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51. John Poythress, 1684, WIFE? [1]
There is much confusion concerning the wife of the John Poythress born about 1684, whether he was Junior, Senior, and what his wife's name was. He was the father of Elizabeth Poythress who married John Fitzgerald. The LDS site says, I believe, John's was Mary Batte and R.B. Batte says Christian Peebles. I think it is Peebles and NOT Mary Batte. Can anyone give me a definitive answer?
52. Delphy Wilkerson [1]
Nancy, I have thrashed through all my papers once again. I have found a Dephy Wilkerson. I can prove 8 ways from Sunday that a Francis Poythress m. a Mary Peterson and died 1796, leaving one son Francis who had served as a sgt. in the First Virginia Light Dragoons and died unmarried at age twenty four (which is likely why he is not named in the will at all). But I just can't do anything with Delphy as a second spouse. So, the stickler here is that many records say Mary Peterson was his wife and hi
53. FW: John Poythress, 1684, WIFE? [1]
Oops, intended sending this to list for others to comment, contradict, etc. -----Original Message----- From: Lou Poole [] Sent: Tuesday, May 09, 2000 8:06 PM To: Kenneth Larsen Subject: RE: John Poythress, 1684, WIFE? Ah, finally, a question that gets back into some territory I have a little knowledge on.. Kenneth, I believe there is, and will continue to be, some controversy about alleged John Poythress - Mary Batt marriage, but won't get into that here since that doesn't seem t
54. N. H. Poythress [1]
Doris, I don't how Al Chasserea got dialed into this conversation (or even if he wants to stay) but I have saved a lot of his posts in the past because he does knuckles down first rate genealogy and I guess I'm in his fan club even if he doesn't know me from Adam. So if he's interested my guess is he would bring something constructive to the party and is MOST welcome. your point, or points.... First, I'm gonna be a tough sell on N. H. Poythress being a son of John Maner Poythress and Rh
55. Re: Lewis Y. Poythress [1]
Hello, Pat. I'd be happy to contribute what I know. I should start by clarifying that I am NOT a descendant of this Lewis Y. Poythress. Maynard leans on me for Southside Virginia and I lean on him for Georgia. :-) Regarding Minerva Poythress, I have no knowledge and no guesses to offer. I have a Lewis Y. Poythress, b. about 1820 in Mecklenburg Co., Va., married Mary C. Ferguson in Mecklenburg in 1846, living in Greensville Co., Va. as of 1860 (reel 1349, page 600, line 38) with wife Mary and two girls
56. RE: Knock Knock [1]
Hello! Still here, just concentrating on other lines of research for the moment. But still monitoring the traffic on Ye Ole Poythress List. Lou -----Original Message----- From: [] Sent: Wednesday, May 03, 2000 11:04 AM To: Subject: Knock Knock Hey, Lou, you still with us? Steve Wall said he couldn't raise you and the board hasn't heard from you in a while. Maynard ==== POYTHRESS Mailing List ==== The Poythress Genealogy List is hos
57. Re: John Poythress, 1684, WIFE? [1]
Thanks Lou, This makes sense, and also does not stretch the imagination too much. The LDS site has John Fitzgerald marrying Elizabeth the daughter of John Poythress and Mary Batte. A nice relationship with lots of exotic forebears going back to Kings and Queens of Europe. With the John Poythress who married Christian Peebles the clan goes a little way back to Scotland, and ends. But I'd rather have truth than fantasy. Lou, who is Boddie? This then beggars several more questions. Does anyone have a
58. Cemetery Information URL [1]
59. Re: Open or not [1]
In a message dated 5/8/2000 5:27:48 PM Atlantic Daylight Time, writes: << ubj: Open or not Date: 5/8/2000 5:27:48 PM Atlantic Daylight Time From: (Doris) To: (LeRoof Poythress) Hey Cuz, All this flap over that virus has me in a flap. Do I open or not. The latest thing was look out for three letters. Now whether or not they meant alone or just contained in the heading I don't know. It's gotten to the point that I don't know if I should
60. Nathaniel Harper Poythress [1]
I hope that I have finally posted a query to the P-L on Rootsweb after monitoring it for sometime. My ggrandfather was Nathaniel "Harper" Poythress born 07June1861 where? (lived in Screven Co., GA) died 06June1908 where - Jenkins County, GA maybe. He married, 08July1880, Rachel Flake in Oliver, Screven, GA. N.H. has been my brickwall and to have hit this wall at this stage is discouraging. I know that some of you have tried to help and I appreciate it but maybe one of the other list members just might have
61. Portuguese & Melungeons [1]
The Poythress List has previously had discussions re "Portuguese" and the Melungeons. The below interesting item was on the Greene Co, NC List today. I checked the online version of the Post and could not find the article there. BPN = = = > There is an interesting article on the front page of the Washington Post today on the background of the Melungeons. These people have a mixed background of European/African/Native Americans and many of them live in Appalachia but according to this article are found all
62. Knock Knock [1]
Hey, Lou, you still with us? Steve Wall said he couldn't raise you and the board hasn't heard from you in a while. Maynard
63. Asa (Charles) Poythress [1]
Posted by Barbara Poythress Neal [or BPN for short] to the Poythress-List, especially to Barbara Poythress Wolfe [or BPW for short], and to anyone in the James Speed Poythress line who may be able to help: I noticed that Lyn did not send a copy of the below-copied message from Janet to the List, and I think it may help to put this out there, so here goes: Both the name "Asa" and the name "Upshur" seem familiar to me, but I don't know why. I searched thru my own database and could not find any Asa Poyt
