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176. Re: [ROOTS-L] documentation nuts [1]
I find that there was not much official documentation in some of the frontier states. My g g grandfather says in the family Bible that he was born in Tennessee in 1807 actually it was his son-- my great grandfather who put it in the Bible with information supplied by his mother Nancy Leonard who was born in North Carolina. What documentation is-------- this word of mouth------- put down in the Center Page of a very thick Bible. in 188? from the memory of a very elderly woman. My gr grandfather
177. Re: [ROOTS-L] Family Trees on line - An invasion of Privacy? [1]
** Reply to message from on Tue, 01 Jan 2008 20:52:32 -0700 Please remember to change the subject when you reply to a digest message. > Will somebody please tell me, how it is an invasion of privatcy , when you > just post a person ame with no other data such as SSN. > When I worked in Corrections I saw so many JAIL House Lawyers. And this > thread about violstin privacy brought many momories. While it may not be (but could be depending on what is posted) an invasion of privacy I do
178. [ROOTS-L] New - Old Photo online... [1]
New photos added this past week at Steamer John L. Lowery, Shawneetown, Illinois Tonica, Illinois School Building, early 1900s Gerdes, Louis Gerdes, Louis Gerdes, August Peter Henry and Family Kirby, George Washington Trantham, Philadelphia Ellen Trantham, Lillie Belle Annie Beaton and David House Lafe, AR Community Gathering Lafe, AR Community Gathering Brown, Dosha Vandeventer, Alexander Spottswood Surnames Beaton, J.M. Trantham, Lillie Belle Trantham, Needham Surnames Tran
179. [ROOTS-L] surname/researching [1]
Holland; Flaherty;Black;Willey on Washington and Hancock county in Maine Any one working on these families? Sue in Blue Hill ,Maine
180. Re: [ROOTS-L] Copying Family Tree Info [1]
Micki- You seem to have some distorted ideas about copyright infringement and what constitutes works in the public domain as well as misconceptions as to what can and can't be copyrighted based upon your statements that I've quoted below. Publishing a family tree on the Internet or in a book doesn't mean that any original content (such as notes) goes into the public domain. Facts included in your tree (names, dates, places, etc.) cannot be copyrighted and anyone can use them (and they do NOT
181. Re: [ROOTS-L] Census Indexing project [1]
Let me tell you, Folks, this is the most fun, the most rewarding, the most lasting thing I have EVER done!!!! I have done way over 4,000 names with 128 different entries-French Canadian Census which were so much fun-it was in English with the French spellings, etc on some. Also Slave Census', WV, Mass, OH, VA, KY, Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Marriage Forms. The people working are so nice. There are instructions, you can save and finish later, if you have probls there is a number to call
182. [ROOTS-L] Samuel Jacob Sherwood [1]
I am looking for info on the ancestors of my ggg grandfather, Samuel Jacob Sherwood who was born in NY about 1816. The 1850 census lists him as a butcher. He married Susan and had 5 children, one of whom, William H. H. Sherwood, was my gg grandfather. Nowhere can I find what "H. H." stands for and I think this might be a clue as given names seem to be repeated in the Sherwood family through the generations. Aine
183. Re: [ROOTS-L] Family Tree Maker- thinks I have the trial version [1]
ANSWER TO BELOW: Michael, If someone on this list can't help you try joining one or both of the FTM Roots lists. There are a lot of knowledgeable people on there. I'll bet one or more can help. They can be found under SOFTWARE under the OTHER at the bottom. Gretchen _ ( _RootsWeb: Genealogy Mailing Lists_ ( ORIGINAL QUESTION: From: Michael Gallagher
184. [ROOTS-L] Mac System [1]
> > Hi Mac users, > > Just recently purchased an iMac and would like some pointers/help in > deciding whether to change from Legacy to Generations or stay in > Windows > with Legacy. > > Please reply to me at > > Thanks in advance. > > B.C. Alderson I'm a little late but I would suggest "Reunion" by Leister. Robert Harmon
185. Re: [ROOTS-L] Ladies of the Night [1] Try this link. Once it opens, use the download button to download and read an offline copy. Jill -----Original Message----- From: [] On Behalf Of marilyn E B Sent: Saturday, January 12, 2008 8:11 AM To: Joan Parker Cc: roots-L list; gen-newbie; Genealogy-Computers-Chat Subject: Re: [ROOTS-L] Ladies of the Night Joanie, I just tried it myself and now I can not even get in ag
186. Re: [ROOTS-L] Family Trees on line - An invasion of Privacy? [1]
Date: Tue, 1 Jan 2008 16:31:23 -0700 From: "Kith-n-Kin" > And, the "general rule" for on-line genealogy databases is "no living > people" (except yourself, if you like) and, most of us use the "1930 rule" > for those whose deaths may not be known. If they were born before 1930, they > are on the 1930 census, and therefore "out there." > > BTW, all, please don't tell me there is no "general rule" -- it's like > common sense, perhaps not as common as we would like! Since I have relative
187. [ROOTS-L] Help with Ancestry [1]
Many thanks to all who gave advise on using Ancestry It was greatly appreciated dan stalker Australia
188. Re: [ROOTS-L] Ladies of the Night [1]
Sounds like a fine upstanding place! They even had musicians. -----Original Message----- From: [] On Behalf Of Dittmar, Frederick M. Sent: Sunday, January 13, 2008 7:44 AM To: Subject: Re: [ROOTS-L] Ladies of the Night Here is one to check out. Anne WYNN 1900 Oklahoma Bottom of page 2 and the top of page 3.
