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76. Re: America's Genealogy Bank [1]
Thanks Maynard; we'll look forward to hearing more when it is up & available later this yr. (It would have been interesting if Eastman had mentioned what cost libraries are paying for the current NewsBank connection.)
77. RE: Undated old family photos [1] Robert Davis' Genealogy Newsletter...would you give us the address for this one, it's obviously not the Address for the photos. Thanks, Maynard -----Original Message----- From: [] Sent: Tuesday, March 21, 2006 2:44 PM To: Subject: Re: Undated old family photos Thanks Barbara, I sent for the free trial to see if I like it. Judy > > From: "Barbara P. Neal" > Date: 2006/03/17 Fri P
78. DNA upgrade test announcement [1]
Family Tree DNA ( is the company conducting the tests for our Poythress/Poytress-Surname Y-DNA Group Study. Today I got the company's announcement to the Group Administrators that they have launched the highest resolution Y-DNA test available anywhere in the market: the 59-marker Y-DNA test. For information about the impact of this test for matching purposes, anyone can refer to the following page: What that page shows (with a chart & a graph) is tha
79. Accoona Search Engine [1]
Elaine, you're in the BIG TIME, gal. Your NC census data is No. 1 on new (presumed) rival for Google, "Accoona." Maynard
80. Re: Undated old family photos [1]
Thanks Barbara, I sent for the free trial to see if I like it. Judy > > From: "Barbara P. Neal" > Date: 2006/03/17 Fri PM 01:31:37 EST > To: > Subject: Undated old family photos > > In Robert Davis' genealogy newsletter of 3/15/2006 he copied the below > info from Family Chronicle that some of you may find of interest. > = = = > FROM FAMILY CHRONICLE > > They are the bane of genealogists and family historians everywhere: > undated old photographs of fam
81. Re: Accoona Search Engine [1]
Heck I am a star and didn't even know it. I will be so glad when I can get back to work. I sure miss my genealogy but I keep up with all that the rest of you are doing. If these doctors ever figure what is wrong with me everybody better watch out because I will hit the Poythress Site like a Cyclone!!!!! Take care, Elaine Elaine, you're in the BIG TIME, gal. Your NC census data is No. 1 on new (presumed) rival for Google, "Accoona." Maynard
82. America's Genealogy Bank [1]
From Dick Eastman's genealogy newsletter: March 19, 2006 America's GenealogyBank I have just learned that a major new online service for genealogists will be announced formally later this week. I managed to get an advance copy of the announcement and then discussed it with the manager in charge of this new genealogy database. I thought I would give newsletter readers advance notice of this new service. The new online database will contain i
83. FW: Heritage Books eNews - 1 March 2006 [1]
Sending this to the list as some of you may be interested in Craig Scotts upcoming adventure described below. Craig is a sometime lurker of the Poythress wire. He is a descendant of one Poythress and almost married another. Maynard -----Original Message----- From: Heritage Books [] Sent: Wednesday, March 01, 2006 7:03 AM To: Subject: Heritage Books eNews - 1 March 2006 To view this email online, please click here
84. Re: [POYTHRESS] Penniston & Pryor sisters of Francis Poythress preacher [1]
Just to make things confusing... I think you will find that "Penniston" is an interchangeable spelling with "Pennington." I have read somewhere that "Penniston"/"Pennistone" was the older spelling of the family's name used in England, and sometimes in Virginia, but that Pennington is the more usual spelling in southern VA. IF - big "if" and it needs to be confirmed - they are indeed one and the same, then the Pennington family was a large one with huge footprints in early Surry (and even Isle of Wight) C
85. [POYTHRESS] Francis Poythress preacher more ideas [1]
Thanks, Sandy, for hunting down additional citations & for brainstorming with me. I've checked the Bristol Parish Register; no Francis Poythress was baptized there consistent with a 1732 birth (for the later preacher), and no Susannah Poythress either. Also checked for any Susannah Poythress marriage to a Prior or Pryor, but no luck. I think Bath Parish was formed around 1742, so even if I could locate an existing Register for its early baptisms, I suspect it would not include preacher Francis. Brunswic
