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301. [ROOTS-L] CD's vs. flash drives [1]
It's true that CD's can become damaged but don't flash drives sometimes short out? A while back I heard something about gold CD's that have a longer lifetime. I don't know if that is the best alternative, am just mentioning it. There are external hard drives too but maybe they won't be compatible in another 10 years? Computer technology has changed so much over the years that how are we to know what will or not be compatible in another 10-20 years.
I would appreciate someone sending me a web site for Social Security search. Just not the, as I am not a member. Thank you very much. Mike **************Start the year off right. Easy ways to stay in shape.
303. [ROOTS-L] Wabash Avenue Fire, Chicago IL - one hundred years ago tomorrow [1]
Million Dollar Wabash Avenue Fire, Chicago, IL One Hundred Years Ago Tomorrow Chicago, Jan. 28, 1908 $1,000,000 in the almost complete destruction of the building at 144 Wabash avenue occupied by Alfred Peats & Co., dealers in wall paper, the building adjoining on the south occupied by John A Colby & Sons, furniture dealers, and those in the rear, fronting on Michigan avenue, occupied by the millinery firms of Gage Bros. & Co., Theodore Ascher & Co. and Edson Keith & Co. Read about the fire - and view
304. [ROOTS-L] Keeping all your family genealogy to your self? [1]
I have heard many reason for not publishing your line of genealogy, but none have even been what I thought were valid . Keeping the family tree to yourself, is one of the most selfish acts a person can do. If you love genealogy, and family history, it's like writing a book, but never having it published, because some one might use the book as a coaster for a glass lemonade. Come on get real, you spent all that time researching, sometimes years, for what, so it can die with you? You are wasting all the tim
305. Re: [ROOTS-L] FL obit, please? [1]
>From the Obituary Daily Times (Rootsweb) an obit appeared in the LaCrosse , WI Tribune on Sept 11, 2003, none listed for a Florida paper: BARRETTE, Harvey; 74; Ellenton FL; LaCrosse Tribune (WI); 2003-9-11; jvdlask If you are a contributor to ODT you can ask the submitter if he/she still has a copy (I retain all of mine.) If not then you can apply to the newspaper itself. Jerry Hale Deltona, FL _____________________________________________________________ Put your loved ones in good hands w
306. Re: [ROOTS-L] Census at [1]
ANSWER TO BELOW: Beth, I looked at the page and while it does look like "Weston County, Pennsylvania".....there seems to be a small notation after Weston and before County. However, as far as I can find there was no WESTON County in Pennsylvania. Not far from Mercer County there is a WESTMORELAND County. Perhaps the census taker used a little shorthand in his writing since there may not have been room to write it out fully. The only "Weston County" that GNIS shows is in Wyoming. There are how
307. Re: [ROOTS-L] Ancestry Message Boards [1]
> Date: Tue, 1 Jan 2008 23:12:42 EST > From: Gretchen > > I personally hate the new message boards with no contact data so if I send a > message or reply on one I list my first name and also my email address in the > message. The new Ancestry message boards do allow you to provide your own e-mail address automatically. You just aren't necessarily able to see anyone else's, as they are hidden by default on the more recent accounts, and few people make the effort to turn them on. I hop
308. Re: [ROOTS-L] Family Trees on line - An invasion of Privacy [1]
Vic I agree with you completely. that is exactly how I have built up my tree. I remember one person who got in touch with me because he saw my tree and called to tell me that I was off on some relationships and dates etc and I when I told him that it was his brother who told me he told me his brother was wrong. When we started to compare notes it was obvious to him that since he was only 8 and his brother was 13 at the
309. [ROOTS-L] HAPPY NEW YEAR !!! [1]
310. Re: [ROOTS-L] Family Trees on line - An invasion of Privacy? [1]
In a message dated 1/1/2008 6:14:45 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, writes: A lawsuit would not be fun. Stupid advice. They can't bring a suit. Google it. **************************************See AOL's top rated recipes (
311. [ROOTS-L] -- Public Records Online [1]
Does anyone know about this website ? It's a subscription site. If so, can you give me some feedback on it? Linda --------------------------------- Never miss a thing. Make Yahoo your homepage.
312. [ROOTS-L] SS Death INDEX [1]
NOT all deaths reported show up...on the index..... My Father died in July 2005. I called to report his death and he still hasn't shown up on the index. Ken **************Start the year off right. Easy ways to stay in shape.
