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251. [ROOTS-L] Hans Adam Biebel [1]
Hans Adam Biebel b. 2 April 1728 Goersdorf, Alace M. 19 Nov. 1748 Goersdorf, Alace, Maria Eva Muller d/o Otto Philipp Muller d. 23 Feb. 1795 Rockingham County, VA. Information from Annette K. Burgert's "Eighteenth Century Emigrants from Northern Alsace to America" pp 58-59. HANS GEORG BIEBEL and MARIA EVA BURCKHARDT, were 6th Great Grand Parents to Paul L. Odle, Sr, popular Yukon, Oklahoma Author, Humorist and Special Correspondent At the Court House at Philad
252. [ROOTS-L] Saving data on a CD? [1]
I am so worried that something might happen to all my family genealogy albums that I have put together over the years . These albums contain documents,photo's and family stories. I want to scan them and burn to a CD. Do any of you know of a good scanning program for this purpose that is rather simple to use? thanks for your ideas and suggestions. Geanellen:
253. [ROOTS-L] past post [1]
Sorry to bother you but how do I get to the Brown past post. Ellie Warsaw MO.
254. Re: [ROOTS-L] Census info please [1]
Hi Sue 1920 Name: Evan Stivoe [Evan Stivor] Home in 1920: Gaskill, Jefferson, Pennsylvania Age: 28 years Estimated Birth Year: abt 1892 Birthplace: Pennsylvania Relation to Head of House: Son Spouse's Name: Laura Father's Name: McClelland Father's Birth Place: Pennsylvania Mother's Birth Place: Pennsylvania Marital Status: Married Race: White Sex: Male Able to read: Yes Able to Write: Yes Image: 334 Neighbors: View others on page
255. [ROOTS-L] APB on LIDA I BROWN [1]
I am seeking information on LIDA I BROWN who lived in the late 19th century, probably in Indiana or Missouri. Only known connection is through ROSE ELLIOTT WHELAN (1844-1930) who was born in Missouri and died in Indianapolis, Indiana. Her husband was THOMAS WHELAN (1832-1892) from Canada or England also died in Indianapolis. ROSE'S Parents were Rufus and Rhoda ELLIOTT. No other info known. THOMAS' parents were WILLIAM and MARGARET LANNIN WHELAN. No other info on them. Thanks for your help. Bill Fuller
256. Re: [ROOTS-L] Spanish Surnames & Argentina census [1]
Carol She is married to Sanchez, and of (de) her father Botteron. Pat (in Tucson) -----Original Message----- From: [] On Behalf Of Carol Botteron Sent: Friday, January 04, 2008 4:17 PM To: Subject: [ROOTS-L] Spanish Surnames & Argentina census I'm looking at the 1895 Argentina census (on FamilySearch Record Search) and would appreciate help. Names: a married woman is listed as Juana Sanchez de Botteron. Is it probable that
257. [ROOTS-L] Cpl. Brown Has Left Indiana [1]
Just to let all of my friends know that I will soon be back to being active on my favorite lists. Jamie departed Indiana yesterday. The state of Indiana sent them off with a huge deployment ceremony. He is headed for Ft. Stewart, Georgia, near Savannah. After the final training program, ending about March 1st, all 3,400 will leave for Kuwaite, There they will meet up with the other 600 members of the 76th Brigade who left the week before Christmas. After some orientation there they will then move into vari
258. Re: [ROOTS-L] wrong data [1]
Happened to me too and I was born in a hospital. My last name on my birth certificate is Pincus (wrong spelling) my mom as Goldberg (correct) my dad as Pinkus (correct). When I needed a passport back in the 60s fortunately when I was about three my dad had legally change his name from Pinkus to Parker so it verified that the birth certificate was wrong and my name was now Parker. I never bothered to have it fixed. As an the manifest wherein my grandma arrived shows Pincus and in the column go
259. Re: [ROOTS-L] census at [1]
Westmoreland County (the census taker wrote it out on line 2, but apparently decided to abbreviate it on the later line) Drew Smith On Jan 31, 2008 6:42 PM, Beth Comstock-McLain wrote: > Hi there, > > I am looking for a few more sets of eyes? If you have sub can anyone look at this census and tell me what the county is that he was born in? Unbelievable, but this census taker wrote the county as well as state born? > > 1850 Findley Twp., Mercer Co., Pennsylvania > Pe
260. Re: [ROOTS-L] SSDI - Who is Included? [1]
>Not true. > >I can list at least one person who I know for a fact never received any sort >of benefits, died in a car accident at 23. He's in the SSDI. I'm sure he's >not the only one. > >--pig I ditto this. I can find many people, my brother included, who are listed and neither they or anyone is their family was receiving benefits. Yet, many will argue that only those receiving benefits are included in the SSDI. I only know what I see. Carole
261. Re: [ROOTS-L] WI Death Index Lookup 1979? [1]
I would suggest you call the public library or the Monroe County genealogy society. They may be able to lead you in the right direction. Their numbers are online if you google Tomah. **************Start the year off right. Easy ways to stay in shape.
