
504. 4/6 re George W. POYTHRESS(es?) [1]
Re Craig's message about George W. Poythress in the Confederate Army: I pulled both of the compiled Confederate Army service records, and the records (I think) are indeed for the same guy, mainly because both show enlistment at the same place on the same day by the same captain, plus their compiled service jackets are cross-referenced to one another. Naming boys after "George Washington" became very popular at one point, so it might not be too unusual that there happened to be 2 George W[ashington] Poythr
505. Name Patterns [1]
We have discussed this before. I picked up the attached off the VA-Roots list. While it is not exactly as we have worked with in the past, its fairly close. ENGLISH NAME PATTERNS 1700-1875 named for 1st son---------------father's father 2nd son---------------mother's father 3rd son---------------father 4th son---------------father's eldest brother 1st daughter----------mother's mother 2nd daughter----------father's mother 3rd daughter----------mother 4th daughter----------mothe
506. Melungeons [1]
Jean Spille: check out today's (Apr. 14) Wall Street Journal. On page B1 is what appeared to me to be excellent article on Melungeons. No doubt you know a lot of it but to this uniniatiated one the article seemed to me to be exceptionally well done and informative.
507. Re: A Real Live Poythress Researcher in England! [1]
Poythress List, Re: Maynard's Post Below: Nothing would please me more... I was hoping you'd take the bait! Best, Al Tims wrote: > > Al: hot damn! Wow and double Wow! As the manager says to the salesman who > has just stumbled into a world class prospect that the manager was too lazy > to find himself: "Gimmie that briefcase, boy, I'm outa here on the way to > see that guy". > > Foregoing just an irresistable little jovial cameo from the grimy ol' > business world. Anyway, I'll
508. Change of server [1]
Greetings everyone: I have signed off as and signed on as Bio follows. Congratulations to all who are doing such good work. Hope to contribute something in the future. Claude Raymond Poythress 44 Adna Pearce Road Zebulon, NC 27597
509. Re: BIO's for the LIST [1]
Dear Maynard, I did as you said and it bounced back! So I retyped (having never perfected cut and paste) and sent it to Think someone will answer at last. I tried to be as succinct as possible. Caroline the Persistent
510. Re: Poythress Spelling Variants [1]
I believe that we have to deal with the issue that there are two kinds of people in the world. Those that are Poythresses and know how to spell their own name and others who have the pleasure of writing the name in records and don't have the pleasure of knowing how to spell the name and would rather guess than ask. I missed finding my Benjamin Poythress for years in the 1850 census because it was spelled PORTESS. Of course in the 1850 Personnal Property it was spelled properly. Craig At 11:26 PM 4/11/97
511. Re: Jane Pierce --- Rolfe Marraige [1]
Poythress List, Re: Craig Scott's Posting on Jane Pierce Craig wrote: "I am in a quandry. I am trying to locate the article in _The Magazine of Virginia Genealogy_ or in _The Virginia Genealogist_ which I read years ago which seemed to demonstrate that the wife of Thomas Rolfe was a Jane Pierce who was not Jane Poythress, daughter of Francis. Any help with citation appreceated. If it is a preponderance of the evidence issue we might as well bring it out into the open and trash it about." Craig --------
512. Post as Information [1]
Following posted as an interesting historical curio: Bill of Sale Merideth Poythress to William Cleaton dated 1 March 1786: (transcribed from photostat of original record by Maynard Poythress 2 December 1993) Notes: *Merideth spelled with the "i" first instead of the "e" first as later. *unless Merideth had inherited someone's household goods, it can be suggested that he is selling his household goods to his father-in-law William Cleaton preparatory to moving to Georgia. *had Edith Cleat
513. Roll of Va. Taxpayers [1]
Virginia Tax Payers 1782-1787, Genealogical Pub. Co. Baltimore, MD. Page 100 Name Poll Slaves County Poythress, Joshua 1 24 Prince George Poythress, Mary - 18 Prince George Poythress, Mary - 10 Prince George Poythress, Meridith - - Brunswick Poythress, Thomas 2 6 Brunswick Poythress, William 1 16 Prince George Poythress
514. Re: Poythress/Portis/Isle of Wight [1]
Maynard, Sorry I was confused about your reference to Gwathmey, because I had only mentioned it because of the odd sound and aptness to misspelling Gwathmey/Gwaltney/Gaffney. I finally read this closely. Is this excerpt from the Birmingham, ALABAMA public Library? That is my town of origin and I go back there quite a bit. I noticed that several of my family names (although NOT Ransom) are in that excerpt: Jordan, for instance. The time period for Thomas and Edward indicate that I should look more close
515. VKRatliff [1]
Al et al re the mystic comments on :VKRatliff. As a name, it attracts just about as many curious ones as Poythress. As a counter-revolutionary English major I have long held the view that Faulkner is the only thing worth reading that wasn't written with a feather. I'm sure others exist who have made 3 round trips through Uncle Billy but I don't know any of them. Anyway, I was brain dead from an afternoon in the Snopes trilogy when I signed on to AOL. The first thing that popped into my head when they wo