189. [ROOTS-L] Family Trees on line - An invasion of Privacy? [1]
I posted my tree with living people before I even thought it could be an invasion of privacy. I suppose it is but people contacted me and my tree grew. If I would of known the rules I wouldn't of done it I am glad I didn't know The way I feel if someone wants out I will take them out, I recently was contacted by a distant cousin doing a tree by email she didn't know that I had submitted the tree because my name isn't listed. S
190. Re: [ROOTS-L] Keeping all your family genealogy to your self? [1]
FACTS and DATA can NOT be copyrighted. Only stories in your own words and how you compile your information. There is plenty out there on COPYRIGHT and how it applies to genealogy. MISINFORMATION should not be posted on a list like this. Too many NEWBIES will believe the misinformation. COPYRIGHT: On Jan 3, 2008 3:24 PM, M Boyer wrote: > I didn't write the copyright laws, just passing them on. If the > research you
191. Re: [ROOTS-L] NEED HELP IN TRANSLATION - 1860 Census [1]
Looks like mechanic to me. **************Start the year off right. Easy ways to stay in shape.
192. Re: [ROOTS-L] SSDI Listings [1]
I was told many years ago from someone at the SS office, that there were lots of files that were not put in the index. Many were oversights or just forgotten. A perfect example is my parents. My father died in 1956, he owned his own business and my mother received his SS for me as a child. My mother died in 1976, and she is not listed either. I have her original SSecurity card and have sent away and received her work history. I also collected the $255.00 death benefit. I'm sure there are plenty that haven
193. Re: [ROOTS-L] Crediting your sources [1]
I would be inclined to do this. I just use my name, or the name of the person I learned from, as the reference when I don't have a document to refer to. The reason I do that is once I've shared the files with more than one person, and they share them down the line, no one is going to know whose personal knowledge that was. But verifying it could clear up conflicts and doubts about lineage, if what you have always thought to be true turns out not to be so, as in the differing birth dates on mili
194. Re: [ROOTS-L] Family History [1]
Once again, she selectively slices out small pieces of my original message to divert attention away from the original main point: that you do not have "complete control" over your family tree if you submit it to Rootsweb and Ancestry who can then absorb it into their own proprietary database that they charge people to see. You are not even allowed to see your own family tree there on OneWorldTree unless you pay! As for her current round of distortions: 1. I NEVER stated or implied that Ancestry claims
195. Re: [ROOTS-L] OFT to AFT vs. AWT & Rootsweb WorldConnect [1]
Neal- I don't think the article gets its acronyms mixed up--but admittedly they ARE a tad confusing. The story in a nutshell is that Ancestry's team of developers created the AWT program and the OFT submission process to allow online tree creation for submitting trees to it. Separately RootsWeb's lone tree programmer created the WorldConnect program -- which included many more methods of controling your submitted trees which the entire team of Ancestry's developers had failed to consider wa
196. [ROOTS-L] Donahue from Kent and Cassnovia MI [1]
I don't remember if I asked on this list, so forgive me if I'm repeating myself. I'm trying to trace beyond my maternal grandmother born July 27, 1892 Margaret Agnes Donahue, probably in Kent, MI. Her brother Benjamin Henry Donahue was born in 1889. I believe their father was Benjamin Donahue Sr, and mother was Mary Cashell or Cashel. Mary died while the children were young and the Benjamin left the children with a Catholic orphanage in Casnovia (or in that area). He would return when the job w
197. [ROOTS-L] NEED HELP IN TRANSLATION - 1860 Census [1]
I seems to me to be very clear - "Mechanic" juanita > Hi Everyone, > Need more eyes to help me translate the "Occupation" of the Alfred > Mattison listed below. > Thanks, Gretchen > 1860 CENSUS > > Name: Alfred Mattison > Age in 1860: 29 > Birth Year: abt 1831
198. Re: [ROOTS-L] Take pride in what you write [1]
Le Rena: Very nicely stated. I do disagree with your reluctance to post your work online though. After 30 years, it seems a shame to bury it away in a genealogical society library where those most interested may never find it. Editing out the living people is virtually automatic, and with your benevolent attitude I doubt that you would have included anything "unworthy" in your research. Perhaps you'll reconsider but regardless, your post was a good reminder for all of us. Kirsten -----Original Messag
199. Re: [ROOTS-L] SSDI -- who is included? [1]
My husband had over 37 years on the Pennsy/NY Central/ConRail RR's. He was NOT on Govt. SS but on RR SS. His SS number has a WA before the numbers which alert medical people this is a RR SS number. Every year I get a letter from Railroad Retirement Board about pensions, etc. Many of my men family were Railroaders. They are NOT in the SSDI. My husband wasn't either but when I check Thursday he was. I expect the Funeral Home entered his name. Our pensions come from his RR SS NOT Govt. Sallie ----- Ori
200. Re: [ROOTS-L] Ancestry and help [1]
In a message dated 1/13/2008 5:38:51 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, writes: Did you know that if you have ancestry and offer to help someone do a look up you could lose your ancestry subscription? I didn't know that. But it makes sense. However, fat chance they would ever find out you did it. **************Start the year off right. Easy ways to stay in shape.

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