262. Re: [ROOTS-L] Genealogy program [1]
I've been able to either export reports, charts, etc from FTM to a PDF file or print from Acrobat and take that to Kinkos (or another printer place) and have the large printouts done. -Liz McGough In a message dated 1/19/2008 3:16:32 PM Eastern Standard Time, writes: > On a related note, I have asked Ancestry to allow us to export our trees > to Kinko's, so they can print out wall-sized charts on those big HP > plotter printers that they have. > > On Sat, 19 Jan 2008, NiteOwl0
263. [ROOTS-L] Looking for a Karl Breckenridge [1]
I am having a really hard time locating a man by the name of Karl Breckenridge he was married to a cousin of mine named Alma Knight and I have contacted the funeral home that Alma was at when she passed away and there is no marker for him but there is one for her and I know nothing about him, Alma was born 8 JUly 1888 in Morgantown, Morgan, Indiana and married this Karl Breckenridge and she died 24 October 1968 in Chicago, Cook, Illinois and I would sure love to find out anything about Karl, if anyone has a
264. Re: [ROOTS-L] photos [1]
On Jan 10, 2008 6:49 AM, Glenny wrote: > While we are on the subject of photos, after scanning, what is the best way > of storing the originals? The short answer is: in a cold, dark, dry place. A very long, detailed answer is here: Drew Smith
265. [ROOTS-L] Every so often the "copyright" comes up once again and... [1]
I think the responders have very clearly defined copyright law pertaining to genealogy. It always boggles my mind that someone places genealogy info on-line but then says "you can't use any of the posting". My feeling is, if you do intend for other family researcher's to be able to use any part of a posting, then why is the information being put on the internet where anyone in the world can have access to it. I do believe that if one finds info that they don't have, the poster should be contac
266. [ROOTS-L] Ancestry and help [1]
Did you know that if you have ancestry and offer to help someone do a look up you could lose your ancestry subscription? I have ancestry I have had it for 3 years and I have always paid 34.95 a month for it. I always help where I can. I have family in England and Wales. I hope everyone enjoys what ancestry you have. I have all the features that are offered. I have found ancestry to be very helpful. If I can help in any way let me know. Norma/Ohio **************Start the year off right. Easy ways
267. Re: [ROOTS-L] ROOTS Digest, Vol 3, Issue 21 [1]
In a message dated 1/5/08 1:16:04 AM, writes: > As you can imagine, the ink for two printers was quite costly.? The books > have about 450 pages each, so you will know how costly this undertaking was.? > I was using a minimum of 3 color ink cartridges a day and there were some > days used as many as 5 (at $35 a cartridge) > I use a laser printer which requires no ink, just toner. Things do not have to be in color to be effective. Some laser printers have color capabilities
268. Re: [ROOTS-L] kilborn [1]
On Jan 24, 2008 1:15 PM, NOEL L SHULDBERG wrote: > > > How do I join Kilborn Roots web. I keep getting back. Kilborn Ramona, To subscribe to the KILBORN mailing list, you'll find instructions here: Regards, Drew Smith
269. [ROOTS-L] documentation nuts [1]
Documentation is great. But there are a lot of error in them too I have one great uncle with the wrong father listed ( some one took it for granted he was named after his father, wrong.) A child baptized six months before his birth certif.. (country doctors went to the court house , when they had time and filled in birth records from memory One has to just use your comment cents about documents.
270. Re: [ROOTS-L] Saving data on a CD? [1]
** Reply to message from GEANELLEN" on Thu, 03 Jan 2008 14:53:56 -0700 > I am so worried that something might happen to all my family genealogy albums > that I have put together over the years . These albums contain > documents,photo's and family stories. > I want to scan them and burn to a CD. Do any of you know of a good scanning > program for this purpose that is rather simple to use? > thanks for your ideas and suggestions. It is very good to have backup for your data. Copyin
271. [ROOTS-L] ancestry [1]
Is anyone else having problems with I keep trying to sign in and it bumps me back to the sign in page? Thanks, Beth
272. Re: [ROOTS-L] LDS Family History [1]
** Reply to message from "caviness" on Tue, 15 Jan 2008 10:11:29 -0700 > I have gone into the LDS internet site and while it is a wonderful thing . I > have a complaint about the various folks who submit their research.In many > cases it is so far removed from accurate that the truth will never see the > light of day ,many are flagrant plagerisms of others work.unfortunatly it is > often repeating others bad research .It is like some of the folks submitting > their data have rush
273. [ROOTS-L] To SHARE or NOT to share [1]
This is the question- LOL- My thinking is - If you do not want to share your info- Do NOT but the stuff out there for all to see- this is what it is posted for- To SHARE - what are you going to do with the stuff if you croak-? will your family give it away- or Trash it- ? When we really stop and think of it-most of our info is only cherished by ourselves more so that by most of our relatives,they might look to see if their names are mentioned and then say-well who is this or that,well I never knew this pe
274. Re: [ROOTS-L] Invasion of Privacy [1]
I 100% agree with Drew, and would even add that by perpetuating the idea that by simply posting a name one is at risk for identity theft is the kind of thinking that is used to prevent the genelogical community from having more access to records that are clearly no longer a risk. My name is on the internet without my permission, public information such as my address even. Look, if someone doesn't want to be on my site I will remove it out of respect for their wishes. If someone can produce a successfu
You can use the search feature on Genealogy Bank without a membership and then take what you find there to do a search on rootsweb. Very helpful when someone has two first names and often went by initials. I had one of those at a time when I did not have a Genealogy Bank subscription. But between working back and forth I finally found the cousin I knew by his middle name and his actual first name was a nickname for a family ancestor. He was also know by JV. That was a lot of fun. Marilyn On Jan 3, 2008 6:

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