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26. [ROOTS-L] SSDI -- who is included? [1]
I have a similar situation. My dad was a RR Engineer from 1917-1960. He died in 1977. I know he received both RR retirement as well as social security benefits. His name is not on the SSDI. My mom died in 1967 - she was drawing a wife's benefit from SS. Her name is not on the SSDI. Dad remarried and his 2nd wife died in 1987. She also drew benefits from dad. Her death is not recorded on SSDI either. juanita > I am not sure of the correct answer to the question. > > My father, James Flynn,
27. Re: [ROOTS-L] Demise of Online Family Tree [1]
I would recommend that one put their family tree elsewhere,other than Ancestry . Then one can access it at any time even if not a subscriber .I like Ancestry for some searching.I like Tribal for my tree its free .You can't beat that .Patricia Perkins
28. Re: [ROOTS-L] Demise of Online Family Tree [1]
Yes, but where else on the net can you "build" a tree from scratch? The mentioned tree is one that you build "as you go" not uploading. Pat (in Tucson) -----Original Message----- From: caviness [] Sent: Friday, January 25, 2008 9:28 AM To: Kith-n-Kin; 'Neal Underwood'; Subject: Re: [ROOTS-L] Demise of Online Family Tree I would recommend that one put their family tree elsewhere,other than Ancestry . Then one can access it at any time even if not a subscriber
29. Re: [ROOTS-L] Wilcox/Rhoads family of PA [1]
On Jan 24, 2008 3:38 PM, Michael Gallagher wrote: > Anybody get my post regarding looking for the individual who received > Ken Thompson's Rhoads/Wilcox information? I didn't see it come up. Michael, You can always check the ROOTS-L archive to see if your original message made it out to the list, instead of re-posting it. Here is a link to your previous message from the archive: Drew Smith
30. [ROOTS-L] Wrong data [1]
Breathes there a genealogist who has not been confronted by confusing, contradictory information - often generated by the ancestor him/her self! Phonetic variations of given and surnames are not uncommon, particularly prior to the standardization of spelling. My personal favorite is my LINEKIN family, for whom to date, I have found 26 variations of the surname. In fact, my great great grandfather, in writing his will, used three different spellings of his surname within the body of the will and th
31. [ROOTS-L] share [1]
I have found lot of cuz on the site who have helped me a lot with info and pictures I ask them before I give any info out the same way I do before I give a phone number out.I ask first --------------------------------- Looking for last minute shopping deals? Find them fast with Yahoo! Search.
32. Re: [ROOTS-L] costs [1]
With all this belly aching about how Ancestry takes our info and then uses it, tell me, did we own the census and manifests and then gave it to Ancestry? Or did Ancestry supply it to us? Did we supply Ancestry with the WWI and WWII draft cards? Don't think so. They supplied those valuable cards to us. Same goes for the SSDI and the many databases Ancestry supplies us. You don't like what they charge, well, no one has a gun to your head to make you pay their annual fees. As it has been pointed out ove
33. Re: [ROOTS-L] Family History [1]
There is a HUGE difference between posting family tree data for the public to see for the purpose of potentially connecting with cousins and fellow researchers (Google indexing included) versus wholesale, mechanical copying of ENTIRE user-submitted databases by a corporation whose objective is to make a profit from their unique content displayed to appear as the corporation's own work product. The "hiding in closet" statement is simply irrelevant. There is also a huge difference between Google indexing ve
34. [ROOTS-L] chicago online deaths [1]
A couple of months ago it was mentioned that there would be? death lookups that would be online? starting in January ..? has there been any more talk about this or does anyone know thw site ??? ________________________________________________________________________ More new features than ever. Check out the new AOL Mail ! -
35. [ROOTS-L] Naming patterns [1]
My grandparents were Danish and named their first four children, two boys and two girls after the children's grandparents. All four died and they had five more children and named them the same way except they only had one more son. I have no idea where the names of the last two girls came from. My mother had a sister with her name, two sisters named Marie, and two brothers named Ever. Makes for confusing genealogy. ************** Start the year off right. Easy ways to stay in shape. http://bo
36. [ROOTS-L] Web program [1]
> > > > I would like to know of others experiences with software for putting your > family tree up on the web easily and quickly. Comments? I do know html > but want some easy!! Glenny
37. [ROOTS-L] www.fultonhustory [1]
In a message dated 1/7/2008 3:08:35 A.M. Eastern Standard Time, writes: Sorry about that, the url is and it is a WONDERFUL site for those of us that have ancestors in small towns who were busy or rich. Mine happened to be busy. It's wonderful. I entered a name and had over 1000 hits. I've found birth announcements, obits, marriages, sports, even gossip. The family was prominent within a short time after arriving from Poland. I expect to s
38. Re: [ROOTS-L] to share or not to share.... [1]
You sound like a kind and generous person, so, to someone of your nature, withholding a book might "feel" as though you've being mean. It isn't mean, though it may be uncomfortable to take a stand. She's already taken advantage of your generosity once. You are not obligated to be taken advantage of at all. You had an agreement to EXCHANGE information. Not only did she NOT keep her part of the agreement, she freely accepted what you sent her, didn't offer to return it or pay you for your expense
39. Re: [ROOTS-L] ROOTS Digest, Vol 3, Issue 72 [1]
So true. I too did Censuses for three different decades. And follow ups on the 2000. It is nearly unbelievable the number of households, that were not households but garages etc. (law is any building with a door and window(possible dwelling), the number of unsavory, Dangerous places, Uninformed and non English speaking or pretense of not understanding, persons in charge of a household..etc. Bud. -----Original Message----- From: [] On Behalf O
40. [ROOTS-L] Henry and Catherine McCabe [1]
I am looking for any info on my gg grandparents, Henry and Catherine McCabe who came to the US from Ireland about 1850. Although most McCabes are from County Cavan, I cannot be certain of their origin. Their son, John, was also born in Ireland on May 21, 1846 and, according to his obituary, arrived in Ossining, NY, when he was 5 years old. There are McCabes with similar given names listed on various ships around 1850, but not all on the same ship! John was an iron worker, a member of the NY 6th Heavy Artil
41. [ROOTS-L] Name changing [1]
After looking for years and spenting too much money my daughter finally found the death certificate of my ggrandmother in Chicago, under a different spelling, Helen instead of Ellen.
