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201. [ROOTS-L] Crediting your sources-personal knowledge [1]
Rather than use the term "personal knowledge" I use "The recorder, (my name), present at the event." For information received from others I use " Interview with (name of person)" This lets anyone reading the report know with whom the data originated. June in Mississippi
202. Re: [ROOTS-L] SSDI Listings [1]
Pat- In 1956 death reports were not being digitized so it is not at all surprising that your father is not listed in the SSDI. He wouldn't be unless his death wasn't reported until 1962 or later, or unless a change was made to his record in 1962 or later--which is unlikely. I can't say why your mother isn't listed. The $255 lump sum death payment (LSDP) used to be payable to certain family members or whoever paid the funeral bill--but that has since been changed. Now, in most cases, only th
203. Re: [ROOTS-L] Ancestry discounts? [1]
My renewal for US Ancestry said $159.99. I will keep it for another year but after that I am not sure if I will be able to afford to renew again. Smiles, Marilyn On Jan 13, 2008 8:22 AM, Toni Allen wrote: > I wish there was, but I really doubt it. > I've had the census part of since they started it. > Always paid $39.95 a year for it, separately from the payment for the > regular coverage. > This year they wanted $99.95 for census only ... by the way this is > only USA census,
204. Re: [ROOTS-L] Ancestry [1]
I am looking for any information re state of Texas land lease laws for 1800 Richard
I have a Petition (1913) for my Grandpa Louis Pinkus that shows his departure 4 March 1899 written as Mch from Liverpool and arrived 19 March 1899. The handwriting is very nice but all I can make of the name of the ship is SCHOCH and then possibly t--an or t--un. A friend of mine who lives in Liverpool checked it out for me in London I think. Couldn't find anything remotely matching the name of the ship. That is g'pa's signature.on the Petition so I know it is the right one. If I can find the Sc
206. Re: [ROOTS-L] ROOTS Digest, Vol 3, Issue 68 [1]
Caryn I have forwarded your message to my BIL. He is a Simpson and know he has done some research. His family may have come from some of that area. There might be some from Tennessee in there too. Interestingly I have found that my great great grandmother (from NC) was named Sarah Simpson Bolden - the daughter of John Bolden. I have wondered for a long time about her middle name of Simpson, but have been unable to find out why she has that middle name. Nadine **************Start the year
207. Re: [ROOTS-L] Invasion of Privacy and Copyright [1]
According to US Copyright law, anything a person sets in print (electronic or written) is copyrighted at the time they set it down. This refers to "compiled" works. So while the individual facts, concepts, and documented details are not copyrightable, the compiled work is copyrightable. Copyright law allows for small passages to be used (a couple sentences) of someone else's creation without infringement, but larger quotes require permission. If someone researches and writes a non fiction book
Need Help with Indianapolis, Marion CO, Indiana I can't seem to find an on-line database for searching Obituaries in Indianapolis, or even to search many of the cemetery listings (the only one I found was crown hill). Interment and did not have many Indianapolis cemetery listings either. Does anyone know where I can look to see when John Mack also known by McNamara died? All I know is that he was born in Ohio in the 1860's (maybe around Feb 1864?) but the date is different on every cen
209. [ROOTS-L] Newspapers are terrific. [1]
Newspapers are terrific! They give us the real details of our ancestor's lives. This week I found an article about the estate sale for my first cousin, Thomas Huse (1742/43-1816). I blogged about it in my blog: The article was published in the Newburyport (MA) Herald, 16 July 1816. Everything was being sold - his household effects; a covered sleigh; ox cart, an ox wagon; an eight day clock, a share certificate in the Merrimack Bri
210. Re: [ROOTS-L] Copyright [1]
Kathie, You said something interesting about your ancestors book that wasn't copyrighted. At the time your relative wrote her book, was it a requirement to formally file a copyright application? Micki
211. [ROOTS-L] LUMPY............I remember when * [1]
Hi Lumpy.......this is Lumpy ! My name is Lori, but *Lumpy* is the nickname my beloved daughter nicknamed me. The 2nd Christmas after the passing of my beloved husband and her loving Daddy, I went to Texas to be with loved ones for the Holy Days. It was a difficult time to be with out my David after 43 years of marriage. The first Sunday I was there Suzy was to awaken me to go to Mass, she first turned on soft lovely Christmas music and then a few minutes later she came into this beautiful
212. [ROOTS-L] misspelled name on SSDI [1]
In a message dated 1/6/2008 3:14:15 A.M. Eastern Standard Time, writes: However, my mother Lela Flynn, b. September 1904/1905 (records vary) died December 2006 in Nebraska. She still does not show up on the SSDI and yet her final check was returned with a notice of death by my sister. My aunt's entry showed her surname was spelled wrong. She was Theora SEDUNOV. Her husband and his family were listed correctly. I just looked for her using only her firs
213. [ROOTS-L] The Christian Union [1]