313. [ROOTS-L] Mobile and Ohio (M & O Rail Road) Re: James Harry Waldrop [1]
Re: James Harry Waldrop 1869-1924 Escatawpa and Vinegar Bend , Alabama Washington County, Alabama Does anyone know how I could contact someone with the M & O Rail Road. My grandpapa born 1869 worked for the M & O Rail Road. He worked for them from 1867 until 1924. I am seeking information and pictures . Thank you for any help. Sandra maiden name Waldrop Muscogee County, Georgia <><
314. [ROOTS-L] Mac program [1]
Hi all, Sorry, I made an error regarding a genealogy program the other day I meant to say Reunion and apparently I had another senior moment and said Generations. Thanks to all who replied privately. Bernard C. Alderson
315. Re: [ROOTS-L] SHEPHERD Family [1]
Hello Eliz, Thank you once again. That looks like the right Barbara. I know I could settle this quickly with a death cert. but I was trying to do things without paying anything. I am not cheap, just poor. Another kind soul found what appears to be the Shepherds in the 1901 Canada Census. So thats why I couldnt find them in the states. Oh well, live and learn. Once again thank you. Jim Federal Way, WA _____ From: Eliz Hanebury [] Sent: Thursday, January 2
316. Re: [ROOTS-L] copyright [1]
Wow Kathie! You did an incredible job with art and developing your site. Very impressive. Clearly there is significant creative effort on your part. The way you handled your copyrights makes sense to me. I'm satisfied with the information I learned from the three articles that were referenced, as they answered my questions about how much of the information I have is mine to use, and what I need permissions for. But as I get down to writing the family history, I will surely have more questions
317. Re: [ROOTS-L] Invasion of privacy [1]
Here, here Joan is absolutely correct. Also I want to add that hating a family member is a stupid reason to eliminate them from a family tree. And this is an adult saying this? A true genealogy researcher does not eliminate someone from their tree just because they don't like them. If so then genealogy is the wrong place for you to be.........paranoia also has NO place in family history research. On Jan 2, 2008 11:28 AM, wrote: > Come on folks, get a grip on reality! Identity thef
318. [ROOTS-L] Not complaining [1]
I am sorry if anyone thought I was complaining about ancestry. I wasn't. I was however stating what they charged me. that was all. I have ancestry because I chose to have it. I pay the price because no matter what ,in my opinion only they are still the best. If it were not for ancestry and a paid researcher I would never have found my family. Sorry, I did not mean to cause any harm. All the e-mails I felt people were just stating facts and opinions. Norma/Ohio **************Start the year off
319. Re: [ROOTS-L] Ancestry discounts? [1]
Heritage quest has a lot of the same census info and they are cheap all you need is your library card if your library subscribes to Heritage Quest you can access it from home with your library card . Also this is available on most libraries computers again if your library subscribes to it . You can check out which features your library has by just visiting your county library site on line it will show Heritage Quest if it is offered . Ancestory needs some competition . It uses our information then ch
320. [ROOTS-L] FW: Family Trees on line - An invasion of Privacy [1]
I agree. It has taken me 15 years, but this week I have just managed to verify a story my mother told me years ago. She will be 92 in April, and this afternoon I was able to telephone her and confirm what her memory is still good. I always include moms memories in notes on my tree, but label them as just that ie mom tells me... Then when I confirm them I note that as well. Mom is a goldmine of stories, some will never be able to be verified, but most have been eventually. The stories make a family tree
321. [ROOTS-L] Waldron, Waldon [1]
I am very interested in this name. I have a David WILLIFORD family on the Washington County, AR 1850 Census. There are three Waldon/Waldron children in this WILLIFORD household: Lewis age 9, Carolina Age 10, and William age 7. The mother, Rebecca age 41 is listed as age 44 in 1860. I don't know if she is the first wife of David or second. Since there are WILLIFORD children the same ages, she can't be the mother of all those listed. Rebecca is buried in Washington County but I haven't found any of the
322. Re: [ROOTS-L] Invasion of Privacy [1]
On Jan 2, 2008, at 10:40 AM, wrote: > Come on folks, get a grip on reality! Apparently, Joan, you've never had your identity stolen, and have no idea how that can destroy one's life. Reality is that identity theft is predicted to double or worse in 2008. While no one can prevent access to all information, it makes no sense to make things easier for a criminal. Make it harder and they'll look somewhere else for an easier mark. We've already been notified that two comput
323. Re: [ROOTS-L] Ship list 1831 New Orleans [1]
I believe that means "ditto". In other words look to the info just above the "do": Anna Schmidt, 5, girl, Germany, America; Jacob Schmidt, 4, boy, Germany, America; Nicholas, 1, boy, Germany, America. Sherrieinfla ----- Original Message ----- From: "M Boyer" To: Sent: Friday, January 25, 2008 8:19 PM Subject: Re: [ROOTS-L] Ship list 1831 New Orleans > Bev, > Do you know what the "do" means in the phrases below, like "do, 5 girl > do, do" > >> Mary Schmidt
324. Re: [ROOTS-L] Iinvasion of Privacy [1]
I really think that there are people who collect names to see how many they can accumulate. I have found my parents and grandparents being listed by people who are not family. Some time I have gotten an answer and some times not. Some of the people would be considered very distant relation others complete strangers. As for listing the living, especially minor children, I stop. If they living do not wish to be listed, it is a courtesy not to. It does not harm in doing as requested. It is ok to list th
325. Re: [ROOTS-L] documentation nuts [1]
People don't seem to understand "documentation." As it applies to our efforts it simply means listing the source of every fact you gather. The source may be "Mama told me in 1952" or "Personal knowledge as told me by Aunt Mary when I visited in 1940" etc. Of course the ideal would be to have primary evidence (done at the time of the event by those who were there)of every event. We all know that that is not possible in many cases for many reasons. It is important to "document" every fac

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