42. Re: [ROOTS-L] I remember - - - Way Back When ? [1]
I think all of us when young had a fear of falling in. My fear was the D*** chicken etc and the goat why they choose that place when they had 360 acres(small to you Texans). My up close and personal with the wringer washer came as an adult, I reach over the running wringer to pull overall bib thru and the Boob went under the wringer, My scream could be heard in the south fields, luckily my grandmother was there hit the release numerous times ran the wooden paddle between and finally got it stopped. Docto
43. Re: [ROOTS-L] Uploading genealogical database [1]
You may want to look at John Cardinal's "Second Site": It works with TheMasterGenealogist. I don't know if it works with other databases. But, buying TMG and importing your database, would be worth it just so you could do this. Here's an example: I've used it twice, once to "check my work" and didn't upload the information to the internet, and once to put a small sample (a few generations) of a family to see how it worked. The one
44. [ROOTS-L] SAMPUBCO is going Green! [1]
SAMPUBCO is going GREEN! see the notice Will Testatators Index NY - Rensselaer Vol. 82 (1874-1875) NY - Kings Vol. 3 (1823 - 1829) CT - Litchfield - Sharon District Vol. 20-22 (1840-1855) Naturalizations MA - Barnstable - Naturalization Petitions Vol 1-3 (1906-1925) new AZ - Naturalization Petitions - Phoenix, Prescott, Tucson Districts (1906-1911) new NY - Chautauqua - Naturalization Petitions Vol. M17-19 (Mayville court) (1961-1977) Guardianships NY - Monroe - Vol. 13-14 (1883-1889) Main home page:
45. Re: [ROOTS-L] Family Trees on line - An invasion of Privacy? [1]
Well, I said I was not going to reply but I guess I lied. As one develops their tree there are actually many answers, in my opinion. Many of us start out with, "You grandfather panned for gold in CA" To, your grandfather was born in XXXX and can be found in the Y census To, your grandfather was living in..... etc, etc, etc So while I agree that there is only one true answer it is all a puzzle until those answers are found. Personally I am delighted to find tress with some, but not all, of the answers on
46. [ROOTS-L] WALDRON, Uriah in Crawford County, Arkansas late 1800's [1]
I have contacted the message board for Crawford County, Arkansas but have had not luck with the information I requested. My great grandfather was Uriah WALDRON (WALDEN/WALDON) He was illiterate, so spelling on his name varied with whomever wrote the records. Uriah was married 3 times that I know of. Nancy Jane LNU; Daisy or Dilly WELLS; and Millie CRAMINE. His last marriage (that I know of) was to Millie CRAMINE in 1895. He would have been around 65-70 at that time. I am unable to find a death record
47. [ROOTS-L] Ancestry discounts? [1]
This year I decided to splurge and give myself a X-mas present of a membership to Previously I had taken advantage of several of their freeby 3-day access offers, and so I had a fair idea of what data banks were available. I phoned Ancestry and asked the helpful lady answering if there were any specials available. The regular membership special was $129.95. Next year it will be the normal $159 fee. The site is far more extensive than I had realized, and I spend hours on it researchi
48. [ROOTS-L] An invasion of privacy [1]
Had same problem with site at FTM. Deleted files from site. Removed the cousins name from files, only left in his part of family that is part of public records. Left a note on site that one individual had objected, to be patient and would replace files as soon as the records were updated without info on individual or his family. I recieved lots of email on protest to files being deleted. As promised I did replace them. J.M. Cliett _____________________________________________________________ Click here fo
49. [ROOTS-L] ancestry and helping others. [1]
There was a gentleman on one of our lists and he wrote to say he could not do anymore look ups because if he did he would lose his subscription to ancestry. He said he forgot to read the fine print. He said in the future please word your offer to help anyone but I have ancestry and would be willing to help. My comment was I pay the bill why can't I help anyone else. Norma/Ohio **************Start the year off right. Easy ways to stay in shape.
50. [ROOTS-L] Social Security Death Index [1]
I can get it at Shirley

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