86. Re: [POYTHRESS] 1769 LWT //Re: Elizabeth Poythress Peniston [1]
Well, Maynard..... let me save you a bit of trouble here. I seem to have had a fumble fingers moment. "Theodora" appears to be my typo and should read "Theodorick." Now you know why I sent you and Barbara the original images -- you can't count on me for squat. :-) Sorry 'bout that. I don't think they were "esquiring" females back then (are we esquiring them now?). Anyway, my apologies. -Sandy On Fri, Apr 17, 2009 at 11:18 AM, John M. Poythress wrote: I will note with interest t
87. [POYTHRESS] Susannah Prior [1]
DISREGARD THE BELOW..IT'S LATE AND I WENT BRAIN DEAD. IT WOULD HAVE TO BE A POYTHRESS WHO HAD DAUGHTERS SARAH AND ELIZABETH who turned into Pryor and Peniston. DUHHHH. Maynard Well now, aha, Mr. Peniston has a daughter named Sarah (presumably a sister for Elizabeth): Will Anthony Collins Peniston of Brandon Parish in Prince George County 20 April 1772/8 Sep 1772 All the profits of my estate to my wife (not named) during her widowhood or till my son, John Gilbert Peniston, arrives
88. Re: [POYTHRESS] Applause for the ORIGINALS! William, not Walter, Stainback! [1]
So, Sandy, if you have captured that "stranger" land patent would you mind posting it for us with the patent book #, etc. Many thanks. Maynard -----Original Message----- From: [] On Behalf Of Sandy Sent: Tuesday, April 28, 2009 2:50 To: Subject: Re: [POYTHRESS] Applause for the ORIGINALS! William, not Walter,Stainback! And, as a general rule, I've found Weisiger's abstracts to be very good, which is simpl
89. Re: [POYTHRESS] Penniston & Pryor sisters of Francis Poythress preacher [1]
For Jessamine Co, KY, I looked at a book at the library by Anna J. Munday Hubble, transcribing "Jessamine County 1810 Kentucky Census" It showed the Jessamine Co census was on pages 35 thru 62 [presumably of Kentucky's Census]. On page 58 were the below names. The key below the names shows what the numbers after the head of household's name indicate. Practically speaking, when a woman was the head of household back in those days, her husband was deceased. The first two names below are consecutively list
90. [POYTHRESS] Elizabeth Poythress Peniston [1]
In one of the inventories there is listed a will of Elizabeth Peniston in Prince George County. Since the records suggest that Elizabeth was widowed for a long period prior to her own death in 1818, there is at least the possibility that she returned to VA before her death if she is indeed the Elizabeth we're looking for. Anyone got Ancestry to look this one up? Thanks. Maynard
91. Re: [POYTHRESS] Capt Francis Poythress & Dictoris Christmas? [1]
By all means, and if one has the time and resources, it will be worthwhile to track this issue down. But I'm thinking that the result is likely to be a disappointment. "By the right of" may be merely invoking or suggesting a re-assignment ("sale") of patent rights. In early York County records one will find many instances of a person coming into court apparently to obtain "certification" of headrights (I don't think I've seen this in any of the other early counties). It seems that this certification was
92. [POYTHRESS] Deed 1785 Northampton Co, NC to Odom Potress from Thos Williams [1]
>From Northampton Co, NC Deed Book 10, pp.51-52, seen in FHL film film 19,423 Bpn transcribed this Deed from Thomas Williams to Odom Potress [Poythress] for 100 acres in Northampton Co, NC, made 9 Feb 1785 and registered 22 Jun 1795, for consideration of 32 #. Note: FHL Film 19,423 covers Northampton Co, NC Deed books 9-11. Spellings etc are from the original; square brackets contain my comments. = = William [sic; should be Williams] to Potress This indenture made this ninth day of February 1785 Betwee
93. [POYTHRESS] 1720-21 Poythress deeds mentioned in Melung. quote [1]
Thanks for the link, which indeed some of our Poythress subscribers will likely find helpful. I looked at the link to see if the person who had posted the deed info had given ANY citation for the paragraph quoted, but they had not given any. Without citations, we have no logical county records to pursue in the same time-frame for additional info on any of these people. What struck me as odd is that, with the several different dates, there were likely different documents involved. It's especially odd to s