64. Virus Alert [1]
Announced on CNBC an hour ago. Do not open "I love you". It is capable of not only zapping your hard drive but that of everyone on your mailing list. This one is all over Europe now and has begun to show in USA. The new version of Norton Antivurus is about 50 bucks and it will stop laser beam just as it stopped this virus when it appeared in my incoming mail. I recommend the "insurance". Norton won 3 places in the "top 10" of software in "PC Today", the first for an anti-virus software. Best, M
65. Hester Wilder Mock Poythress [1]
Barbara...catching up on old mail. Here is a paste from my records on Hester's children. The original ledger book was supposedly at one time in the Georgia archives; at any rate they say they "think" it was there and shamefacedly now say if it was there they have lost it. More likely if it was there they sold it; believe or not an institution charged with keeping records has periodic sales to the public of material they deem appropriate to sell. I'm inclined to give the information below some degree
66. Robert Davis' Genealogy Newsletter [1]
Maynard & all, just send an email to Bob (Robert Scott Davis) & tell him you'd like to be added to his list for his Genealogy News From Wallace State newsletter. You can reach him at: Some of y'all may have heard him speak at genealogy conferences & may have seen his books, including his "Researcher's Library of Georgia History" and "Georgia Black Book" & he was co-author with Silas Emmett Lucas on "The Families of Burke Co, GA, 1755-1855: A Census." My recollection
67. Mecklenburg Co, VA Heritage Book update [1]
I'm curious to hear from List members who else has contributed articles about their Poythress heritage for the upcoming Mecklenburg County Heritage Book? I did, and I know BPW did, but apparently they got more Poythress articles than just ours. So I'd love to hear from you, to see which lines will be represented in it. Thanks, Barbara (BPN)
68. Re: Mecklenburg Co, VA Heritage Book update [1]
I mentioned some Poythress people, only because I don't personally have much info on them. I wrote about James B. Jones family, mentioning Anna Ella Jones married to William Lewis Poythress. And their son Foxhall Poythress. I also wrote about William Archer Dortch married to Sarah Poythress and their children. Julie ----- Original Message ----- From: "Barbara P. Neal" To: Sent: Monday, March 13, 2006 11:45 AM Subject: Mecklenburg Co, VA Heritage Book
69. Cleaton Bible with Preston mother: Poythress inlaw? [1]
Thanks to Carol Morrison, I recently got 3 tif files showing the WPA Historical Inventory record (from microfilm at the Library of Virginia) of the Cleaton Bible, which I've transcribed below. What great resources we all have access to today, thanks to the Virginia WPA Historical Inventory Project that was sponsored by the Virginia Conservation Commission under the direction of its Division of History, back in the 1930s. Thomas Cleaton (born 1836) was the first owner of the Bible which was copyright
70. Undated old family photos [1]
In Robert Davis' genealogy newsletter of 3/15/2006 he copied the below info from Family Chronicle that some of you may find of interest. = = = FROM FAMILY CHRONICLE They are the bane of genealogists and family historians everywhere: undated old photographs of family members. If the date of a photograph were known you could work out if a photograph was of Great-Aunt Hetty or her mother, Great-Grandmother Mackay. Our books, Dating Old Photographs and More Dating Old Photographs have assisted thousands of
71. John P. Poythress [1]
26 pages of the CSA pension and related papers for John P. Poythress, Gadsden County, FL can be found at: The application # which you may need to access the records is A03182 These are PDF files and may be easily downloaded but if anyone has a problem with it I can email you with all 26 pages as attachments. Maynard
72. FW: interesting link [1]
A friend sent me the link below. It's a dandy for searching a ton of archival stuff on just about anything, genealogy included. Maynard ArchiveGrid It's a database of archived records of all sorts, and it's free until 31/5/06.
73. Free Database Access [1]
For the next several days access to the database of the New England Historical & Genealogical Register is free. The URL is: I have checked it for Poythresses. I was not optimistic to begin with and that turned out to be a reasonable expectation. There are two links, both to Sally Poythress, first as widow to Col. Richard Lee and second m. to Willoughby Newton, both facts being well known to us. However, this is advertised as a massive
Howdy, After reading some of the Wall info on your site, I did a search of my extensive:) CD collected from the web, records. I keep everything on CD:) I am a name-collector, but I am a good one! I have found over a hundred family searchers:) This is the info I found for wall. Later, dan bunch tx Source is; Wright Electronic Genealogy Project ' P.O. Box 692446 ' ' Houston, TX 77069-2446 VIRGINIA 1704 Rent Rolls Wa
75. Mecklenburg book info [1]
Several of you asked me today if I knew "when the Mecklenburg County, Virginia Heritage Book will come out & what it will sell for?" so I called today to ask Frances Clark, who's coordinating the book, putting all the stories in order to send to the publisher. It's targeted for delivery late this year. They extended the deadline for submission of articles until April 20th because so many people are now getting their cousins to also submit articles, to help extend the info on their family line further

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