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126. [ROOTS-L] LDS Family History [1]
I have gone into the LDS internet site and while it is a wonderful thing . I have a complaint about the various folks who submit their research.In many cases it is so far removed from accurate that the truth will never see the light of day ,many are flagrant plagerisms of others work.unfortunatly it is often repeating others bad research .It is like some of the folks submitting their data have rushed to put anything down as their family tree ,it appears they don't care if there is any accuracy . For p
127. [ROOTS-L] Daniel Boone's son, Israel [1]
On the CNN main page this evening, it is commenting on what famous people were Quakers. It says: American settler, hunter, and folk hero Daniel Boone was born and raised Quaker. In fact, his family emigrated to the U.S. from England partially for that reason. What's more interesting, however, is why the Boone family didn't stay within the fold. Apparently, Danny's sister Sarah made waves in the community when she married a non-Quaker. That, in itself, might not have caused a controversy. The fact tha
128. [ROOTS-L] illinois death (and other) records [1]
there is an index online already-just used it last night. there's military, death, marriage, coroner's, wills, probates, homicide, etc. some are not state wide, but the death index is. happy hunting Cornelia
129. [ROOTS-L] Nickname Sukey [1]
The suggestion that the names Sue or Suzanne were the origin of the Sukey does not fit the case in my family. I have a sister, Dorothy Gail, who was called "Sukey" by my father since she was a baby. I had never thought about where this nickname came from, but the suggestion someone made that it meant "dear one" or "beloved" may well have been it's origin. It certainly did not come from her given names. Dad called her this almost as much as he called her Gail. Wish he were still here to ask why Sukey.
130. [ROOTS-L] Naming Patterns [1]
19th Century Naming Patterns: First son: named for his paternal grandfather. Second son: named for his maternal grandfather. Third son: named after father or father's paternal grandfather. Fourth son: named after father's oldest brother or mother's paternal grandfather. Fifth son: named after mother's eldest brother or father's material grandfather. Sixth son: named after father's second oldest brother or for mother's maternal grandfather. First dau: named for maternal grandmother. Second dau: named for h
131. Re: [ROOTS-L] GenCircles/MyHeritage Merge [1]
my experience has been the same, Peggy. the site was sent out in "beta" with some hitches and some rough edges, and the main issue I have with it other than the hitches and rough edges is the lack of response to emails. no matter what I've emailed them about, I've never got a response. I did finally find where to upload a file, but I didn't understand what they wanted so I didn't get it done. I, too, wished to upgrade my files but couldn't find where to do that. so, I will continue to upgrade to GenCir
132. Re: [ROOTS-L] McComas [1]
Here is the obit for which you were searching. Robert E. McComas 02/04/2007 email this storyEmail to a friendpost a commentPost a Commentprinter friendlyPrinter-friendly LORAIN -- Robert E. McComas, 84, of Lorain, died unexpectedly Friday, Feb. 2, 2007, at his home. He was born March 11, 1922, in Huntington, W.Va. He moved to Lorain in 1951. McComas was a U.S. Navy veteran serving in the SeaBees during World War II stationed at Point Mugu Naval Air Station, Oxnard, Calif. He had been employed as
133. Re: [ROOTS-L] Organizing your documents [1]
This seems like a really good idea, so I have started doing it, but in a spreadsheet, not Word, because this is easier for me. I printed out the Master Source List from Legacy, and am discovering people I should have sourced and did not. Thanks! Elizabeth C Stalker/Seery wrote: >" Someone wrote if I had known then what I know now, and I have to second >that > sentiment. I would have organized my documents better than I have. " > >Couldn't agree more, as I have dabbled in the family shrub o
134. Re: [ROOTS-L] Norweigan ancestors [1]
The reasons why Norwegians emigrated are many and varied but include free farmland under the US Homestead Act of 1862, shortage of farm land in Norway, difficulty in farming what land was there, crop failures, lack of jobs and a degrading caste system. There was a great wave of emigration from Norway during the period 1866 to 1882 but it continued to a lesser extend afterwards as well. The later immigrants were certainly influenced by letters back home from those who had arrived earlier telling of the fer
135. Re: [ROOTS-L] family tree [1]
All individuals born after 1910, even if deceased should be treated as "living" and their details remove. Too many people, are listing the living with birth year, and there address. This is spoiling genealogy. Joyce Joyce
136. [ROOTS-L] William W. LANTELME - photo [1]
Good evening, I have a beautiful B/W 8 x 10 photo of Corporal William Wallace (or Warren) LANTELME, b. approx 1920 possibly in New York. On the back was written this info: Corporal William Wallace (or Warren - I can't tell from the handwriting) Lantelme - my buddy. December 20, 1941, buried December 24 Saturday - 4 a.m. near Quantico, Virginia October 30, 1941, 21 years old We'll meet again The handwriting belongs to my late mother-in-law's first husband, Donald James Macauley.