94. Re: [POYTHRESS] Penniston & Pryor sisters of Francis Poythress preacher [1]
Barbara,I don't know, but I think the answers may be in Jessamine Co, KY, and quite possibly the Seminary has papers. Meanwhile, you may have found these already, but "just in case," here are some old archived messages, some showing Elizabeth Poythress marrying "Thomas" (or alternately "Anthony") Peniston.... they being parents of (among others) Francis Poythress Peniston who md Hannah Satterwhite Moore. That said, there's still a date problem in at least a couple of these posts, with Francis shown b 1794
95. [POYTHRESS] Odam Poythress Jr & Sr [1]
It seems that Odam Sr may not have been father of Odam Jr, since if he were, then Odam Sr would probably have been Odam Jr's closest relative, rather than a "John Poythress" being indicated in Northampton Co, NC Court Minutes [FHL film 275,854; in the 3rd item portion of film covering Minutes of 1817-1821, on p.7] as the closest relative of Odam Jr. We know there were both an Odam Jr and an Odam Sr in Northampton Co, NC, with the "Jr" and "Sr" likely only indicating which was younger and which was older.
96. [POYTHRESS] Penniston & Pryor sisters of Francis Poythress preacher [1]
Thanks for the additional info on preacher Francis Poythress' sister Susannah's marriage & census sightings from the "TN PRYORs" website, Sandy. I wish it was a website giving more than just Pryor names. When I have a chance to look at all the names in the 1800 & 1810 Jessamine Co, KY census, I'll see if Francis' other sister was there, too. I'm not clear from our Message Archives what source there is for knowing that Elizabeth Poythress Penniston was a sister to preacher Francis Poythress and Susannah Po
97. Re: [POYTHRESS] Capt Francis Poythress & Dictoris Christmas? [1]
Well, it wouldn't be the first disappointment I've encountered, that's for sure. :-) In any case, this is the only reference I've found to Dictoris Christmas having any dealings over in the Charles City vicinity. He seems to have been pretty well-planted in the Southampton Hundred/ Elizabeth Citty/ York Co. area. Familial relationship in here or not, I think this record could give indication of one or more parties within this patent having been connected to the area where we find Dictoris Christmas. That a
98. [POYTHRESS] Methodist preacher Francis Poythress [1]
I have received some material from the Western NC United Methodist Conference, Archives & History section, regarding the early Methodist preacher Francis Poythress, whose birth family has been a mystery to us for a long time, though we have previously seen in other Methodist material that he came from a wealthy Virginia family. While his father is still a mystery, a bit of further info we didn't know before may eventually lead us to more: This following quote is from "Methodism in Western North Carolina"
99. Re: [POYTHRESS] Francis Poythress preacher more ideas [1]
Barbara, Can't remember if you already had Susannah's husband's info, but this comes from: *1800 Tax List Jessamine Co., KY* Susannah *PRIOR* (Susannah Poythress Pryor sister of Francis Poythress who is mentioned in the book History of Methodism in Tennessee by John B. McFerrin, DD, published 1888. Researchers state Luke Pryor, son of Col. Samuel Pryor and Prudence Thornton married Susan Poythress) *1810 Census Jessamine Co., KY* Susanna *PRIAR* 00111 - 001
100. Re: [POYTHRESS] 1769 LWT //Re: Elizabeth Poythress Peniston [1]
Theodora Bland both as "Esquire" and "lawful Attorney" not leaving much doubt as to her capacity. As I recall, in that time one could qualify as a lawyer merely by "reading" for a certain period with an existing lawyer which was not necessarily a great barrier. However, my sense of that period is there would be some unenlightened barriers for Theodora. Still, Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice (albeit fictional) has a lady lawyer named Portia and that was written in 1600. History comments welcomed. I think

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