What part of the country is this newspaper from? Perhaps it's a church denominational publication. I found some good information from a church paper in Kentucky that included the death of a person I'd been looking for in Iowa. Her spouse had moved to Iowa and sent a notice of her death back to a church paper published in Kentucky where they'd lived prior to moving to Iowa. This was in the 1880's as I recall. I found this particular paper in a small town library. juanita > > Has anyone heard of
214. Re: [ROOTS-L] documentation nuts [1]
You know Jeane I think what you have is a treasure more valuable then what somebody documented in records which is provably half wrong . To have a bible like that is fantastic In those days how many people could read or write where was the place to register it. And people had many children and many of them died. I just read a book The Bone Yard where all the rich ladies went to the hospital to give birth and died and they were com
215. Re: [ROOTS-L] family tree on line [1]
In a message dated 1/1/2008 7:19:30 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, writes: With or without a law suit. It is invasion of privacy No it's not. It's a recording of one's genealogy. And it definitely is not illegal. "There is no liability for merely giving additional publicity to information that is already public. So, for example, it generally would not be an invasion of privacy to publish facts about someone's life that are matters of public record, such as the date o
216. [ROOTS-L] Mississippi Co., MO marriage record look-up [1]
does anyone have access to this? I am looking for the marriage record of Charles Wesley Dunheiffer (aka Dunifer/Duniver) to Lula A., last name unknown. it would be between 1870 and 1880, as he is single in 1870 and married in 1880. they are in Charleston in 1880, and I'm not sure whether they married in this area or not, so I'd really appreciate a check for the record, at least then I'll know what to do next. thank you for your assistance. Cornelia
217. [ROOTS-L] To share or not [1]
Have been doing genealogy for over 36 years, and when I get a request for data on my families, I send just enough to see just how interested that person is. IF I get an acknowledgement and some data on that family in return, I share more. This has resulted in some longterm correspondence, more complete family groups, and many new friends. Lois
218. [ROOTS-L] genealogical databases and sharing [1]
With all the talk of to share or not to share, and the plusses and minuses of various genealogical programs free or otherwise. I am a firm believer in sharing. I am also a firm believer in hard work. I am willing to share with anyone, willing to help someone wanting to learn how, nothing irks me more than the search copy and paster. The person who Copies the works of others and states it as fact of their own with no interest in doing the research.. This is where the online programs falter. Some do inno
219. Re: [ROOTS-L] ROOTS Digest, Vol 3, Issue 43 [1]
The Public Trees use to be free, I enjoyed looking at them and seeing what other's had found, or listed as their families. But now, you cannont. It is premium material. As I cannot aford a membership now, these trees would have been helpful to me in providing some leads. This is not information that ancestry has contributed or scanned or anything. This is people putting in their own information. I even have a tree, because it is free to put in data, but if someone wants to see it, they have to pay.
220. Re: [ROOTS-L] SSDI - Who is Included? [1]
** Reply to message from "Nora Nell" on Fri, 04 Jan 2008 15:39:25 -0700 > There again it goes back to the fact that only those receiving benefits > would be included in the SSDI. Wrong. This is from the Social Security website. The Death Index contains a listing of persons who had a Social Security number, who are deceased, and whose death was reported to the Social Security Administration. (The information in the Death Index for people who died prior to 1962 is sketchy since SSA's
221. [ROOTS-L] Rhodes-Wilcox information from Ken Thompson [1]
If the person who received the Wilcox/Rhodes data from Ken Thompson about 2 months ago could contact me and please share the information, I would appreciate hearing from you. I have recently begun digging into that branch of my family. Thank you, Michael Gallagher
222. [ROOTS-L] SOCIAL SECURITY SEARCH WEB SITE. [1] is updated every two weeks. juanita > I would appreciate someone sending me a web site for Social Security > search. > Just not the, as I am not a member. > > Thank you very much. > > Mike
223. Re: [ROOTS-L] Railroad Social Security [1]
Railroaders have their own Social Security separate from the Federal Soc. Sec. My Mother actually must use my Fathers RR Soc. Sec. # instead of her own as she was never employed. RH _____________________________________________________________ Save hundreds on a Patent - Click here.
224. [ROOTS-L] where is this website? [1]
as I get older the memory goes punk. FEEFHS used to (and may still have, but I couldn't find it) a link on it's website to another site that listed all the German towns. for the life of me I cannot remember the name of the site. does anyone on the list know this site? thanks in advance. Cornelia
225. Re: [ROOTS-L] Genealogical trips to Europe [1]
Gregory This is great information sent by Christie. I have only one comment -- re: the Archives at Kew Gardens (now known as the National Archives of the United Kingdom ). You may take many different devices, including cameras, camera phones, MP3 players (I don't know why), Palms and laptops. They even have camera stands available. I wanted to kick myself all the way back to London one day when I left the camera behind, "assuming" they wouldn't allow it. Here's a nice site for planning your trip, an

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