516. Re: Tri Racial Poythresses & Spellin' [1]
Hi, I have been a silent reader of this group. Someone at one time saw my query about DORTCH they answered by saying that POYTHRESS were connected in some way. Does any one know in what way? Lillian ---------- > From: Albert R. Tims > To: Poythress Family discussion list > Subject: Re: Tri Racial Poythresses & Spellin' > Date: Saturday, April 12, 1997 7:32 PM > > Jean and Poythress List, > > Re: Tri Racial Poythresses >
517. Re: Monday 4/28/97 Posts [1]
Poythress List, There are so many great posts today! 1. Craig Scott gives us a possible new immigrant. As I think about it, would the entry read like this if James Poythress was simply returning from a visit to London? I think not, but a confirmation would be helpful. 2. Randy Jones offers to help with a Web Page project. Randy, I'm very interested in your offer, but need to get my ducks in a row before I float a proposal. Won't be long. This is very kind of you! Thanks. 3. Jean Spille is reall
518. Re: Benjamin Poythress [1]
Poythress List, Subject: Caroline Burnett Cook's posting about Benjamin Poythress. I have the following reference to a Benjamin Poythress in 1775. I have no way of knowing if it represents a connection or not. Will continue to look. Al Tims Virginia State Archives Accession #22483 Division of slaves of William Poythress, dec'd. By decree of Prince George Co. Court, July, 1775, we have divided the slaves William Poythress died possessed of, between the plaintiffs John Gordon and Lucy his wife, An
519. query on the net [1]
Poythress List I found this while surfing the net. It was posted at POYTHRESS - Looking for information on the Poythress family who migrated to Georgia around 1840 from parts near Charleston, SC. Any information would be appreciated. Contact: Cameron Padgett,
520. Re: Mail digest [1]
BARBARA AND CHARLES; On your trip, please keep your eyes open for anyone named KIZIAH (it's biblical, by the way, one of Job's daughters) Porthress's parents. ALSO the two misplaced RANSOM boys: ROBERT AND BENJAMIN C (maybe for Clevers) Portress or whatever. born in the 1780's. Kiziah was probably their aunt. THANK YOU. You never know. The Ransoms lived in Murphreesboro, Tn., where your Poythress fought in the Revolution and Richard Payne Ransom was also in that battle, I believe. Near in PROXIMITY if n
521. Re: Craig's Requested Citation [1]
Craig, Sorry I was not online last night to see your question re the Jane Pierce vs Jane Poythress question. Last year, I finally put a Post-It flag sticking up out of the VGS issue in question, so I could spot the proper issue more readily. The article seems very well thought-out & well documented. It is: Vol. 23, no. 3 (August 1985) issue of __Magazine of Virginia Genealogy__, article entitled "The Descendants of Pocahontas: An Unclosed Case" by Elizabeth Vann Moore and Richard Slatten, on pp. 3-16.
522. Portuguese, etc. [1]
I don't think anybody is dodging you, Jane....I just think you got us dumbfounded. With a boatload of Poythress information that says England (or at least UK) folks spread all over the South after a start in Virginia vs. slightly more than a couple of mentions and a couple of speculations on a Portuguese origin beginning a century later.....that one is hard to get a handle on. Maybe the way to have the list sink their teeth into it is to build a proposition in a single post and hang it out there for evalu
523. Re: Poythress Spelling Variants [1]
Julia, you have made my day! You actually FOUND two of the spellings I had on MY Portis, etc Poythress family who moved from NC to Tennessee. I THOUGHT it was the Tennesseans who did it, but apparently not. Do you have any Benjamin C (or Clevers) or a Robert P....., or a Kiziah or Kesiah or Kissie Portis, etc ....? 1763-1841 are her dates. She was married to Richard Payne Ransom in Halifax VA or NC?? But I have had several indications that she came from NC. Benjamin and Robert are a generation younger tha
524. Re: re Pocahontas, Rolfe, et al. [1]
Al.... In the "revised" or new version which omits Jane Poythress in favor of a marriage of Thomas directly to Ann Bolling it looked to me a first glance that the authors had merely leap-frogged Jane. On further thought, it strikes me that in this version all those millions of Pocahontas decendents via a male Bolling line have really got a problem. Other than the fact that Pocahontas attracts us a lot of customers (and its doubtful if most of them are customers we particularly want) she has no impact on
525. GA Land Lotteries [1]
Linda Starr: I guess I didn't make myself very clear in my post of information on these lotteries. I see more clearly now the problem I was looking at few years ago in accumulating data on Poythress participation in the lotters. To my knowledge (I hope I'm wrong) there is/was no state-wide alpha listing of participants. The listings were alpha by counties. I know Georgia didn't have all 159 present day counties back then but they still had a bunch...enough to make it look like a lifetime project. In re

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