137. [ROOTS-L] Please help yourself [1]
All this discussion about copyright laws and plagiarism reminds me of a time when I was attempting to work with another researcher on one of our mutual grandfathers. I emailed her some notes and half formed thoughts to be checked out which later proved to be about half right and a lot wrong. I kept a copy of the email because I like to keep track of what was being discussed. Anyway about three months later I was browsing the web looking for some information when I came across my email to the lady, not once
138. [ROOTS-L] Looking for census images for Curtis Long [1]
I am looking for the census images for Curtis Long who was born 27 September 1913 in some part of Illinois and he was married to Geraldine Crawford in Kentland, Indiana 17 June 1939. He was the son of Joseph and Hanna Groenewold Long. had a daughter, Sharon (married name being Kiehl) He passed away Thursday November 11, 1976. He lived in Delavan, Illinois when he passed away. He is buried at Prairie Rest Cemetery. I would appreciate this more than words can say!!!! Thank You!! Pallas Houser
139. [ROOTS-L] name changed by hearing something else [1]
One of my favorite changes is Joe Sire Jackson. Say it quickly with a good southern Tennessee accent. That is how Josiah Jackson became Joe Sire Jackson. Janie **************Start the year off right. Easy ways to stay in shape.
140. [ROOTS-L] Crediting your sources [1]
Folks, it's just not that complicated: If you have personal knowledge of something, then, by all means, put it in your database without sourcing it other than "personal knowledge"; if you take something, anything, from somewhere or someone else, then credit the source. This practice is common sense, common courtesy and ethical behavior. If you don't know how to credit the source then invest in a copy of Elizabeth Mills' book or borrow a copy of the book from a library. By the same token, I don't think y
141. Re: [ROOTS-L] sources [1]
In a message dated 1/24/08 12:07:21 AM, writes: > Documentation is simply writing something down. In the case of research, it > is citing the source of a statement. > It would be hard to improve on the entire content of that particular post. My choice has been to share my research through articles published in various edited genealogical journals - which became a great learning experience for me. Journal articles usually require that every event be supported by "primary source"
142. [ROOTS-L] BEGINNER GENEALOGY CLASS - St. Charles, Missouri [1]
BEGINNER GENEALOGY CLASS LIMITED TO 15 PEOPLE When: February 21st to March 27th. (No class on March 20th) Time: 7 p.m. - 9 p.m. Where: St. Charles County Genealogical Society Library Fee: $50.00, includes 5 two-hour sessions with individual help, a "Basic Genealogy"textbook with forms,informational handouts and a CD of printable forms and research aids. the opportunity to research in the Society Library This course will answer the question, "Ho
143. [ROOTS-L] Invasion of Privacy and Copyright [1]
This post pertains to copyright. Micki wrote "The only exception to this (previous paragraph) is if the information is being copied for use in education. For example, an instructor may make copies of articles, book chapters or pages, etc. for handouts to supplement a course he is teaching." When I read through the entire copyright law on the internet about 3 years ago to update myself, this statement would have been considered to be in error. The copyright laws were changed in the late 70's, when I w
All..........Does anyone have any questions that any of us with or another source can help with? Isn't it time we got on with what this list is intended help people!! Gretchen **************Start the year off right. Easy ways to stay in shape.
145. Re: [ROOTS-L] Demise of Online Family Tree [1]
I have seen the following site recommended several times and it may be one those looking to build an online tree would want to investigate. I have not used it but it looks as if it might be easy to work with. Of course what many find so handy is the hints and links to other trees within Ancestry would not be there. I started my tree on Ancestry over 3 years ago and I could always access it even when I did not have a membership. Now that is not so easy to do. The one thing I would suggest
146. [ROOTS-L] GenCircles/MyHeritage Merge [1]
I've been exploring the new family tree setup that MyHeritage is providing and am wondering what others think about the site. It has some interesting features and is free. My tree posted there, which is an old one carried over from GenCircles, needs updating and I'm having trouble figuring out how to do it. I've written to support but haven't received a response yet. Peggy
147. Re: [ROOTS-L] Copying Family Tree Info [1]
On Jan 4, 2008 3:55 PM, M Boyer wrote: > If, as you suggest, the facts such as dates, names, etc. can, legally, > be freely copied and used without verification or acknowledgement, > that would, by definition, constitute public domain. > > If you copy someone else's work and that work contains inaccuracies, > then these inaccuracies are NOT FACTS. If they're not facts, then they > would be a unique, creative work, even if they thought they had > accurate information. Micki, When we s
148. Re: [ROOTS-L] cut off year [1]
All individuals born after 1910, even if deceased should be treated as "LIVING" and their details remove. A lot of people are living to be in there late ninety's. And there names, are in the census. We all need to protect there privacy. How are of you people, have cut off years, in your family tree. Joyce Joyce
149. Re: [ROOTS-L] chicago online deaths [1]
March, 2008 it what I was told last week by David Orr's office Cook County Clerk.If you can't get rid of the skelton in your closet, you'd best teach it to dance. -George Bernard Shaw> To:> Date: Thu, 10 Jan 2008 13:21:33 -0500> From:> Subject: [ROOTS-L] chicago online deaths> > A couple of months ago it was mentioned that there would be? death lookups that would be online? starting in January ..? has there been any more talk about this or does anyone know thw site ???>
150. Re: [ROOTS-L] Invasion of Privacy; other considerations [1]
Here's another thing to consider re obits and privacy. When my grandmother died (1969) it was customary to publish the funeral and burial dates and times so that those who wanted to attend could know when these were taking place. I don't remember if the family's address was also published, but it wouldn't have been that hard to find in the phone book. My grandfather (or the funeral home) published this information, and per custom, we were picked up by limosine and taken to the funeral home, t

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